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Introduction !

I am Gunjan Solanki. I am from Ahmedabad. I did my engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao

University of Baroda. Currently I work as a Shift-In-Charge at Trident Group for Paper and
terry towel manufacturing in a town named Barnala situated near Ludhiana in Punjab.
I am a weekend footballer and a DieHard barca fan. I love Adventure. I never spend sundays
on couch watching some movie. I always want to feel more about my life. I hate myself when
I sleep more. I love coffee and almost any concoction of the same.
About my qualities I think being fearless or risktaking is most important, also I am almost
always happy- I cannot remember anything that kept me sad for more than an hour- I am
I am good with people , I have Great friends. I always believe that everyone got a story to tell
and I always try to be a part of their incredible story.
I am learning Spanish - Me Hablo espanol - Pardon my accent, it's kind a tough to replicate
the exact.
I love economics , love how it impact the world and the people. I also have interest in stock
But Apart from all this , I have a dream: I want to make my father's factory among the top,
when I say top- I am talking about the likes of Louis vuitton, Chritian Dior, zara, chanel,
gucci ,prada. I Know , I very well know that we are just a ragtag garment manufacturer- But I
want to lead , I want to lead a kind of a crusade, I want to give my life to that Goal. I am
absolutely determined for that.


Tell me about your business plan !

My dad learnt to make shirt at the age of 16, he is in tailoring and garments since then. He
had an immense experience of garments. I want to harness that experience , we had small
garment unit and I am working with it from day zero.
I go with my father for purchase of supplies like yarn, buttons, zippers etc and also while
negotiating the deal with merchants for whom we manufacture as a sub-contractor. I found
the market full of bad practices and lethargic- not at all like a well oiled machine. There I see
opportunity for improvement.
Lately I have been far from my city , as I started working with Trident Group - Know for
terry towels and paper manufacturing. We had a highly developed manufacturing assemblies

and it has lot to apply in our own factory- At first I started the regular CLRI schedule of
machine and Also implemented ownership of machine concept.
We are progressing slowly and steadily since last 5 years and we have enough experience
now, it's time to shift our focus on manufacturing our own brand. We produce 90% of goods
as a job-worker and our own brand manufacturing is just 10%.
My first goal is to implement a proper production system , 100% tracking of resource
utilization, Minimization of losses and training my staff.
Then we have target of expanding our manufacturing facility by 100% in first year and we
have calculated that expense is just over 4 Lac Rs cause specials machines we have are being
We have enough network on the table. Also recently we had a meeting with National
Handloom executives ,if things will go well- we will start supplying them.
So New ideas are coming and I have faith that if we put our 100% focus , victory is

Introduction in espanol !
" Soy Gunjan Solanki. Hizo mi ingeniera qumica de la Universidad Sayajirao maharaj de
Baroda. Yo trabajo para Trident Group.
Me gusta el ftbol y un fan del Bara.
Bebo caf mucho.
Soy una persona valiente, fuerte y siempre feliz.
Me encanta la economa.
Mi sueo es hacer que la fbrica de mi padre entre los gustos de luis vuitton, Zara, Prada.
Yo vivo por ese sueo."

I am Gunjan Solanki. Did my chemical engineering from maharaja sayajirao university of

baroda. I work for Trident Group.
I like football and a Barca fan.
I drink coffee a lot.
I am a fearless person, resilient and always happy.
I love economics.

My dream is to make my father's factory among the likes of luis vuitton, Zara , Prada.
I live for that dream.

Tell me something about your Favourite football team!

FC Barcelona is one of the oldest European club , established in 1899- around 115 years ago.
Our stadium called- Camp Nou engulf 1 Lac. fans into the world of football. I think that The
biggest asset of club is it's philosophy of developing its own academic graduate-We have an
exclusive institute. known all around the world, called "La masia", into the best football
player. Recently Barca invented a whole new style of play _ Tika Taka where you just don't
give ball to your opponent, If they don't have ball , they can't win. It is the only club to
achieve a sextuple- Championing six competition in a single season. Our motto is " Mes Un
que club- More than a club" .
Tell me something about ur City- Ahmedabad !
The best thing being in Gujarat is it's Delicious Vegetarian varieties of Food- We have fafda,
Dokda, Khaman,idada, Dad vada, thepla , khandvi and A lot more. So our typical day start
with food, we are not finicky about healthy food, high calorie body building food - we care
About one thing that is taste- SO let us have some fresh Fafda and Idada with deliciously
spicy green chatni along with raw papaya chops. After eating let us take a morning walk
around the famous kankaria lake where you can use free 10 MBps reliance wifi. We must
hurry then to board the heritage tour from Kalupur at 8.30 - Just pay 50 Rs and Board the bus
and get more closer to 600 years old city of Ahmed Shah- the tour include famous badshah no
hajiro, rani no haziro, juma masjid, few old temples , Azham khan's Palace and also some
really fine architecture of Pols. It ended around 11 am.

Tell me more about your interest in economics !

Economics is the fundamental requirement to become successful on a larger scale. Ever
wondered what are these words - GDP, Inflation, Quantitative easing, Government bonds,
Current account deficit, Government policies and does it have any impact on a life of
common man. It certainly has and sometime due the lack of economic knowledge led to
losses. Economics is, although methodical, sometime very speculative - Like if Subject A
happen to get an event B, then C is a very likely event to follow. We can't exactly quantify the
impact of event B on occurrence of event C, but it's always good to have a idea. For example
If you studies economics, you won't wonder why the price of Gasoline in my car is
decreasing or why should I care if Rupee is depreciating against Dollar ? Or Should Mr.
Raghuram Rajan need to lower reverse repo rate ?

Describe your Job Profile !

I am working at the Paper Manufacturing facility of Trident Group. My unit is called
Recovery, I work there as a Shift-In-Charge of Process department. I have three sub-units
under my ambit namely- Evaporator, Recovery Boiler and Recausticizer. My job requires me
to have a deep knowledge about above three unit , I should be able to operate all three plant
expertly and further train the operator, along with that- complete know-how about each and
every plant equipment within them, so that I can consult the maintenance dept to assit. I have
to ensure strict quality control and do the trouble shooting in the plant. Use SAP to manage
the data collection and analyse the same to check any variation that affect the plant. Also we
implemented Total productive maintenance - TPM in Trident Group. We have 5S system in
our plant. Also my job obligation include giving trainings to sub-ordinates and help in
improving the overall knowledge of plant. Currently we are working in order to achieve the
covetous Japan Institute of Plant maintenance award.

Tell me any project you worked on.

I am currently working on 3 different project.

Tell me something about the Paper Industry and It's growth !

The outlook of Paper industry seems Somewhere between stable and negative. The growth of
Indian paper industry will be around 7% , it will stick around GDP growth. Although number
of new project is at its bottom, but the plant are coming to 100% utilization of their full
One of the area of focus is ample room for development. Per-capita paper consumption of
Indian is just 9kg while the world average is 58 kg, even china consume around 42 kg, so
there can be scope of further penetration of paper industry.
About export- depreciation of rupee will have positive impact on paper industry, the
stabilization a round 62-63 Rs/$ will be fruitful. Export is around 60 Billon Rs. with 20%
growth year on year.
Power cost especially the price of coal will remain crucial as paper is very energy intensive.
One negative thing is the growth of paper industry in Indonesia and china which can do
excessive dumping of paper in India.
But overall the industry will remain stable. I will not say positive but it will be stable.

Tell me about the book you are currently reading!

Currently I am reading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. The paragraph goes:
It wasnt supposed to turn out that way. In magazines and newspapers,
in blockbuster movies, and on countless blogs, we hear the mantra of
the successful entrepreneurs: through determination, brilliance, great
timing, andabove alla great product, you too can achieve fame and
It is a myth.
The author tells that : Making efficient the process which was not
needed is the biggest inefficiency.
The language is pretty straight forward , no complicated metaphors
and no redundant adjectives.
Each and every word rings a bell.

Tell me about your favourite book !

Currently I am reading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. But about my favourite bookMidnight's children By Salman Rushdie. I really love the language and the extremes it takes
to describe a scene. It was really a magical and A lot of learning. I would like to quote one
line:" I learned: The first lesson of my life; nobody can face the world with his eyes open all
the time. "
"What can't be cured must be endured"
It was a great fiction with really cool characters. Although I didn't like the leaking nose of
protagonist, nonetheless Mr Salman Rushdie created a masterpiece.

What If , we don't take you !

If I don't get admission I am probably quitting my job and jump in the world of business. I
know my potential
Why should we take you ? What is the opportunity cost of MBA for you?
Currently I have a very good core job and equally good remuneration for the same. Also it is
highly likely that at the end of my 1 year contract I will be promoted to manager with 25 %
increase in my pay.
So when I quit my job I will relinquishing my comfort zone. I have to let go 12 lac pay and
also in this two year I will be spending at least 17 lac for my education. My opportunity cost
is very big and I am not a talented spoilt child from rich family. I will value this two year
course and justify the seriousness it requires.

What other calls you have !

Tell me about your stocks !