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100-Year-Old Roof Drain in Historical College Building Restored

When a well-respected Community College in Iowa needed to renew a failing roof drain system, they called Total Maintenance,
Inc., who offers the Nu Drain Pull-in-Place (PIP) System.
Customer: Scott Community College Kahl Education Center located in Davenport,
History: Opening in 1920 as Davenports first skyscraper office building, it was
later donated to Scott Community College in 1994 and opened as an educational
facility two years later. The Kahl Building is clad in white terra-cotta, designed in a
light Neo-Classical style with references to the Gothic or the Hispanic Plateresque.
The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.
System: The Colleges roof drain piping system, which consisted of 100-year-old
6 galvanized steel and is located in ceilings and walls throughout 12-stories of
the building.
Situation: Over time, holes had developed in the aged roof drain system ultimately
causing damage to walls, ceilings and floors throughout the facility. Prior to Nu
Drain, numerous attempts were made to repair the two vertical roof drains, but
due to the location of the pipes, it was an ongoing battle.
Circumvention: The option of physically replacing the roof drain would have resulted in major demolition, creating issues
with the historical integrity of the building. Since the building is on the National Register of Historic Places, renovations must
be done in accordance with the buildings original construction.

We strive to provide the best

facilities for our students and
our community. This product has
provided us the opportunity to repair,
and maintain our beautiful historic
Kahl Building while allowing us to
provide our daily services.
- Ezequiel Ganzales, Facilities Manager
Scott Community College

Solution: After researching the Nu Drain PIP system, the Facilities

Manager believed it would be the perfect solution to the problem.
During a 7-day period, TMI renewed the 12-story vertical roof drain from
the twelfth-story to the basement horizontal drain line. The liner was
prepared and installed in 50 lengths with the 10th floor roof drain being
tied in at the 9th floor.
The only demolition required to perform the work was an 8 square-foot
piece of drywall being removed on the 9th floor to create access for a
reinstatement where the 10th floor roof drain tied into the vertical stack.
The Nu Flow solution saved the client tens of thousands of dollars in
added demolition and reconstruction costs while avoiding disruption to
the day-to-day operations of the facility.

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