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Seay y BALTIMORE DISTRICT oo H Jonuary 28,.a96h 7 Volney G. Mathison, Electropsychometrist A Tos Rigeles, California Director, Los Angeles District Academy of Scientology — : (Church of Scientology) ‘Les Angeles, California Hubbard Electrometer William C. Moore “Wathreow Biecer: Washington, D. c. Mr. Volsiey G.' Mathison, iho cloims to be the developer of the electropsychometer, is incensed over the activities of Hibbard and the Church of Scientology. He has: called ae ~ twiee to express hia views of these alleged émitatotesof his invention. On the occasion’ of his last telephone call, he said that he had received @ letter from Hr. William C. Moore of Pashington, : D. C., inquiring a to the availability/of the Mathison Blectro- 4 psychometer. lr. Mathicon suspects that Mr. Moore might be 3 follewer of Hubbard who is secking @ source of instruments to " replace the Rubbard Electrometera which are currently in diffi- 5 culties with PDA, He states that he will’have no part of supply- | ing the Church of Scientology, or any of its followers, with instruments for their purposes. ©” : There is attached a copy of Mr, Nathison's letter of * “Janvary 17, 1963; to Mr. Williém C, Moore, Washington, D.. C.; and a copy of hie. transnietal letter to YoA dated January 17, _ 1963. : tt may be that ux. tathtson's avsptcions regaréing . ir. Noore‘and friends of the Church of Scientology to get back . into business are vorth investigating.. ° 2 r GORDON R. wOOD Eaclosure — - a : ete : 2 ce thie meno 2 \ Copy Hathicon/LA itr with ey ssthtooa core ler (both dtd 1-17-63) daa, ‘ec ‘Ada with cpy Nathisox/LA ltr and cpy.Hathison/Moore ltr (1-17-63) a | “Tel. REpublic 2-5( VOLNEY G. MATHISON, Electropsychometrist Personalized Self-Suggestion and Self-Hypno Recordings Inventor and manufacturer of the Mathison Electropsychometer 1200-1214 Weer 307TH Stneer LOS ANGELES 7, CALIFORNIA Dow's di January 17, 1963 pon the Oceen of Lif Sete cause Then, whether the weather US Food and Drug Administration Be sunny or stormy 1521 West Pico Blvd. old Los Angeles, California THERE IS. 4 WAY! Attention Mr. G. R. Wood —Voluey G. Mathison - Dear Sirs: ' Herewith a copy of a letter which I have sent to Mr. Wn, C. Moore, 1303 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington D.C., in response to an inquiry from him. : This inquiry comes addressed to me in a certain keyed way which corresponds to my name as the scientology concern have me listed on their mailing list, so I suspect it may be from some person looking for a new supply of instruments for scientology. i Some years past, we supplied Hubbard with a small model electropsychometer; but cancelled the distributorship because, of what I considered to be possibly harmful and destfuctive interpretations of the instrument-registrations of the psychogalvanic reflex when used in Hubbard's classes and by his students, Hubbard subsequently began producing the spurious imitation,6f the patentiud electro- psychometer which he called the "electrometer." i I intend to take precautions to make sure that no Mathison electropsychometers are obtained by any one for the purgose of promulgating or continuing the concepts and methods of Hubbard or his scientology concern. Very truly yours, ‘Tel, REpublic 2-502 VOLNEY G. MATHISON, Electropsychometrist Personalized Self-Suggestion and Self-Hypno Recordings Inventor and manufacturer of the Mathison Electropsychometer 1208-1214 Weer 307 StReer LOS ANGELES 7, CALIFORNIA Don't drift January 17, 1963 Y Upon the Ocean of Life, i” Thee, whether the weather Be saamy or tormy = Hold eo. cen Mr. Vim. C. Moor 7 : THERE IS 4 WAY! 1303 Wisconsin Avenue N.W. —VoneyG. Matis Washington, D.C. Dear Sir: j Thank you for your inquiry'about the Mathison electropsychometer. I would appreciate your advising whether you have any specific program or proposed application of the instrument. The 'U S Department ‘of Health and Welfare through the agency of its Food and Drug administrat- ion has confiscated the "electrometers" and books of the Hubbard Scientology concern in Washington DC, probably because of mislubelling, the mislabelling ain turn presumably being comprised in the extensive Hubbard publications which evaluste psychogalvanic reflex registrations with various unsupportable or at leust controversial interpretations, Are you connected with or in anyway interested in scientology? Very sincerely yours, TA aT" wis Age Vox ( Enclosures Dallas Distric DIVISION OF REGULATORY MANAGEMENT For your information as requested in your memo Bl 2/5/63. g James E. Anderson Korie “4 Chief Inspector bin Attachments 1 Director, Dallas District February 13, 1963 FROM: Inspector, A. V. Ignatowicz L. Ron Hubbard SUBJ: Interview with Mr. Alphia 0. Hart \ ‘The Founding Church - of Scientology _Hubbard E Meter, Ce Oye DRM Assignment Memorandum 2/5/63 requested contact with a Mrs.) Aiphia Hart regarding her connection with the above, o-listed organizations ¥ies“ALi&e Hart was contacted at Enid, Okishona.—she had studied a course at a Hubbard Dianetics Association School in Camden, New Jersey, during 1953. The course was to qualify her as an Auditor in Dianetics. She met and married her husband Mr. Alphia Hart, at this time. Mr. Hart was attending an advanced course™in Dianetics at the Hubbard School~ii-Phila- delphia, Pennsylvania, during April or May, 1953. She states her husband, Mr. Alphia Hart, has completed the total course of study offered by the Hubbard Organizations and was awarded every degree conferred by the Hubbard Organizations. She stated her husband knows more about Dianetics, Scientology, and Metaphysics than any other person alive. Mr. Kart was presently at their home in Enid reviewing some new publications in the field of Metaphysics in order to write requested reviews on the subject material. Mr. Alphia Hart was contacted at his home workshop and his associ- ation with L.-Ron Hubbard and the Hubbard organizations was reviewed. ‘“Alphia 0. Hart, born 1902, was employed by the U.S. Army Air Corps_ > as a Civil Service employee Crade GS-9, Hie ditied were seripe writing for training movie films. “He was emiployd at Lowry Air Base, Denver, Colorado. He was the only civilian employee assigned as e writer for the fila coverage of the Bikini AtollA Bomb test. The OSI Offices in Washington, D.C., would probably have the old CID records concerning the background investigation conducted to furnish Mr. Hart with a security clearance enabling him to work on the Bikini Project. Mr. Hart's historical records may be with the CID Office which is still part of the Department of the Army, since the Air Corps was still a’ part of that department in 1946. Hart was given a gold identification card signifying his security level. Mr. Hart left government employment in 1952. oop _| February 25, a Dl Page 2 2/13/63, A.V.I., Founding Church of Scientology Mr. Hart developed a critical condition ch blood pre during the late 1940's. His search for a cure of this condition lead rt Aner to Dimnetics, le took the auditor's course 1952 at Wichita, Kaneas, and went on to take all of the courses offered. He has attained every degree offered by the Hubbard Organizations. Mr. Hart was Office Manager for Hubbard's Communications Office in Phoenix, Arizona, during 1952. Hubbard at this time was searching for a substi- tute name for Dianetics. Hart suggested that the process of treatment be called Scientology. Hubbard severel months later began using the term "Scientology". Mec. Hart attended an advanced course in Dianetics at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during 1953. L. Ron Hubbard made a personal appearance during one of the night class sessions and announced the formation of the Founding Church of Scientology. Hubbard explained to the students that under the cloak of relteion the practitioners cowl then-clata.the protection of the. constitutional amendment dealing with freedom of religion and circumvent some medical practice laws. Mr. Hart met and married’ Mrs. Hart while at Philadelphia in 1953. ‘They returned to Phoenix, Arizona, and shortly after Hart and Hubbard came to the parting of the ways. Hart believed Hubbard was profiteering from Dianetics and disagreed with Hubbard's policies. The Harts left Phoenix and moved to Enid, Oklahoma. A number of people associated with Meta~ physics wrote Hart asking his view on some of Hubbard's policies and the use of Dianetics. These letters lead Hart to publish his first copies of the “Aberree." The magazine was conceived as an expose of Hubbard's divergence from Dianetics. None of the 1955 or 1956 copies are availeble at Enid, Oklahoma. The “Aberree'ipublished 10 times @ year containing articles thet deal with Metaphysics, spiritual ideas, and anything that may aid mankind. ‘Two recent issues, the January-February and the March, 1963 issues included editorial comments concerning our offices’ action involving Hubbard's E Meters. Three copies of each issue were obtained and are attached. Mr. Hart's picture on page 2 of the January-February issue is outlined in red pencil. The articles are also marked with a red pencil. Note the policy of the magazine which appears on page 3. Hubbard circulated thg story that he had discharged Hart for mis- management of the Phoenix, A'izona, office funds. Hubbard later, in one of his British publications,rrevoked Hart's degrees, furnishing the reason that an investigation by the CSCE had disclosed HART WAS A Communist. Hart does not know what the CSCE stands for and states he never has been a Communist. Hubbard has never written to HART TO REVOKE THE GRANTED DEGREES. Hart continues to use the awarded titles whenever he desires. Mr. Hart states that the patents for the original E Meter (Electro Synchrometer) are held by Mr. Volney Mathison who resides in Los Angeles, California, Hart did not furnish Mx. Mathison's address since he did not Page 3 2/13/63, A.V.I., Founding Church of Scientology want to involve Mathison in our office's current activities with the Hubbard E Meter. Mr. Hart has, in the past, written some advertising on the E Meter for Mr. Mathison. The Hubbard E Meter is Hubbard's edapta- tion of the original E Meter which he has produced in England. Mr. Hart, studied the practice of Dianetics and Scientology and the incorporated use of the E Meter in the process of "Clearing" indi viduals. The E Meter is employed as a lie detector to evaluate an indi- vidual's subconscious approach to the aoerrations binding his body to various mental _and physical ills, The last course Hart took was an ad- vanced clinical course given in (Phoenix during 1954:~Hart believes the E Meter is an excellent tool that~should be"uséd in the practice of Dia~ netics. Hart recently published an article written by an author he did not wish to name that dealt with a statistical study of the assassination of United States Presidents. The FBI visited Mr. Hart as a result of this article and conducted an investigation of him: The findings of this in- vestigation would probably be available through the FBI Offices in Wash- ington, D.C. Mr. Hart refused to divulge the name of the agent or the \date of the FBI visit to his home in Enid, Oklahoma. Mr, Hart volunteered this information: "If your office is thinking of subpoenaing me as a Government witness, you had better know I'll be a hostile witness. I haven't the time to spare from my work here in the first place, and I don't think your office is taking the right approach by proceeding against the E Meters instead of against Hubbard.” Mr. Hart's voluntary statement that he would prove to be a hostile witness to the Government's case is adhered to by the inspector. Mr. Hart is an intense individual deeply devoted to the pursuit of Metaphysic! He is gifted with a fabulous command of the English language as demon- strated by his magazine "The Absrree." Hart is one of the individuals who assisted L. Ron Hubbard in building hie organization encompassing the practice of Dianetics. Hart is a recognized international expert in the field of Metaphysics and could probably argue the Dialectic approach to Dianetics on an equal or higher plain than L. Ron Hubbard. Mr. Hart has an established opinion concerning the value of the E Meters which will not be changed. 7 ve eae ZF Inspector: ATT: 3 copies "The Abérree"" January-February, 1963, issue 3 copies "The Aberree" March, 1963, issue. Don's drift Upon the Ocean of Life Set acourte Then, whether the weather Be'sunny or stormy — NT Held toi, + arrive! THERE IS 4 WAY! —Valuey G. Matbison , ‘el. REpublic 2-5024 VOLNEY G. MATHISON, Electropsychometrist Personalized Self-Suggestion and Self-Hypno Recordings Inventor and manufacturer of the Mathison Electropsychometer a 1208-1214 West 307TH srater B Use ANGELES 7, CALIFORNIA « A / Feb 21 63 WE Alphia ‘Hart "Aberree"™ 207 N Washington N Enid Oklahoma Dear Alphia Hart: Religion, re Hubbard's bootleg meters, is a big smoke screen. The FDA has no-power to concern itself with religion, as such. It does concern itself with sharpsters peddling ; weird mislabelled contraptions, fluids, A compounds, some toxic, some dangerous The FDA is understaffed, inadequately financed; does not operate at the behest of organized medicine. I get a pain in my nether end to observe that in the entire field of metaphysics, I haven't seen a single reference to the am fact that the FDA moved successfully against the biggest drug-makers in the H&R USA, in the eae situation focerfly_[ VOLNEY G. MATHISON, Electropsychometrist Che Personalized Self-Suggestion and Self-Hypno Recordings eee Inventor and manufacturer of the Mathison Electropsychometer 1208-1214 West 30TH Street N LOS ANGELES 7, CALIFORNIA February 25, 1963 Don't drift Upan the Ocean of Life Set acourie Food & Drug Administration Then, whether the weather EOL West Pico Blvd. Tunyermt"Los Angeles, California Hold wot ‘ive! ATTENTION: Mr. R. G. Wood THERE 1S A WAY! —Volvey 6. Matbion Dear Sirs: The enclosed correspondence with the publisher of the Aberree Magazine of Enid, Oklahoma, seems to indicate that the FDA needs witnessess in the scientology case, This_should-be~an-effective-one Mr. Alex Pengenik, 169 South Oxford os-angeles h. cH&, Penzenik Balled, said he had been taken SIIUU by scientology here in Los Angeles, wanted an electropsychometric assessment to show that he was in bad shape as he wanted to bring suit to recover his money. I had to tell him this would be a waste of tine. ees _—Alsoysuggest~you~intery: = Richard Halpern, Route 1 Roxbury Road, Stanford, Confisetiay Urs Halpern 35 out large sums of money on seiento Wasa major factor at Washington, D.C. My "grapevine" says he has had a complete falling ovt with Hubbard. ae In 1957 there was a story in the Chicago Tribune about a scientologist holding up a psychiatrist at gunpoint and demanding he write a check for $30,000. Was arrested. I am trying to get more specific data on date, name of psychiatrist, will forward if I do. In Phoenix, Arizona, fall of 1956 or early 1957 a group of 10 or more fraud suits were—fited—sime taneously against Hubbard and Scientology. CHubbard's Phoenix > attorney at that time was dames Struckmeyérs Not sure to what degree Struckmeyer will cooperate. Hubbard had instructed Struckmeyer to sue me_forcancelling= Hubbard's distributorship of Electropsychometers,—but Struckméyer wrote me a very confidential note indicating nelwae pretty sour'en Tubbarde ‘Tel. REpublic 2-5024 VOLNEY G. MATHISON, Eléctropsyebometrist Shue Personalized Self-Suggestion and Self-Hypno Recordings ae Inventor and manufacturer of the Mathison Electropsychometer_ 1208-1214 West 30TH Sraeer LOS ANGELES 7. CALIFORNIA Dow's drift Food & Drug Administration Upon the Ocven Ste February 25, 1963 . Page 2. Then, whether the weather ‘Be sunny o7 stormy — Held 10. Arrive! I may obtain more definite information and if tupre 1s awavr I do Will send it to you. —Volney 6. Machin Very sincerely yours, closures “ony Suen a Reowsont Voice of The | “GAY HERE BE a Infinites” for Earth, Mars, | INFINITE COO? ; Satu, Pluto, Venus ond | | Zydokumarustehen,__| 2noyed. scene for the conbloed, Jensary-Febroery and July- | SURGE» I and. tinal being ca ® house had’ P.O, Box 528 - Enid, Okla. 19 Feb., 1963 ‘POLICY, font take 18,40 denn seriously. The iafiniteness of wan ie op we relaced to's " x Seek 3 a Dear Volney -- I would be quite surprised if it comes out that Dick Halpern is one of the prime movers in the FDA drive on Scientology, since both Dick and his wife Jan have been such an integral part of Scientology for so many years. However, I did notice a remark in some Hubbard publica- tion recently about Dick's status with the organization that, at the tine, caused me to wonder. But I was not sufficiently concerned to remember what the remark was or even in which one of the various advazines it appeared. The last address we have for Halpern is: Richard Halpern Route 1, Roxbury Road Stamford, Conn. As I told you the other day, an FDA agent was in and talked to me for more than a couple hours. I assured him that I was not in sympathy with their drive against individual frauds until they were willing to apply the same treatment against the major ones, such as the Catholic church, the various large orthodox churches, the A.M:A., the Ministerial Alliance, AND the FDA. “As you can see, I'd not make a’ very good govern- ment witness,” I told him. I assured him that I’d never seen a Hubbard meter, knew nothing about them, but if they worked, they probably were the mést honest thing in Washington--the FDA and the rest of the govern- ment not excepted. I was having a bit of fun needling the guy--"pushing buttons”, as they used to call it. I gather that what happened is this: Hubbard, in his egomania; tried to show off by writing President Kennedy personally, offering the aid of Scientology and the Hubbard meter'in the government's drive against Communism. This resulted in the government putting one of their men in Hubbard’s classes as a student, and after a month, he filed enough infor- mation to bring about a seizure of the meters, which I classified as similar to letting Capone get by with murders’ while he was convicted for a bit of income tax evasion. The FDA agent cited the law to show that the meter was the only bit of concrete evidence that possibly was in violation UNDER the law--and the rest of the operation, even tho possibly fraudulent, couldn’t be touched, Anyhow, the “student” got into trouble, was sent to a mental ward, and Scientology thinks he’ll be in no position to make a good witness; but this FDA agent seemed to think that if it was possible for Scientology to work on the mind to thevextént they might effect a “clear”, they could do the reverse to someone not sharp and stable, and he (the FDA guy) regretted that a more stable agent hadn't been sent to the Sci.classes. So, it’s quite possible that this rumor is correct. Hubbard probably will spend enough money on attorney fees to make it a rather interesting case--and he’s certainly doing a lot of propaganda mailing to members, ex-members, and to churches. We con- tinually get letters and bullétins--sent first class and via air mail-- and if these come to US, how about the assault on the more loyal? It must be terrific--and costly. But, as I said in my other letter, I’11 not be at the trial. I’ve no intention of being a witness--pro or con. All the best, Alphia Hart ‘Tel. REpublic 2-5024 VOLNEY G. MATHISON, Electropsychometrist Personalized Self-Suggestion and Self-Hypno Recordings a Inventor and manufacturer ofthe Mathison Electropsychometer I 1208-1214 West 30TH srreer ae . LOS ANGELES 7, CALIFORNIA \ 7 Dow’ drift Ni Upon the Ocean of Life ‘Set acounse Then, wheter the weather FB 16 63 Be sunny or storm” Hold tot i ‘Arrive! Dear Mr Wood THERE 15 A WAY! - —Volney G. Mathivon I don't know whether you see or care to see this stuff pouring out from “scientology” Am sending it along 6 anyway. Not necessary to return. Ps They are also still sending out literature from Englad peddling "electrometers" to individual USA purchasers. ‘Tel. REpublic 2-5024 VOLNEY G. MATHISON, Electropsychometrist Personalized Self-Suggestion and Self-Hypné Recordings = Inventor and manufacturer of the Mathison Electropsychometer 1206-1214 West 307 Srreer LOS ANGELES 7. CALIFORNIA February 27, 1963 al? Don't arie Upon the Ocean of Life Set a course Then, whether the wextber Be sunny or stormy = Mr. R. G, Wood Hold to it. U.S. Food and Drug Administration Arrive! 1521 West Pico Blvd. THERE is away: Los Angeles, California —Voluey G. Mathion Dear Mr. Wood: In a previous letter I mentioned a possible witness against scientology, Richard Halpern, Stamford, Connecticut. I made my own check on this yesterday and find that apparently the situation with the FDA has "reunited" Halpern with Hubbard and Halpern is of no value as a possible witness. The clipping enclosed herewith indicates that the psychiatrist who was held upgat gunpoint and $30,000 demanded of him by a sc¥entologist, was either Dr, Eli Badar, OR a Dr. fPowell. Seems to be- some confusion in the clipping. . This clipping was from June 1957 issue of the Aberree, so that event occurred a month or two before then, The Aberree story was in turn taken from a story in the Chicago Tribune. AYso you might be interested in the child- cremation story in the same clipping. uiobare was sued in Phoenix in March, April or May 1956 for fraud by a number of swindled clients. Verygincerely yours, Enclosure Suuton, were remarried tere April | oo Ui, ates hours after the Hoye Es Sulton tos freed by a jury ih the sf, firing of four bulleui. inte. the back of friend, filiian Soone, eredise jockey “Boone. diet 93 days after’ the ‘shooting - and Or . Suton yas triea for urgers Tho Rev, firs Sutton bescd his , defense.on the funyri ston Ian” end self-defense, claiaing. tiat he shot only peciuse ne fit Tie nas threatened. srs. Sutton : testifying dor the’ defense, a= . __ Hited” ov we'stena Ghat ane tna ne murdered an. hal been none ATRIOS OVTITIM. | Coo, inhibited on the secard ynane i aren Roth 1 [°poth before and. efter thee | wmochave been teaching a courses) i aoe Toasts Stntofogy sin te this! PE sattocs nore caken te ; cago area, have. Seen naned as |; TEE ballors, wore. taken boy imgster sings of 2 gang plot. to Foye He Sa arose a lee ak ; £90, Dr, FIs Bader, paveblatrist ee oof the elie wonet on {| Of $20,000 - “4 the jury wore the ‘only ones ever | larrested azeer” they ae enticed : | DeeFovern“to, the Hoth apariacnt, °% 7986 f0r conviction. | | be'kitlec'aniess he drev the'mon= | af wedding. 1ért for San pleso . 2S Hondo bane fetmanaeed to fresh, three sutton children Pe rie ee nl during the hear officials of the plot while going! IE; ” thru ‘the motions” of withdraring Tee autien te ana acateek the money. Others involved include!’ Rev, Mr. Sutton s aig. adding ¥ Bruce Ponaville andJanes Corvert,; T¥eive never stopped loving one ; a P anotner’? ON SUTTON FREED OW MURDER cyaRos’ “typ sour ‘CRATING Ce PHOENIX, Ariz, -sRobert Sutton’ giiexca-- stanley und: thorese 1,1 D.D.,D.Sén., one of the “thetd : Gottlieb, arrested here early in sf elears” “of ‘the ‘Third Clinical; April for shoplifting @ shire and “ essed’ to : > syrejngis pottes, “confessed necoe goog sh SEES ittoues the “counts yeling, tBPHPN erniea ose islet Fisered ante| 8 see Ue ot elon! sacks 07 Fepase auriiue ek : C85 co uns. Gobtlied agnitted sg 1 iki eS Othta Stn “Kew ork : ‘Yast December died in Rebruary + ; lage December gy geared sevest, if | and because Lue erat tO | t | burned the child’s body in an ap- 7 i | Bitnent uuilding incinerator» : | ‘Asked by police why they a by police Nbctlien sid « i | glean NE geraienten OOF | our problens” . ur probless?”” pe | Coa are 96 : : here f : Leg asrfage, and Scientology.” | she said. tf one of © ray, « exaauate of 26 | the toctorate courses, met id the, Sgekerescars 260,886 S80. nite, Tour ing seientoleuy, te wie toupe of students. m BOOKS © UOOKS © WOKS yresetron Seis ff i. 1 ‘Tel. REpublic 2.5024 VOLNEY_G..MATHISON, ~Electropsychometrist VOLNEY_< ISON, Electrop —Barasralined Self Stggesion aid SePHYBno Recordings Inventor and manufacturer af the Mathison Electropsychometer 1208-1214 West 30TH STREET Upon the Ocean of Life Set «course Then, whetber the weather Be sunny or stormy — Hold tit Arrive! THERE 18.4 WAY? —Volney G. Mathiton + S. Food and Drug Administration + S, Dept of Health and Welfare fashington, D.C. Dear Sirs: Herewith a concise restatement ofthe functions of and claims made for the Mathison Electropsy.chometer..— The functions claimed are those set forth in the specifications.of the oniginal patent # 2,684,680, issued July 27, 1954, as follows: oe reesei 1: The instrument registers electrical ohmic resistance between two metal hand-held electrodes. It therefore registers the ohmic resistance drops resulting from the sweat-jetting action of the psycho- galvanic reflex---the "GSR" of medical Titerature. 2: Since the metal electrodes are usually hand- held, the electropsychometer also registers a myOdynamic reflex, or reflex variations of muscular gripping tension in the fingers and hands. ‘his action is similar to that obtained with other expensive types of instruments, such as the myograph. 3: The electropsychometer achieves a simultaneous composite registration of both the psycho- galvanic reflex and the myodynamic reflex. The instrument consequently may used as a device for registering the emotional reactions of an examinee that occur under interrogation. 2 CLS Increasingly quiescent electropsychometric registrations developing during a system of interrogation or review of a situation in the past history of the examinee indicates some relative& degree of relaxation. This relaxation may or may not be permanent. The same system of interrogation administered at a later date may or may not cause a recurrence of emotional registrations on the electropsychometer. YE [ i VOLNEY G. MATHISON, Electropsychometrist Personalized Self-Suggestion and Self-Hypno Recordings ‘Tel, REpublic 2-5024 Inventor and manufacturer of the Mathison Electropsychometer 1208-1214 West 30TH SraeeT LOS ANGELES 7, CALIFORNIA —- Se Don's drift —— irttacloia i Saecome | Yr8: Roce sad bnttsniesion ‘Then, whether the weatber| Washington D.C, Besunny orsiormy~ | May 286 1963 Hatt o \ ‘aie |Page 2. ' THERE 18 A Way! | 5 olney G. Mathison The electropsychbmeter is not, per se, a modality for relieving an examinee of nervous, physical, or psychical tensions. ‘Memorandum TO 7 ADMINISTRATION 7 7 DATE: April 9, 1963 FROM Director, Los Angeles District suajecT: Ron Hubbard - Churchof Scientology Since the seizure of devices fréi thé Church of Scientology in Washington, D. C., we have received from time to time correspond- ence and information about Hubbard's activities. This originates. The information supplied by, s attached, We are forwarding it for whatever value it may have~in the preparation of the case in Washington, D. C. Si, GORDON R. WOOD Encl: ce this memo Mathison/Wood ltr. 2/16/63 w/encle, 7 Hart/Mathison Ltr. 2/19/63 Wathison/Hart ler. 2/21/63 Mathison/Wood ltr. 2/25/63 7 7 "2/27/63 w encl (clipping)