THE SHORTEST SOAP OPERA Sound Effect 1: Sound of 3 knocks on the door 1-ROBERT: 2-KATE : Who on earth can

that be at this time of night? For God’s sake, it’s almost midnight !! Oh, dear... well, I'll go and see.

Sound Effect 2: Sound of 3 knocks on the door 3-KATE : (ANGRY) All right! All right! I'm coming !!!

Sound Effect 3: Sound of door opening 4-KATE : 5-JOHN : 6-KATE : 7-JOHN : 8-ROBERT: 9-KATE : 10-ROBERT: 11-KATE : 12-JOHN : There's no need to knock so....JOHN!! What on earth are you..... Darling, I couldn't stand it ! I had to come ! Keep your voice down ! My husband's here !! I know, that's why I've..... Kate ! Who is it?''s...only John... Well, don't keep him out there in the cold, tell him to come in. Oh, John...We can't !!! Don't worry, darling, leave it to me. Everything is going to be all right.

Sound Effect 4:Sound of drink being poured . Door opens. 13-ROBERT: 14-KATE : 15-ROBERT: Ah! Hello, John, my dear friend !! Just in time for a drink !! He...He's not staying, he... Of course he is!! When has John refused a drink?....I have Spanish wine, your favourite. Take a glass, help yourself and sit down. Sound Effect 5:Sound of drink being poured 16-ROBERT: 17-KATE : 18-JOHN : 19-ROBERT: 20-KATE : 21-JOHN : 22-KATE : 23-JOHN : 24-ROBERT: 25-KATE : Here you are...WHAT !? A GUN?...What on earth are you.... JOHN !! ARE YOU MAD ?? No, Kate, I'm perfectly sane Now, John, come on old chap... just put that gun away, will you ? JOHN,PLEASE !!! No, Kate, I love you and there is only one person stopping us being together ! JOHN,DON'T...!! I MUST!...sorry, Robert, but you must see that you are in the way. In OUR way. JOHN, FOR GOD'S SAKE !! Kate, do something !! John! Please! This won't get us any....

Sound Effect 6:Loud gunshot. Sound of a scream.Sound of Robert's body falling down. 26-ROBERT: 26-JOHN : 27-KATE : (dying) You were... my friend ... you ... you ... (dies) Now there's no one between you and me, my love. (desperate) OH,YOU FOOL,YOU STUPID....STUPID...STUPID......FOOL !!!!

Sound Effect 7:Loud Crying. Fade out.