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A short guide to Elite skills in the Rules and all Supplements

Leadership Skills
Inspirational Leader: This leader inspires loyalty in his men. Add +2 to Leadership Value.
Tactical Genius: When making the leadership roll to determine turn order, the player may roll 2d6 and pick the one he wishes to use.
A Shaper of Men: Once per turn, select ONE TU +1 QV for EVERYTHING until the end of the turn.
Morale Officer: 50% check becomes 25% strength; if using When Bullets Fly optional morale rules (page 126) each TU gains +1 to the morale
QR die roll to remain on the field.
Blitzkrieg: Leader rolls extra 1d6 of movement LPs ONLY. Not carried over into a LP pool.
Command Material: When rolling for LP, roll 3d6 and pick the best two dice.
Defensive Stalwart (S2): A temporary increase in QV of ONE level (as in A Shaper of Men) to TWO TUs per turn, but only if the selected units
do not move.
Master of Artillery (S4): ALL Artillery request costs (in LPs) are halved; actual strikes are x2. Returning Fire add +1 to detection & result.
Communication Technician (S4): All officers in detachment gain +2 LPs.
Enhanced Data Link (S4): Any TU can passively act as a forward observer for both ATGWs and Artillery.
Anti-ATGW Enhanced Data Link (S4): Any vehicle that is targeted by a ATGW can call on others with LOS of site to bring their own unused
systems in to help knock down the missile at -1QR. These weapons would not then be available for other firing within that turn.
Artillery Seeker War-heads (S4): Artillery target point need not be picked before hand - pick at impact: spread radius of rounds is doubled.

Vehicles Elite Skills

Leadfoot: More speed. A driver of a slow or medium vehicle may add half of a SLOW move to every vehicle move; the driver of a fast or very
fast vehicle may add a SLOW move to every move.
Snapshot: Firing on the move. The vehicle may fire ONE direct fire weapon at any point during its movement AND continue to move as normal.
This weapon does count as having fired for the turn.
Hull Down: The vehicle gains +1 DV to all armour locations.
Dead-Eye: The vehicle may fire ONE direct-fire weapon at its full rate of fire at +1 to hit (this effects Elite units - such a unit would only miss on
a 1).
Field Mechanic: If a vehicle is damaged and the damage roll is from 1 to 4, make a QR roll. Success indicates the damage is ignored. If the roll
fails, the vehicle sustains the indicated damage - the damage is too great for a quick field fix.
Luck: Player rolls 1d6 - the total is how many die rolls can be re-rolled during the game for ANY roll involving the vehicle, including rolls
performed by the players opponent. (Exception: If the leader is in the vehicle, then any leadership rolls may not be re-rolled). A particular roll
may only be re-rolled once with the second result standing even if it is worse then the initial roll.
Pathfinder (S2): All difficult terrain is considered Clear Terrain - no QR is required to cross it. This skill has no effect on Impossible Terrain.

Infantry Elite Skills

Tank Hunters: When this TU attacks vehicles with direct fire, non-ATGW weapons or in close combat, vehicle armour is at -1 DV for all
Close Quarter Battle: When involved in close combat with other infantry, this TU gains a +1 to each die roll.
Ground Hogs: This TU gains +1 to armour even in the open.
Dauntless: During the removal of suppression markers phase this TU may automatically remove 1d6 suppression markers.
Swift and Sure: This TU has been trained to move quickly under combat conditions. It may move an extra HALF move during each of their
movement actions.
Medic: This TU has been trained and equipped to care for injured troops. If the TU is killed (either by direct fire or through suppression markers)
roll 1d6 on a 6 the TU remains on the table.
Dig in (S2): Light cover +1 turns into heavy cover +2 and heavy cover turns into heavy PLUS light (+2 and +1=) +3 DV. In a building, (see page
115) the damage to the building, if any, stays the same, but the infantry component of the result is shifted down one level of severity (1,
becomes 0, 2 becomes 1 up to 7 becomes 6). If this infantry unit is hit in a vehicle, no advantage. Also applies to a Towed Crew-Served
Weapon: any cover is +3 DV and add to their survivability in buildings as per infantry.

Vehicle or Infantry Skills

Double Tap (S2): Rapid Fire for just 1 Leadership Point - not the usual 3 LPs as required by the rules (see page 127). All other Rapid Fire
optional rules are unchanged.
NOTE: More details on pages 130 - 131 of Hammers Slammers The Crucible. S2 or S4 indicates Supplement 2 or 4