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Mid-Year Performance Review


Performance Review Process

Tool Walkthrough for E3 & Below
Appraisee & Appraiser


What is Mid Year Performance Review & What it means for you

Mid-Year Performance Review Process

Talent Identification & Progression(TIP) : Salient Features
TIP : Key Stakeholders and Their Role
Query Resolution Method
Tool Walkthrough

What is Mid-Year and What It Means to YOU

Mid- Year Review is the performance assessment done in the middle of the year to check whether the appraisee is going as per the planned
performance schedule or not. This is an important interim checkpoint which can provide the appraisee an opportunity for course correction
or a realistic revision in the targets.
This process evaluates progress against key performance parameters (KPP) aligned to your jobs. At this stage, it is important to look in the
mirror and assess what you need to start, stop or continue doing to achieve your goals as this will help you to get better understanding of
the priorities to meet defined job expectations.
For our employees who are on projects and assignments, the job played as recorded in our resource assignation system (RAS) would be
the basis for reviewing progress and providing feedback. Some of you have also formally recorded specifics as part of the expectations
exchange process.
If an employee is assigned to multiple assignments at the instance of trigger of Mid-Year Performance Review, one of the assignations
have been chosen to reflect in the field "Job" based on time share and responsibility.
Seeking feedback periodically to ensure clarity on role, responsibilities, priorities, and performance expectations
Providing feedback periodically is critical so there are no surprises at the end of the year.
This dialogue will ensure that your contributions till date are recorded formally as well as no input is lost at the year-end review
for H1as this form will be provided for your Appraiser to view to ensure for holistic decision-making during the Annual
Performance Review later this year as well.
Scope :

Any E0-E3 career level employees from Apps and SI, ERS, BSERV (E1-E3), Sales & Sales Support, Infra & Enabling Functions
(including GEOs) who has completed more than 6 months as on 31-Dec -14 becomes eligible for the Mid Year
JAS 14 , OND 14 and JFM 15 confirmation cases not to be included for Mid year activation
Employees who are not confirmed, halfway or more through their probation period become eligible for mid year
** For E4+ employees , H1 Achievement reporting will be the basis for Mid-Year Review.

Mid-Year Performance Review Process

Mid-Year Performance Review


Record achievement against

role expectations

14114 Calendar Days


Provide feedback on
achievement against
expectations in a timely

1417 Calendar Days


Identify performers at higher

and lower end of spectrum
for counselling

1415 Calendar Days

SLA will apply from the date of stage opening respectively while stakeholder can save the inputs before the stage is opened.
We would like to keep the time window sacrosanct in the spirit of timely feedback, and hence request your support. The complete review of
organization-wide mid-year feedback is expected to be completed within the 24 calendar days.

Talent Identification & Progression(TIP) : SNAPSHOT


The Objective of the program is to aggressively differentiate high potentials who have exhibited high performance and reward
and accelerate their career growth towards their aspired roles .

All E0-E3 career level employees & E1-E3 in BSERV excluding ES SAP will undergo an annual cycle in (July) & a Mid- Year
cycle Focusing on feedback/expectations exchange in January, which will be developmental in nature

Among them top 30% distinguished and Exceptional performance rated employees for bands up to E3 are assessed twice a
year to validate whether they are performing higher role. Employees who are tagged as Hi potentials and who are performing
next level role would be considered on priority to be moved to the next higher level of responsibilities through job/role
upgrade through this Fast Track Program

Talent Identification & Progression(TIP) : Salient Features

Integrated Fast Track Career Growth Program with collective involvement of CoE, HR , L&D,
WPC and Delivery
Identification of HiPo among E0-E3 full time Annual aligned Distinguished and Exceptional
Job based progression is the core of the program
Jobs as per C DEX Career landscape & Integrated with Career Connect
Leveraging Analysis to assess the appropriate positioning of employee to the Job

Capability to play next level role authenticated through a structured CDP

Ultimate objective to encourage Hi Performance and Talent Promotion

Talent Identification & Progression(TIP) : Stakeholder-Roles & Responsibilities



1. Clearly and precisely specify the achievements against KRA

2. Indicate role aspirations and mobility/location constraint (if any) in Appraisee
3. Ensure subscription to Career Connect and completion of CDP
4. Deliver results and demonstrate strong performance in line with agreed
goals and developmental plan
5. Work in line with manager to use new skills acquired as a function of Job

1. Conduct Assessment discussion and finalize on the Developmental Plan in

Career Connect
2. Learning/training interventions required
3. If employee is performing the higher role but position doesnt exist in current
project , opportunities jobs for Job Movement along with WPC and BPHR to
be identified
4. Provide direction and ensure active participation in Career Counselling



1. Review and validate appraiser recordings and remarks

2. Job verification , else updation in RAS
3. Check on High Potential and Promotion for those employees who are already
performing the higher role as per the C-DEX Framework.
4. Give reasons of Project Scope\Span change or details of employee who the
HiPo employee is replacing for employees performing next level role
5. Final Rating for Mid year-TIP
6. Participate in CDP finalization discussion in Career Connect
7. Provide learning experiences and knowledge sharing on developmental areas
8. Present the Talent Progression in the ORMs as a part of the quarterly talent
summit review

1. COE to give the leveraging analysis

2. BPHR would enable Delivery Leaders for effective and objective decision
making on High Potential identification (Demand Vs Supply Match Logic)
3. BP HR Ensure CDP is completed and Leveraging is appropriate
4. Facilitate Job Progression / Rotation to the next identified role with LoB WPC
Governance on Talent Management by Leadership ensuring higher ownership
from Business on the TIP Program

Mid-Year Performance Review - Query Resolution Method

For Mid Year Process related clarifications, please raise an

SSD through following path: My HCL SSD Application
Issue, Service Request, Process & Data Issue HR
Program FIRST Performance Management
For job mapping related clarifications, please raise an SSD
through following path: My HCL SSD Application Issue,
Service Request, Process & Data Issue HR Program
FIRST Career Management

For US based employees, please use our Role Alignment Tool

to trigger an update.
For those who are not in project based roles, please trigger
change in your Job and key performance parameters
through your HR Business Partner.
For technical issues, please raise an SSD through following
path: Myhcl SSD Application Awareness i4Excel

iPerform Mid-Year Performance Review Timelines

Mid-Year Performance Review Launch - Timelines
E0 to E3
Appraisee Stage

14 Calendar days

Appraiser Stage

7 Calendar days

Reviewer Stage

5 Calendar days

Tool Walkthrough-Appraisee

The iPerform tool for Mid-Year Performance Review can be accessed through the below path MyCareer iPERFORM (Self) MyCareer iPERFORM (My Team)

iPerform Path - MyCareer iPERFORM

iPERFORM view on


iPerform Appraisee Stage

Appraisee Action Click on edit & proceed to fill the Review form


iPerfom Appraisee Stage-Personal Details Section


iPerfom Appraisee Stage - Update Reporting Structure

Window to update Employee Reporting Structure: Appraisee will have an option to

update the Appraiser & Reviewer Mapping as long as the record is pending at Appraisee Stage.

** APPS & SI: This field will not be visible to employees in APPS & SI due to
organizational changes. For all employees in APPS & SI, CDM will be mapped as
Appraiser & CDMs RM will be mapped as Reviewer.


iPerform Appraisee Stage Personal Detail Section

Additions: Link to Career Connect & Tool Tip on Deployed Job

Tool Tip- The Deployed Job and Job Family as displayed in the your personal details section in PMS is the mapping signed off for you by your HR BP and DU Head and will
remain static for the purpose of the current ongoing review. If you want to get your job mapping updated in the organizational systems, the standard process of update of job
mapping is through RAS (Resource Assignation System).Please connect with your Project Manager for that. For employee based in US Geo, this update happens through RAT (
Role Alignment Tool)
If you have to comment on your Deployed Job / Job family please give this through the comments section to your Appraiser & Reviewer/ connect with your HR BP

** Needs Review Post updation of new Tool tip


iPERFORM Appraisee Stage -Key Performance Parameters (KPP) - (E0-E1)

For Infra auto populated KPAs across E0-E3

Appraisee is expected to reflect on last year highlights & lowlights

3 KPP categories will appear pre-populated for which weightage should be greater than or equal to 10%

Additional KPP categories can be chosen by Appraisee if required

A KPP category can be selected multiple times

KPP description (a free text box input)- for detailed KPP explanation by Appraisee

Weightage for each of the KPP Categories will be user input

Evaluation by employee will be done on each Key Performance Parameter on a scale of 1-10

Placeholder of Appraisee Comments at the end of this section.


iPERFORM Appraisee Stage -Key Performance Parameters (KPP) - (E2-E3)

For BSERV across E1-E3

Appraisee is expected to reflect on last year highlights & lowlights

Mid Year inputs wherever available will be pre-populated, else a blank form will be available.

For INFRA employees wherever Mid year template is same as Annual template, mid year form will be populated/ else role based template
will be assigned.

Appraisee need to fill KPP categories, KPP Description, Results achieved , Weightages and self rate

Minimum 3 KPPs needs to be filled for submission

Edit KPP description (free text box input) for detailing, or chose additional items

Placeholder of Appraisee Comments has been moved from bottom of the form to this section.

iPERFORM Expectation Exchange Links

Expectation Exchange links will be visible here


iPERFORM Appraisee StageKey Performance Parameters (E0-E3)

Provision for user to refer KPP Definitions with examples

KPP Categories:
1.Task Execution


9.Monitoring / Supervising

2.Process Adherence / Compliance

6.Customer Interface

10.Learning & Certification

3.Improvement (Internal)

7.Customer Sign-Off

11.Team Capability Building Training & Interviewing

4.Conceptualizing / Defining

8.Customer Value Creation/Innovation



iPERFORM Appraisee Stage -Behavioral Competencies

Appraisee can choose from the 7 competencies for behavioural rating, using 4 parameters and 5 levels of increasing proficiency.

Appraisee to select 1 or 2 descriptors in each parameter by clicking the space

Incase, any competency is not applicable to Appraisee, Not Expressed/Observed box to be checked.

Appraisee is allowed to choose Not Expressed/Observed for maximum two competencies which are not demonstrated in your current role.

The level descriptor for the competency will be auto computed based on the parameter level selections. These are further edit-able by the

Appraiser can overwrite Appraisee selection of description

This section is not Applicable for BSERV E0.1-E0.2


iPERFORM Appraisee Stage - Upload Additional Support Documents

Appraisee will be able to upload KPP/other relevant supporting documents


iPERFORM Appraisee Stage - Add Additional Appraiser

Appraisee will have an option to add up to 2 additional appraisers

KPPs need to be saved before employee adds additional appraiser(s)


iPERFORM Appraisee Stage -Additional Appraiser

Appraisee will have an option to select relevant KPPs against respective additional appraiser.


iPERFORM Appraisee Stage -Ideapreneurship Profile

Ideapreneurship Assessment completion status will be available on the Review Form so that the Appraisee &
Appraiser have a comprehensive view of quadrant that the employee belongs to.


iPERFORMAppraisee Stage-Discussion sign off

Appraisee is required to close the discussion with appraiser on the application as per the acceptance level i.e.
Not Satisfied
5 star rating scales have been incorporated in the form at discussion stage for Appraisee to rate review discussion quality.

Tool Walkthrough-Appraiser

iPERFORM Appraiser Stage Landing Screen

Appraisers in this section can view all performance review records pending at their end


iPERFORM Appraiser Stage Refer Back Screen

Records can be referred back

from here due to insufficiency
in employee details

Appraiser can record refer

back comments in the space


iPERFORM Appraiser Stage Review Form (Personal Details)

Post Selection of any record in Review form, Appraiser can view all Appraisee relevant details- Activation Date, Review
period, DOJ, Band, DOJ, REX, TEX, Last Promotion date, CDP Status etc.


iPERFORM Appraiser Stage -Key Performance Area (KPP)

Appraiser is expected to reflect on whether the employee has spent time & energy in the right performance areas.

Appraiser can change/modify KPP categories, KPP Description, Weightages and add KPP categories (if having a different view from

3 Pre-populated KPP Categories cannot be changed
Edit KPP description (free text box input) for detailing, or chose additional items
Notice the overall score for the KPP section.
Appraiser can view employee bench details.

iPERFORM Appraiser Stage - Behavioral Competencies

Appraiser should confirm/modify employee calibration by explaining critical incidents in the last review periods & help appraisee move up the proficiency scale
by Coaching, Mentoring, Training and providing on job exposure
7 competencies have been chosen for the (E0-E3 group of employees) for behavioural rating, using 4 parameters and 5 levels of increasing proficiency

Appraiser to select 1 or 2 adjacent descriptors in each parameter by clicking the space

Appraiser can view Appraisee selection of description in Green color

Incase of any overlap in Appraisee and Appraiser selection, the tab will appear highlighted in Yellow

Incase, any competency is not applicable to Appraisee, Not Expressed/Observed box to be checked

The level descriptor for the competency will be auto computed based on the parameter level selections. These are further edit-able by the appraiser

Appraiser can overwrite Appraisee selection of description

This section is not applicable for BSERV E0.1 & E0.2


iPERFORM-Additional Appraiser View To Appraiser

Appraiser will have a view to KPP inputs given by Addition Appraiser selected by Appraisee in the Tool.


iPERFORM-Last Years Appraisal View To Appraiser

There is an option available for Appraiser to view Appraisees Last Review Details including Mid Year wherever available.
Free space provided to Appraiser to record Confidential comments & Appraisers comments, however Confidential comments
will not be visible to Appraisee.

iPERFORM Appraiser Stage - Final Recommendation Section (E0-E3)

( Not Visible To Appraisee)

For all employees in Rating DP,EP & GP it is mandatory for Appraiser to provide Potential Job .This is appraisers suggestion to the organization how should the Appraisee grow from here (A to B) as a Career path recommendation
This section will provide a View of
The finalized Aspire job selected by employee in Career Connect
Selection of rating
Selection of Potential Job for top 3 ratings along with readiness timelines(Ready Now /Ready in 6 months/Ready in a year /Ready in 2 years
& More than 2 years)
Evaluation on 3x3 Performance Potential Grid

iPERFORMAppraiser Stage-

Ideapreneurship Profile & Discussion

Ideapreneurship Assessment completion status will be available on the Review Form so that the Appraisee & Appraiser
have a comprehensive view of quadrant that the employee belongs to.
Discussion set up will give an option to Appraiser to invite Appraisee for the review discussion & can record date, time &
location for the same.


iPERFORM-Appraiser-Other Details

Appraiser will be able to view KPP / any other support document uploaded by
Appraisee, feedback provided from Additional Appraiser

The disclaimer has been put in the pop up box when appraiser submits record from his

The score in this section will be an input for final rating and a guideline for relative peer group comparison. Please do not share your
final rating recommendation with the appraisee as it could be revised based on performance comparison across larger set. The
organizational performance rating decision is the final rating released to employee at the end of the performance review process.


iPERFORM-Annexure I-SSD & Service Centre Support

In case of any process /mapping related queries/ clarifications please contact HR Service Centre
representative Smart Service Desk Application Issues HR Program First Performance Management
Performance Appraisal (iPERFORM related queries)

For Technical Issues Smart Service Desk Application Awareness iPERFORM
Support Duration

Duration of Support

0900 - 2100 hrs. (IST)

Voice support


IVR / Voice Support (for employees)

Voice Helpdesk Support enabled for these GEOs:

India : 1800-102-0565

USA : 1866-365-0577

UK :
Note: The US and India numbers are reachable from any part of the globe. Calls by US-based employees dialing the US number
and India-based employees dialing the India number will be toll-free. However, international dialing will be chargeable for the
caller as per the local telecom operator rates..

Thank You