Take Assesment - DHomesb Chapter # 3 Which term is used to describe the process of placing one message format into

another format so that the message can be delivered across the appropriate medium? flow control encapsulation encoding multicasting access method Which two statements concerning networking standards are true? (Choose two.) adds complexity to networks encourages vendors to create proprietary protocols provides consistent interconnections across networks ensures that communications work best in a single-vendor environment simplifies new product development What is the purpose of logical addresses in an IP network? They identify a specific NIC on a host device. They are used to determine which host device accepts the frame. They provide vendor-specific information about the host. They are used to determine the network that the host is located on. They are used by switches to make forwarding decisions.

Refer to the graphic. What does the router do after it determines that a data packet from Network 1 should be forwarded to Network 2? It sends the data packet as it was received. It reassembles the frame with different MAC addresses than the original frame. It reassembles the data packet with different IP addresses than the original data packet. It reassembles both the packet and the frame with different destination IP and MAC addresses. What type of route allows a router to forward packets even though its routing table contains no specific route to the destination network?

dynamic route default route destination route generic route Which two items are included in a network logical map? (Choose two.) naming scheme IP addressing scheme length of cable runs physical location of networking devices specific layout of interconnections between networking devices and hosts What is a reason for disabling simple file sharing? It enables the user to map a remote resource with a local drive. It enables the user to share all files with all users and groups. It enables the user to share printers. It enables the user to set more specific security access levels.

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