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BADM 701 Excel Assignment #1 Instructions

1. The data file for this problem is located on My Lab under the Document
Sharing link under Course Tools. Click on Excel Data Files and you should
see the data file referenced in the problem available in .xls format. Download the
data file and save it to your computer so it will be available. Use the
PowerPoint notes on Moodle to guide your answering of the questions
below. There are PowerPoint notes for each of the MS Excel Data
Analysis tools you will need to use.
2. Once you have completed the assignment, you must complete the Excel
Assignment #1 quiz on My Lab. The quiz is based on the questions described in
the assignment below so you should answer these questions before attempting
the quiz. The quiz assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, October
11, 2014. PLEASE NOTE: you will not be submitting your completed
Excel file via My Lab. You will ONLY be answering the quiz questions on
My Lab. However, you will want to save your work in case you have
questions for the instructor.
3. Follow all quiz instructions carefully! Any answers submitted in the wrong format,
or rounded incorrectly, will not be given credit.
4. You will have two attempts for the quiz. Unlike previous quizzes, on this
assignment you will be able to see which questions were marked
wrong. You WILL NOT be able to view the correct answers until after the due
date, but you will know which questions were answered incorrectly. You
should use that information after your first attempt, to consider whether you
need to modify your answers before trying the second attempt.
5. You may discuss the assignment with other students and you are permitted to
ask for help from the instructor, however each individual is responsible for
submitting their own work and you ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ASK QUESTIONS
can use the discussion board on Moodle to ask questions but be sure to use the
following guidelines for determining appropriate behavior.
a. Permitted interaction:
You can ask for help about how to determine which MS Excel tool to use
and how you should enter the data into MS Excel.
You can also ask questions about whether the MS Excel results generated
seem correct. For instance, you can ask whether other class members
obtained the same reported critical value, p-value, test statistic, etc. BUT
You can also ask questions about the content on the PowerPoint slides but
not this problem. For instance, you can ask for help in locating the
relevant PowerPoint slides for a particular part of a problem.
You should think of permitted interaction as assisting or guiding others by
asking and answering questions about HOW to do the assignment.
b. Not permitted:


You are not allowed to post an entire answer to any part of the hypothesis
test or any of the specific questions asked by the instructor.
For instance, you are not allowed to post anything such as: The decision
rule states if F-test statistic > F-critical value, then reject H 0.
You should think of actions that are not permitted as being based on
telling or giving someone the answer or having someone else determine
the answer.

6. If you have any questions about how to complete your assignment, e-mail
me,, give me a call, 318-797-5103, or post a question on the
discussion board. Although I will answer all questions you have to help you
complete the assignment, I will not Grade your work before you submit it, in
other words, I will not read through all of your written answers and let you know
if they are correct, but I will answer specific questions about individual parts of
the assignment. For instance, if you need help finding something in the
PowerPoint notes or interpreting the notes. I will also answer any questions
about similar types of problems if you want to ask about a different example.
ASSIGNMENT: Read the scenario below and answer the questions that
follow. Then use your work to answer the quiz questions on My Lab.
The data file CREST is described in Problem 8.109 on p. 472. DO NOT DO THE
PROBLEM AS DESCRIBED IN THE TEXTBOOK! Instead, answer the questions below.
1) Conduct a hypothesis test, at the .10 level of significance, to
determine whether the variance in age of purchasers is different
from the variance in age of non-purchasers. (Write out all 6 steps of the
hypothesis test).
2) Conduct a hypothesis test, at the .10 level of significance, to
determine whether the mean age of purchasers is different from the
mean age of non-purchasers. (Write out all 6 steps of the hypothesis test).
3) Explain how your conclusion from the hypothesis test in question 1
helps you determine which MS Excel t-test to use to answer question
2 and which parts of your Excel results would be affected if you had
used the other MS Excel t-test tool (you do not need to actually do
the test differently, but you might want to just to see how the
results change. You can just refer to the Powerpoint slides that explain how
the results differ, refer to the Powerpoint slides for using MS Excel to conduct
small sample hypothesis tests of two means).