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April 14, 2008

Mike Erickson Erickson for Congress 13800 Stampher Drive Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Kevin Mannix Mannix for Oregon 2007 State Street Salem, OR 97301

Dear Mike and Kevin: Thank you both for taking my call last month. You both were good sports to allow me to cobble together a three way conference call so that we could discuss and come to agreement on some basic ground rules for the primary election. I told you I would be sending a letter summarizing our conversation and agreements, but I thought it prudent to wait a few weeks and see how the campaign progressed. I am pleased to say that the evidence indicates that you both are running positive, issue oriented campaign. I trust you both will continue to do so. As I explained during our phone conference, I am convinced that both of you have promising futures in public service. Both of you are great candidates. I also believe that one of you will be the next Congressman from Oregon's 5th District. These two statements are premised on assumption that the primary campaign stays positive and does not become a "slugfest" which scars each of you for this and future campaigns. As I emphasized during our conversation, the Democrats will likely warp and distort anything negative which either of you say about the other during the primary. The three of us discussed the ideal primary campaign should focus on issues, and not disintegrate into, as I put it, "below the belt personal attacks." You both agreed. I further stated my opinion that personal attacks will only serve to damage the nominee in the general election - not because the attacks may be true, but because the spin masters at the Democratic Party seldom talk about real issues, but many times rely on personal attacks. You both agreed. This letter will confirm that you both promised me and each other, the following:

Neither of you would go "negative" against the other first. You both would focus on the issues and not personally attack the other, unless the other campaign went negative first. We also agreed that comparison ads which focus on the differences between the two of

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Letter to Mike Erickson & Kevin Mannix April 14, 2008 Page 2 of2 you are acceptable as long as they accurate and based on issues, not the other's integrity, character, or personal life; Each of you would contact me if you heard rumors or saw evidence of a "third party" group or an individual planning on running attack ads. I committed to contact the suspected group or individual and tell them to stay out of the primary - no exceptions. We all agreed that no one can control a third party, but we would do our best to discourage such attacks if we came to know of them. You will endorse and support the other should you not win the Republican nomination. Mike, you made this promise with the caveat that you would only support Kevin if he did not go negative. Kevin, you placed no restriction on your support for Mike.



My goal is to enforce your commitment to me and to this party. The voters deserve a clean and straight forward campaign, devoid of those television commercials or mailings which contain grainy black and white images questioning the other candidates' past personal decisions, financial dealings, or character. I will contact you immediately if I perceive that you have broken your promise not to "go negative." If a breach occurs, the other has my permission to release this letter to the media. Let me emphasize again, I believe both of you to be a quality candidate with a bright political future. Please resist the advice of consultants and advisors to pull this election into the mud in order to gain some last minute advantage. Remain true to your stated commitment to me, the GOP, and the voters of the 5th Congressional District. I look forward to standing with both of ~ou on May 21, 2008, moving forward together to make sure that Oregon recaptures the 511 District. Oregon desperately needs another advocate to represent the interests of people - not the ultra-liberal special interests which have captured control of the Democratic Party. Working together we can bring back to Washington, D.C. another voice of common sense solutions for our great nation.


Jeffrey Kubler, 51h Congressional District Chairman