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Essay 1

Nowadays, there is a hot topic upon the subject of people

behaving differently when they wear different clothes. Some
people seem to believe that a persons demeneaour can be
influenced by another type of clothes and therefore they tend to
act in a strange manner. I am inclined to agree with this
statement, for there are several reasons.
Firstly, one cannot deny that people often care too much about
what others think. They get offended easily if someone brings
them a criticism about their new shoes, for example. Thus, most
people become shy, depressed or even afraid to face the real
world, more precisely the real people who are interested in the
individual and not in the appearance. As a matter of fact, this is
one reason for which I agree with the statement mentioned. A
vast majority of the society becomes more vulnerable and
sensible when trying not to conform to the rest. As a
consequence, they start revealing feelings such as
embarrasement and frustration, therefore ending up behaving
differently. For instance, when I was in highschool, one of my
colleagues once came dressed as a rock star, an outfit which fit
perfecty her personality. Our classmates began making fun of
her and since then she stopped showing who she really was,
being so scared of not being accepted by the others.
Secondly, there is no argue against the fact that from time to
time when handling a wider range of clothes, most individuals
appear to get out of their comfort zone. Not only do they
decrease their trust in themselves, but they also give the
impression of not recognizing who they really are. Some human
beings become so attached to a certain category of clothes,
that they no longer aknowedge the same person when facing a
mirror. As a result, they most frequently look like they are afraid
of changes and they are constantly concerned with not being
perceived as someone else.
However, there are also some people who claim that dressing
differently can do more good than harm. Embracing the

opposite view, a number of persons point out that dressing

more elegant or trendier, can help you increase your confidence
level. Furthermore, it can help you be noticed more rapidly.
Often, getting out of the normality, seems to improve your
social skills and and your relationships towards others as you
become more interesting than the rest of the crowd. For
instance, also during the highschool when everybody was
wearing uniform, I had one friend who dressed they way she
wanted. Unsurprisingly, she was considered the most popular
and amazing teenager in the school.
Summing up, I totally agree with the fact that most people
begin acting different when wearing different clothes. Most
often they are either embarressed by their choice, either afraid
by others opinions. In both cases, it is more common for them
to be judged after their clothes, this way making them behave
unlike the others.

Essay 2
Nowadays, there is a hot topic upon the subject of the best way
of learning about life. While some people claim that listening to
the advice from both family and friends is more useful, others
state that learning through personal experience is more
valuable and persistent throught the years. I am inclined to
believe that both possibilites have their advantages, but only
one of them seems more appropiate to me.
On one hand, one cannot deny that the closest people such as
family and friends are always the ones that want the best for
you. They do not forget to show you their affection, their love
and their protection. Thus, they even try to suggest you some
ways in which you can avoid certain difficulties of life. They are
keen on supporting you whenever you make a mistake and
moreover they want you to understand from their previous
mistakes. It seems to me that their only aim is to offer you the
best and let you stay far away from hardships, listening to their
own past experiences. Consequently, I believe that this
particular manner of learning about life is important and
convenient not only because it shows you how much people
care about your person, but it also compels you to appreciate
what you have.
On the other hand, there is no argue against the fact that some
of the greatest lessons life has ever offered to us were either
from our own experiences or either from our mistakes. People
who undergo different circumstances during their lives are more
likely to become wiser and precocious when it comes to the
future of their destiny. Not only do they learn how to predict a
particular situation, but they also know how to react to it

considering precursory patterns. Therefore, as one famous

personality cites that Life is about experiencing, I think that
the most powerful source of learning about life is represented
by our personal actions. For instance, when children are little
they want to encouter all that this world is made of. Their initial
stop is usually fire. First they hurt themselves by touching it,
but the next time they will make sure to stay away from it. As a
consequence, even if their parents keep telling them how
dangerous fire is, they will only understand this when facing it
for the first time.
Summing up, I consider that both methods of learning are
beneficial to an individual, but at the same time I encourage
more learning about life through personal experience. This way,
any person gains not only more confidence in his or her own
potential, but such an individual is also more probable to
devolop a larger number of personal skills.

Essay 3
Nowadays there is a hot topic upon the subject of the one
additional thing you would take if you were apart from home for
a year. Some would not give up on their playstation, while
others would carry with them their golden fish. If i were put in
such a situation, I would take on with me a piece of paper
received from my grandmoher on which there is written the
following message: Believe in yourself. I would be inclined to
do so, for there are several reasons.
Firstly, one cannot deny that in life it is more important to be
confident and faithful that your dreams can come true than
being born with a rich and famous background. It is compulsory
to overcome difficulties, to face new situations and to feel like
giving up in order to attain greatness. Thus, my grandmother
made sure I would not miss this part of life. For instance,at the
age of 10 when children were playing in parks, when they were
riding their bikes, my grandmother took me for the first time to
a volleyball gym. That day, my journey started and because of
her I am where I am today. At only 17, being a professional
athlete and earning my own salary, I have learned to depend on
myself and never ever stop wishing more from my life.
Secondly, there is no argue against the fact that whenever
starting a new thing, in this case preparing for a trip, I as a
human being, I need a motivation. I need something that would
drive towards this certain trip even if times are harsh and many

things do not happen as planned. Most often, I look for a

motivation like this inside me, but seldom there must be
something more like this simple message from my guardian
angel, my grandma. Consequently, not only did she teach me to
entirely follow my aims, but she also suggested me to
experience everything in life and to enjoy myself every single
day. Whether there is a peculiar sort of food or a perilious
activity that puts in action my adrenaline, my grandma would
always say: Just go for it!. Therefore, this particular person
and her meaningful messages have become my motivation, my
starting point for delighting life as musch as possible.
Summing up, I consider that no matter what items I might want
to pack, there will always be a simple old sheet of paper that I
would unquestionably add to my luggage. It is this message
that usually turns an oridinary experience, into an unique one.
Essay 4
Nowadays, there is a hot topic upon the subject of things you
can learn about a country from watching its movies. As todays
society is addicted to films, there are many people who have
developed a rich culture about a certain country just by
constantly watching its movies. I am inclined to believe that
there is plenty of information that I obtained about the USA
through the american movies.
Firstly, one cannot deny that the one thing everybody knows
about the USA is the famous American Dream. Willing to
escape from your country in order to acieve something bigger,
then the USA seems to be the place where dreams come true.
Through hard work and dedication, american movies have
shown me that everything becomes achievable. For instance,
the motivational film The Pursuit of Happiness has taught me
that as long as you are willing to develop, to learn and to work
the USA will always offer you a chance to accomplish your
goals. Not only do these movies provided me stories made after
real cases, but they also mantained my motivation at a high

Secondly, there is no argue against the fact that another aspect

often met in american movies is the continual state of violence.
Films like Homefront or The Anarchy point out that even if
this extremely evolved country has overcome numerous issues,
it still has to solve problems that deal with violence and
agression. It is widely known that a great percentage of crimes
and murderes happen not only in some districts of the USA, but
sadly in all over the country. Therefore, the other thing I could
acquire from the american movies is that once I enter this
country I have to pay even more attention to my safety so as to
avoid trouble.
However, I have recently encountered people that continued
claimimg that all movies are fiction. They do not furnish
valuable information and thus they are not worth relying on.
Moreover, this vast majority of people points out that films of
any kind do not represent an ideal source of collecting facts
about a country.
Summing up, I consider that films in general can not only help
us enrich our knowledge, but more important they can fulfill our
desire to entertain ourselves. As a matter of fact, movies
combine learning useful information with spending time
relaxing ourselves.