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College of Business DSI

De La Salle University Manila


Business Process Improvement Study and Database Application Project

1. For the student to be able to learn a new skill that will integrate their learning in business
and Information Technology.
2. For the students to have an opportunity to showcase the results of their hard work.
3. To provide a simulation of a presentation in the management of a recommended
improvement that will help an organization be more effective.
4. To use Microsoft Office Applications such as Word, Access, PowerPoint, and FrontPage in
developing their project and summarizing and presenting their research outputs.
5. To allow the student to put into practice the techniques learned in developing WebPages to
be able to provide a professional webpage for a particular company.
6. For the students to present and defend their research paper and demo their database
application and company website and receive feedback from the adviser and peers as well.

1. The class will be asked to do a project using a methodology using Business Process
Improvement. The students will be expected to work on a companys business process and
recommend ways of improving it so that it is able to produce better quality results, with
less time, effort, and resources expended.
2. The class will be divided into groups, comprising 4 members each.
3. The client company will be any small business enterprise or organization, which will be
chosen by each group.
4. Each group shall design, create, and manipulate a database application based on the
companys problem and needs.
5. The students are expected to maximize the utilization of Microsoft Access for the
implementation of the database application.
6. The database design must be represented using a relational model.
7. Minimum functions required in the database application are as follows:
a. Adding, editing, deleting, and viewing of records
b. Records listing based on a particular query criteria
c. Reports generation
8. A corporate presence website for the chosen company should also be designed and created
by the group using Microsoft FrontPage or any other webpage developer software. The
website should include important information that the organizations customers would
need to know about the company.
9. Minimum webpages required in the website are as follows:
a. Home page
b. Company profile/background
c. Products and services offered
d. On-line selling
e. Contact information
f. Sitemap

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Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Appendices
Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Company Background
1.1.1 History
1.1.2 Vision
1.1.3 Mission
1.1.4 Products and Services
1.1.5 Customer Profile
1.2 Business Functional Units and Processes
1.3 Current Business Strategies
1.4 Objectives of the Study
1.5 Significance of the Study
1.6 Scope and Limitations of the Study
Chapter 2 Understanding the Process
2.1 Process Overview
2.2 Process Scope and Boundaries
2.3 Participants in the Process
2.4 Process Walkthrough
2.5 Problems in the Existing Process
Chapter 3 Review of Related Literature
3.1 Review of Related Concepts
3.2 Review of Related Systems
Chapter 4 Theoretical Framework
Chapter 5 Organizing for Improvement
5.1 Data Requirements and Operations
5.2 The Proposed System
5.3 Database Application Features and Functions
Chapter 6 Design and Implementation
6.1 Database Tables
6.2 Database Forms
6.3 Query Operations
6.4 Database Reports
Chapter 7 The Company Website
7.1 e-Commerce Plan
7.1.1 Background of the Study
7.1.2 Hardware and Software Requirements
7.2 Website Features
7.3 Publishing the Website
7.4 Website Implementation Issues
7.5 Observation and Findings
7.6 Recommendations
Chapter 8 Testing and Debugging
Chapter 9 Conclusion and Recommendations

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List of Appendices

Program Diagram
Database Application Users Manual
Website Users Manual
Company Background Materials
Interview Transcriptions
Letter of Certification
Glossary of Terms
Proponents and Advisers Profile


Company Profile :
Company Name
(The company should be small and most their processes are done manually. The company
should be legally registered. Please provide a photocopy of their business permit.)
Company Name
Company Address
Company Background
(Provide a brief discussion of the companys history, mission/vision, and nature of the
business, products/services offered, and customers.)
Business Process Improvement Plan
(List the business processes that the company currently has and identify if they are using IT
tools or not.)
Sample Business Process Improvement Plan Statement:
Design and develop a database application for the rental and return of videos because the
current manual system maintains inadequate records and is too slow. The database
application should address the productivity of the business and efficiency of records
(The partial set of references should include the contact person in the company or any book,
article, or website that was used or will be used for the study.)
[1] Reference 1
[2] Reference 2
[3] Reference 3

Chapters 1 to 3 :
o Include table of contents and corresponding list of tables, figures, and appendices
o Also include references (bibliography)

Chapters 4 and 7 :
o Include table of contents and corresponding list of tables, figures, and appendices
o Also include references (bibliography)

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Final Document and CD :

o The final document should be ring-binded
(Revised Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 + New Chapter 5, 6, 8 and 9)
o The CD should be labeled with the project title and the names of the group
o The CD should contain the following files:
Softcopy of the project documentation (.doc and . pdf files)
PowerPoint presentation slides (.ppt file)
Database Application (.mdb and .exe files)
Company Website (.html files and other file folders if any)
o Everything should be placed in an expandable envelope labeled with the project
title and the names and signatures of the group members

NOTE : Please submit on the scheduled dates. Papers and projects submitted beyond the specified
deadlines will not be accepted and will receive a grade of 0.0.


Presentation Dates :
Each group will be given 45 minutes to present
o Research Presentation (10 minutes)
o Database Application Demo (15 minutes)
o Company Website Demo (10 minutes)
o Question and Answer (10 minutes)

The submitted CD will be used for the research presentation and project demo
All group members should wear business attire during the project presentation


Documentation (10 % of the Final Grade)

o Content and Organization (30%)
o Comprehensiveness (20%)
o Significance (20%)
o Use of Appropriate Tools for Data and Process Modeling and Analysis (20%)
o Completeness of the Document (10%)

Oral Defense (5% of the Final Grade)

o Clarity of Presentation/Discussion (30%)
o Mastery and Understanding of the Topic (25%)
o Quality and Appropriateness of Visual Aids (15%)
o Ability to Answer Questions Correctly and Convincingly (15%)
o Overall Presentation (15%)

Database Application (10% of the Final Grade)

o Functionality (30%)
o Layout and Organization (20%)
o Design of Database Objects (20%)
o Content (10%)
o Interface Design (10%)
o Completeness (10%)
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Company Website (5 % of the Final Grade)

o Functionality (30%)
o Layout and Organization (20%)
o Content (15%)
o Website Navigation (15%)
o Interface Design (10%)
o Completeness (10%)

Challenges in life come in three broad categories : easy, difficult, and impossible. Those who take
on only the EASY have a safe and boring life. Those who take on the DIFFICULT have a tough but
satisfying life. Those who take on the IMPOSSIBLE are remembered.

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