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BRITISH STANDARD BS s110-1:1997 ou Structural use of concrete — Part 1: Code of practice for design and construction es Eee o corse WITH0U; 2S PERMISSION INCEPE ASRERMITTED BY COPYICAT LAW EEN SO” Bt BS 8110-1:1997 toe rere dar oe Pept gu 185. Committees responsible for this British Standard “The peepertion of thi Brish Seanad was entreste by Toshi omen BSE, Hung and evil engineering srcture to Subeammitec ‘rena Structural oe of cones, upon whsch tbe flowing bodice wore Fepresenod ‘Acosation of Consulting Bogner itsh Cement Assoeition [ish Provast Concrete Federation Lid Conercte Socity| Department of the Bovironment (Building Resarh Betablshmend) Department of the Bnironmont(Proparty end Buildings Dizetorte) Depariant of Tranapr: (Highways Agency) Federation of Cv Engineering Coteactart Tnaitation of Civil Hngineers “nstivuton of Structural Bngincers ‘Stel Rainforsoment Commission Amendments isued since publication ‘ad Na [Bae [commente ‘5882 [September 1996 Teese |e May 2002 _[Tnicated ya silva BS 8110-1:1997 Page Committcs responsible Tide ont cover Foreword " ection 1. General 1a Supe 1 12 References 1 1a Definitions 1 14 Symbol 8 Sesion 2 Desig dbjoeives and ganeral recomendations 21 Basis of deign 5 22 Structural dexign 5 23 Inepecton af emnstraction 7 24 Lode and matarialproprtion a 25 Analysie 1 2:6 Designs based on tote 2 Sesion 8 Design and detain: veiled concrete 31 Design basa and trength of materials 6 82 Structures and structural ramen 8 2.8 Concrete cover to reinforcement Ps 84 Beams 26 8.5 Solid sabe supported by beams or walls a S86 Rubbed alah (with slo hallow Blocks or voids) a 31 0 as 5 39. Wel % 810 Seniesa 0 S11 Batea 5 5.12 Considerations alfcting design details 3 ‘Section 4 Design and dtaling prestressed coneate 41 Design basis aw 42 Sructres and strucsural ames 102 42° Beane 108, 44 no as no 48 Tonson members m 42 Proazensing mt Toss of resis other than ion aes m 49 Lossaf prosteae duet frietion na 1410 Tranamission lng in pretensioned members us. 4411 Bnd blocks in pot tensioned members u 4.22 Considerations afating desig dtails us ‘Section 5. Design and detailing: precst and compite construction BA Design bass and stabi provisions 3 5.2 Procasconezetsconetrucon mu 58 Structural connections batween pects unite 0 ‘54 _Compote cone sensu 1