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January 3, 2015

Dr. Edgardo B. Epe, MD, FPPS, FPNA,FCNSP
Medical Director
MMG Coop Hospital
Dear Sir,
I am writing to apply as a volunteer nurse in your hospital. I consider that my
credentials and interests match with your requirement and want to apply on
the said position.
I have been employed at Al-Omam Specialist Medical Center, KSA for 3 years
as a nursing staff. I am responsible for preparing patient care plans,
observing and recording the patient’s condition, assisting tests and
evaluation as well as checking and administering drugs and injections. I have
also received training in Hemodialysis for 3 months (January 2010-April
2010) at Asia Renal Care Inc., Cebu City. Please see my resume for additional
information about my experience. If ever given a chance I am willing to be
assigned and trained on other areas as well.
If you’d like to meet for a brief interview, please call me at 09298385239 for
an appointment that suits your schedule. I look forward to hearing from you
and thank you ahead of time for reading my letter and resume and
considering me among the other Volunteer Nurses you interview.
Sincerely Yours,
Christined Tanudra

Philippines Bachelor of Science in March 2007 WORK EXPERIENCE Al-Omam Specialist Medical Center – Riyadh. • Performed venipuncture and collected blood for laboratory sample. • Careful sterilizing of dental instruments to ensure sterile conditions. KSA June 2011 – September 2014 GP Nurse • Collected. nursing policies and procedures. • Advised nursing staff in areas like patient care. Dental Nurse • Assisting dentists and other dental care professionals in the practice. • Administered intramuscular. 1986 : Single : Female EDUCATION Southwestern University Nursing Cebu City. maintained and assessed patient's medical records. • Assisted with the admittance and discharge of patients. Tanudra Tiptip District. – Cebu City 2010 January 2010 – April . intravenous and rectal : February 10. • Relate well to people from a variety of cultures. • Provided post-op care for out-patients. TRAINING EXPERIENCE Asia Renal Care Inc. • Preparing all materials needed for dentist in each procedure. • Performed and analyzed diagnostic results. E-mail Date of Birth Status Gender : : : : Christined Larice C.RESUME Name Address Mobile No. Tagbilaran City 09298385239 christinedlarice@gmail.

• • standard. . • physician’s • Familiarized the various parts of the dialysis machine and the significance of such part in the operation. Performed cannulation of needle into the patient’s vascular Performed the reprocessing technique and procedure of Administered the vaccine and medication according to prescription. Prepared the machine according to the universally accepted Responsible for the setting up of arterial and venous line. Checked all laboratory work ups and other necessary procedure s. • dialyzers. • • access.