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Nadels Double Standard

Cincinnati, OH- December 31, 2014, Thirteen days
after Judge Norbert Nadel sentenced Judge Tracie
Marie Hunter to six months in jail without bail,
twelve months probation, and court costs, for giving
her brother an envelope with undisclosed contents, the
same judge sentenced Mark Glover, the UC rapist to
three years probation and no jail time. Judge Tracie
Hunter is a well-respected Pastor, a female, and the
first African-American and Democrat to ever serve as a judge in Hamilton County
Juvenile Court. She didn't commit an act of violence, she didn't commit a sexual offense,
she didn't hold anyone against their will, or cause anyone physical harm; so how did
Glover, a white male who did do all of these things get off so lightly-by the same
sentencing judge?
Mark was facing six charges; three counts of rape and one count of Kidnapping (all 1st
degree felonies); he was also facing 2 counts of gross sexual imposition (a 4th degree
felony), all but the lessor charges of gross sexual imposition were dismissed by Judge
Nadel. After pleading guilty to the two lessor charges of gross sexual imposition, Judge
Norbert Nadel sentenced rapist Mark Glover to three years probation. The key is that
Glover is the son of Lobbyist and Prominent Republican Attorney, George T. Glover. Last
year, In 2013 George Glover was listed as one of Cincy Magazines Top 100 Tristates
Most Influential Leaders. He is Managing Director at Taft Stettinius & Hollister Law
Firm in the governmental affairs group: Focused Capitol Solutions LLC.
Interestingly enough, the day after Mark Glover was arrested, his father George Glover
reported State Representative Dale Mallory for receiving Reds tickets from him and not
reporting it. Although the evidence may be circumstantial, it seems a bit shady that Rep.
Mallory got turned in the day after the arrest was made, and subsequently Mark Glover
got such a sweet deal by the same be released to the public and back to his
parents posh Indian Hill home after raping a stranger and being convicted of 6 very
serious felonies; while a judge awaited a six month sentence with the threat of 23 hours
per day of solitary confinement. Fortunately, The Ohio Supreme Court stayed Judge
Hunters sentence, which was to commence on Monday, December 29th, after Hunters
attorney filed an emergency writ of mandamus and habeas corpus.
Hunter was charged with having an unlawful interest in a public contract; the prosecution
defined the charge as securing a public contract for a family member. During the trial,
Hunters Attorney Clyde Bennett filed three Rule 29 motions, as the evidence was
insufficient to substantiate the charge. The charges stem from the allegation that Hunter
secured documents on behalf of her brother to help prevent his termination. Several times
during the trial prosecutors implied that there were documents in the envelope that
Hunter was not entitled to have, however there was no evidence presented during the

trial, as to what was in the envelope nor whether the documents secured by Hunter were
the same as those secured by her brother and given to his attorney.
Judge Nadel refused a stay of Hunters sentence despite the fact that the conviction is
being appealed based on several key factors; 1) Two jurors came forward immediately
after trial to saying that their true verdict was not guilty; after Judge Nadel refused to poll
the jury at the request of Defense Attorney Clyde Bennett II. 2) A third juror later came
forward the following week, saying that guilty was also not her true verdict, she also
accused the jury foreman of pressuring her into a guilty verdict. All three jurors signed
sworn affidavits. 3) After the verdict, Attorney Bennett also discovered that the jury
foreman lied on three key questions on her juror questionnaire. This was critical to
Hunters case as Juror Sandra Kirkham falsely stated that she was not a victim of a crime,
yet she failed to mention that she was sexually abused by a pastor as a teen and
admittedly distrusts pastors to this day. Kirkham is the poster board child for victims of
clergy abuse, with the non-profit organization Hope for Survivors, Inc. and other
With the wave of his magic wand, Judge Nadel made four of Glovers more serious
charges disappear. This raises serious questions about Judge Nadels handling of Judge
Hunters case; and it begs the question about whether her case was more racial and
political than criminal?
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Vanessa Enoch, Ph.D. student, Union Institute & University
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