Randy Chapel

c/o Carol Nye-Wilson
PO Box 411719
Mt View, HI 96771
March 6, 2015

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
United Kingdom

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

The following set of documents (below, and enclosed) have been sent to Rt Honorable David Cameron and the U.S.
Embassy in London for action regarding the wrongful retention and International Parental Child Abduction of Joel
Tristan Allister Chapel by British citizens, Susan Allister, Lord Bishop Donald Allister, Bishop of Peterborough and
member of the House of Lords, Lord Spiritual, and Dr. Janice Allister, M.D. (ret.)
This is also going to the Office of International Affairs and others within the Department of Justice to proceed with
the extradition of Susan Allister/Chapel/?, Donald and Janice Allister.
I have previously contacted the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who simply blew me off. Apparently, the
Religious, whether they are from American or the UK, seem to contend they are above the law.


-- letter -Rt Honorable David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street
United Kingdom

American Citizen Services
24 Grosvenor Square
United Kingdom

U.S. Department of Justice
Criminal Division
Office of International Affairs
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Prime Minster Cameron, London Embassy, Justice/Office of International Affairs,
My name is Randy Chapel. I am an American citizen and so is my son, Joel Chapel. Regrettably, I must send this.
This has gone on too long.
I am writing you as a father, and on behalf of my family, my parents, and my little son, Joel regarding acts of
International Parental Child Abduction by British citizens. Susan Allister, Lord Bishop Donald Allister,1 Bishop of
Peterborough and Lord Spiritual, and Dr. Janice Allister, M.D. (ret.) are wrongfully retaining my six-year-old son,
Joel. We are beyond angry.
I am also including my November 2014 and May 2013 letters that further explain the complex issues involved in
Joel's abduction case and the failures of the Obama Administration that Susan and the Allisters used to favor her
actions. I am also including Carol Nye-Wilson’s request for extradition, which she has already made known to
others with the government.
In April 2008, Susan Allister and I were married, and in February 2009 we had a child together named, Joel Tristan
Allister Chapel. Joel is now six-years-old. He is currently being wrongfully retained in the UK. Susan forced her
divorce in the UK based on the information contained in my November 2014 and May 2013 letters, and she has
continued to wrongfully retain Joel in England ever since. My family, friends and I emphatically begged Susan to
not go through with her divorce actions, because it was wrong. Susan used the acts by the Obama Administration
and the Religious outlined in my letters to force her divorce in the UK and forcibly retain Joel. She claims she was
unable to ever reenter the US and has wrongfully retained Joel in the UK ever since.
In May 2011, my stepfather asked Susan Allister for copies of Joel's (birth certificate, SSN, born abroad certificate
and passport) and my records, to which no one responded. Those records continue to be withheld by Susan to this
day. She withheld Joel's records from me in order to prevent me from filing a Hague Convention request.
Only after finding a set in my mother's garage in 2012 was I able to get a welfare check about Joel via the U.S.
Embassy in London. Until that time, I had no information concerning Joel or his whereabouts, and since that time, I
have received nothing. I know nothing about Joel. “The loss [of a child] cannot be undone. Childhood cannot be
recaptured. Gone forever is that sense of history, intimacy, lost input of values and morals, self-awareness through
knowing one's beginnings, love, contact with extended family, and much more. Virtually no child possesses the
ability to protect him- or herself against such an undignified and total loss.”2


Donald Allister declares “I think to allow gay marriage would undermine the special nature of marriage” is not an attack on gay people because
in his view, marriage “is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. I oppose any attempt to redefine
it.” With his son vicar John Allister (“the marriage is dead”), both taunted Susan needlessly in 2010 to end the marriage after May 2010, who
supported Susan divorcing and retaining Joel, providing Susan a location to live in the palace in Peterborough, and supported Susan’s acts with
his wife Janice. Apparently, marriage is for straight people, to jump in and out of marriages as they choose, as it is convenient, leaving their
partners, taking what they want, leaving partners to deal with the mess left behind and all the while defining marriage conveniently or acceptably
as needed. Once divorced, then milk the government’s social and legal systems as need, or call in special favors from others willing to “help out.”
This, while as vanguards in England’s society regarding god’s morals and ethics, declare it is wrong to fight to have nothing to do with people
calling themselves Christian and their actions to cover up their corruption and fraud, including child molestation acts within the church and
cheating the United States Government.
Clawar SS, Rivlin BV: Children held hostage: Dealing with programmed and brainwashed children. ABA Section of Family Law, ISBN No. 089707-628-1. p 105

Since November 2010, Susan Allister, with the help of her parents, strategically diminished and then completely
destroyed the relationship Joel and I enjoyed together.3 Their disposal of me continues to this day.
Further insult and injury occurred several days ago when I logged into a Google Webmaster Account and
discovered, Google left a message for me on Nov 13, 2014, stating that www.joelchapel.com and searches on “Joel
Chapel” became deliberately blocked in England due to a European “data protection law” when using
www.google.co.uk. I set up the websites www.joelchapel.com and www.joelchapel.co.uk , like many other internet
sites created by left behind parents who seek to leave a trail and to bridge the gap4 between the disposed parent and
child(ren) in order to insure their love for their child is not forgotten. Those acts of censorship through Google UK
(yahoo uk, bing uk), presumably by Susan and the Allisters, attempt to block any and all information concerning the
abduction of Joel, those who took part in abducting Joel, and documentation concerning the events. Without their
censor, if Joel performs a search on himself, or a third party searches for "Joel Chapel" in the future (girl-friend,
wife, buddy, employer, neighbor, school mate, parent of a child friend of Joel), Joel would be advised that his daddy
loves him and wanted their family to be together and safe, and that Joel was abducted and who was involved.
The Allister’s manipulation of such laws for unethical purposes to further their wrongful retention of Joel makes it
possible for them to “rewrite history” and to conceal what has happened. Individuals like this seek to erase
information in order to avoid consequences for their past actions. The searches do not include “Susan Allister,” or
“Susan Chapel,” or “Donald Allister,” or “Janice Allister.” The block is for a child, Joel Chapel, who is wrongfully
retained/ abducted in England since 21-months-old.
Individuals who promote the “right to be forgotten” claim people have certain rights to delete data about themselves
so that third persons cannot trace them. It is very questionable why a child less than six-years-old would advocate
for the erasing of his International Parental Child Abduction / wrongful retention - an abduction that occurred since
he was 21-months-old. Obviously, no child under six-years-old understands law, understands the “right to be
forgotten,” demands his past life with his daddy “forgotten,” understands what International Parental Child
Abduction / wrongful retention is, or wants any ties to his father and the involvement of his mother and grandparents
covered up.
Their attempt to block "Google" searches about Joel actually betrays that the individuals involved want to pervert
the intent of the law and further obstruct justice as a means to cover up their continued unlawfulness. As a six-yearold child, Joel cannot understand he is being wrongfully retained and brainwashed. Joel certainly doesn't know that
the EU laws are being corruptly manipulated in order to conceal him and to prevent him from discovering his own
true identity. As Revlin Clawar SS describes, "These kidnappings are very cleverly plotted and planned and often
involve the assistance of family members."5
Susan and her parents daily deprive Joel of our father-son love, affection, solace and companionship. They are
depriving Joel of my fatherly protection, moral guidance and support, services, care, counsel, training, and advice.
Susan unilaterally removed me from Joel's life as his father, and she similarly removed my parents as Joel's


Of those not directly affected, parental child abduction is a crime widely misunderstood by authorities and the public. Many are under the
misconception that children are inherently safe when they are with an abducting parent. Such acts often scar children and their left-behind
families for life. There is the tendency that the abducting parent will poison the child against the left-behind parent until the abducted children
believe the left-behind parent is either dead or will harm them if found. Parental Child Abduction is not an act done out of love for the child.
The principal objective is to get even with the other parent and control. Abductors victimize the left-behind parent and family by depriving
them of visitation or custodial rights and in the process psychologically torture them with worry and grief. The children are at the mercy of the
abducting parent and the abductor’s support system, which may include family members. Response of society varies considerably, as many
consider that the child is not suffering because he/she is with a parent. While left-behind parents and families are left in a constant state of
emotional turmoil, never knowing if their children are safe, where they are, or whether they'll ever see them again. Life after abduction is never
the same. Often families reunited must start over, endure counseling and problems for years, with added issues of visitation with the abductor and
the possibility of re-abduction sequences. Lives of innocent children and left-behind parents/families will continue to be destroyed in mounting
numbers, until authorities step in nationally and internationally to deter abductions with significant penalties and education. See the excellent
work by Dorothy Huntington. Parental Kidnapping: A New Form of Child Abuse, 1982.
See also examples: http://www.bringbackmyboys.org http://bringseanhome.org, http://findsabrina.org /
http://findsabrina.org/ParentalAbductions.html https://bringmochihome.wordpress.com See also the Documentary film
http://www.fromtheshadowsmovie.com and http://bachome.org/our-children/our-kidnapped-children/ See also the work by Catherine Meyer
http://www.thekidslink.org/for-parents/catherine-meyer-a-mothers-struggle/ and http://www.pact-online.org
Clawar SS, Rivlin BV: Children held hostage: Dealing with programmed and brainwashed children. ABA Section of Family Law, ISBN No. 089707-628-1 p. 115

grandparents until Joel is an adult--or forever. Susan Allister, aided by Donald Allister (the Bishop of Peterborough),
Janice Allister, and John Allister are depriving Joel of our affection and instruction of our values as his American
father and grandparents.
The loss of young Joel from our lives also deprives me and my parents of our instinctive need to nurture, guide and
to affectionately love Joel, and to be the kind of father I wanted to be for my son that I did not have for myself. The
loss of our father-son, grandparent-grandchild relationship with Joel is substantial and should not be diminished or
Unfortunately for Joel, Susan Allister aided by her parents Donald and Janice Allister have linked their actions to the
corruption of the Religious and the American government. Currently, the American government is attempting to
cover up acts against the U.S. Constitution by American Religious leaders who claim U.S. accreditation agencies
allow the 422 schools collectively accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and Northwest Commission
on Colleges and Universities in 39 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada to have master degree
criteria allowing the following:

To gag a student and/or family member from discussing or reporting child molestations (CA Penal Code
Sections 647.6, 11165) such as by pastor Steve Korch as a requirement to receive the benefits of prior or future
course work and two master degrees;
Just how distorted is the position taken by the Obama Administration with the knowledge
of Barack Obama and Arne Duncan? The girl on the top left, was selected randomly from
millions of 16 year-olds, while the girl below her is age 9 and was also selected randomly.
According to the position taken by the Religious, a married religious leader in his church
office can molest a girl with his mouth, fingers and penis and you can earn an education
and retain previously earned, graded and paid for education by covering it up. The
Obama Administration defended this using public money because the Religious in
American (Evangelicals and Catholics) said it is ok.
Defended by members of the Obama Administration, they are telling the fathers of these
two girls and millions of others, it is acceptable to cover up horrendous crimes against
children if education is involved because the Religious in America said so… and the
world is led to believe ISIS is evil.




To alter and obstruct freedoms of speech and religion of a student and/or family member as a requirement to
receive the benefits of prior and future course work and two master degrees;
To gag a student whistleblower and/or family member from reporting to the government a school's intentional
misrepresentations to the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights regarding the school's
noncompliance with Section 504 in 2001 and during a federal investigation (18 U.S.C. § 1001) -- when the
school deceptively backdated documents during a federal investigation involving Matt Tuck, Gary Tuck, Bert
Downs, Randal Roberts, Rob Wiggins and Lynn Ruark who falsely claimed Western had programs that did not
exist (CA Penal Code § 134) in order to retain Title IV funding that requires compliance with federal laws,
while the school retaliated against me (Barker v. Riverside County Office of Education, No. 07-56313 (9th Cir.
Oct. 23, 2009)). Covering up the school's deception to the government was a requirement to receive the benefits
of prior and future course work and two master degrees;
To prevent a student and/or family member from filing complaints to the government as a requirement to
receive the benefits of prior and future course work and two master degrees;
To violate FERPA (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) at will;
To threaten a student and/or family member with great financial vengeance of up to $400,000 liquidated
damages for filing complaints to the government, for refusing to dismiss prior complaints to the government,
and for making any statement about unlawfulness by the school or school employees as a requirement to receive
the benefits of prior and future course work and two master degrees;
To prohibit the student and/or family member from reporting tax fraud to the Internal Revenue Service or the
California Franchise Tax Board by a nonprofit school and its administrators who contrived an unwritten
agreement benefitting one school administrator (Steve Korch) for an under the table secret excess benefit of


$25,000 that was unreported from the nonprofit school's general fund of charitable donations, tuition fees, and
Title IV funds in violation of the school's Articles of Incorporation without a school committee vote of approval
as the IRS requires, for an educational program requirement to receive the benefits of prior and future course
work and two master degrees;
Accreditors are not required to operate their associations under 34 CFR Section 602 or the Constitution; they
can backdate policies and approvals, use "unwritten policies," they can make up ad hoc policies with no
oversight to avert enforcement of published accreditation policies upon a school, and agencies can misrepresent
or even destroy public policies to help their member schools to not be held accountable for educational and
corporate fraud.

The corruption so extensive, the Obama Administration lacks the moral compass to set right the inconceivable
number of wrongs to my family. We have asked since some 60 days into the Obama Administration and have not
stopped. Yet, the Administration understands, as noted publically by Eric Holder (The Crime of Family Abduction),
“Regardless of the abductor’s motive, it is an illegal act that has lasting consequences for the abducted child, the
custodial parent, and the abducting family member.”
President Obama, former U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder,6 and current Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan
know there is no evidence or legal support for their positions allowing educational fraud by accreditation agencies
and their schools. Yet, the Obama Administration would rather maintain the obstruction of justice and abuse of
power than rectify their unlawfulness. Susan and the Allisters continue to sequester Joel in the UK, while using the
Obama Administration acts to their advantage. It is more important to abuse power and obstruct justice, regardless
the lasting consequences such acts have.
Wrongful retention and international parental child abduction is nothing new to the governments of the UK, the
international community, or the US. Increasingly, parental child abduction has become an alarming problem in the
UK.7 For example:

According to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Mark Simmonds MP, parents abduct on an average
two children a day from the UK. “Parental child abduction cases can take years to resolve, with significant
impact on the child or children involved. There is a very real possibility that the child may never be
returned. Even when cases are resolved it can take up to 10 years, with a devastating impact on the child,
parents and families involved.” In perspective, during 2012/13, thirty-two cases of children were abducted
from the UK to the US, the highest number from a nation that has signed the Hague Convention on the
Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.


An example case: Abbott v. Abbott, 560 U.S. ___ (2010) involved a boy born to Timothy Abbott, a British
citizen, and Jacquelyn Abbott, a U.S. citizen. In this case, the American mother destroyed the father-son
relationship. The case was finally dismissed because the boy had turned 16. The boy did not want to see
his father. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, "An abduction can have devastating consequences for
a child. Some child psychologists believe that the trauma children suffer from these abductions is one
of the worst forms of child abuse." H. R. Rep. No. 103–390, p. 2 (1993). "A child abducted by one
parent is separated from the second parent and the child's support system. Studies have shown that
separation by abduction can cause psychological problems ranging from depression and acute stress
disorder to posttraumatic stress disorder and identity formation issues. See N. Faulkner, Parental Child
Abduction is Child Abuse (1999), http://www.prevent-abusenow.com/unreport.htm (as visited May 13,
2010, and available in Clerk of Court's case file). A child abducted at an early age can experience loss of
community and stability, leading to loneliness, anger, and fear of abandonment. See Huntington, Parental
Kidnapping: A New Form of Child Abuse (1982), in American Prosecutors Research Institute's National
Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse, Parental Abduction Project, Investigation and Prosecution of
Parental Abduction (1995) (App. A). Abductions may prevent the child from forming a relationship with
the left behind parent, impairing the child's ability to mature. See Faulkner, supra, at 5."


Every U.S. Attorney in each district in the U.S., with the exception of Guam and Puerto Rico is aware of this case. This was done intentionally
to publically hold Obama and Holder accountable.
See BBC article: Parental child abductions from UK 'double in a decade', URL http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-25343314 and Parental child
abductions 'rise by 88% in a decade', URL http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-20683202 . As well as video produced by Foreign & Commonwealth
Office and the charity, Reunite : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLgH0TGYf8g


There is the well-documented wrongful retention case of Adam Jones, in which you actually responded to
Adam's plea for help. (http://www.bringadamhome.org )

According to the Crown Prosecution Service guidelines anyone involved in child abduction can be prosecuted as
shown in the following cases:
1. R. v J.A. and others [2002] 1 Cr. App. R.(S.) 108
The mother and father of a girl aged 9 pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting her detention from the lawful
control of a local authority contrary to Section 2. The maternal grandmother pleaded guilty to conspiracy
to abduct. Whilst care proceedings were pending, the grandmother took her to Ireland and later to
Scotland. The High Court made an interim care order and a recovery order. For several weeks the parents
remained in contact with another defendant who had moved to Scotland with the grandmother and girl, and
they became aware of the child's precise location. They decided not to inform the authorities, but drove to
Scotland to spend the weekend with their daughter. Police officers followed them and found the parents and
girl. Nine months of imprisonment for the mother and grandmother, and six months of imprisonment for
the father was upheld.

R. v Brennan [2007] 2 Cr.App.R.(S.) 50
Appellant convicted of abducting a son. He took steps to prevent contact between the child and his mother
and eventually took the child to Canada. The judge described the appellant's behaviour as involving
considerable dishonesty, planning and manipulations of the Canadian authorities and his new family in
Canada. Eventually, the son was returned to this country. The appellant was deported from Canada and
arrested on his return to the United Kingdom. Sentence of four years imprisonment was upheld.


R. v M [2008] 2 Cr.App.R.(S.) 73
Appellant pleaded guilty to abducting his stepson, aged 8 and subject to a care order, contrary to Section
2. Shortly before the hearing of the mother's application for the discharge of the care order, he was
abducted from his foster parents. The boy was persuaded by his mother to creep out of their home in the
early hours of the morning. He had only met the appellant on one fleeting encounter months
previously. The boy was met by his mother, and his mother and the appellant immediately drove to France.
The appellant subsequently returned to the United Kingdom, although the child and his mother did not. The
appellant was asked in interview to indicate where the boy was, but he effectively declined. Sentence of 16
months imprisonment was upheld.


R v Kayani, R v Solliman [2012] 1 Cr. App. R. (S.) 16
Two separate cases of long term abduction of taking young children (age range 8 to 4) out of the country,
when court orders were in force and without contacting the mothers following return to this
country. Kayani took two children to Pakistan in 2000 and returned them to this country in 2009. Solliman
took three children to Egypt in 2002 and returned them to this country in 2009. The court provided general
guidance and considered previous sentencing decisions. Per Lord Judge CJ: "The abduction of children
from a loving parent is an offence of unspeakable cruelty to the loving parent and to the child or children,
whatever they may later think of the parent from whom they have been estranged as a result of the
abduction. It is a cruel offence even if the criminal responsible for it is the other parent." Sentences of 5
years imprisonment for Kayani and 3 years for Solliman upheld.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service guidelines “aggravating and mitigating” factors include:
1. Defiance of legal process
2. Sophistication
3. Removal to another country
4. Length of period of abduction
5. Resulting impact upon victim and family


These same points are echoed in California Penal Code §§ 270-2808 as well as federal law. We have now asked the
US government to proceed with the extradition process of Susan and the Allisters (§§278, 278.5, 279.1) and we are
making this public as a result.
Damage by Parental Child Abduction and the intentional alienation of the parent is distinctly harmful to the child as
they lose half of their identity and half of their culture in the process. “Parental child stealing--the abduction or
unlawful retention of a child by a parent--has since the mid-1970s gone from being a virtually unrecognized problem
to an issue of serious national and international concern…. Child stealing, from the point of view of the child, is
child abuse. In child stealing, the children are used as both objects and weapons in the struggle between the parents
which leads to the brutalization of the children psychologically, specifically destroying their sense of trust in the
world around them.”9 "Physical kidnapping situations leave children extremely susceptible to indoctrination against
a target parent. Often the operating strategy is to frighten the child into believing that the only way to exist is to
escape some ambiguous harm that is to be inflicted upon the parent, child or both of them by the target parent"10
One parent doesn’t have the right to dictate relationships. Currently, men in the UK are routinely treated with
complete contempt by UK courts, as a study by the Cheltenham Group noted. In the report, the law was heavily
criticized with 43% reporting bias-favoring women, while 48% report being completely dissatisfied or the system
required changing. Of the 83% of fathers surveyed, 41% reported clinical stress i.e. losing job, consulting
psychiatrist or doctor for physical or mental illness. In an outstanding 39% of cases, no legal action was taken
because 'couldn't afford it,' 'solicitor advised against it,' and 'no chance of winning.' While 99% of these fathers
wanted more contact with their children, the British system seems bent on the destruction of the family. The
inescapable truth is that men are routinely maligned in England; UK wives/mothers received 79% of assets of the
family.11 It is no wonder that UK men now consider the state to be their enemy. This point is illustrated by Susan
Allister’s demands through the court for outrageous sums of money12 while using Joel as a hostage.
Susan has made her intent very clear: “When he (Joel) is an adult I will leave it up to him about whether he wants
to get back in touch with you.” Her father, totally aids/abets his daughter –“Susan is my daughter and I love and
support her. She is also an adult, fully able to make her own decisions which I respect and accept.” By taking
such positions and maintaining a pertinacious course, Susan and the Allisters are basically advocating anarchy in
England and concerning international law.
How then should non-British parents around the world interpret such developments in England, if the International
Parental Child Abduction and wide scale abuses are routinely upheld and enabled by members of the UK
government – and by a Lord Spiritual? Eventually, we act, as we really are, notwithstanding the façade we wish
others to think.
Ultimately, the British press and people are going to find out the extent of perversion a Lord Spiritual is involved in
and supported contrary to Joel's need to love and be loved by his daddy. Exactly how many British people will buy
into the Religious’ claim that you can “earn” an education by covering up child molestation by a youth pastor, and
that a six-year-old has the understanding to erase information about his abduction or other nonsense defended by the
corrupt members within the Obama Administration?
Ultimately, the international community will find out how England’s elite is manipulating international law for their
personal self-interest. While the relationship between the US and UK is complex in nature, extending well beyond
the confines of one child and a family, it operates as a bellwether not simply regarding international harmony for
both nations but for the international community contemplating their responses to issues of law and ethics raised in


see http://leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=pen&group=00001-01000&file=277-280
Faulkner, Nancy. Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse (1999). Presented to United Nations Convention on Child Rights, June 9, 1999
Clawar SS, Rivlin BV: Children held hostage: Dealing with programmed and brainwashed children. ABA Section of Family Law, ISBN No. 089707-628-1 p. 115
The average total reported as £58,000 [comprising £9,913 at marriage, £18,804 at divorce, £22,158 for the children (made over 10 years), and
£7,091 for the ex-wife (made over 10 years)] with an additional £29,306 paid on average to lawyers at divorce by men.
Susan had no shame about her unethical and immoral divorce actions. She demanded 1) an order for maintenance pending suit for herself; 2) a
periodical parent order for herself; 3) a secured provision order for herself; 4) a lump sum order for herself; 5) a property adjustment order for
herself; 6) an order under section 24B, 25B or 25C of the Act of 1973 (pension sharing/attachment order) for herself. Only then did she request,
7) a periodical payments order for Joel; 8) a secured provision order for Joel; 9) a lump sum order for Joel; 10) a property adjustment order for
Joel. The Court gave her nothing.


this case.
At this time, I am asking the London Embassy to perform a welfare check on Joel Chapel – a child who purportedly
wants his abduction information covered up. Also, a report of that welfare check to include the following:
1. a current photo of Joel
2. a copy of all of Joel's school and health records
3. ask Joel the question. “Who and where is his daddy?”
As my mother requested, I am asking the Office of International Affairs with other members within the Department
of Justice and the U.S. Marshal Service proceed with the extradition of Susan Allister/Chapel/?, Donald and Janice
Allister.13 It should be clear, that Susan and the Allisters don’t care how much damage they are causing or will
cause as a result of their acts. Just because Donald is a Lord Spiritual, doesn’t mean he is above the law or that he
can pull strings for special favors for his daughter and get away with it.
Mr. Prime Minster, I know this information must cause you to feel bewildered that this would involve someone so
high up in government, someone who sits so close to the throne end of the chamber. I recognize you publically have
made known you are a Christian. But the actions of Donald in support of his daughter, and his wife Janice, sends a
very wrong message within England and internationally. More so, given his involvement in issues regarding
criminal justice over the nation.
I am sure Donald’s acts doesn’t reflect the full nature of others within government or the people of England or how
England wishes to be viewed by the international community. However, exactly how is the international community
or England to square with Donald’s legislative work involving criminal justice14 and supporting victims of criminal
acts, while he actively supports parental kidnapping by his own daughter?
Clearly, if a member of the U.S. Congress involved himself/herself with such public and international treachery,
there would be significant consequences in the US and a loud outcry internationally. I realize this comes during the
run up to the 2015 general election, but I am sure the English people and international community will be interested
to know that Lord Spirituals in England are not above the law.
This is an international community issue and that takes strong leadership internationally and nationally, which starts
with nations educating from within and imposing significant consequences for acts, rather than making things worst.
Otherwise, England is just like Japan – a place where children are generally considered lost forever.15
I have spent a third of my life dealing with the corruption and fraud by the Religious in America who demanded I
cover up their unlawfulness while they manipulated and exploited their friends in the government. In the ten years
of government involvement in these problems, not once has it acted to set right the wrongs or to set the record
straight, nor has it taken responsibility for the damages multiplied by its lack of rule of law. Susan used these facts
to her advantage, forcing the divorce, and retaining Joel. Susan continues to use these facts, including the misguided
acts of James A. Scharf as Ass. U.S. Attorney.
We tried to warn the U.S. Government / Obama Administration, but we were ignored.


http://www.usmarshals.gov/news/chron/2013/031513.htm "International child abduction cases are the most difficult to execute due to
conflicting parental agendas and international jurisdictions,” said U.S. Marshal for the District of Arizona David Gonzales. “The quick and safe
return of these two children was paramount to all of the American and Mexican agencies that worked diligently on this case. Child abduction
cases continue to rise and have increased nearly 70 percent since 2009. This increase is primarily attributed to more international couples." See
also http://www.usmarshals.gov/news/chron/2014/121114.htm , http://www.usmarshals.gov/news/chron/2013/040413a.htm ,
http://www.kten.com/story/6915860/marshals-based-in-sherman-recover-children-in-parental-abduction-case This recovery of missing children
occurs almost exactly one year after President Bush signed the ‘Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act' into law. The act has tasked the
U.S. Marshals Service with the tracking and apprehension of fugitive sex offenders and with assisting the National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children in locating missing children. According to NCMEC, "...A child goes missing every 40 seconds in the U.S.; over 2,100 per
day; in excess of 800,000 children are reported missing each year while another 500,000 go missing without ever being reported..." Many
of the missing children are victims of parental abductions.
The Lord Bishop of Peterborough: “My Lords, the Minister mentioned restorative justice. Does he agree that, alongside limited use of cautions,
a greater use of restorative justice interventions could be of great help, both in reducing reoffending and in supporting victims?” March 11, 2014
URL: http://churchinparliament.org/tag/peterborough/page/2/
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: out of all of its closed cases involving children taken from the U.S. to Japan, seventy-six
percent (76%) of the children were never recovered.

“Ultimately, this is going to end badly. Destroying someone’s life leaves people depressed and
suicidal. That is what Western did, that is what ATS did to help its member school (Western
Seminary), and that is what the government has done with taxpayer money. I fear Randy won’t
make it and this mega-corruption will cost his life. He has nothing to live for. Based upon the
malice conducted against me by U.S. Attorney, James Scharf, I expect that this may be intended by
the government to end tragically rather than doing what’s right and enforcing federal regulations
which is also linked to Western, ATS, and NWCCU. People can only be ‘pushed’ so far. Randy’s
damages are immense. Randy has nowhere to ‘move on’ to, and corrupt government acts working
to divide us were a very bad choice.” – Carol Nye-Wilson April 2, 201216
I refuse to spend the rest of my life being a slave to injustice, and neither should my son have to be enslaved by it.
Similarity, International Parental Child Abduction impacts thousands of British citizens, who also face mounting
injustice worldwide, at huge personal costs to themselves as left-behind parents and family members. No parent,
British, American, etc should be forced to live with such emotional grief.
Neil Winnington:

‘All I can do is leave a trail for her online – films, songs, blogs, poems – and hope she
follows it.’17

Catherine Meyer, CBE:

‘My boys are always small in my dreams. They’re with me and either taken away or in

Rachel Neustadt:

‘They don’t remember English any more. My son couldn’t remember how to say

I realize that you have a tough job and have a lot on your plate, but this conspicuously wrong circumstance needs to
What English citizen observing this explicit obscenity, with the actors who are involved, would not be troubled?
Randy Chapel

FBI HQ, FBI, Child Exploitation Task Force, SF, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention,
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Office of Children's Issues, Reunite International,
PACT, others.



We have actually made a list of examples in various documents since the start of the Obama Administration – many of these documents going
to Obama, Holder and Duncan via certified mail.
Written September 21, 2013. Last year alone, more than 500 children were abducted from the UK by one of their parents. We speak to some of
the mothers and fathers left behind http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/sep/21/partner-abducted-child-parents-left-behind reviewed
March 6, 2015.
As noted from the article, She is the wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, the former British Ambassador to the United States. She is the founder and
chief executive of the charity Parents & Abducted Children Together (PACT). It is 19 years since her two sons, Alexander and Constantin, then
nine and seven, were taken by her former husband. Strictly speaking, they were not abducted: they were wrongfully retained. The boys had gone
to visit their father in Germany, and he refused to let them return.