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Quality Management

Quality Management

Includes the processes and activities of the

performing organization that determine quality
policies, objectives, and responsibilities so that the
project will satisfy the needs for which it was

Quality Management

8.1 Plan Quality Management

Is the process of identifying quality requirements

and/or standards for the project and its
deliverables, and documenting how the project will
demonstrate compliance with relevant quality

Provides guidance and direction on how quality will

be managed and validated throughout the project.

8.1 Plan Quality Management

Cost-Benefit Analysis

A cost-benefit analysis for each quality activity

compares the cost of the quality step to the
expected benefit

Cost of Quality (COQ)

Seven Basic Quality Tools (7QC)

Cause-and-effect diagrams, which are also known as

fishbone diagrams or as Ishikawa diagrams
Flowcharts, display the sequence of steps and the branching
Checksheets, may be used as a checklist when gathering data.
Pareto diagrams, a special form of vertical bar chart
Histograms, are used to describe the central tendency,
dispersion, and shape of a statistical distribution
Control charts, determines whether or not a process is stable
or has predictable performance
Scatter diagrams, plot ordered pairs (X, Y) explain a change
in the dependent variable

Seven Basic Quality Tools (7QC)

Quality Management Plan

Is a component of the project management plan

that describes how the organizations quality
policies will be implemented

Describes how the project management team plans

to meet the quality requirements set for the project

Process Improvement Plan

Details the steps for analyzing project management

and product development processes to identify
activities that enhance their value
Areas to consider

Process configuration
Process metrics
Targets for improved performance

8.2 Perform Quality Assurance

Is the process of auditing the quality requirements

and the results from quality control measurements to
ensure that appropriate quality standards and
operational definitions are used
Facilitates the improvement of quality processes

8.2 Perform Quality Assurance

Quality Management and Control Tools

Uses the tools and techniques of the Plan Quality

Management and Control Quality processes

Process decision program charts (PDPC)
Interrelationship digraphs
Tree diagrams
Prioritization matrices
Activity network diagrams
Matrix diagrams

Quality Management and Control Tools