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Part 1of 2-Mastermind: perceptions of human brain dynamics


The Brighter
Side of
A Light
Guide to
Inner Alchemy
and Spiritual

By Wayne B. Chandler MS, CPH, TCE

It is said that what is called the spirit of an age is something to which one cannot return. That
this spirit dissipates is due to the worlds coming to an end. Though one would like to change todays world
back to the spirit of 5000 years ago or more, it cannot be done. Therefore, we must make the best out of every
generation. (The hagakure: Book of the Samuri)
As infants we come into this world with
boundless physical, mental and spiritual
potential. We dont know it but we are born
to be multi geniuses, capable of almost
limitless accomplishment. There are many
in the global scientic community who
believe we are born immortal. They state
egg and sperm combine to create new
cells. From these new cells comes new life.
New life again makes egg and sperm. Egg
and sperm are germ cells and germ cells
never die.
This idea of life everlasting dates
back to time immemorial. In our
Western culture, the idea of the
immortalized cell can be traced
back to the scientist Alexis
Carrroll in 1912. But even
more recent studies have
been done with radioactive
isotopes that reveal that 98%
of all atoms in the human
body are replaced in less than
one year. The liver regenerates
itself every 6 weeks, our skin
renews itself once a month,
stomach lining changes every
ve days, and our skeletal
structure renews itself
once every three months.
The brain cell which creates
the mechanism with which
we think and ponder, made up
of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and
oxygen, were not there one year ago.
The brain which can be seen and
experienced as the receptacle for
crystallized consciousness carries within it
the tangible as well as intangible processes
for intellectual and spiritual revelation.
Intellect is born from a masculine or left
hemispheric portion of our brain while the
spiritual emerges from the right or feminine
The ancient Egyptians believed that the left
hemisphere of the brain is male dominate
and functions on a must know basis. It
is the logical side and yearns to know
how everything was created by spirit, a

knowledge which is impossible to obtain.

The right hemisphere is feminine and
relates to a more lofty experience of a
greater rened consciousness serving the
Divine, nature, oneness, and humanity.

connections are iso-hemispheric, taking

place within the individual hemispheres
and trans hemispheric connecting from the
left hemisphere to the right.

It is extremely important that both the

masculine and feminine aspects of the
human brain are integrated and work as a
unied whole. But alas, this is not the case
once we become adults. From the time
we are born to the time we push past the
outskirts of adolescence into becoming
young adults, we are under the inuence
of a more integrated consciousness; a
consciousness which underlies a strong
feminine dynamic and inuence,
born of a need to embrace
the essence of our creative
potential and power. This
is the true secret. This
portion of the brain that
inuences us at this time in
our lives is called the Medulla
and has strong association
with the creative or feminine
mind. As we enter our early to
of the
mid twenties the balance of
human brain
power shifts to an area of the
are integrated
brain known as the Dorsal
Lateral Pre Frontal Cortex,
and work as
an aspect of the masculine
a unified
mind. From this moment on,
our consciousness becomes
linear and xated with the
world of mundane, supercial

In fetal development, the rst signs of

the brain begin to appear around day 16.
Development and cellular organization
continues at such a rapid pace that by the
6th month the brain has all the neurons that
will ever be present. Neurons are the cells of
our brain that transfer
t h r o u g h

It is
that both the
and feminine

dendrites are our means of connection
between the neurons which actually allows
them to communicate. Once all neurons
are in place continued stimulation via the
transmission of various forms of information
activates dendrite formation. Dendritic
connections continue to evolve as more
and more information is acquired and
processed. Just as a ower grows when
we give it water, fertilizer, and sunlight, the
connections within the brain, the dendrites,
grow when they receive stimulation. Human
intelligence is not based on the size of the
brain, but on the number of connections
between the parts of our brain. These

The reason for this re-direction of

consciousness is the ever present inuence
and pressure of a rigid patriarchal cultural
and social structure. How does this affect
the perception and attitudes of our children,
of our families, of humanity? First, being
patriarchal means we color everything
with masculine perspective, insight, and
foresight. Meaning the inner working of all
things as we see them is male dominant.
In the Christian view Creation was initiated
by two male entities, the father and the
son. No feminine aspect was present.
Second, being patriarchal means we
are left brained. We do not instinctively
ow with nature or the natural world and

are therefore disconnected from Divine

or natural truth. Instead of a natural
biospheric existence we live an articial
technospheric one, compromising our
inner Divine and biological attributes for
mechanized synthetic representations of
what is real and really human. Third, being
patriarchal means we perceive our reality
in a linear fashion which again divorces us
from nature which moves and expresses
itself in cycles, circles, and spirals. Being
patriarchal, left brain dominant, and linear,
forces us to perceive the feminine aspect
as less than perfect and in many instances
with great disdain. We experience this with
the feminine dynamic as it pertains to the
women in our lives, in nature and within
ourselves. We therefore walk through the
world experiencing ourselves as a manmade cultural aberration distinct from our
God given Divine intent and ignorant of this
purpose and its true meaning. Instead of
being the reection of divinity, we are the
expression of a male dominant left brain
cultural abnormality.
How did we end up in a position that
does not serve us morally, spiritually and
mentally? The answer, though intangible,
unknown, and to most invisible, is simple.
The energetic backdrop of our current era
is darkness meaning absence of the light of
spirit. We refer to this condition as hell or

...being patriarchal
means we perceive
our reality in a
linear fashion,
which again
divorces us from
nature which moves
and expresses itself
in cycles, circles,
and spirals...

unholy. Our ancestors divided Earth and

humanitys movements through time into
four major cycles. The ancient Blacks of
India broke physical existence into a cycle of
Yugas or ages. This cycle, the Manvantara is




Time bound

Processes information all at once

Looks at the whole-cyclical
Connects the world into a
connected whole
Looks for relationship

more properly stated, intellectuality without

spirituality, an active left brain reality
without an engaged right brain to produce
balance and symmetry. This allows for the
birth, evolution and perpetration of all that
seems imbalanced, negative, evil, and

Processes information bit by bit

Sequential or Linear
Splits the world into identiable
bits and pieces-compartmentalizes
Looks for cause and effect

Asks why? Focuses on emotions


InductiveDraws a general
conclusion from broad premises
(going beyond the premise
information given)

Deductivedraws a specic
conclusion from broad premises(all
information contained in the
premise information given))

Consciousness is focused Inward

Consciousness is focused outward

Sovereign Mind Magazine - May / Junel 2009

composed of the Krita or Satya yuga which

last 1,728,000 and is an age of absolute
truth and spiritual purity. Next, the Treta
Yuga which last 1,296,000 is also an age
of spiritual purity but slightly less rened as
the rst. Next is the Dwapara Yuga which
last 864,000 years and is characterized
by the emergence of conicting forces
beginning on a high octave but ending
in great discord, exhibiting the struggle
between the high and low, good and evil.
The last of these great cycles is the Kali
Yuga, the age of darkness. It last 432,000
years and is considered to be the low point
of humanity and human endeavor.
The Igbo of Africa conceived of a similar
cycle of ages. The rst Igbo age is the Uga
Aka, an age of pure spirit and immortality.
The age which follows is known as the Uga
Chi, and this age is characterized by duality,
intuition, telepathy, and death. The third of
these great ages is the Uga Anwu which
brings forth the children of light whose
one eye is the Sun. The power to check
destructive tendencies abound in the Uga
Anwu. Last is the Uga Azi. The essence of
this age is ignorance, confusion, destruction
and so-called evil on Earth. We currently
reside in the Kali Yuga or Uga Azi.
The Kali yuga is an age of extreme vibrational
density. The higher spiritual resonances
nd it not only difcult to navigate but also
to exist within this vibrational density. This
is a level of density that suffocates the
holy re and therefore the light of truth,
honesty, and integrity. It is an age of left
brain dominance, the age of illusion. Its
realm is that of the ve senses and ONLY
the ve senses, the mundane and only the
mundane. Its a world of compromise where
all things from Mp3 players to ones soul
is for purchase or barter. The mechanism
which insures the stability and continuation
of the vibrational frequency of the Yugas
and Ugas is a geometric, global web of
electromagnetic energy surrounding our
globe, known as the planetary grid.
There are many scholars of the planetary
grid who believe the electromagnetic
frequencies which emanate from the Earths
grid were designed in remote antiquity by
human thought waves. They also state
these advanced beings placed crystals at
strategic positions to become the conduit
for transmitting this rareed form of energy.
This theory holds merit, in that studies

have shown the grid patterns to change

shape and texture with human thought
forms of uctuating emotional content.

is a free will zone which means using our

will and intention to manifest our destiny
is a birthright. So even though the
programming is in the grid you have the
power to embrace it or not.

All of Earths great ancient civilizations

were constructed on the vortexes of
the grid, where life and humanity
evolved to outstanding levels
this ancient period in our
planets history it is believed
the grid was used for such
and trans-dimensional travel
via the spiritual light body
known as the MerKAaba.
The commercial resurgence
of MerKAaba practice in the
U.S. was initiated by Drunvalo
Melchizedek who formed what
he called the Flower of Life
workshop series instructing
participants on the virtues
and science of MerKAaba
activation and inter-dimensional
As in ancient times, women
Initiates, who came to be known
as Portal Priestesses became the
true gatekeepers of the interplay between
MerKAaba and exploration of higher
dimensional realities. While in dialogue with
one Priestess, I was informed that though
commercial mer-ka-ba was sold as a generic
practice for all who desired to learn it,
technique was specic to different groups.
This was NOT taught. Different human
communities are encoded with unique light
codes which are genetically blueprinted
within that racial community. They state
that the electromagnetic grid was the
greatest techno- spiritual accomplishment
ever attained on the planet Earth. That it
exemplied the highest human thought
forms of Love interfacing with Mother Earth.
This was done by synchronizing brain wave
patterns to the currents of energy emitted
by thoughts that were linked with the heart
center of individuals.
Basically, Electromagnetic grids are elds of
energy which surround a planet. In todays
scientic community they are referred to as
Ley Lines. If you could see these grids
three dimensionally they would appear as
geometric patterns which intersect each
other creating nodes or vortexes. It is at
these nodes where we identify the so called
sacred spots of our planet. (see Ancient
Future pg 188).
The grids are the infrastructure for
a dimension. Within them are
templates, which operate
much like computer disks.
Each template holds
the paradigm and
frequency of

We have six grids on

different levels of
consciousness. The
grids are 1rst, 2nd
3rd, 4th 5th and the
9th .
The rst three grids
in the human body,
the mundane or physical
realm. It is within grids one
through three that we nd
the conscious attraction
via the rst three
chakras, to mundane
physicality, materialism
and sensuality. We,
the global masses are
attached and anchored
to this reality. To depart
from the rst three grids and
ascend into the higher grid/
chakra frequencies becomes
again, a matter of choice and
depending on how one chooses, a diligent
regime of energetically repatterning ones
life. Remember, another word for state of
consciousness is reality. So whatever grid
frequency or reality you embrace, whatever
paradigm you buy into, this will become
your prison or your stairway to heaven.
From the interplay between the Grids
and Kali Yuga we nd containment within
the rst three chakras. This ensures our
addiction to the physical realm and articial
time which roots and locks us in the 3rddimension. This ensures our preoccupation
with left brain (material) reality and an
energetic density which removes us from
and is antagonistic to the realm of spirit.

for their
grid. (history
of grids and
function, Ancient
Future pgs 190-193,
232 footnote 220).
series of belief
systems. These
paradigms can
be compared
programs that
the mass

consciousness of the
human race,
their minds and
controlling their
behavior based
on the amount
of free will on our
planet. Now Earth

Wayne B. Chandler MS, CPH, SCE, is the

author of Ancient Future: The Teachings and
Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic
Laws of Ancient Egypt and The Brighter
side of Darkness: A Light Warriors Guide to
Inner Alchemy and Spiritual Transformation
(Projected Publication 2008). Chandler is
an Anthro-photojournalist specializing in
African and Asian civilization, philosophy
and culture. From 1985 to 1995 Chandler
was a regular contributor and co-author
of the J.A.C. (Journal of African and Asian
Civilizations), a series of books produced
annually. To nd out more please visit http://