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Spring 2014

Lessons from David
by Andrew Wommack
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Right Believing
Changes Everything
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Gold Coast, Australia
October 2013
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Mark and Tenese Bassett
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What Does Partnership
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The Best Is Yet to Come
The Grand Opening Day of
Charis Bible College Colorado
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AWM’s Best Kept Secret
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It Shouldn’t Outweigh
What God Has Promised
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Dear Partners and Friends,
2014 started with a bang! Charis Bible College (CBC) moved into their new home on January 6 and
on March 22 we welcomed hundreds of people to the Grand Opening Celebration of our new CBC campus
in Woodland Park. Phase I, The Barn, is complete thanks to your faithful giving, and we are looking forward
to breaking ground on Phase II shortly. Please check out the “Grand Opening” article in this issue. You’ll be
blessed by the story of how one person’s faithfulness played a big part in making The Sanctuary project a reality.
You’ll also be encouraged by all the testimonies peppered throughout this issue. Your faithful support of this
ministry is helping set people free from things like chronic disease, religious thinking and even atheism. We’ve
also included an excerpt from my new book, Lessons from David, which highlights that God is faithful even when
we aren’t faithful.
Let me mention my new online video broadcast as well, The Inside Story. Each episode features a behind the
scenes look at some of the lesser-known, but essential, inner workings of Andrew Wommack Ministries. I really
want you to know all the awesome things the Lord is doing here. Be sure to check out the article about what I
consider to be my best kept secret!
Finally, this year, for the first time, we will be hosting the Summer Family Bible Conference at The Barn. We have
a great week planned for the whole family. Jamie and I hope you will join us at what has become a favourite
summer event for many families. We look forward to seeing you soon and showing you around the new facility.

You are blessed,
Andrew and Jamie

Spring 2014 3

and the naughtiness Most Christians have heard the story of David defeating Goliath. he began to be criticised by his brother and others: David’s reference to Goliath being uncircumcised was pointing out that Goliath didn’t have any covenant rights like David did.w Lessons from David by Andrew Wommack Whatever problem you are facing today. It has to first come from the inside! What shall be done to the man that killeth this Philistine. and Eliab’s anger was kindled against David. in your health. all true believers have covenant rights to And Eliab his eldest brother heard when he spake unto the men. In fact. in your marriage or any other area. While others only saw the giant. but they didn’t act like it! Likewise. prosperity. Goliath was a man. and taketh away the reproach from Israel? for who is this uncircumcised Philistine. but have they applied these same principles to their giants? One of the foundational truths that enabled him to face this giant was that he viewed the whole situation through God’s covenant: Spring 2014 5 . When David voiced his faith in the covenant of God more than what he saw. they would experience true victory – everything would be all right. David kept his attention on the promises of God. He was a big man but a man nonetheless. You don’t get victory from the outside first. but that isn’t so. and peace. Those Israelite soldiers were looking at Goliath and not at God’s promises. but not all look at their circumstances through their covenant. your problem is not in your circumstances. 11:25). Most people think that if they could just get a certain situation worked out or changed in their favour. every Israelite soldier was one of God’s covenant people. that he should defy the armies of the living God? 1 Samuel 17:26 health. and he said. whether in your finances. joy. Why camest thou down hither? and with whom hast thou left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know thy pride. The Lord had promised them that no man would be able to stand before them (Deut.

but you need to take this stance like David did. but you have a cause greater than what others think. we won’t be given more (Luke 16:10-12). I think Saul recognised the anointing of God upon David. but All true believers have covenant rights to health. he would have lost his opportunity to defeat Goliath. People will tell you your faith in God won’t overcome your giants. the Israelite king. So. but if you persist. He knew how powerful it was. shall be as one of them. seeing he hath defied the armies of the living God. [29] And David said. 1 Samuel 17:28-30 David could have tried to justify himself to his brother. This was a miracle in itself. then you have a cause greater than what others think. 1 Samuel 17:34-37a Notice that David began to rehearse to the king the victories the Lord had given him. It was at his father’s command that he had left the sheep and come to bring gifts to his brothers. “Is there not a cause?” Ask yourself. “Is the thing I want victory over worth fighting for?” If it is. That’s what Saul did.Lessons from David of thine heart. David had to endure the mockery of his enemy. [36] Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear: and this uncircumcised Philistine 6 GospelTruth You might face opposition when you start communicating what God has put in your heart. he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. Even the king tried to talk David out of what was in his heart: He spoke of David’s inexperience and size compared to Goliath’s. and a bear. Had he not been faithful with the few sheep the Lord had given him to keep on the backside of the desert. he never would have been able to stand up to Goliath. and delivered it out of his mouth: and when he arose against me. and smote him. even from family members. Saul had once operated under that anointing. but look at David’s reply: Thy servant kept his father’s sheep. Listen to what the giant said: . and out of the paw of the bear. David was wise to stick with what had already been proven in his life. Goliath. he let David go. Saul was fearful of Goliath just like all the rest. and took a lamb out of the flock: [35] And I went out after him. He wanted to give David his armour. but why should David put his faith in Saul’s armour? It hadn’t done anything for Saul. and slew him. when you start communicating what God has put in your heart. I caught him by his beard. but he tried to put his armour on him first. David’s faith and confidence in the Lord convinced King Saul to let him represent Israel and go fight Goliath. [37a] David said moreover. but few will be faithful in the little things God gives them when no one is watching. Many want to win against the giants when the grandstands are full. What have I now done? Is there not a cause? [30] And he turned from him toward another. You might face opposition. The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion. even if David had won the argument. It was only after he turned from his brother and repeated his statements of faith that someone heard what he said and told Saul. and smote him. prosperity. and there came a lion. If David lost. and spake after the same manner: and the people answered him again after the former manner. This happens all the time. then all the Israelites would become slaves to the Philistines. joy and peace. then they will try to give you their advice on how to fight the battle. saying. If we aren’t faithful in that which is least. for thou art come down that thou mightest see the battle. but not all look at their circumstances through their covenant. Next.

and with a spear. and to the wild beasts of the earth. he disdained him: for he was but a youth. but David wouldn’t have been a hero if he had slain a midget. and cut off his head therewith. 1 Samuel 17:42-44 Don’t think that just because you’re armed with what God has given you. and ruddy. all doubt was removed. you only have a “mony. like David did: Then said David to the Philistine. [46] This day will the LORD deliver thee into mine hand. 1 Samuel 17:50b-51a You’ve got to pursue your enemies until they can’t come back! If you read the whole story. but David didn’t stop there. and I will give thy flesh unto the fowls of the air. They are left to fight us another day. and take thine head from thee. whatever giant you are facing can become the greatest victory in your life as you stand on Spring 2014 7 . Goliath could have tripped. or maybe he was just wounded and would get back up and win yet. [43] And the Philistine said unto David. They could never come back to fight him. but David pursued his enemies until they were destroyed. [44] And the Philistine said to David. and to the beasts of the field. and of a fair countenance. 1 Samuel 17:48b The Spirit of the Lord was on David – he wasn’t afraid! He rushed at this giant. the God of the armies of Israel. My greatest tests have become my greatest testimonies. You’ve got to be bold and stand strong in the face of the enemy. and he will give you into our hands. We only fight sickness until it gets to where it’s not too bad. The giants in your life are actually great opportunities for God to show Himself strong on your behalf. the giants in your life will be intimidated by you. you will run to it. Do you really believe what God said or not? Are you all talk? The giants are going to test what God has put in you. and took his sword. you won’t run from a fight. Likewise. 1 Samuel 17:45-47 David wasn’t all talk! Look what he did when Goliath approached him: David hasted. and I will smite thee. where David pursued the Amalekites until he had recovered all he had lost. and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts. whom thou hast defied. You know. your attitude toward your giants will be very telling when it’s time to face them. and drew it out of the sheath thereof. Am I a dog. David used his sling and a stone to bring the giant down. We sometimes just fight our enemies until they go over the hill. Thou comest to me with a sword. that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel. that thou comest to me with staves? And the Philistine cursed David by his gods. and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine. we can live with the rest. [ a] Therefore David ran. People don’t like to face giants. Come to me. They were at a far distance and didn’t know exactly what had happened. and slew him. Of course. The giants in your life are actually great opportunities for God to show Himself strong on your behalf.” David’s victory over Goliath catapulted him into his destiny. and stood upon the Philistine. [47] And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD’S. and I will give the carcasses of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air. and saw David. If you don’t have a test.Lessons from David And when the Philistine looked about. First Samuel 30:10-18 is a good example of this. If you really believe the promises of God. you know the story. the Philistines didn’t flee when Goliath first went down. ut there was no sword in the hand of David. When David cut off his head and held it up.

the only one in Scripture whom the Lord called a man after His own heart. Praise God! Your victory is coming too. My own life has been changed. I have a new book out entitled Lessons from David. It’s better to learn at his expense than from your own hard knocks. we now have a glorious testimony of his resurrection. call +44(0)1922 473300 or go to www. I’ve seen many people’s lives changed by these truths. I remember when my son died. David was a man after God’s own heart. but because Jamie and I stood against this giant that tried to take our son. Companion Study Guide Item Code: 439 £17. is a tremendous example of triumph and failure. GT Lessons from DAVID HOW TO BE A GIANT KILLER Everything that was written in the Old Testament is for our learning and admonition (1 Cor. It was a terrible thing. and as a study guide for discipling others. 10:6 and 11). David.50 Paperback Book Item Code: 339 £9 Audio CD Album Item Code: 1041-C £16 As Seen on TV DVD Album Item Code: 1041-D £16 To order. I encourage you to get my latest teaching about David. Learn from him and you too can be a giant killer. He’s someone that all of us can relate to and learn 8 GospelTruth .Lessons from David God’s Word and overcome that giant. He had great highs but very low lows.awme. Yours will be too as you learn from David. which we’ve rubbed the devil’s nose in countless times. You can also get this teaching on CD and DVD. It not only includes all the things I’ve written about in this article. so you can kill the giants in your life. but it goes into much detail about his other victories and his defeats too.

orTo the God of mercy and grace found in the New Testament? .awme. you’re ready for what’s next: the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Learn what the Bible has to say about the Holy Spirit’s role in your life.awme. When you do. £13 each Item Code: 1078-C 4 CD album Item Code: 1078-D DVD album The Believer’s Authority Like it or not. or complete the enclosed form. call +44(0)1922 473300 or go to www. The answer will set you free and give you confidence in your relationship with God. Soul & Body Understanding the relationship between your spirit. £19 each Item Code: 1045-C 6 CD album Item Code: 1045-D DVD album The True Nature of God Is He the God of judgment found in the Old Testament. Item Code: 1027-C 4 CD album Item Code: 1027-D DVD album £13 each God Wants You Well Is what you believe good for your health? If you believe God uses sickness to teach you something.Andrew’s Five Most Popular Teachings Spirit. We can’t escape the battle or ignore the Enemy. call 719-635-1111. every one of us is in a spiritual war. This is crucial to a successful walk with God. You will never be able to relate to God properly without it. However. go to www. soul and body is foundational to your Christian Spring 2014 9 . Your health depends on it! Item Code: 1036-C 4 CD album Item Code: 1036-D DVD album £13 each The New You & The Holy Spirit You need to understand what happened when you received Jesus as your Lord and Savour. Item Code: 1002-C 5 CD album £16 each To order. we have the power to win! Listen as Andrew explains. you might want to think again.


” explains Richard. It was suggested that he audition for the British version of the Chippendales. “I had gone to my hairdresser – who was a longtime friend – for a hair cut. I gave every day to God. happened to be in the salon at the time. he excelled as a competitive bodybuilder and worked as a bouncer in a local pub in the U.Right Believing Changes Everything R The Richard Waller Story Richard Waller seemed to have it all. Richard learned to be selfsufficient at a young age and he did quite well for himself. neither could deny the certain “spark” that they both felt for one another – a spark that caused much inner conflict for Jacqueline.” she says. I was very attracted to him. But…I was about a year into my walk with Jesus. In his early twenties.” Jacqueline finally decided to take a step of faith with Richard and see what God was up to. but he was thrown a curve ball one fateful day when he met Jacqueline. At the Bible study. Richard offered the group a Spring 2014 11 . One day. As time went by. Whoa! She’s nice!” Jacqueline was also quite smitten by Richard. Soon he was discovered by talent agents. Jacqueline. thinking. at least by the world’s standards. Richard decided to attend the Alpha meeting without her. Growing up as an only child with an alcoholic father. which led to Richard travelling the world as a model. Nevertheless.K.” Jacqueline was not convinced that Richard was what God had in store for her. Richard began noticing positive changes in Jacqueline each time she attended these studies. “I didn’t think [a relationship with Richard] was right because of where he was [in his life]. called the London Knights because of his physique . His hairdresser’s friend. she had been attending the Alpha Course Bible studies for new believers. much to Jacqueline’s surprise. He decided to give it a try. after Richard and Jacqueline’s first conversation that day in the hair salon. “I was looking at her. and he got the job. I was trying to stay with what God wanted for my life. “But I just trusted God. At the time. actor and even stuntman! He was at the top of his game and loving life. “When I first met Richard.

Facing the truth of where he had been caused him to think even more about where he was headed. “The medical profession said I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was forty. kill and destroy him. Once again. He won’t let you down. over time. and the two were soon married. Richard felt something in his lower back pop. Richard went to many doctors and spent a lot of money but there was still no relief from the pain. his world would be completely changed. who was out to rob. Once again. “that if you truly want to see God. Confident that Richard was part of God’s plan for her. Many in the church that Richard and Jacqueline were attending at the time Changing Kingdoms “I have learned. but this time he was in God’s world. Richard went from being perfectly healthy to not being able to comfortably sit.” says Richard. his vertebrae began rubbing together. drive.” says Richard. God came to Richard in a very dramatic fashion. He knew right away something was terribly wrong. contributing to his injury. His condition had caused a weakness in his spine. As he lifted his dad off of the floor.Richard Waller in his modelling days brief introduction of who he was and what he had accomplished in his life. Unfortunately. he was thrown a curve ball – this time from the Enemy. Richard was on top of the world. All he believed he could do was take pills for his pain and get prayed for by well-meaning Christians. causing additional problems. A series of MRIs revealed that he had spina bifida. He’ll come to you in a way that’s appropriate for you. Just like the woman in the Bible with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48). Trouble began for Richard one day when he rescued his father from a serious fall. a deformity he has had since birth but was unaware of. Jacqueline noticed a nearly overnight change in his desires and behaviour. Then. literally shaking him to the core. What he didn’t know is that by the next day. these well-meaning Christians were also misinformed Christians when it came to God’s Word concerning healing. After Richard’s powerful salvation experience.” That night at the Alpha Course. he was asked a question he had never been asked before – not even of himself: “So. He wasn’t really sure how he felt about his life or what he had become. letting him know that He and His Word are very real. Jacqueline accepted his proposal 12 GospelTruth Jacqueline and Richard on their wedding day . Then. walk or continue living a normal life. how does all that make you feel?” Richard had no idea how to answer that question.

” This mind set surrounding Richard caused him to start shying away from receiving prayer. Richard stood in agreement with him. sharing with her husband what she had learned on the Gospel Truth when he came home from work. It affirmed what they already knew deep down: God’s will was not for Richard to be sick but to be well. In fact. just as quickly as darkness entered Richard’s physical body when he first injured his back. Richard and Charlie LeBlanc at the Grace and Faith Conference Spring 2014 13 . Satan struck again: “I woke up and my heart was pounding out of my chest. then one morning. As the Wallers continued to watch Andrew on God TV. light entered his mind as he happened to catch part of a television program with his wife one day. speaking to every area that needed healing. I heard this weird-talking Texan preacher dude!” says Richard. “Deep down I didn’t believe this was God’s will for Richard. “Charlie told me that all of my problems would not make the lights in heaven dim!” recalls Richard. Together they learned about the God who loves them and has already provided for Richard’s healing and wholeness. and I couldn’t even breathe. Richard literally ran to the front for healing. All of this meant more pills to take with no relief in sight.’ then put his hand on my shoulder and started praying for me. warning him that he would die if he ever got a blood clot and informing him that he would one day need a pacemaker. based on Matthew 18:19-20 “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask.” As Charlie prayed. “I went to the meetings expecting one thing – to be healed. After the service. but that’s what we kept hearing. That night at the Gospel Truth Seminar.” explains Jacqueline.” the Gospel Truth program was airing. The Truth Will Set You Free! After six years of back pain and two years of heart problems. along with recent arthritis flare-ups in both wrists. everything Andrew taught was about healing and using our authority as believers to speak directly to our bodies which was exactly what the Wallers needed to hear.” Forever Changed God does not disappoint. “Suddenly. “We were being set free. Richard couldn’t wait to go to the conference. “The Bible says to know the truth and it will set you free. he even stopped praying for himself. Doctors later diagnosed him with atrial fibrillation. She loved how Andrew talked about and explained the Scriptures. Then. Why don’t we read scriptures and then talk about them at our church?” says Jacqueline. and by “chance.” Jacqueline began watching Andrew regularly. “He said ‘There’s nothing too big for our God. “I thought. Richard wasn’t holding much hope for his future – all because he still believed his sickness might be part of God’s plan. Richard’s condition continued to deteriorate.Healing Journey believed that Richard’s sickness could be a part of God’s will for his life: “There was this idea [from the church] that if you were sick. adding that some believed it was God’s way of taming Richard’s strong personality. It was worship leader Charlie LeBlanc who was Richard’s prayer minister. it was God’s will. Jacqueline stumbled across the God TV network. agreeing with others that his sickness might truly be God’s will for him. As they listened to Andrew that day.” adds Richard. Jacqueline wondered why they had never been taught the Word in such a way at their church. totally expecting God to move on his behalf. they discovered that he would soon be in London. Meanwhile.” remembers Richard.

” Richard received his healing by faith and returned to his seat. but just like .awme. all that burned up were the ropes that bound them. call +44(0)1922 473300 or go to www. I am now completely healed. there’s nothing wrong with me. Their stories will touch your heart and build your faith.” declares Richard. “The symptoms were just a distraction from the truth. [20] For where two or three are gathered together in my name. Volume 4 Item Code: 3012-D £13 18 GospelTruth 14 GospelTruth To order. fully confident that he was forever changed. To Jacqueline. Although he went to bed with pain that night. “I knew in my heart I was different. They all came to understand what God has already done for them through Jesus. “I have a new life because of the Word and because of Andrew bringing the Word to me. Volume 3 Item Code: 3009-D £13 Healing Journeys. Richard is better than ever because Jesus is now the centre of his life. In this case. the ropes of religious thinking! GT HEALING JOURNEYS Recorded here are nineteen stories of the power of God’s Word working in the lives of ordinary people. Meshach. active husband back. there am I in the midst of them. and Abednego.” he says. Healing Journeys. sails and is even part of a cycling team. The Wallers have been through the fire. Volume 1 Item Code: 3005-D £13 Healing Journeys.Healing Journey it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. he was pain free in the morning. “I no longer have limitations on my life…nothing’s going to stop me!” Jacqueline is thrilled to have her healthy.” Today Richard mountain bikes. Volume 2 Item Code: 3008-D £13 Healing Journeys.

Worthy Is the Lamb (INSTRUMENTAL) Item Code: S11 £10 Worthy Is the Lamb Item Code: S07 £10 The Story of Jesus (INSTRUMENTAL) Item Code: S12 £10 The Story of Jesus Item Code: S09 £10 To Spring 2014 15 . call +44(0)1922 473300 or go to www.awme.

16 GospelTruth .

This program will enable like-faith churches across Australia to host the first year CBC programme for local correspondence students and to open up the DVD instruction to other Christians. God did not disappoint. during the summer of 2010. In both Victor Harbour and Melbourne. When they arrived in the Gold Coast. the Hamiltons. Andrew preached to packed-out churches where people had flown in from across Australia. The team was concurrently in preparations to launch Australia’s first CBC. the Hamiltons flew to Australia. which opened its doors in February 2014. The Hamiltons informed the Smiths that they were scouting the land for a good place for “someone” to develop a CBC in Australia – never thinking that “someone” was them! Upon arriving back in Colorado to begin their third year at CBC. Indonesia. CBC Gold Coast became a reality when the prayers of one man. David Carter. they met Rod and Lisa Smith.i In October 2013. and Jessica Sharp. On the Road with Andrew Gold Coast. and the South Sea Islands. to Colorado Springs to attend CBC Colorado. Simultaneously. to visit his relatives along with Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM) partners throughout the continent. India. as many were baptized in the Holy Spirit and healed both emotionally and physically. After graduating from CBC in 2012. Andrew headed to the Gold Coast to hold the first ever Gospel Truth Seminar (GTS) in this magnificent area of Australia. church members and leaders. Andrew headed Down Under for a series of meetings that kicked off in Victor Harbour and culminated in the Gold Coast. the Holy Spirit spoke to her heart about God’s plan for her and her husband Spring 2014 17 . Leesa shared with classmates about her trip to Australia and the wonderful people of the Gold Coast. The CBC Gold Coast team. As she did. met with the faithful obedience of one couple. New Zealand. Pastor Andrew MaGrath of Hope City Church hosted the Melbourne meetings and will soon be incorporating various CBC correspondence courses into his church’s School of Ministry. hosted the GTS at the Dream Centre. Missouri. Rod Smith. On the Road with Andrew After leaving Melbourne. It was then that Smith prayed fervently for God to bring a CBC to the Gold Coast area. Byron and Leesa Hamilton. Australia October 2013 Andrew was encouraged as he met with Pastor Chad Mansbridge of Bayside Church International in Victor Harbour. from October 31st to November 2nd. the Hamiltons were responding to the Lord’s call to move from Springfield. Byron’s homeland. in expectancy of the miraculous. Little did they know that God was preparing them to be the answer to Smith’s prayer. who launched the first Charis Bible College (CBC) Co-op school in Australia in February 2014.

GTS Makes Its Way to the Gold Coast Andrew arrived early on opening night in order to personally thank the thirty five prayer ministers who had generously volunteered to serve during the conference. She couldn’t believe how easy it really was to receive. Eighty seven people in all received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. At the end of the services. After spending time with the volunteers. To Andrew’s pleasant surprise. The volunteer team consisted of local pastors. It was a fresh wind to many in attendance who had never heard God’s Word taught the way Andrew teaches it. books and other resources. finally received her prayer language after hearing what the Bible teaches about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. God had told him to stop praying for a CBC Gold Coast because his prayer had already been answered. AWM partners and ministry leaders with their teams. Andrew was welcomed by a line of people that had already formed in anticipation of being prayed for and ministered to. many of whom come from denominational and legalistic backgrounds.” Once it was settled in the Hamiltons’ hearts that they would be returning to the Gold Coast to launch a CBC.On the Road with Andrew to be that “someone. she only came to spend time with . the crowd thanked Andrew for coming. Glorious Grace Conference. including ex-pastors and new believers alike. Receiving the message of grace and faith was a huge step for the Australian people. but Rod already had some “inside” information about the new school. “My wife didn’t want to come to the conference. they shared their news with the Smiths. One man admitted. nearly 600 people attended each of the five sessions to hear the life changing message of the Gospel. One woman. the baptism of the Holy Spirit and miraculous healings. Two days before Rod received their phone call. Victor Harbour 18 GospelTruth letting him know they had waited many years for him to make his way to their area. people flooded to the altar to receive salvation. After sharing stories of how AWM had changed their lives through radio and television. who had been trying to pray in tongues for twenty two years. CDs and DVDs.

Over 200 people attended an informational session regarding CBC Gold Coast. it should be an exciting time! GT Andrew receiving flowers for his wedding anniversary CBC Co-op program commences at Bayside Church. Australia building Spring 2014 19 . If the anticipation for a move of God is as great as it was at this GTS. after the meetings have concluded. After listening to the nearly too good to be true news of grace. It was already changing her life. She could hardly wait to get home to start studying. Even now. reports began streaming in from the prayer team of all sorts of healings. including an elderly woman’s hearing that was restored and a person incapacitated by fear who was delivered and set free. arthritis. she was so excited that she went to the bookstore and bought books. such as fibromyalgia. allergies and more. Byron and Leesa Hamilton continue to receive reports from those who discovered they were healed of chronic conditions. The hunger for God’s Word at the Gold Coast GTS didn’t end with the meetings. resulting in preregistrations and interest cards being completed for possible attendance at the new Bible college. plans are already being made by the CBC Gold Coast team for another GTS Down Under. As this article is being written. Victor Harbour CBC Gold Coast. and workbooks. Many others were set free from depression and religious bondage as they heard the Good News for the very first time.” Even before the meetings CDs.

” explains Mark. Mark and Tenese completed their application and paid the application fee. Soon. but it didn’t sell.” The teaching they received at CBC helped them to know and understand the complete and true Gospel of Jesus Christ and it taught them how to live in His unconditional love and grace.” recalls Mark.” Mark reasoned that he wanted to go to CBC while it was still small because he knew “someday the school would grow much larger. “If I ever go to a Bible college. “I had read books by John G.” As Mark continued to listen to Andrew and ponder the possibility of attending CBC.” continues Mark. “Although we were married in a wonderful Spirit filled church.” As a result of his chance radio encounter with Andrew.CHARIS BIBLE COLLEGE: Life After Graduation Mark and Tenese Bassett On one ordinary day in 1997. which kept us from experiencing the grace of God. they were living in Colorado and attending classes at CBC. for many years our Christian walk was based more on a works righteousness philosophy.” recalls Mark. God made clear His plan for Mark and his wife. “For example. he had heard Andrew mention the Bible college he’d founded in Colorado – at that time called Colorado Bible College but now called Charis Bible College (CBC).” says Mark. “We put our house on the market. Lake and Watchman Nee before. the CBC director called Mark and invited him and Tenese to attend an Expand Your Vision Weekend (now CBC Campus Days). we never were taught about faith righteousness or our identity in Christ. Destiny Found at CBC Sitting under the leadership and teaching of the CBC staff changed Mark and Tenese forever. In the spring of 2001. there were some important foundational pieces missing in the doctrine we were taught. because of this. He later discovered that this was simply God’s way of leading the Bassetts to walk by faith. or I could accelerate the process and attend the college. Tenese. An unfamiliar man with the familiar accent of his home was preaching. “One of the most significant teachings for Tenese was Andrew’s True Nature of God. The message of grace [he taught] really ministered to and blessed me. “but Andrew Wommack was the only living person I had heard at that time who was teaching the true Gospel. Mark told himself right then. Within two weeks of returning home. Mark Bassett was listening to Christian radio in his home state of Texas. Mark began listening to the Gospel Truth radio program every day. that’s the one it’ll be. “God told me that I could stay in Texas and continue to listen to Andrew’s 20 GospelTruth radio broadcast. That very weekend. they had an offer on their home. . It was during that weekend that the Bassetts knew they had to be at CBC – whether their house sold or not. Mark and Tenese visited CBC on the way home from a vacation in 2000 and immediately began making plans to attend. By that Autumn.

is the feeling that Andrew truly believes in them. We knew if we continued to simply believe. Today he is the administrative director for that ministry. the Bassetts had several ministry opportunities open up for them. where Mark was offered a staff position with World Outreach.’” remembers Mark. Mark also instructs the extension-school training in the third year ministry elective track. I wouldn’t be where I am today without going through CBC. a number which continues to grow. Nothing compares to being in the centre of God’s will and like Andrew says. the people of Israel belonged to one of the twelve tribes. helping to grow the ever increasing number of extension schools.” GT Spring 2014 21 . which serves and supports all forty CBC extension schools. The Bassetts worked to secure a location and purchase equipment and then they advertised and proactively contacted prospective students – all the while walking by faith that there would actually be students in the seats when the doors opened.Life after Graduation “This teaching opened her heart to learn to trust God in a way she never had before.” One of the most significant things Mark believes that he and Tenese have experienced. helping to ensure their success as directors.” Mark likens CBC to being part of a “tribe. however and they remained in Chicago until 2012. We look back on our time there as the most fulfilling time of our lives. “In much the same way. “In the early years.” he explains. The summer leading up to the school’s opening was filled with administrative and logistical details to ensure the school opened smoothly and on time. forty of those seats were filled when school started. It was necessary in order to change my thinking and prepare my heart to begin to walk out my destiny. we see why God had us planted there for that season. not just because of what it has done for them. Their initial path became evident when CBC’s director asked Mark if he and Tenese would consider moving to Chicago to launch a CBC extension school. Mark and Tenese relinquished their directorship to Cindy Quarles. their wait was over and the Bassetts returned to Colorado Springs. “CBC will absolutely change your life. Working with the directors of the international extension schools. where we can be a blessing to our CBC family. Mark is able to apply his firsthand knowledge to the challenges they are experiencing.” In the spring of 2012.” or family. both as students and staff of CBC. “We feel so very blessed to have been given the opportunity to start the school in Chicago. we belong to the tribe of CBC. Mark had had it in his heart to return to Colorado and work with CBC World Outreach. He would bring them to pass.’ We look forward to what the Lord has for us here in Colorado.” says Mark. we continued to experience God’s favour in so many ways. where Andrew Wommack is the patriarch of that tribe. “Looking back. ‘Have faith in the faith that God has in you. “That brought us courage in times when we felt so inadequate for what God had called us to do. rather than seeing Him as faultfinding and judgmental. “In the Old Testament. “During those years of waiting. We just continued to hold up the prophecies that were spoken over us to encourage ourselves in what we believed God called us to do. The CBC ‘Tribe’ Mark and Tenese are passionate about CBC. “It will establish a proper foundation upon which God can build the rest of your life. To their pleasant surprise. After praying. but also because of what they see it doing for graduates throughout the world.” says Mark emphatically. In addition to his directorship duties. Their chance to return to Colorado didn’t come as quickly as they had planned. She began a journey of having an intimate relationship with a loving God. ‘God never serves dessert first. the Bassetts believed this was God’s will for them and they became directors of CBC Chicago in May 2003. Andrew would say. a CBC Chicago graduate. Returning to Colorado After four years at the helm at CBC Chicago.” After graduating from CBC. We feel blessed to have such a rich heritage.

(See “The Best Is Yet to Come” article on page 26). He did. This is a great example of how things work in the kingdom of God and also how your partnership works with a ministry that shares God’s unconditional love and grace. just like Jesus. I get to demonstrate God’s love to the world. Since his graduation from CBC. While still contemplating the move. Now I can release others through lots of love. but she needed his wisdom and blessing. Every time he went to the site. A grand total of $32 million was donated to fund the construction of The Barn. It is the transformation that takes place in each person’s life – a process that begins inside the building – that makes every dollar donated significant. After being arrested four times in six months – on alcohol and drug related charges Chris lost his driving privileges for five years and spent a month and a half in jail. Though he said he usually has a handful of . whatsoever she asked. the Holy Spirit seemed to flood his body and he considered moving to Colorado. Her gift to the king opened the door to the things she needed. remember that when you give to Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM). it’s not only about the ministry’s needs. But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 22 GospelTruth Chris Bratton Chris had believed in Jesus since he was a young boy.T h e E f f e c t s o f Pa rt n e r s h i p What does Partnership Accomplish? Andrew has said many times that it is because of the faithfulness of his partners that Phase I of the new Charis Bible College (CBC) campus in Woodland Park was completed debt free. but it wasn’t until spending time in jail that he truly received Jesus as his Saviour. one of Chris’s friends paid for his CBC registration. “And king Solomon gave unto the queen of Sheba all her desire. The Lord used Isaiah 61:1 to call him into ministry. beside that which Solomon gave her of his royal bounty. he turned to Jesus and asked Him to help him overcome his struggles with substance abuse. “The Word that was planted during my first year amplified the way I was able to communicate with people. As you read through the following testimonies. For the past several years. he has been ministering at weekends and late at night in downtown Colorado Springs. When Chris’s mentor mentioned CBC. At the GTS. Of course.” says Chris. It is a safe assumption that she ended up with more riches than she presented to Solomon.” King Solomon didn’t need the queen’s riches. Chris and some friends attended Andrew’s 2010 Gospel Truth Seminar in Atlanta. The power of your partnership matters. the building is simply a new tool by which to share the Gospel truth. While incarcerated. I was a drug addict for ten years and I have been released. Chris has taken his revelation of God’s unconditional love for him and now ministers to any and all who will listen. Though it often seems to have taken centre stage. Chris visited the website and sensed the Lord leading him to attend. Chris’s first two years at CBC fuelled a growing passion he had for street ministry. First Kings 10:13 says. it’s about what you need as well. one can easily get caught up in the financial details and lose sight of the real purpose behind the project. “This verse has come alive in me and given me a heart for people. With a building project of this scale.” Chris explains.

As Levi was getting ready to graduate. Chris is aware that they are not having an encounter with his intellect. under one roof. Thank you. Now my primary focus is meeting with people and sharing the love of Christ. After his encounter with God.. clothing. of course. During her two years at CBC. health care. which neither have storehouse nor barn. allowing her to attend and still meet all of her obligations. I sow into people. face to face and that’s what captures the human heart it is the love of God that leads them to repentance and relationship. Levi encountered the God he didn’t believe existed and his life was radically changed. As he meets people on the street. “Praise God. He shared with his family the idea the Lord had placed in his heart years earlier. He says. he put the idea aside. During this time. clean water. social interaction. people sow into me and God brings the increase. regardless of their backgrounds. He grew in the Word and started to host Bible studies in his apartment while in college. “I used to make money for a living and do ministry on the side. he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted. for putting God first and for equipping the saints for the ministry the Father has for each of His children. which provides. which works through all of His children who are willing. She now finds fulfilment in providing food. He loved to provoke believers to the point of questioning their own faith. Unsure whether it was a prompt from the Lord or his own thought. Levi began serving the ministry through which he was born again. mission work was only for wealthy. all the basic necessities for the homeless in Rwanda. trusting and obeying what He tells them to do. spiritual guidance to those who may otherwise be overlooked. he realised his time had come. Instead. and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls? Luke 12:24 Levi Crawford Levi once professed to be an atheist and he wasn’t passive about his denial of God’s existence. Isaiah 61:1 Mary Munyangaju Mary’s heart was filled with excitement when she learned that two CBC Colorado graduates were opening a campus in Belfast. in his late teens. CBC. she had a distorted perspective of this type of missionary work. She had always had ministry to the elderly on her heart. knowledge or opinion but rather with Jesus operating in and through him: “They are encountering Jesus. dignity and. Ireland. he purposely persecuted Christians – he hated them.” Mary says. up until that point in her life. to proclaim liberty to the captives. because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek.CBC students with him when he heads out at 12:30 a. CBC switched the light bulb on!” Mary’s time at CBC helped her understand the call on her life and it led her to begin Bird of Paradise Ministries Rwanda. She felt that God had opened an extension school just for her.” The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me.” Chris and his teams are usually well received by the late night crowd and they see many hearts and bodies healed through their ministry. Whether he goes with or without a team. However. my two years at CBC got me out of the box and exposed me to the unlimited power of God.m. particularly the people of Rwanda. since the new location proved to be a manageable commute. Mary realised the potential and power that God had poured into her to minister to the elderly. he will also hit the streets by himself if the Lord leads him to do so. He remembers taking religion classes in high school for the sole purpose of learning how to undermine what the Christians around him believed. Mary’s thinking. he felt a strong desire rise up in his heart to start a church. “I was completely wrong. but because of her childhood. personal hygiene. In her eyes. Chris normally ministers for several hours before calling it a night or a morning. had limited her view on what God could do with and through her. and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. welleducated Westerners. and Spring 2014 23 . Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap.

click “Create An Account.” Levi Andrew’s life’s work of study and teaching is available to you FREE Listen to or download over 250 hours of teaching covering over 170 subjects View 1. in turn. and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.awme. he did a search on the internet to see if anyone else had ever taught on the topic. is making a difference in the lives of countless people and allowing a supernatural flow of God’s divine prosperity through you. Levi devoured Andrew’s materials. changed the hearts of my congregation. Levi began to see that God had provided everything for the believer but that the believer needed faith to access the provision. By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand.500 archived Gospel Truth television programmes Read over 16. Once a self declared enemy of God. Thank you! GT www. there is a church that has been impacted beyond words. Levi has grown to know God more intimately and he now effortlessly flourishes in his role as a pastor. As the church was getting off the ground. “I cannot speak enough about how thankful I am for AWM. Levi now embraces the fullness of Jesus Christ one revelation at a time. Listening to God Wants You Well broadened his understanding of God’s willingness and eagerness to heal and the fullness of salvation. in turn.” and complete the information.The Effects of Partnership they helped him launch Fountain of Faith Church. That was when Levi came across Andrew’s website and his teaching. Down here. It’s amazing for me to think of the influence and the lives changed by AWM. Romans 5:2 These are just a few examples illustrating the power of your partnership. the Lord was revealing to Levi the balance between grace and faith.000 commentary notes Watch streaming video of events live Order Andrew’s materials NOW INTERACTIVE ∙ View and change your account ∙ Make donations ∙ Receive Andrew’s newsletter by email Click “Login” at the top of the AWM home page. in Southwest Florida. This. the fruit of his own ministry grew. Through Andrew’s teaching. It has changed my heart and. What Levi heard exploded in his heart and he understood more fully his position in Christ. deepening his revelation. With each teaching series that Levi listened to. Living in the Balance of Grace & Faith. 24 GospelTruth . As he got a hold of this truth. Your faithful giving allows Andrew to continue to expand his teaching ministry through both CBC and AWM.

net. FIND YOUR PLACE AT CHARIS BIBLE COLLEGE We have programmes just for you to deepen your relationship with God while finding your purpose in the body of Christ. go to www.awme.CBCUK. There’s a campus near you! CBC London .NET Spring S Spr Sp pri ring g2 2014 01 0 1 14 4 2 25 5 .East CBC West Midlands CBC Yorkshire CBC Belfast CBC Southampton (New! September 2014!) AUTUMN TERM BEGINS .Television Cable/Satellite Station Listings Monday through Friday All air times are GMT unless otherwise stated Church Channel Daystar TV Network CNL God TV TBN Family 7 (CET) 8:00 AM 5:30 PM 9:30 AM 7:30 AM &1:00 PM 2:30 AM 7:30 PM Mon 8:30 AM Wed 10:30 PM Thur 3:00 PM Fri Pax TV (CET) 6:15 PM TV7 (CET) 7:00 PM Tues For more detailed information about when the Gospel Truth is aired.SEPTEMBER 2014 - WWW.

which brought together 577 potential students from across the 26 GospelTruth country and beyond. The new building. Having taken the Apostle Paul’s instruction to his protégé. The 72. Andrew will be able to impart what he has learned to a growing community of faithful believers at The Barn. following the conclusion of CBC Colorado’s annual Campus Days. a culmination of four and a half years of planning and hard work. Daniel Amstutz and the CBC Worship Team held nothing back as they played powerful praise and . was miraculously erected debt free and now serves as home to the school’s ever increasing student body. Many were introduced to CBC and its mission – to equip faithful men and women for the work of the ministry – for the first time. and then they enjoyed refreshments and fellowship before the program began. Constructed on a picturesque piece of property named The Sanctuary.The Best Is Y The Grand Opening Day of Ch C Charis Bible College (CBC) recently celebrated the grand opening of the first building at the school’s new campus in Woodland Park. who were willing to brave the spring storm in order to attend the eventful evening. The Woodland Park campus is the third Colorado location since the school’s inception in 1994. On March 22. affectionately called The Barn.000 square foot structure. is simply a tool to be used to fulfil the call on Andrew’s life to make disciples. Despite the snow and slippery conditions. while grand in stature. life changing potential. 2014. Andrew and Jamie warmly welcomed 686 guests. The new campus. Timothy. marks a new beginning full of unlimited. but it is the first that the ministry has built from the ground up. a Grand Opening community celebration was held at The Barn. Attendees were treated to a tour of the new building. Colorado. the facility is a testament to a decision Andrew made twelve years ago to take the limits off God. in 2 Timothy 2:2 as his own.

Texas. his partners. Andrew also shared a quick summary of how his ministry began and how on March 23. 2014.Yet to Come haris Bible College Colorado worship music. Yes. including a brand new song written very early that same morning by one of the worship leaders. Florida. Andrew provided an example to illustrate what that amount of dirt would look like. reveal Yourself to me and show me what You want to do with my life. he had prayed. his staff and many other key individuals who’d helped make the building project a reality. Andrew shared some interesting facts about dirt. He said that the quantity of dirt that was moved at The Sanctuary was Spring 2014 27 . which was released on March 18.641 yards of concrete. The audience enjoyed the music almost as much as the worship team enjoyed leading it. North Carolina. “God. brother and sister in-law. He then introduced his sister. Since those numbers may not mean much to most. Several extension schools from around the world held their own grand opening celebrations. Following praise and worship.000 yards of dirt and 5. Andrew offered welcoming remarks to those in attendance and those observing via the internet. he had a miraculous encounter with God. Andrew expressed his gratitude to God. The entire first phase of construction required the hauling of 350. Arizona. Before this encounter.” He encouraged those in the audience that talking to God is just that simple. After speaking about plans for future community events to be held at CBC. The Best Is Yet to Come. dirt. and California each gathered to watch the event online. Marcia Alverson. 1968. their adoration for the Lord was contagious. who were on hand for the event. CBC Argentina and CBC Ireland and stateside schools in Chicago. Daniel and the team performed several songs from their first CD/DVD album.

He thanked the community of Woodland Park for being gracious and welcoming. that is impressive. He then went on to express his appreciation for his staff and highlighted the extensive growth the school has experienced over the past several years. Merline shared Christ with Gilbert. that following his death. Gilbert could hardly contain his happiness. which is anticipated to begin shortly. Three years later. Gilbert said he “saw Jesus in the doorway.The Best Is Yet to Come enough to cover an entire football field. at a depth of 199 feet. “The friendliest community here in Colorado is Woodland Park. Gilbert even shared a dream that he had for the property where CBC now sits. she told him that he was only missing one thing in his life. Gilbert S. Now. While his night time nurse’s aide. As a man of wealth. Debbie Jackson Littlestar. Gary Luecke. Merline Harrison. In the days that followed. and in the moments that followed. Today more than 5. he wanted his properties to be used for Christian education. He Andrew speaking at the Grand Opening Jamie Wommack sings praises to God 28 GospelTruth . his eyes opened wide in clear wonder of what he could possibly have missed. He told his daughter. he was born again.000 individuals are being discipled at CBC worldwide. did her best to comfort him.” Gary said. on Gilbert’s seventy fourth birthday. Much of the dirt moved was excavated in preparation for the second phase of the construction project. Jackson purchased the 157 acre property in 1990. end zone to end zone. the director of CBC Colorado.” and the experience was so tangible to him that it noticeably changed him. Perhaps the most poignant portion of the evening came when Andrew directed the audience to view a video testimony that shared the history of The Sanctuary property. also addressed the audience. he was in bed suffering from the effects of cancer.

That was very close to the same time that God spoke to Andrew about starting a Bible college. God ordered this.” Andrew said. was in attendance and seated in the front row along with her daughter. After a thunderous round of applause. which “happens” to be just like The Barn! Following the video. It was June 1993 when Gilbert received Jesus. He went on to emphasise that it was one person’s faithfulness that began the process of thousands of lives being transformed. then Andrew’s next introduction surely was. He announced that Gilbert’s nurse. If the video wasn’t enough to touch every heart in the room. What a moment it must have been for Merline to realise the Merline Harrison and her daughter.Andrew gives flowers to Merline Harrison imagined a school with glass walls so that the students could feel like they were outside while learning. Merline. Andrew thanked Merline and honoured her with a lovely bouquet of flowers. “This is a God thing. Andrew shared some significant details about seeing God bring this project together through multiple people. Delores Clark Spring 2014 29 . Delores Harrison Clark.

GT CHARIS BIBLE COLLEGE COLORADO Mountain view from the entrance Front desk 30 GospelTruth . It is safe to say that those who came to celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of God. After the program. are a testimony to God’s faithfulness. events intern Lisa Cree was exceptionally pleased with the dedicated staff and volunteers who made the evening special: “It was an amazing Campus Days and Grand Opening event weekend.” The size and scope of the project and the fact that it was completed debt free. truly enjoyed the evening.The Best Is Yet to Come fruit of her seemingly small act of faithfulness and the hope of the countless lives that will be transformed through CBC. as well as those who came only out of curiosity. every sidewalk that was shovelled. students waited in line to greet and thank her personally. Merline graciously spoke with each one. Many Woodland Park residents left the event happy to have CBC as their new neighbour. every person that was greeted with a smile. despite the snow and ice storm. be sure to visit our website to watch the Grand Opening celebration online. Third year. every car that was parked. If you weren’t able to join us in person. For every slice of cake that was served. someone’s life was being impacted.

Break room on the main floor Main auditorium A local coffee shop comes in to provide coffee and snacks to the students One of several lower-level classrooms Lower level hallway Students are shuttled by bus each day to and from Colorado Springs Student Service room Spring Spri Sp ring ng 2 2014 014 31 31 . . Part time Night School year 1 (spread over 2 academic years) Tuesday & Thursday 6. Courses For further information on any of our courses visit our website: www.. and grounding them in the message of God’s unconditional love and grace.30pm 9 30 0pm m (Campus times & days may vary depending on location) (Currently only available at the CBC West Midlands Campus) Correspondence Course Year 1 study in the comfort of your own home. 2 & 3 Monday TO Friday 9am -1pm night school years 1 & 2 Monday to Friday 6.30pm Start today! (Campus times & days may vary depending on location) mission Equip faithful men and women for the work of the ministry by teaching spiritual truths.30 -9. change the world 32 Change GospelTruth www. providing practical ministry opportunities.There is one just for you. imparting Biblical knowledge. Sep New tem 201 ber 4 Day School years 1.30 Charis Bible College your life.

CHANGE THE World .5th September ------CBC BELFAST Early September dates to be confirmed For full details visit www.cbcuk. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have. Charis Bible College CHANGE YOUR THINKING ABOUT COMING TO CBC? Open week is a great time to come and chat with staff and current students about life at Charis Bible College.5th September ------CBC YORKSHIRE 1st .Charis Bible College OPEN WEEK September 2014 CBC LONDON EAST 1st .4th September ------CBC WEST MIDLANDS 1st .

To watch these shows. Media Operations Manager Episode 11 Paul Milligan. To School of Ministry 34 GospelTruth . be sure to check out The Inside Story. an internet based broadcast offering a unique look at the inner workings of AWM.awme. Watch and be blessed by all that the Lord is doing at and through AWM. After being featured on the home page.If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM). www. Phone Centre Manager Episode 8: Stephen Bransford. go to www. Andrew has released fourteen episodes. CBC Business School Director Episode 12 Bob Episode 1: Series Premiere Episode 4: An Interview with Jamie Wommack Episode 7: Paul Stewart. a link to a new story is posted on the ministry’s home page. Each month. awme. stories are archived online to allow for repeat viewing.

Former General Manager for AWM Episode 10: Andrew’s Living Commentary Episode 13: Viewer Questions Episode 14: An Interview with DAVE HINTON Spring 2014 35 . Director of CBC Episode 9: Larry Yonker.Episode 2: The Healing School Episode 3: In The Back country Of Uganda Episode 5: Ministry In France Episode 6: Gary Luecke.


The resulting Living Commentary is a merger of the original (and subsequently updated) Life for Today notes and Andrew’s recent commentaries. Through the program.” Andrew is particularly excited about his ability to use the software program to clearly present sometimes hard to follow historical events from the Bible. Then. Originally. An Old Testament prophecy. Upon launching the Gospel Truth programme on television in 2000. Andrew chose to discontinue production of Life for Today. he can place events in chronological order to help users better understand the history of the people and places in the Bible. but he continued researching and writing footnotes for Bible verses. which began over twenty five years ago as a verse by verse study of the Scriptures. however. effort.000 of Andrew’s personal notes and commentary on more than half of all the verses in the Bible? Andrew calls his Living Commentary Bible program “the best kept secret in [his] entire ministry. Over the course of many years. and Holy Spirit inspired revelation. Andrew expanded his notes and commentary to include Acts through Colossians as well. biblical prophecies are joined with the people and events surrounding them to help users clearly see how and when the prophecies came to pass. For all of this time.w AWM’s Best Kept Secret What would you say about a Bible software program that contained over 18. Life for Today only included Andrew’s notes for the four Gospels and was published as a 600 page hardback book. can be instantly Spring 2014 37 . Some verses. In fact. six years ago. along with adding updates or edits to preexisting notes. Andrew believes that the Living Commentary is “the best [tool] to have to help people get into the Word of God. Additionally. Andrew chose to call this new program Living Commentary because he is still actively writing it. have literally taken him years to properly and thoroughly research. he averages roughly 125 new Bible verse notes each month.” Living Commentary is a high tech version of Andrew’s original Life for Today. It will typically take Andrew one hour of research and writing for each new verse he adds. Andrew had the idea to write additional commentary on these personal study notes. for example.

five dictionaries. but all of the website allows Andrew’s Bible commentary to be read technical interfacing with AWM and the integration of on any device with a web browser. Andrew’s commentary. cross referenced verses. are merged into the Living Commentary program. however. Andrew is excited about the tools that the Living Before any changes are made. such as how many times it is used in the Bible. This mobile friendly itself is issued by a third party company. its part of speech and other notes. The software One feature of the Living Commentary that users find particularly helpful is the instant availability of resources for learning about Greek and Hebrew words. Andrew Wommack Ministries’ (AWM) Computer Department Manager Stan Priest – who has worked for Andrew for nearly twenty five years – has provided the technical expertise for this project. 50 dictionaries. read Andrew’s notes on the go or from a computer that Each month. the new notes and updates to existing doesn’t have the Living Commentary software installed. It’s a great way to Andrew’s new notes are provided by Stan and his staff. Adam Clarke’s and on mobile devices Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament). Users can easily download these free updates from within the software program or from the AWM website. Stan Priest. maps. enabling them to “hear thoroughly proofed for grammar. the user can instantly access its transliteration. the origin of its root word. over 70 more Bible versions. Also free with the program purchase Andrew with Computer Department Manager. the notes are Commentary provides to users. three other Andrew’s Living Commentary is now also available commentaries (Matthew Henry’s Concise. Scripture references and so forth.AWM’s Best Kept Secret linked to its New Testament manifestation. each Greek and Hebrew word is phonetically spelt out – and even audibly pronounced with a click of the mouse! Andrew is continually editing and expanding the Living Commentary program so new monthly updates are always available. two topical cross references. on The Inside Story is the online version of Living Commentary. photos and theological/ historical references. By simply hovering the mouse over the Greek or Hebrew word. spelling and accuracy from God through the Scriptures on their own without of facts. American Standard Version. its definition and other valuable information. Stan Priest calls the Living Commentary an “expandable program” because subscribers may add additional resources and tools – including Greek and Hebrew study guides. 38 GospelTruth . Additionally.” He is confident The Living Commentary software program comes that the program can “speed up understanding of the standard with three different Bible versions (King Word and the ability to gain insight from the Word… James Version. and 800 commentaries – directly from the software provider. and Young’s it’s like Miracle-Gro to a plant!” Literal Translation). having to rely on any other teacher. providing a valuable study tool for those using the program. notes.

In the natural world.” My whole life and ministry are the product of meditating on God’s Word. I guarantee it will accelerate your understanding of the Scriptures. given time. This Living Commentary is to Bible study as “MiracleGro” is to plants. It’s the same in the spiritual world. “Lord. watch Andrew and Stan Priest on The Inside Story at I began to pray.awme. God’s Word is the seed that. everything revolves around seed. When it’s planted in your heart and left there. The Word is a seed that contains the very life of God. The only effort on your part is to take the time and make the effort to plant the seed. This is a digital commentary on the Bible. For system it will release that life. product features. produces a harvest. or to order the Living Commentary. what do I have to do to get from where I am to where You want me to be?” I opened my eyes and as I saw my Bible laying on the bed in front of me. Any good thing in my life or ministry can be traced back to how God’s Word has changed me. time and harvest. I heard the Lord say. GT The Living Commentary is “the best tool I have to help people get into the Word of God” – Andrew Bible Software with Andrew’s Commentary Kneeling beside my bed one day in 1968. go to www. “Just put My Word in your heart and it will do the rest. Price: £60 Item Codes: 8152 (for Windows) 8152-A (for Mac) Spring 2014 39 .AWM’s Best Kept Secret To learn more about this valuable and exciting software program. I’ve spent nearly forty six years studying the Word of God day and night and this commentary is the most comprehensive approach I’ve ever had to sharing the truths the Lord has shown me. I believe it’s the same for you. I am so excited to offer you my Living Commentary.

and I know we all have our individual difficulties. the economy is also an issue on many people’s minds these days. we hear about impending economic collapse. it cost $20. is easier for the majority of us today. Rejoice.S.Andrew’s Antidotes Andrew’s Antidotes – Counteracting the Poison of Negativism – It Shouldn’t Outweigh What God Has Promised I find it strange that so many people today seem to thrive on tragedy and choose to live in fear and darkness.000 a year to be among the richest 1 percent of the world’s population. What it boils down to is that some of our country’s poorest are among the world’s richest. people don’t retire from their jobs until they are sixty two.70 for a three-minute phone call from New York to San Francisco. Much to the surprise of many. but we’re not as bad off as the media and others want us to believe. no one has died from an atomic bomb since the final stages of World War II.5 tons. since the average computer back then weighed thirty tons. It’s been said before. In the U. The simple truth is. we have not had a nuclear war. 40 GospelTruth Wars and rumours of wars dominate media headlines regularly. interest rates and on and on. Just one hundred years ago. back when the first transcontinental telephone line was established by AT&T in 1915. Today in our country.” I was reading an article recently that provided a list of fifty reasons that this is the greatest period in world history. I’m not denying there are issues facing us as a country today. the general population was under the impression that another nuclear weapons attack was inevitable. There is no denying that there is unrest in many parts of the world today.3 Adjusted for inflation. Popular Mechanics magazine published an article in 1949 predicting the possibility that someday a computer could weigh as little as 1. yet Paul wrote in Philippians 4:4 to “rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say. We’re constantly being bombarded with tax increases. Today we’ve got more computing power in our smart phones than all of NASA had when it put a man on the moon in 1969.2 What a blessing it is that we’re not carrying around one and a half tons in our back pockets! Speaking of phones. It could have been much worse. higher gas and oil prices – even the cost of food is on the rise.1 This was a big deal. When we focus on the doom and gloom facing us individually or as a nation. but it bears repeating: We don’t have a revenue problem in this country. but Jesus told us in John 14:1. in general. that’s $157 a minute! We have access to unlimited talk and text for under $50 per month today. the national debt. they start panicking about how they’re going to provide for their families. . Of course. it’s easy to lose sight of this truth. God is for us.4 I’m sure that’s hard to believe for some. the average person living in America died at age fifty one. We’ve got computers that do much of our thinking. It’s no surprise that when people focus on these things. Just think: the “golden years” didn’t exist for our ancestors. but praise God. Life. In 2010. but I think it’s worth mentioning that back in 1945. it was reported that a person only needed to earn an annual income of $34. we have a spending problem. raising the debt ceiling.. Our lives and businesses are highly dependent on modern technology. Life expectancy topped the list.

When we put our faith in Him. Check it out online: www. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is on the inside of us ( Spring 2014 41 .Andrew’s Antidotes Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God. Nothing in this world can compare to God’s promises to us. our circumstances will never outweigh what God has done for each issue will contain Andrew’s thoughts on current events as well as individual testimonies and breakthrough stories that will inspire you. and ten thousand at thy right hand. The Scripture says the whole earth is full of the glory of the Lord (Is.htm www. The Gospel Truth iPad Magazine app can now be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store. but it shall not come nigh thee. and not of evil. believe also in me. You know. The truth is.att. Protection. we have reason to rejoice! Psalm 91:7 says. In addition to featuring a special teaching message from Andrew. Fix your eyes on Jesus and count your blessings. Each issue is filled with encouraging content. and more. God’s got a plan for each of us that is better than we can imagine. 4:19). thoughts of peace. Here is a verse to help you do that: For I know the thoughts that I think toward you. A thousand shall fall at thy side.aspx iPad Digital Magazine Is Available Now! The Gospel Truth is Andrew Wommack Ministries’ new interactive digital magazine app. videos. Rejoice! GT Sources: 1 www. www. 1:19-20).fool. articles. and wholeness belong to us as believers.html 4 he aves and the ave otsby Branko Milanovic 5 “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” by Helen Lemmel. you can update it with the latest versions as they become available. to give you an expected end. God has promised to supply our needs (Phil. 6:3). there’s a song that says that as we turn our eyes upon 2 saith the LORD. Jeremiah 29:11 Don’t fall for the lies of the Enemy. 3 www. You are living in great times. photos. He’s given us promise after promise. the things of this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. provision. After installing the app on your iPad.bls.corp.5 We need to have our eyes fixed on Him and what He’s

Germany May 30 & June 1 Nice. ACTS 2:3-4 MANY WILL BE HEALED He withdrew himself from thence: and great multitudes followed him [Jesus].Join us for a powerful time of teaching as Andrew Wommack shares the Word of God.awme. MATTHEW 12:15b (brackets added) The meetings are free. and it sat upon each of them. Leiderdorp. Children are welcome. and he healed them all. Registration is not required. [4] And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. as the Spirit gave them utterance. but child care is not 42 GospelTruth . and began to speak with other tongues. Netherlands May 27 & 28 Wiesbaden. For more information. 25 & 26 MANY WILL BE SAVED That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus. and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead. thou shalt be saved. ROMANS 10:9 MANY WILL BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire. visit our website: www. France June 2 & 3 Kampala. Uganda October 24.

as this conference is specifically focused for you. Andrew and Jamie will host their annual European Ministers’ Conference. Many who have participated in the past say it’s the best ministers’ conference they have ever attended. Unfortunately there is no facility for children. click to add the channel. this year at our European Headquarters in Walsall. It is open to all active pastors. start. Perhaps you could send your pastor or another friend who is in full time ministry? They’ll be blessed! EUROPEAN MINISTERS’ CONFERENCE OCTOBER If you are an active pastor. refreshing. and renewal. Then. you have the ability to stream and watch videos on your television at any time. are coming together at this event for one purpose. Watch Andrew on Our ROKU Channel Get instant access to hundreds of video teachings and extras for free! On Roku. there is no monthly bill. Unlike cable or satellites. visit www. please phone our Helpline on: +44(0)1922 473 300. whenever you choose. 20-22 2014 Andrew. October 20-22.” A Roku is a small device that plugs into your television and wireless internet connection. Spring 2014 43 . and resume the shows you want to Bob Yandian. however you must register as spaces are limited. This meeting is free to attend. Click to select it. then click “add. along with his special guest speaker. Roku players are available at many retail stores. Add AWM to Your Roku: • Login to the Roku website online. This is always a great time of encouragement. associate pastor or a leader of a Christian ministry you are very welcome. • Add the channel by accessing the Channel Store from your Roku device. yet it allows you to instantly watch over 750 channels and hundreds of movies plus the ability to stop. associate pastors and leaders of Christian ministries. This event promises to provide much needed encouragement from speakers who desire to impart to those on the front lines of ministry. and that is to serve you. Then scroll until you find the Andrew Wommack Ministries Channel. Scroll down to the “Religion & Spirituality” section and click it. For more information. after searching for Andrew Wommack Ministries. To register for this event.roku.ANDREW WOMMACK MINISTRIES PRESENTS THE Andrew and Jamie’s Annual European Ministers’ Conference: A Time of Encouragement and Renewal for your Pastor A pastor’s job can be at both rewarding and exhausting at once and many could benefit from a time of refreshing and renewal.

England +44(0)1922 473300 enquiries@awme.awmi.Andrew Wommack Ministries – Europe & Charis Bible College West Midlands BRING THE FAMILY & ENJOY COLORADO! • Hear Andrew and other anointed CBC instructors • Daily Kingdom Kids’ Camp for children ages 5-12 • Several teen gatherings to be held throughout the week • Worship with Charlie & Jill LeBlanc and the CBC Worship Team • Fellowship with other like minded believers Charlie and Jill LeBlanc Worship Leaders For more information. Box 4392 www.1111 44 GospelTruth Item Code: 0514 www.awme.O. WS1 . go to our website: or call: 719.635.