Oral English

Fall 2007 Syllabus
Michael Rosenhahn LuDong University Fall 2007 Office: Rm. 330 Office Hours: * Email: mrosenhahn@elic.org Cell #: 15963578863(If it is a simple question please just text me. But, if you need to talk to me please call before 9 PM)

Course Objective: This course is an intermediate oral course for university students. The class focuses on listening comprehension and oral production skills necessary for participation in a university classroom. The class includes group discussion, conversational strategies, partner practice, and individual oral sharing. Grading: 40%= Final Exam (Week of June 16) 25%= Mid-term Exam (Oral group presentation) 25%= Homework 10%= Class Participation/ Attendance * Office Hours: If you have questions (or would just like to talk), please come and visit me at that time. You can also call and make an appointment with me for another time. Additionally, we have a student lending library in our office from which you can borrow all types of books, magazines, and even some CD’s. Class Rules: Speaking • English only! You will not improve your English-speaking skills unless you are speaking English. • No cell phones. Out of respect for your teacher and your classmates • If you are using your cell phone during class I will take it from you and you will have to come talk to me after class. • One person talks at a time. Do not speak while your teacher or classmates are speaking. Attendance • You will receive one unexcused absence before your grade is deducted. • Every additional absence will cause your grade to drop. • If you miss a class you are responsible to talk to me or one of you classmates to get information and homework that you may have missed during the class. • If you know that you are going to miss a class call or e-mail me a head of time and let me know. • Do not be late. If you are late for this class two times, it will count as one absence. Homework. • I expect you to turn in all homework at the beginning of class. If it is not turned in at the beginning of class, then it will be considered late and I will deduct points. • All quizzes, exams, homework, and journal entries are expected to be your own work. Unless instructed otherwise, you are not to work together on any of these things. I have zero tolerance for cheating. Any help from classmates will be considered cheating and will receive zero credit. Participation

In this class we will work hard but we will also have fun. I ask you to actively participate in classroom activities and discussions. Topic Introduction and Review Spring Festival Easter Personality Injury and Illness Family Traditions Mid-Term Generation Gap Friendship Friendship & Advice Friendship & Debates Fears Future Review for Final Final Exam Emphasis Conversations overview Brainstorming, describing food Cause & Effect; values; celebrations Description and Survey Emotions and Feelings Family Relations Compare & Contrast Old & New Oral Presentations Expressing Opinions; Roles Making Friends Giving Advice and Suggestions Offering Alternatives Expressing Fear and Concern Expressing Wishes/ Desires Overview and Pronunciation Oral Interviews

Tentative Schedule: Week # Week of: 1 March 3 2 March 10 3 March 17 4 March 24 5 March 31 6 April 7 7 April 14 8 April 21 9 April 28 10 May 5 11 May 12 12 May 19 13 May 26 14 June 2 15 June 9 16 June 16

Partner Talk Time: • The goal of this homework is for you to develop your English conversation skills. • This homework assignment will be ongoing throughout the semester. • You must find a partner from this class and meet with your partner for 20 minutes twice every week to have an English conversation. • I will assign the topics of conversation for each week. • • Each person will record one of the two conversations Please include the following: 1. Your name and your partner’s name. 2. Date, Time & Location of the conversation. 3. Topic & main points of the conversation. • What do you think? • What does your partner think? 4. Any new vocabulary words. Write half a page (at least 5 sentences) for each 20-minute conversation. If you record the first conversation your partner will record the second. You will be graded on: proper format and quality of your description of the conversation. /+ 10 points / 7 points /5 points *You will be graded on the paper that you turn in- not your partners.

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