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Sector: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Category: Home Care Laundry Detergents

Market Research Findings

The size of the detergent market in India is in excess of INR 13,000 Cr.
Currently Rohit Surfactants Ghari Detergents is the market leader with the
market share of 17.4%, followed by HULs Active Wheel, 16.9%, and P&Gs Tide,
13.5%. But HUL still dominates the market with its brands Active Wheel, Surf
Excel, Rin and Sunlight Each targeted for different segments. There are nearly
ten well-known brands that have the majority market share and there are about
in excess of five hundred local brands in the Indian detergent market.
Detergent market in India is basically categorized into four different
segments Economy, Mid-Priced, Premium and Compact. Economy segment
contributes to 65% of the market share, Medium, Premium and Compact
segments together contribute to 35%. The market is very price sensitive and
responds positively to advertisements. Also, new product launches and
advertising campaigns have a significant effect on the buying decisions of the
urban consumers. In most of the cases, females of the family are the buying
influencers and hence a majority of ads target female audience.
Surf Excel is the most popular brand. Packets of less than 500gms and 1Kg
sizes are usually preferred. Higher packet sizes are typically bought from
Supermarkets and the preferred buying frequency is once a month. Quality,
Promotions & Offers, and Price and Brand Reputation important factors that
affect buying decision. The importance of Word of Mouth publicity is much less
than the factors mentioned above. Most respondents do not consider Attractive
Packaging as a factor affecting their buying decision. Surf Excel customers are
more brand conscious than those of others they consider Quality an important
factor. There has been a continuous increase in the number of variants of
detergents introduced in the market, with liquid detergents being the latest
entrant. Added benefits such as fragrance and anti-bacterial values help boost
I intend to launch a niche product in the market for the compact segment.
This product typically will have a very different positioning as compared to the
existing brands. I would also like to bring in the new elements viz. youthfulness,
freshness and oomph associated with my brand. As this is a laundry care brand
the primary focus will be on the wash quality offered but I want my consumers to
associate my brand with colours and individuality. My target segment consists of
consumers, who just dont buy clothes, but they carefully choose the colours,
they treat colours as a powerful form of communication, they wish to portray
their individuality through the colours they wear, they have favourite colours. I
intend to reinforce this perception and communicate a message colours make

you happy. Keep your happiness intact, Keep your colours intact. And no other
brand can help you do it as does COLOR CARE.

Brand Name:

Brand Logo:


5C Analysis
Customer Needs:
Customers seek value in niche products in terms of brand value, status,
quality and exclusivity. Color Care aims to satiate their needs in all these regards.
Customers from the compact segment are the primary targets. They are the
ones with comparatively higher income levels. They also desire to associate
themselves with pricy brands. Many a middle income group consumers may also
buy niche products in order to satiate their self-esteem needs. Hence they may
be treated as our secondary targets.
Company Skills:
Since this is a relatively new company it has few challenges viz. weak
supply chain and distribution systems, low brand visibility, stiff competition etc
At the same time there are various opportunities; fresh perspective, unique pitch
and differentiating factors.
Indian detergent market is a highly competitive and very price sensitive
market. Color Care is priced almost similar as do the costliest variants of Surf
Excel and Ariel. Surf Excel and Ariel are the major competitors in the compact
segment. The competitors are more or less positioned in a similar way. Color

Care seeks to differentiate itself by bringing in a whole new perspective to

detergent powders.
As for all the companies, we also will have two key collaborators: upstream
suppliers and downstream trade. Downstream trade will include reputed
retailers, leading outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping malls and a few
select etailers. Apart from this Color Care will have ad agency tie-ups to handle
its traditional and digital ad campaigns.
Urban culture is experiencing a paradigm shift towards individualism.
People want to differentiate themselves from the crowd. The trend is to associate
with cult brands that provide quality through continuous innovation. Also
customers' income levels are growing. Color Care attempts to take advantage of
his change. Detergent market operates in relatively stable settings. Surf Excel
has come up with a breakthrough technology that reduces the water
consumption and time taken by half and Ariel is known for continuous innovation
and has positioned itself as the one that removes even the toughest stains. Color
Care has an advantage as it comes with a whole new product concept but faces
dire threat from very strong and well established competitors.

Target Market selection and Product Positioning

Market Segmentation:
In the Indian market, washing powders are categorized into four segments
- economy (selling at less than Rs.50 per kg), mid-priced (Rs.50 - Rs. 100 per kg),
premium (Rs. 100 - Rs. 150 per kg) and compact (selling at over Rs. 150 per kg).
The compact, premium and medium priced segments together accounts for 20%
market share by volume and 35% by value. The economy segment makes up the
remaining share of the market. The fabric wash industry in India is characterized
by low per capita consumption. However, this trend is gradually changing with
increase in incomes. Also people feel a sense of pride by buying costlier
products. Color Care will leverage on this behavioural aspect of customers and
their increase in incomes. The Color Care brand will cater to the needs of
compact segment.
Target Market Selection:

The target market is mainly the compact segment (higher income levels).
Further the younger population primarily of the age group 15 to 35 and those
living in the urban region will be the target segment. Color Care will be targeted
to males and females alike and to people with all kinds of occupation. Customers
that are value oriented, pleasure oriented and individualistic will also be the part
of target market as Color Care offers all the three; value, sense of pleasure and
Product Positioning:
Colours play a vitally important role in the world we live. Colours can sway
thought process, change actions, and cause reactions. The Color Care offers to
protect the love for colours by providing impeccably clean wash with sensual
fragrances and at the same being very delicate on fabric and fabric colour. Color
Care will be rich and a quality product for the rich. Color Care will sell the idea
that people do not buy apparel but they buy colours and Color Care will help
keep those colours intact. Colours will never fade if Color Care is put into regular
use. This brand will also bring in fresh perspectives among the customers by
being the first detergent powder brand that comes with deodorant style pitch for
the fragrances. The fragrances Lavender and Musk breathe sensuality through
the fabric and are so strong that they obviate the use of perfumes/deodorants.
Color Care aims to associate with freshness, youthfulness and individualism
through advertisements and unique packaging design that is sure to stand out
from the clutter. Color Care comes with natural ingredients and natural cleaning
agents and helps keep the colours intact naturally. It will be positioned as a
brand that delivers value to customers through unmatchable quality and
exclusivity. Color Care stands for passion for
and it will be promoted in a way that references
the world
of high fashion, rather than the traditional 'gharelu'
detergent ads.

Marketing Mix
The Color Care offers impeccably clean wash with sensual fragrances. Its
very delicate on fabric and fabric colour and equally harsh on all kinds of stains.
Color Care is developed to protect the colour of the fabric with extreme care and
ensures bright new look after each wash. Color Care will be made widely
available across all cities in India but will be available only in select outlets of
good repute. Bloggers, product reviewers and new consumers will be the word of

mouth references. There will be different package sizes and fragrance variants
for each packet size.
Product information will be freely and easily available to anyone and
everyone on the internet. Also, the sales executives at the supermarkets and
shopping malls will be trained to give crisp and adequate information to the
customers. Utmost care will be taken to ensure premium quality and as
mentioned earlier, different sizes and fragrance variants will be made available.
On the website, stain guide, label guide, fabric guide and wash tips will be given
as a part of after sale service. Color Care will be available at reputed leading
stores, supermarket chains and at the shopping malls.
Musk fragrance is to be priced little higher than that of Lavender
fragrance. Color Care customers will pay a premium bearing in mind the total
product concept. The pricing plans are as mentioned below:






Rs. 44

Rs. 66
Rs. 69

Rs. 105
Rs. 110

Rs. 205
Rs. 212

Pack of ten 15g

Rs. 35

Musk fragrance variant will not be sold in packet sizes smaller than 300g.