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March 11, 2015
In response to recent postings on social media by an individual who teaches at
Immaculata High School, it is important to understand that the opinions reflected in these
posts do not in any way represent the philosophy, mission or student experience of this
high school. We are dedicated to creating a school environment that promotes mutual
respect and provides a challenging academic program, rooted in the Gospel message of
Jesus Christ.
The school takes this situation very seriously. As a result, we took immediate action and
mandated that the teacher involved permanently de-activate her public Facebook page,
which she has done. Through our investigation, we have determined that the information
posted on this social media page has not been reflected in the curriculum content of the
classes she teaches.
To prevent this from happening in the future, we are reviewing our Social Media Policy
with all faculty and staff members to reinforce the established guidelines and promote a
clear understanding on acceptable use of social media for those whom we employ. It is
the policy of the school that all faculty and staff demonstrate respect and sensitivity to all
people at all times and to avoid offending any individuals or groups. Our faculty and
staff have a responsibility to uphold all school policy and maintain the same level of
professionalism online as in the classroom.