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Program ofKetatalaksanaan Pelayaran Niaga dan


February 2015

Hotel bookings can be done by two methods, namely come directly to the destination or
via the online system. If you traveled to Bogor and the opportunity to come to the hotel itself,
then there is no harm in ensuring the availability of rooms and rates, as well as the condition of
the actual rooms.
However, sometimes we can not do a direct booking for unobstructed distance residential
and tourist destinations far. So we must entrust booking through online. The reservation system
is more practical, you can even book to date is still a long vacation.
The online system is also divided into two types, namely through related websites owned
or through a website page that provides messaging facilities of the hotel rooms are different.
Although online booking is increasingly common traveler, you should still make sure that your
transaction is safe. So when going to make a claim if there is a mismatch, it is difficult even you
will be subject to deduction of an amount of money that has been transferred.
Here are tips book hotel rooms safe:
1. Determine the dates, location, and budget
Select the dates according to the holiday schedule or leave you. Preparation of the date ahead of
time will minimize the failure to depart. The hotel's location also should not be too far from your
favorite tourist destination, because the area of Bogor very jammed during the holiday season
Once you know the location that will be addressed, set budget room rental that suits your
financial condition. In addition to accommodation, you will need transportation costs, admission
sights, buy food, and souvenirs. So, allocate sufficient budget.
2. Find a trusted website
Now in this, there are many websites reserve a hotel room on the internet. To maintain the
security of transactions, access the trusted sites and has been used by many people. Ask on the
best site to a friend. Search also ease to file a complaint.
3. Read the applicable provisions
Read carefully any existing provisions, ranging from how to order, payment, get a hotel voucher,
up to a refund if you cancel the booking.
Some sites provide payment via credit card, so you need to set it up along with the required data.

4. Compare
Compare the facilities of the other hotels. Choose a room with the amenities you need. Some
sites provide discount if booking is made within a certain period prior to the date of check-in. So
be diligent to observe the site before you reserve a hotel room on vacation.
5. See testimonials outstanding
On the website also provided testimonials column that can be used by customers, to deliver
satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Avoid sites that are inundated with complaints from customers.
6. Use a valid account
Booking online requires electronic mail address so before you register. Check the email account
you want to use, whether they can be used or No.. Voucher will be delivered via email. So as to
ensure that the voucher sent successfully, you must have a valid account.
Charging the reservation sheet must also be considered. Especially when entering the
identification number, so that you do not encounter problems at check-in. Finally, pay the
appropriate amount requested via debit or credit card.
*Hotel is Want to Stay Hotel is a room rental for those who want to stay, a hotel makan.Biasanya
much in need by the people who were on the way, the hotel will provide services for lodging,
food, and minuman.Berikut Travel this article will discuss about how to how to Order Now Want
to Stay Rooms Hotel.
Actually booking a room in the hotel is not difficult, the provisions of the hotel is actually not
much different when you come to the rental place other services, such as rental place
transport.for more details, we go directly to some rooms How to Order Now Want to Stay Hotel:
-> Prepare to pay for the cost of accommodation stay.
-> Prepare your identity and your original (ID card, driver's license, or student card).
2.Steps Room Booking
When you get to the hotel you can just look for a reception, and there you can ask for the cost of
lodging, and what facilities are on offer at the hotel tersebut.Jika you feel fit, you can directly
pay the cost of renting there. After completion of the payment recipient of the guest rooms will
give you a key that had been your message.

Your confirmation will be led by the bishop. It may take place during the main Sunday
service at your own church or at a special service. It may also take place at the cathedral or in
another church in your diocese.
There may be a rehearsal before the confirmation service so that you understand everything that
happens in the service. The priest will make sure you know where to sit and when you need to
move. Some parts of the service will be for the whole congregation to join in; some will be for
just you and the other confirmation candidates to say.
Most of the confirmation service will normally take place at the front of the church, but for the
renewal of baptism promises, candidates may be asked by the bishop to gather around the font.
(The font is a large basin on a pedestal, containing the water for baptism.)
The bishop will speak to every candidate by name saying:
(name), God has called you by name and made you his own.
He then lays his hand of the head of each saying:
Confirm, O Lord, your servant with your Holy Spirit.
The Church of England has two authorized confirmation services. One is taken from the 1662
Book of Common Prayer and is in 17th century English.
Making decisions and promises
When you were baptized as a child, your parents and godparents were asked to declare publicly
on your behalf that they believed in God and that they would bring you up to follow Jesus. They
were asked to answer, on your behalf, that you had decided to turn away from everything which
is evil or sinful and instead to turn towards Christ. At confirmation, you will renew these
decisions and promises.
The declarations made by you will be made in front of the church congregation; the local
Christian community will promise to support you and pray for you.
The sign of the cross
the bishop will make the sign of the cross on your forehead with oil. This is a sign of the
outpouring of God's Holy Spirit. It is like an invisible badge to show that Christians are united
with Christ and must not be ashamed to stand up for their faith in him.

The role of sponsors

At Baptism, Godparents stood alongside your parents to make the same promises on behalf of
the child being baptized. At confirmation you may be asked if you would like a sponsor to stand
with you as a symbol of their journeying with you in faith. Usually this is someone who has
previously been confirmed. It may be one of the people who has prepared you for confirmation
or it may be a youth worker, a good friend, a relative, or a Godparent.
Taking communion
It is normal for Confirmation to be followed straight away by Holy Communion, although in
cases where confirmation has not taken place in a candidate's parish church they may instead
take Communion for the first time in that church on the following Sunday.

Most hotels are organized like most firms are. And they answer enquiries with a reply
along with their illustrated brochure and a tariff- a list of fee and charges. Any inquiry should be
addreses to the manager, not to reservation clerk nor receptionist.
The following is an example of an enquiry.
Singaporean Pinnancle Jewelries Ltd



Inside address



217 Intrepid Complex, UBI Avenue 5,

Singapore 1440
14th March 1997
The Manager
Alun-Alun Park Hotel
Jl. Merdeka Utara 1
Malang 65003
Dear Sir
Our company have arranged for an exhibition of
our product at the fortcoming international
jewelry trade fair in malang
Will you please send me a copy of your brochure
ad detailed term for full board, and say whether
you can offer the following accommodation: four
single rooms from 1 to 10 april 1996, all with bath
and telephone extension.
Truly yours
Tiffani {Ms}
T1 : ag

Brochure and

y close

The reply would be like this :


Jl. Merdeka 1, Malang 65003
17 March 1997

Singaporean Pinnancle Jewelries Ltd

217 Intrepid Complex
Singapore 1440

Dear Ms. Tiffani

Thank you for your letter dated 27 February 1996 in

which you inquired about our hotel brochure. With
pleasure, herewith we enclose a copy of of our
brochure in which youll find full details of
accommodation, facilities, services, and our charges.
The accommodation you required, i.e. two double
rooms anf four single rooms from 1 to 10 april 1996,
all with bath and telephone extension, a meeteng
room for the to 8 to 9 april 1996 are available. As
usual, we would receive a number of bookings for the
fair is an international one: thus, we would
recommend you make your reservation right away.
Our hotel is the best in town, with the most beautiful
aesthetic design in asia and we ensure you that your
staff will be enjoying their stay with us.
Yours sincerely

Joko Supriyanto

-answer to the



A.1 Bookings
Booking {or making reservation} means ordering certain rooms in a hotel or seats in a plane for
future use. There are busy seasons for hotels. Though the ones in holiday resorts {places} have
their high season at public holiday times, the city hotels are booked throughout the year.
Customer can book for full pension {or full board: room, breakfast, lunch, and evening meal} or
demipension {half board: room, breakfast, and evening meal}.
Booking can be done through telephone or letter. No matter how a secretary book a hotel room,
he/she should include :

The guests name and company affiliation,

The dates of the stay {including an expected arrival time},
The desired accommodation and other facilities, and
A request for confirmation, if you book with a letter.

If the booking is done through the telephone, the receptionist would normally ask for written

In the example below, a booking is done after receiving brochure and tariffs.
Singaporean Pinnancle Jrwelries Ltd


217 Intrepid Complex, UBI Avenue 5,

Singapore 1440



25 March 1997
Mr. Joko Supriyanto
The Manager

-inside address

Alun-Alun Park Hotel

Jl. Merdeka Utara 1
Malang 65003


Dear mr. supriyanto


Thank you for the brouchures and tariff you sent

us. As I have informed four staffs of ours will be
visiting malang for the international jewelry
trade fair


Will you please reserve the following

accommodation for mr. j. Thompson. Mr. Stones.
Mr. G. Damson, and mr. w smith from 1 april to 10
april 1996 inclusive;
Four singleroomswith bath, with telephone
extensions, on the first floor and overlooking the
park if possible, and a meeting room for the april
to april 1996
we are looking forwards to your confirmation by

Dates of stay

Yours faithfully
Tiffani {ms}


When the accommodation booked are still available, the hoteller will confirm the booking as
soon as possible. See the following confirmation letter from alun alun park hotel.
Jl. Merdeka utara 1, malang 65003
28 march 1997
Singaporean pinnacle jewelries Ltd
217 intrepid complex
UBI avenue 5
Singapore 1440
Dear ms. Tiffani
Thank you for you letter of 26 march 1997 in
which you would reserve the accommodation at
our hotel. We now have reserved the
accommodation you require for mr. j.
Thompson, mr. stones, mr. g. damson, and mr.
w.smith, from 1 april to 10 april 1996 inclusive.
And all requirements you ask for are available.
It will be a pleasure to welcome mr. j. Thompson
and his colleagues, and you may be sure that
everythingpossible well be done to make their
stay enjoyable.


Closing with

Sincerely yours

Joko supriyanto

The previous booking is based on a brochure and tariff. Sometimes reservation letter is written
based on no brochures non tariffs. See the example on the next page.

Brandeburk,MN 56987
January 3 1994
The manager
Alun alun park hotel
Jl. Merdeka utara 1
Malang 65003
Dear gentleman
The president and the general manager of our company
ms. Lannie , miller and mr. Tommy marsha, will be
visiting malang, Indonesia in the beginning of march
1994, for the world trade fair held in malang, and will
need two single rooms with bath, they will arrive at the
hotel approximately 8 A.M. on March 3.
Sometimes during the traid fair, they might meet several
business associates from Indonesia. They, therefore, like
to reserve the use of small conference room for a week,
from about 9 A.M. until noon. Please let us know the rates
of their accommodation and the conference room
Please let us know whether you can reserve this
accommodation from march 3 to march 11 inclusive. I
shall be glad to have your confirmation about this

-asking for

-asking for

Truly yours
D. Royce

A.2 Confirmation

Please, lt us have your confirmation before 10 january


After receiving the reservation or booking letter, the hotel will usually confirm the reservation.
See this example :
Jl. Merdeka utara 1, malang 65003
7 january 1994
Ms. D. Royce
Trump corporation
209 south street
Brandenburg, MN 56987
Dear ms. Tiffani
This letter will confirm your reservation for two single
rooms with bath from march 3 to 11 inclusive.
The charge is Rp. 1750,000.00 per night including
regular meals but excluding service chargers. The
charge includes the tax, hower, excludes the tips
and the fee for the conference room. The charge for
the conference room. Is Rp. 500,000 per two hours.
Since your president and general ang manager will
be arriving in malang by plane, you may want to
take advantage of our taxi service free of charge.
Our taxis depart from abdul rahman saleh airport
malang every half hour.
It will be a pleasure to welcome Ms. Lannie miller
and Mr. tommy marsha 11, you may be sure that
everything possible will be done to make their stay


-closing with

Yours sincerely
Joko supriyanto


there are some different expressions used by the secretary when he/she writes a reservation
letter. in talking about dates, taxes, etc. for example, secretary used the special word inclusive.
see the following example:
i would like to book a room for the 1st to the 5th of august inclusive.
when a secretary talks and writes about dates use the word inclusive. the phrase "the 1st to the
5th of august" means that you want to stay on the night of the 1st and the 5th. so, you will be
charged for five days. therefore, it is necessary to be careful

Handbook from Mr. Doni Hadi Irawan, S.Pd.,M.Pd. 2015. Some aspect of Booking and
Confirmation. Banyuwangi: Lecturer^AW7^xdm055^S10991^id&si=YO_SAF