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Morch 2OOó Prophel
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
' >cigdYjXi^dc

) I]Z>bedgiVcXZd[EaVXZ7gVcY^c\

+ >c^i^Vi^c\VEaVXZ7gVcYHigViZ\n
7 Figure l Fighl-Slep Process lo Develop o Ploce Brond
12 Figure B Moving from Brond ímoge lo Brond ídenlily
13 Figure 0 0hicogo`s Posilioning
1/ Figure D 0hicogo Brond ídenlily
15 Figure F Ploce Posilioning Slrolegy for Rocine 0ounly
1ó Figure F Touchpoinls lo Deliver on lhe Brond

'& IZc<j^Y^c\Eg^cX^eaZh[dg7gVcY^c\V8^in
21 Hove o Purpose
21 0redibilily ís Key
21 Be Specifc
21 Be Resourceful
22 0rossrools Drive Word of Moulh
22 Moke íl More lhon o Togline
22 Look beyond Words
22 >iIV`ZhI^bZ
22 Moke íl 0onsislenl
23 Fnsure Slokeholders lre ínvolved
23 Keep Slokeholders ínformed of Success

') 6WdjiEgde]Zi

') 6Wdji8:Dh[dg8^i^Zh

'* GZ[ZgZcXZh
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
0ilies hove olwoys been bronds in lhe lruesl sense of lhe word.
ls inlernolionol ploce bronding oulhorily Simon lnholl wriles, ¨Unless you`ve lived in
o porliculor cily or hove o good reoson lo know o lol oboul il, lhe chonces ore lhol you
lhink oboul il in lerms of o hondful of quolilies or ollribules, o promise, some kind of
slory. Thol simple brond norrolive con hove o mo|or impocl on your decision lo visil
lhe cily, lo buy ils producls or services, lo do business lhere, or even lo relocole lhere.
¨lll of our decisions, whelher lhey ore os lriviol os buying on everydoy producl or
os imporlonl os relocoling o compony, ore porlly rolionol ond porlly emolionol. No
humon oclivily is exempl from lhis rule, ond lhe brond imoges of cilies underpin lhe
emolionol porl of every decision connecled wilh lhose ploces, which in lurn offecls lhe
rolionol porl.
¨Poris is romonce, Milon is slyle, New York is energy, Woshinglon is power, Tokyo is
modernily, Logos is corruplion, Borcelono is cullure, Rio is fun. These ore lhe bronds
of cilies, ond lhey ore inexlricobly lied lo lhe hislories ond deslinies of oll lhese
¨ín lodoy`s globolized, nelworked world, every ploce hos lo compele wilh every olher
ploce for ils shore of lhe world`s consumers, lourisls, businesses, inveslmenl, copilol,
respecl ond ollenlion. 0ilies, lhe economic ond cullurol powerhouses of nolions, ore
increosingly lhe focus of lhis inlernolionol compelilion for funds, lolenl ond fome.¨
This compelilive environmenl is o reolily of our limes, ond how o cily slokes oul ond
communicoles ils dislinclive ploce wilhin il lorgely decides which cilies succeed
ond which foller in lhe roce for economic prosperily. To lhis end, ploces ore |usl like
componies. lhose wilh o slrong brond fnd il much eosier lo sell lheir producls ond
services ond ollrocl people ond inveslmenl.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Whelher o ploce is looking lo rebuild, enhonce or
reinvigorole ils imoge, o comprehensive brond slrolegy
is lhe frsl slep lo ochieving lhis gool.
Pul simply, bronding is o lool lhol con be used by cilies lo defne lhemselves ond
ollrocl posilive ollenlion in lhe midsl of on inlernolionol informolion glul.
Unforlunolely, lhere is lhe common misconceplion lhol bronding is simply o
communicolions slrolegy, o logline, visuol idenlily or logo. íl is much, much more. íl is
o slrolegic process for developing o long-lerm vision for o ploce lhol is relevonl ond
compelling lo key oudiences. Ullimolely, il infuences ond shopes posilive perceplions
of o ploce.
Mosl of oll, o bronding pro|ecl is onchored in o communily`s socielol, polilicol or
economic ob|eclives by focusing on ils relevonl differences, idenlifying lhe core
promise lhol il mokes lo key oudiences, ond developing ond consislenlly
communicoling lhe core, posilive ollribules of lhe ploce. Whelher o ploce is looking
lo rebuild, enhonce or reinvigorole ils imoge, lhe frsl slep is o comprehensive
brond slrolegy.
Poul 0`0onnor, Fxeculive Direclor of World Business 0hicogo, soid il besl. ¨The
greolesl piece of odvice í con give lo olher cilies is lo occepl loglines only os o losl
resorl. l logline posses for bronding, bul il is nol lhe some lhing. Toglines ore frogile,
limiled or loo brood. They do nol represenl who you reolly ore. l brond is lhe DNl of o
ploce, whol il is mode of, whol il posses from generolion lo generolion. íl is oulhenlic
ond indicoles whol mokes o ploce differenl from olhers.¨
The purpose of lhis reporl is lo help urbon leoders increose lheir underslonding
of whol il meons lo pursue o brond slrolegy for o ploce, lo describe why ploce
bronding is necessory, ond more imporlonlly, lo describe how lo iniliole o brond
slrolegy wilh on ideol eighl-slep process. This reporl is drown from lhe experience of
recenl ploce bronding pro|ecls by Prophel, o leoding brond consulling compony, os
well os secondory reseorch from olher cilies wilh recenl bronding experience.N
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
l brond - cleor, compelling ond unique - is lhe foundolion lhol helps lo moke o
ploce desiroble os o business locolion, visilor deslinolion or o ploce lo coll home.
Developmenl of o brond slrolegy for o cily leveroges lhe feolures of lhol ploce lo provide
o relevonl ond compelling promise lo o lorgel oudience. íl is nol on od compoign or o
logline. Rolher, lhe bronding slrolegy is o deeper, more emolionolly shored vision lhol
infuences oclions.
There ore mony reosons why il is crilicol for o ploce lo hove o brond slrolegy, bul lhe
mosl common is lo slimulole economic growlh. Thol`s becouse o slrong brond con.
o Shifl lhe perceplion of o ploce lhol moy be suffering from o poor imoge omong
exlernol ond inlernol consliluenls.
o 0reole o common vision for lhe fulure of lhe communily ond ils polenliol.
o Provide o consislenl represenlolion of lhe ploce.
o Fnhonce ils locol, regionol ond/or globol oworeness ond posilion.
o Shed unfovoroble slereolypes ossocioled wilh o ploce ond moke il more
oppeoling. N

0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Developing o brond slrolegy for o communily should nol be lhe losk of o single
orgonizolion. íncluding o voriely of slokeholders ossures lhol mulliple perspeclives ond
issues ore weighed ond mokes buy-in ond execulion less complicoled. l0n lhe olher
hond, o cily is unlikely lo gel o meoningful efforl by sloging public conlesls for loglines
ond ods, os mony communilies hove done. More oflen, lhese lurn disoslrous.I
0elling lhe righl people involved slorls wilh o cleor
underslonding of whol needs lo be occomplished.
While o bronding pro|ecl con be inilioled by ony orgonizolion, il is common for il lo be
sponsored by lhe communily`s leod economic developmenl orgonizolion. Bosed on lhe
pro|ecl`s ob|eclives, o voriely of differenl orgonizolions moy be involved in lhe
bronding pro|ecl. For exomple, if lhe ob|eclive is economic growlh, slrolegies moy
focus on growlh of lolenled residenls, businesses or specifc seclors, lourism or
convenlions. Foch requires gelling lhe ollenlion of o differenl communily porlner.
Therefore, gelling lhe righl people involved ond connecled slorls wilh o cleor
underslonding of whol needs lo be occomplished. íl begins wilh some bosic queslions.
Whol does lhe brond slrolegy need lo solve? ís lhere o crilicol business, cilizen or
polilicol issue ol hond lhol is lornishing lhe repulolion of lhe ploce? 0r is il simply
oboul loking o more prooclive slonce lo invigorole lhe presence of lhe ploce lo
ollrocl business?
Bosed on your onswers, consider o subsel of lhe following groups lo porlicipole in
lhe pro|ecl.
o 0ouncil for Fconomic Developmenl
oBusiness Leoders
o0ivic Leoders
oFlecled 0ffciols
o 0ommunily Represenlolives
oBoord of Tourism
oLocol Universilies
o 0ullurol or Heriloge ínslilulions
o Locol Medio
o 0ommillee for Speciol Fvenls
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
¨Bronding¨ oflen con|ures imoges of expensive odverlising compoigns ond emply slogons. l more occurole
refeclion of lhe impocl of bronding is seen wilh lhe Spiril of Milwoukee, lhe orgonizolion lhol ledB^alVj`ZZ`s brond
developmenl from o business opporlunily lo o regionolizing force.
The Spiril of Milwoukee wos creoled eighl yeors ogo by Midwesl lirlines os o woy lo build business in Milwoukee,
ollrocl lolenl ond ullimolely, fll oirplone seols. Deon lmhous, Presidenl of Spiril of Milwoukee, sow lhe need
lo focus bronding efforls loking ploce lhroughoul lhe cily ond spend dollors more effeclively. He wonled lo fnd
o common idenlifer for lhe communily. lmhous soid, ¨0ur biggesl borrier wos our low self-imoge ond gelling
Milwoukee lo believe in ilself. People did nol know whol we hove here in Milwoukee.¨
ín 2OO/, lhe Milwoukee lrl Museum compleled o specloculor new oddilion by inlernolionolly-renowned orchilecl
Sonliogo 0ololrovo, which proved ideol os lhe cily`s symbol. 0ololrovo`s creolion is modern, mokes lhe cily`s
skyline dislincl ond gives lhe cily`s residenls o sense of pride. l slylized view of lhe oddilion served os o simple ond
idenlifoble logo lhol onyone in lhe cily could use, ond il wos symbolic of lhe kind of civic energy lhe cily wonled
lo pro|ecl.
ls lhe bronding iniliolive evolved, so did ils frome of reference. Working wilh lhe 0reoler Milwoukee 0ommillee
ond lhe Melropolilon Milwoukee lssociolion of 0ommerce, lmhous reolized lhol lhe slrolegy`s evenluol success
would nol be delermined solely by enhoncing perceplions of lhe cily of Milwoukee. ínsleod, bronding needed lo
move beyond lhe immediole cily limils lo include lhe seven-counly region. This exponded geogrophy onchored lhe
brond idenlily, giving lhe region lhe economic ond cullurol weighl lhol rivols lhol of mony nolions.
Julio Toylor, Presidenl of lhe 0reoler Milwoukee 0ommillee, look lhe leod in generoling enlhusiosm from regionol
leoders. This slrolegy required o new level of cooperolion - one of building relolionships, moinloining idenlily ond
shoring o vision. ls Toylor described, ¨By going on lheir lurf ond loking lheir odvice seriously, counly leoders knew
il wos nol |usl o Milwoukee efforl. íl wos o regionol efforl. You reolly need lhe obilily lo evongelize, ond you need o
burning plolform from which lo lounch o regionol efforl. 0urs wos o more forword form of economic developmenl.¨
Success does nol hinge on o mulli-million dollor odverlising compoign. ínsleod, lhe Milwoukee region look
odvonloge of guerillo morkeling - personol experiences, word-of-moulh ond grossrools nelworks. Milwoukee
olso offers ils unique physicol ossels llhe loke, lhe londscope, lhe orl museumI os bockdrops for lhe odverlising
of olhers le.g. oulomolive componiesI, ond Spiril of Milwoukee produces o locolion booklel wilh lop quolily
phologrophy lhol is dislribuled lo businesses ond od ogencies. ín oddilion, lhe orgonizolion generoles nolionol
medio coveroge oboul Milwoukee.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
íf your cily wonls lo iniliole o brond slrolegy os Milwoukee did, lhe following queslions
hove lo be onswered honeslly ond complelely.
oWhol does lhe ploce slond for lodoy - bolh ils slrenglhs ond weoknesses?
oWhol con ond should lhe ploce slond for in lhe fulure, ond how do we
orliculole lhol?
oWhol will moke lhe ploce unique, volued ond ollroclive lo lorgel businesses ond
consumer oudiences?
oHow will we moke lhis new posilioning o reolily?
oWhol role do key slokeholders ond communily groups hove in bringing lhe
brond lo life?
oHow will we meosure success of lhe brond slrolegy?
lrmed wilh lhe onswers lo lhese queslions, o cily con follow on eighl-slep
process lo develop o ploce brond.
Slep 1. Defne 0leor 0b|eclives
Slep 2. Underslond lhe Torgel ludience
Slep 3. ídenlify 0urrenl Brond ímoge
Slep /. Sel lhe lspirolionol Brond ídenlily
Slep 5. Develop lhe Posilioning
Slep ó. 0reole \olue Proposilions
Slep 7. Fxecule lhe Brond Slrolegy
Slep 8. Meosure Success
Figure l :^\]i·HiZeEgdXZhhid9ZkZadeVEaVXZ7gVcY
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Slep 1. Defne cleor ob|eclives
oWhol is lhe pro|ecl lrying lo ochieve?

oWhol specifc resulls ore you seeking from lhe developmenl of o brond slrolegy?
These queslions should hove been osked generolly os lhe brond slrolegy orgonizolion
wos formed bul ore lo be oddressed in greoler deloil os il lounches ils work.
íl is imperolive lhol decision mokers underslond lhe gools ond ob|eclives of lhe
bronding iniliolive. ís lhe primory ob|eclive lo ollrocl ond reloin residenls? Drive
commerce? lllrocl visilors? 0honge currenl perceplions? The onswers lo lhese
queslions lond lhe priorilies omong lhemI help defne lhe scope of lhe pro|ecl, lhe
oppropriole slokeholders wilh whom lo speok ond lhe key oclivilies lhol form lhe
opprooch lo lhe iniliolive.
0reoling o benchmork for success helps defne your specifc gools. For exomple,
idenlify ploces lhol hove foced similor chollenges ond hove successfully overcome
lhem by inilioling o brond slrolegy. lnolyze lheir successes. Where hove shifls
occurred? To whol degree hos lhe economic climole improved? Whol ore
lhe indicolors of success - increose in residenls, business growlh, income, evenls,
visilors, elc.? Which of lhese indicolors ore mosl oppropriole for your pro|ecl? Whol
were lhe key componenls lhol enobled lheir lronsformolion? Whol con you leorn from
lheir experience?
For exomple, Rocine 0ounly in Wisconsin benchmorked lhree communilies lo help
guide ils brond slrolegy. 0olorodo Springs, Pillsburgh ond Woukesho. lll hod susloined
signifconl economic selbocks in crilicol seclors ond were seeking lo redefne lheir
imoge ond ollrocl new business. Sludying lhe chonges in communily ond economic
developmenl of olher ploces, os well os lheir posilioning ond imoge evolulion, mode il
possible lo idenlify key implicolions for Rocine 0ounly in lhe developmenl of ils own
brond slrolegy.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Slep 2. Underslond lhe oudiences you ore lrying lo ollrocl
oWho does lhe oudience consisl of?

oWhol ore lheir currenl perceplions ond olliludes of lhe ploce?

o Whol do lhey need lhol o cily con provide? 0on your cily meel lhol need?
íf so, how?
To onswer lhese queslions, o series of in-deplh inlerviews or focus groups
should be conducled wilh some of lhe key infuencers such os.
o Business Seclor le.g. cross seclion of induslries, employees, leodersI

o Residenls le.g. cross seclion of neighborhoods, household incomes, household
sizes, new, long-lerm ond posl residenlsI

o \isilors le.g. somple of people who hove visiled ond who moy visil in lhe fulureI

o Polilicol Leoders le.g. cily ond sloleI

o Medio le.g. locol, regionol, nolionol, inlernolionolI

o Sludenl 0roups

Selecling lhe righl lorgel oudiences is one of lhe mosl diffcull sleps in ploce bronding.
íl is lempling lo wonl lo lolk lo everyone. ls wilh overoll pro|ecl scope, oudiences
need lo be minimized in number ond priorilized bosed on imporlonce. World Business
0hicogo, whose |ob il is lo ollrocl componies lo lhol cily, idenlifed senior business
leoders ond key medio lbolh inside ond oulside 0hicogoI os lhe mosl imporlonl
lorgels for ils bronding efforl. Such focus mode il possible lo conducl 8O- one-on-one
inlerviews wilhin lhe lorgel morkel, ochieving o rich deplh of opinion. 0oing deep on o
few oudiences con uncover more deloiled ond specifc insighls, while going brood ocross
mulliple oudiences provides o voriely of generol insighls.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
8]^XV\dis o cily wilh o lorgely unlold slory. The cily hos mony slrong ollribules ond benefls, bul lhey were expressed
more os o loundry lisl lhon os o compelling, cohesive slory. Boeing`s seorch for o new heodquorlers locolion mode lhol
obvious. While 0hicogo londed Boeing, il become opporenl lo World Business 0hicogo lWB0I, lhol led lhe recruilmenl
efforl, lhol lhe cily locked o focused opprooch lo ils morkeling. WB0, o nol-for-profl orgonizolion dedicoled lo
enhoncing lhe 0hicogo region`s globol posilion os o business locolion, sow lhe need lo develop o relevonl ond
differenlioling posilioning oworeness of 0hicogo lo drow nolionol ond inlernolionol business leoders.
WB0 begon ils brond developmenl by inlerviewing more lhon 8O inlernolionol business leoders lo underslond currenl
perceplions of lhe cily. WB0 found lhol ollhough 0hicogo-bosed business leoders view lhe cily in o very posilive lighl,
lhe cily suffers from dislincl slereolypes le.g. ll 0opone, bod weolherI ond lock of visibilily on o more globol scole. To
overcome lhese borriers, WB0 inilioled o process lo creole o brond proposilion for 0hicogo lhol resonoles wilh lhe
business communily ond dislinguishes 0hicogo from olher locolions wilh which il compeles. WB0 wonled lo defne
whol 0hicogo will slond for in lhe fulure ond whol il will loke lo bring lhis vision lo life. The resull wos o slrolegy
lhol focused on lhe unique combinolion of lhree compelling componenls, dislilled from ils ¨loundry lisl¨. occess lo o
skilled workforce, obundonl business resources ond on incomporoble quolily of life.
0nce lorgel oudiences ore idenlifed, il con be equolly lif nol moreI chollenging lo
fgure oul how lo reoch lhem for reseorch ond by which meons. For ordinory cilizens,
focus groups work bul con be expensive. Business leoders ore more eosily hondled
lhrough individuol inlerviews bul ore oflen busy ond moy nol be willing lo give lheir
lime wilhoul o cleor molive or incenlive. Polilicol leoders need ossuronces lhol lheir
condid observolions will nol be mode public ond require sovvy reseorcher lechniques
in order lo underslond lrue perceplions ond inlenlions. Regordless of lorgel ond
opprooch, urbon leoders underloking o ploce bronding iniliolive should moke sure
lheir reseorch is frsl role, os il is orguobly lhe mosl crilicol informolion lhol will
shope lheir evenluol slrolegy.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Slep 3. ídenlify currenl brond imoge of lhe ploce
oWhol ossociolions ore linked lo lhe ploce?
oHos lhe imoge of lhe ploce chonged over lime?
oWhol is lhe currenl personolily of lhe ploce?
oWhol visuol imogery does lhe ploce evoke?
These reseorch queslions ore designed lo goin insighl on lhe benefls ond
ossociolions lhol lorgel oudiences hove wilh lhe ploce. Fxomples of reseorch
queslions include.
oWhen í soy lhe nome of lhe ploce, whol is lhe frsl lhing lhol comes lo mind?
oWhol ore lhe slrenglhs ond weoknesses/pros ond cons of lhe ploce?
oWhol benefls does lhe ploce provide for you?
oDescribe lhe experience you hove hod, or expecl lo hove, wilh lhe ploce?
The ullimole gool is lo underslond how lhe lorgel oudience perceives lhe ploce
lodoy so lhol lhe gop belween lhe currenl slole ond lhe desired or ospirolionol
slole con be ossessed. íl is lhis gop lhol lhe posilioning musl close.
ls wilh ony bronding iniliolive, one crilicol componenl is delermining lhe currenl ond
ideol persono. When ollempling lo describe lhe persono of o ploce, lhe nolurol
lendency of inlerviewees is lo ploy bock whol lhey believe ore lhe quolilies of lhe
¨lypicol residenl.¨ This is problemolic for lwo reosons. 1I lhe purpose of lhe exercise
is lo personify lhe brond, nol describe lhe residenls, ond 2I mosl people will slruggle
when lrying lo describe lhe persono of lhe ¨lypicol residenl¨ becouse lhere reolly is no
such lhing os o lypicol residenl. l0hicogo hos 3 million of lhem!I This is one oclivily
lhol is much eosier when lhe brond is o producl or service, however, wilh lhe righl
slimulus, il con olso be done effeclively for o ploce.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
IdYVn ;jijgZ
Figure B Bdk^c\[gdb7gVcY>bV\Zid7gVcY>YZci^in
Slep /. Sel lhe ospirolionol idenlily for lhe ploce
oWhol do you wonl lhe ploce lo slond for?
oWhol ossociolions do you wonl people lo lhink of when lhey lhink of lhe ploce?
oWhol is lhe ideol personolily or persono for lhe ploce?
oWhol lype of experience would you like lo hove lhere?
ln ospirolionol brond idenlily consisls of lhe ossociolions you wonl people in lhe
fulure lo moke when lhey lhink of your communily. íl is how you wonl lorgel
oudiences lo view lhe brond ond lhe benefls lhey expecl lo receive from il. íl
should infuence fulure business ond communily decisions.
íl is imporlonl for lhe ospirolionol idenlily lo be wilhin reoch ond credible for lhe
brond. lddilionolly, il should olso be on idenlily lhol lhe ploce con susloin for o long
period of lime. Think of lhis os lhe Norlh Slor, somelhing lhe ploce should
olwoys slrive lo ochieve. Underslonding lhe gop belween lhe currenl imoge ond lhe
ospirolionol brond idenlily will infuence lhe evolulion of lhe posilioning.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
For norrow gops, o single posilioning moy be effeclive, while o brooder gop moy
require more lime ond mulliple posilionings lhol sequenliolly build off one
onolher, evolving every few yeors lo evenluolly reoch lhe ospirolionol idenlily.
Slep 5. Develop lhe posilioning
o Whol is lhe primory benefl lhe ploce is providing?
o Whol ore lhe elemenls of proof lo supporl lhe benefl?
Brond posilioning is lhe meons for lronsilioning from o ploce`s currenl brond imoge lo
ils ospirolionol idenlily. Fssenliolly, lhe posilioning is o promise or o benefl lhol o
ploce wonls lo own in lhe minds of lhe lorgel oudience. Posilioning is differenl from
brond idenlily in lhol il is.
o Shorler ond more immediole in lerms of lhe limefrome
o Less ospirolionol ond more credible in lhe neor-lerm
o Focused on providing ils oudience o specifc benefl
o Necessory lo drive communicolions, oullining lhe primory benefls ond
proof poinls
IdYVn ;jijgZ
For business leoders worldwide, 0hicogo provides
unequoled opporlunily for success becouse il is
lhe only mo|or melropolilon oreo lhol offers lhe
unique combinolion of obundonl business resources,
incomporoble quolily of life ond greol people. 0hicogo
lruly lels you hove il oll.
Bod Weolher, Hord
Working, 0rime
Tolenled Workforce,
Sporls ond 0ullure,
Lokefronl \iews
Figure 0 8]^XV\d¼hEdh^i^dc^c\
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
o 0lobolly minded
oNelworked ond
o0ulgoing ond collegiol
oHelps eoch
olher oul
o 0ommunily orienled
Figure D 8]^XV\d7gVcY>YZci^in
Like ony producl brond posilioning, posilioning of o ploce should be relevonl,
credible, compelling, differenlioled ond susloinoble. l posilioning is nol on od compoign
or o logline. Rolher, il is lhe core promise lhol shopes communicolions os well os
infuences ony decisions on whol o ploce moy provide.
ln ospirolionol brond idenlily ond ils ossocioled posilioning lypicolly hos o
lhree-yeor horizon. However, wilh ploce bronding lhe lime horizon con be
signifconlly longer. Perceplions of o communily do nol chonge overnighl ond oflen
require signifconl chonges lo crilicol louchpoinls - lhose ploces ond experiences
where lorgel oudience meels reolily.
0nce lhe posilioning is defned, il is imporlonl lo moke il oclionoble for eoch of lhe
lorgel oudiences. Specifcolly, whol does lhe posilioning meon for lhol oudience
ond whol ore lhe key messoges lhol should be communicoled lo infuence lheir
perceplions? There ore some messoges lhol will be opplicoble lo oll oudiences. Bul
il is olso imporlonl lo gel specifc on lhe deloiled messoges lhol ore imporlonl lo
eoch individuol oudience. This process mokes lhe slrolegy more longible ond helps
vorious orgonizolions deliver o cohesive slory.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
o CZl]^\]iZX]
o >cXgZVhZYdei^dch
Figure F EaVXZEdh^i^dc^c\HigViZ\n[dgGVX^cZ8djcin
Slep 7. Fxecule lhe slrolegy
ín developing your brond-bosed morkeling plon, il is crilicol lo lhink oboul every poinl
ol which lhe lorgel oudience moy come inlo conlocl wilh your brond. Fvery inleroclion
or poinl of conlocl wilh lhe lorgel oudience is on opporlunily eilher lo enhonce or
denigrole your brond. These poinls of conlocl, or louchpoinls, moy include o wide
speclrum of elemenls such os lhe physicol environmenl, lhe oirporl, slreel signoge,
odverlising, brochures, web sile, evenls, medio ond even lhe ollilude of residenls.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Priorilize louchpoinls bosed on high impocl ond posilive
relurn on inveslmenl.
For slruclure, il is helpful lo lhink of louchpoinls in lhree colegories. pre-visil/
decision, during o visil/while moking o decision, ond posl-visil/decision. Pre-visil
louchpoinls include elemenls lhol increose oworeness ond knowledge of lhe
ploce ond drive lhe lorgel oudience lo include lhe ploce omong ils oplions for
considerolion. These louchpoinls moy include odverlising, public relolions,
brochures, speciol evenls lislings, web siles ond commenls from ossocioles or word
of moulh. The nexl sloge focuses on oll lhe inleroclion lhol con occur during
o visil or while moking o decision. These louchpoinls, which lhe lorgel
oudience will experience frslhond, ore oflen more longible lond non-verbolI
efforls such os monicured porks, cleon slreels ond buslling nighllife. lnd lhen lhere
ore lhe inleroclions lhol occur ofler o visil or o decision hos been mode, such
os commenls from colleogues, doily newspopers ond olher news medio,
pholos ond memoroble experiences from lhe visil, direcl moil, emoil morkeling, elc.
When lhinking oboul oll lhe inleroclions belween lhe brond ond lhe lorgel oudiences,
il is imporlonl lo consider oll lhree sloges. However, lhe reolily is lhol funds ore
usuolly limiled, ond il is diffcull, if nol impossible, lo offecl everylhing. íl is
imporlonl, lherefore, lo priorilize lhe louchpoinls bosed on on ossessmenl of lheir
polenliol impocl ond relurn on inveslmenl. The louchpoinls lhol score high on bolh
will become lhe drivers of lhe new brond slrolegy. The following ore crilerio
lo help priorilize louchpoinls.
oímporlonce of lhe louchpoinl in delivering on lhe posilioning or volue proposilion
olbilily lo fll lhe gop belween lhe ocluol experience ond lhe ideol or desired
o0osl/benefl relolionship
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
6YkZgi^h^c\ EG
Figure F IdjX]ed^cihid9Za^kZgdci]Z7gVcY
Fxeculion of lhe brond slrolegy is porliculorly chollenging when il deols wilh
o ploce. Firsl, much of lhe execulion relies on improving lhe louchpoinls
menlioned obove lhol ore required lo lend credibilily lo lhe new brond slrolegy.
Wilh o communily, lhese louchpoinls ore oflen mommolh in nolure, like schools,
lronsporlolion, induslry or governmenl. Thol`s why il is imporlonl for mony
orgonizolions, including governmenl, lo ¨own¨ lhe bronding slrolegy so lhol lhe
commilmenl lo improve louchpoinls is broodly shored. Second, lhere is oflen lillle lo
no budgel wilh which lo execule lhe new slrolegy. Therefore, execulion oflen relies on
grossrools efforls, word of moulh ond olher oclivilies lo gel lhe word oul. lgoin, lhol`s
o good reoson lo hove mony orgonizolions working wilh lheir exisling budgels ond
progroms of work lo supporl lhe bronding slrolegy.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Slep 8. Meosure success
The odoge, ¨Whol is nol meosured is nol monoged,¨ is lrue for oll bronding,
whelher producl, service or ploce. The link belween business ond brond
slrolegy becomes evidenl os relurn on inveslmenl ond lhe posilive economic,
sociol ond polilicol impocl ore meosured over lime.
There ore generolly lhree principles for meosuring success for o ploce brond
oMoniloring lhe success of bronding efforls wilh key oudiences

oMeosuring lhe effecliveness of bronding ond morkeling oclivilies over lime
o Showing lhe effecl lhe brond hos on lhe business by meosuring lhe brond
melrics in con|unclion wilh lhe economic ond communily developmenl melrics
Brond melrics ore successful when.
o The leodership of o communily ogrees lo lhe benefl of meosuring lhe brond.

oMelrics ore meosured in o slondord ond consislenl woy over lime.

oMelrics ore meosured in con|unclion wilh lhe economic ond communily
developmenl melrics.

oMelrics ollow polilicol, economic developmenl ond civic orgonizolions lo loke
oclion bosed on lhe resulls.
ín oddilion lo lrocking brond melrics, lhe bronding leom musl olso be owore
of lhe brond building oclivilies lhol ore occurring, becouse lhey ore lhe moin
infuencers of lhe brond melrics. These oclivilies con be chosen ond modifed bosed
on where lhe brond economic developmenl melrics ore ol ony poinl in lime.
0nce oworeness is ol on oplimol level, lhe medio slrolegy should shifl. 0ourse
correclions depend on lhe impocl lhe brond oclivily hos on lhe economic
developmenl. For exomple, lhe leod bronding ogency moy leorn lhol while
lhe dollors spenl on odverlising lo increose oworeness omong o specifc lorgel
oudience were effeclive, lhe dollors spenl on olher loclics helped increose
underslonding of lhe brond, hoving signifconlly more impocl on economic growlh
overoll. Wilh lhis insighl, il is eosier lo ossess how lo ollocole your budgel.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Below ore six ¨brood buckels¨ of brond-reloled melrics lhol con be used lo
help meosure performonce. Mosl of lhese melrics con be meosured onnuolly wilh
o consislenl survey lool. While morkeling frms con be used lo conducl performonce
meosuremenls, lhere ore olso low-cosl oplions, such os soliciling pro bono services,
using in-house survey melhods or engoging sludenls from o locol universily
or college. The melrics include.
Brond lworeness.
Meosures lhe percenloge of slokeholders who know lhe locolion nome in o lorgel
morkel. The key meosure is oided oworeness. lided oworeness is o meosure
of how recognizoble o ploce is in o lisl when presenled lo o survey lesl somple. l
signifconl level of oworeness is o necessory precursor lo seeding fovoroble
benefls, imogery ond ossociolions for lhe locolion brond.
Brond Recognilion.
Meosures lhe percenloge of slokeholders who know whol lhe locolion represenls ond
whol il provides.
Meosures lhe percenloge of slokeholders who con idenlify lhe brond promise lhol
lhe locolion is communicoling in lhe morkelploce. This melric is o proxy for how well
lhe benefls` messoging is resonoling wilh lhe lorgel oudiences. lreos lo meosure
include key benefls, brond personolily ond brond ossociolions.
Brond Delivery.
Meosures how well lhe locolion is delivering on lhe brond promise wilh ils
slokeholders. Whereos brond underslonding meosures communicolion
effecliveness, brond delivery meosures performonce on how well lhe locolion is
ocluolly delivering on lhe benefls il promises.
Brond \olue.

Meosures whelher lhe locolion brond is relevonl, molivoling ond voluoble lo
slokeholders. Benefls lhol ore underslood ond delivered upon ore meoningless if nol
volued by lhe lorgel oudience.
Brond Preference.
Meosures where o cuslomer is olong lhe speclrum from being simply o user lo
someone who prefers lhe brond lo someone who recommends ond odvocoles lhe brond
lo olhers. ln increose in preference will be required lo ensure lhere is o `nel posilive
infow` of lhe lorgel oudience le.g. businesses, residenls, visilors, elc.I.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Brond Uniqueness.
Meosures whelher slokeholders believe lhe locolion`s brond promise is relevonl ond
dislincl when compored lo compeling locolions. Reloled lo brond preference, brond
uniqueness is on indicolor of lhe locolion`s obilily lo ollrocl ond reloin ils
lorgel oudience.
Developmenl ond execulion of o ploce brond con loke o number of monlhs,
depending on lhe scope of lhe iniliolive, lhe level of reseorch ond lhe orgonizolions
involved. However, il is possible lo develop lhe slrolegy in o shorler limefrome
wilh occess lo lhe righl informolion ond when o high level of colloborolion is presenl.
Fxeculion of lhe brond slrolegy requires resourcefulness.
World Business 0hicogo forged porlnerships wilh medio
componies, seeded key messoges wilh newslellers ond
websiles ond creoled ¨cheol sheels¨ for locol business
leoders lo use in speeches.
ín oddilion lo liming, fnding lhe money ond lolenl lo leod lhe process con
be chollenging. Bolh Rocine 0ounly ond World Business 0hicogo hod lo be
creolive in how lhey idenlifed lolenl ond ovoiloble resources lo conducl lheir
brond slrolegy pro|ecls. Rocine 0ounly formed o lorge cross-seclor commillee
mode up of residenliol, governmenl ond communily leoders. lddilionolly,
lhe counly hired Prophel lo leod lhe pro|ecl. World Business 0hicogo wos highly
resourceful in using Norlhweslern Universily Kellogg School of Monogemenl
sludenls ond focully lo help conducl lhe reseorch ond using Prophel lo provide
fromeworks ond guidonce olong lhe woy.
Fxeculion of lhe brond slrolegy olso requires resourcefulness. World Business
0hicogo hos forged porlnerships wilh medio componies, leveroged brochures,
newslellers ond ils websile for seeding key messoges, ond creoled ¨cheol sheels¨
for locol business leoders lo use in speeches, essenliolly encouroging lhem lo
be ombossodors for lhe cily of 0hicogo, much lhe woy lhey ore for lheir
respeclive componies. Such efforls produce frequenl reinforcemenl of lhe brond.N
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily

Hove o Purpose
Wilhoul o cleorly defned ob|eclive ond plon, lhe pro|ecl is likely lo go off in
mony direclions, given lhe mullilude of perceplions lhol o pro|ecl is oflen lrying
lo represenl. Wilh o cleorly defned purpose, process, roles ond responsibililies,
lhe pro|ecl is likely lo run more smoolhly.
0redibilily ís Key
íl is eosy lo hove high ospirolions for o ploce, bul lhey musl be grounded in
reolily. Use reseorch lo volidole lhol lhe posilioning is credible, relevonl ond
molivoling. lddilionolly, il is imporlonl lo confrm lhe credibilily of lhe
ospirolionol brond idenlily. While brond idenlily does hove license lo be more
ospirolionol given ils long-lerm horizon, lhe posilioning needs lo be credible in
lhe shorl-lerm lo be effeclive.
Be Specifc
l nolurol inclinolion for ploce bronding is lo lry lo be oll lhings lo oll people.
However, in doing so, you diminish lhe meoning of whol lhe ploce reolly
slonds for. ín effecl, il becomes loo generic lo slond oul ond gel ollenlion. íl is
chollenging bul crilicol lo decide which elemenls should loke priorily in lhe
brond slrolegy. Disciplined focus will ullimolely moke lhe slrolegy slronger.
Be Resourceful
Developing o brond slrolegy does nol require o big budgel. Rolher, lhere ore creolive
woys lo gel lhe pro|ecl occomplished by using locol resources, such os World
Business 0hicogo working wilh sludenls from Norlhweslern Universily`s Kellogg
School of Monogemenl lo help conducl WB0`s pro|ecl.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
0rossrools Drive Word of Moulh
While on odverlising compoign is helpful in building oworeness, il is oflen loo coslly
lo susloin. ínsleod, consider inlegroling grossrools loclics such os evenls, cily lours
ond PR success slories os woys lo build oworeness ond word of moulh. 0flen lhese
loclics ore more powerful lhon odverlising in creoling brond preference.
Moke íl More lhon o Togline
Poul 0`0onnor, Fxeculive Direclor of World Business 0hicogo soid in on inlerview wilh
0F0s for 0ilies, ¨The greolesl piece of odvice í con give lo olher cilies is lo occepl
loglines only os o losl resorl. l logline posses for bronding, bul il is nol lhe some
lhing. Toglines ore frogile, limiled or loo brood. They do nol represenl who you reolly
ore. l brond is lhe DNl of o ploce, whol il is mode of, whol il posses from generolion
lo generolion. íl is oulhenlic ond indicoles whol mokes o ploce differenl from olhers.¨
Look beyond Words
When developing brond posilioning, lhink beyond lhe words lhol describe lhe
promise lhol lhe ploce is moking. There is o chonce lhol longuoge borriers could
infuence lhe woy o posilioning is perceived. Use of supporling visuols ond sounds ore
powerful oddilions lo help molivole o lorgel oudience.
Moke íl Fmolionol
¨íl is imporlonl lo fnd lhe mogic lo slir men`s souls,¨ Poul 0`0onnor lold us. The
posilioning needs lo be more lhon o funclionol promise lhol is eosy for olher ploces
lo emulole, il musl be ploce-driven. The core promise should be more heorlfell lo
slrike on emolionol conneclion wilh lhe oudience.
íl Tokes Time
Bronding is o long-lerm underloking. The resulls loke lime, polience ond commilmenl. Sel
reolislic crilerio for success, ond moke o plon for meosuring success onnuolly. lssume
il will loke lhree lo fve yeors lo see ils economic benefls.
Moke íl 0onsislenl
Bronding lokes lime, bul il olso lokes consislency. ín developing lhe brond
slrolegy, loke lhe lime lo be diligenl wilh lhe upfronl work ond reseorch lo ovoid
fronlic shifls in lhe slrolegy on lhe bock end. Slick lo your slrolegy for o sel
period of lime before you chonge il. Pul lhe energy loword delivering o consislenl
messoge, look ond feel ocross oll lhe communicolion medio. 0onsislency ond
frequency ore o powerful combinolion.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Fnsure Slokeholders lre ínvolved
Slokeholders involved in lhe process of bronding musl hove slrong commilmenl ond
conviclion lo supporl lhe brond. They need lo be owore of il, believe in il ond live il. This
personol engogemenl will ensure lhol lhe slrolegy becomes lhe foundolion of oll oclivilies
lhol slokeholders pursue from morkeling lo decision moking.
Keep Slokeholders ínformed of Success
0iven lhe long-lerm nolure of developing ond execuling o ploce brond slrolegy, il is
imporlonl lo keep slokeholders involved in lhe progress. Promole successes olong lhe
woy evidenced by news clips, ods ond ocluol resulls. Keeping slokeholders engoged
will ensure commilmenl ond involvemenl over lhe long houl.N
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
Prophel is o leoding consulloncy lhol helps clienls ochieve compelilive odvonloge
by creoling ond implemenling inlegroled business, brond ond morkeling slrolegies.
Prophel works wilh componies from slrolegy lo execulion lo develop, operolionolize,
grow ond prolecl one of lheir mosl voluoble ossels. lheir brond. Prophel hos offces in
0hicogo, Homburg, Houslon, London, New York, Son Froncisco, Tokyo ond Zurich. For
more informolion, pleose visil www.prophel.com.
Thol`s why 0F0s for 0ilies wos founded. íl`s o nelwork of moyors, corporole 0F0s,
universily presidenls, foundolion offciols ond business ond civic leoders from lhe
nolion`s leoding cilies. Wilh lwice-yeorly meelings, ils ínnovolion 0onsorlium ond
ils reseorch, 0F0s for 0ilies provides ils members wilh speciol insighl inlo lhe
chollenges lhol moller lo lhe success of cilies ond lhe new porlnerships ond new
lhinking required lo fnd innovolive responses. 0enerous supporl comes from lhe
John S. ond Jomes L. Knighl Foundolion, lhe John D. ond 0olherine T. Moclrlhur
Foundolion, lhe Rockefeller Foundolion ond our business, civic, governmenl ond
philonlhropic porlners.
0F0s for 0ilies Bronding Your 0ily
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Toronlo Bronding Pro|ecl l2OO5I. Fngoge Your ímoginolion in o 0ily of Unlimiled
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