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REQUEST: action re child abduction, obstruction of justice, willful psychological/emotional child abuse of a


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Thursday, February 19, 2015 4:02 PM

TO: U.S. Embassy, London, U.K. et al
DATE: February 18, 2015
FROM: Carol Nye-Wilson
RE: Resolution needed for child abduction, obstruction of justice, willful psychological/emotional child abuse
Dear US government,
Joel Chapel is now six-years-old, and was abducted by his mother, Susan Allister Chapel. Susan's parents, Janice and
Donald Allister live in Peterborough and have aided and abetted Susan's abduction and abuse of Joel which is a crime in
the United States and in the United Kingdom. There has been no due process for the rights of Joel Chapel or his
father, Randy Chapel, and both are Americans.
I've previously asked for help about this from Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and I received no response or
assistance. I am once again asking that the United States do its job to protect the civil and human rights of my
grandson, Joel, and the rights of my son, Randy Chapel.
Joel's longest "habitual residence" in was in their family home in Boulder Creek, California with his natural
parents Susan and Randy Chapel. Susan left for the UK, refused to return making claims she could no longer return
due to not being able to enter, and then filed divorce proceedings via an unethical solicitor whose litigation
misconduct occurred when she, Susan, and the Allisters all knew Randy was ill and unable to travel or deal with Susan's
willful deceit and unlawful acts.
Susan obstructed justice by withholding Randy's and Joel's passports and birth certificates from Randy that he needed
to prove he was Joel's father, complicating Randy's ability to file a Hague request. Many extenuating and complex
circumstances were omitted or concealed by Susan, the Allisters, and their unethical solicitor to force the divorce and
retain Joel. Congress has made it clear that a parent should not benefit from her actions.
Abduction of a minor child, is willful emotional/ psychological child abuse, and obstruction of justice are "dual
criminality" offenses in both the U.K. and the U.S. Parental alienation is willful psychological and emotional harm to
Joel, as a child by his parent and grandparents--Susan Chapel, Janice and Donald Allister--with damaging, lifelong harm
to Joel.
Joel asked to speak with his father, Randy. And Randy asked to speak with his son, Joel. Their father-son relationship is
being obstructed by Susan and the Allisters. Susan wrote she intends to withhold Joel and obstruct Joel's relationship
with Randy until Joel is an adult--and the Allisters are aiding and abetting her abuse of Joel's innate need to love and be
loved by his daddy, Randy Chapel as he grows up to become a man.
Randy wants to nurture the healthy father-son relationship with Joel that Janice Allister once advertised by a photograph
of Joel with Randy for a medical conference as an example of the importance of a father in his son's life. However, now
Joel's and Randy's father-son communications and relationship are totally obstructed by the parental alienation of

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3/6/15, 12:26 PM

Randy from Joel by Susan and the Allisters--even though they know it is in Joel's best interest to have a loving
relationship with his daddy, Randy. Most recently, they (assumed) have even obstructed Joel from making Google
computer searches on his name, "Joel Chapel" in the UK, to prevent Joel from discovering his daddy is alive and loves
him just as Joel needs and what has actually happened.
Randy and I send gifts for Joel, and we don't know whether Joel receives them or not. Susan, the Allisters, and Joel
never respond or express appreciation. Joel is not being given our expressions of love for him, and he is not being
taught to love and honor his father as God said to do.
Susan's and the Allister's selfish acts obstruct all relationship between Randy and Joel which deeply harms both Joel
and Randy. Their acts of parental alienation against Randy also harms and abuses Joel--and will harm him forever.
Their cruel and willfully destructive acts are just as inhumane as ISIL burying children alive--and burning or beheading
I will soon be 75-years-old, and the Allisters have not allowed me to ever visit Joel, to hold and hug Joel, to see Joel in
person, or to share my grandma love with Joel, while they selfishly keep Joel as only their's-- by obstructing Joel's rights
as an American to know his American family loves him and wants to give him care.
To top it off, Asst. U.S. Attorney James A Scharf, wrote me that my son should just "move on." The US has done serious
wrongs to my family members, and most of all to Randy and Joel. Further, It is the position of the California child
abduction task force ( "Time does not heal the wounds when the family
remains in a state of limbo and left with uncertainty of what has happened to their child." and "Time unfortunately
provides additional triggers, reminders and pain: the child's birthday, the anniversary of the child’s disappearance and the
holidays." "Families of abducted children experience serious emotional distress" and as a result of the ongoing failures
of the US and the Obama Administration, Randy has had to deal with years of serious emotional distress from all that has
happen to him. Western Seminary, ATS and NWCCU have done evil, life changing things to my family members and with
the US support, forever destroyed Randy's future and family.
I ask the US to seek an extradition on Susan Allister/Chapel or whatever her name is, Janice Allister and Donald Allister
for aiding their daughter in abducting Joel. (
This has gone on too long.
Carol Nye-Wilson


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