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PHY13 Diagnostic Exam 3rd Qtr 2013-2014

1. What will be the final temperature if 50 g of water at 0oC is added to 250 g of water at 90oC in a can with specific heat
of 0.2 cal/gCo ?
Select one:
a. 75.2 oC X
b. 80 oC
c. 72.5 oC
d. 57.2 oC
2. A metal container has a volume of 400 cm3 at 0oC. If the coefficient of linear expansion is 0.000012 / Co, what is the
volume at 60oC?
Select one:
a. 400.684 cm3
b. 0.864 cm3
c. 400 cm3
d. 400.864 cm3 X
3. A copper bar is 50 cm long at 20oC. What is the increase in length when it is heated to 70oC?
Select one:
a. 0.00425 m
b. 0.06 cm X
c. 0.0425 m
d. 0.000425 m
4. A projectile is fired horizontally with an initial velocity of 20m/s. Its horizontal velocity 3 sec later is ______.
Select one:
a. 6.67 m/s
b. 60 m/s
c. 29.4 m/s
d. 20 m/s X
5. Starting from rest, an elevator weighing 9,0 kN attains an upward velocity of 5m/s in 4 seconds with a uniform
acceleration. Find the tension in the supporting cable.
Select one:
a. 10.147 kN
b. 11.213 kN
c. 12.321 kN X
d. 9.754 kN
6. What is the weight of 2 kilogram scrap steel?
Select one:
a. 9.8 N
b. 2 N
c. 19.6 N X
d. 4.9 N
7. What is the resistance of a 1000 W, 120 V microwave oven ?
Select one:
a. 8,333

b. 8.33
c. 0.12
d. 14.4 X
8. The velocity of the train has a magnitudeof 8.10m/s and in a direction at an angle of 18 degrees above the positive x
axis. What are the x and y scalar components of this vector?
x scalar component , y scalar component
Select one:
a. 2.50 m/s, 7.70 m/s
b. 5.85 m/s , 5.60 m/s
c. 5.60 m/s , 5.85 m/s
d. 7.70 m/s , 2.50 m/s X
9. An object is being pulled along the ground by a 75N force directed 28 above the horizontal. How much work does the
force do in pulling the object to a distance of 8m?
Select one:
a. 530J X
b. 250J
c. 380J
d. 420J
10. A flywheel spinning at a rate of 8.3 rev/sec has what approximate angular speed?
Select one:
a. 58.4 rad/sec
b. 81 rad/sec
c. 3.2 rad/sec
d. 52.2 rad/sec X
11. Water flowing through the pipe with a radius of 4.2 cm passes into a section of pipe with radius of 6.6cm where it
flows at the speed of 7 m/sec. What was the initial speed of the water?
Select one:
a. 12.7 m/s X
b. 17.3 m/s
c. 15 m/s
d. 14 m/s
12. When a force of 20 N is applied to a spring, it elongates 0.20 m. Determine the period of oscillation of a 4-kg object
suspended from this spring.
Select one:
a. 3.10 sec
b. 1.30 sec X
c. 0.80 sec
d. 1.00 sec
13. A 20-m long steel wire (1 cm2 cross-section, Y = 2 x 1011 N/m2), is subjected to a load of 25,000 N. How much will
the wire stretch under the load ?
Select one:
a. 12.50 cm
b. 0.25 cm
c. 25.00 cm
d. 2.50 cm X

14. The energy stored in a stretched or compressed elastic material such as a spring is called
Select one:
a. Kinetic energy
b. Elastic potential energy X
c. Thermal energy
d. Elastic kinetic energy
15. Two projectiles are launched with the same initial velocity. Projectile A is launched at an angle of 60o, while
projectile B is launched at an angle of 30o. Which of the following is true?
Select one:
a. Projectile B has a range same as that of projectile A. X
b. All of the choices shown are not true.
c. Projectile B has a range twice that of projectile A.
d. Projectile B will reach a height twice that of projectile A.
16. A charge of 2c placed in an electric field experiences a force of 0.08N. What is the magnitude of the electric field
Select one:
a. 40,000 N/c X

b. 0.04 N/c
c. 0.16 N/c
d. 1.6x10-7 N/c

17. What is the unit of modulus of elasticity?

Select one:
a. N/m2 X
b. N m
c. N m2
d. N/m
18. For a body in simple harmonic motion, the maximum acceleration occurs when
Select one:
a. the velocity is constant.
b. the velocity is maximum. X
c. the displacement is maximum.
d. the displacement is zero.
19. The wheel of a car rotating about a fixed axis has a constant angular velocity of 2.0 rad/s. When brake is applied, the
wheel turned through 5.0 complete revolutions in 2 secs.. What is the angular acceleration of this wheel?
Select one:
a. 14 rad/s2 X
b. 20 rad/s2
c. 17 rad/s2
d. 23 rad/s2
20. A biker pedals 53 degrees north of east for 2.8 km then due east for 2.0 km. What is her total displacement from her
starting point if you measure the distance along a straight line?
Select one:
a. 3.8 km

b. 3.5 km
c. 4.3 km X
d. 4.0 km

21. A hydraulic lift raises a 2,000-N automobile when a 500-N force is applied to the smaller piston. If the smaller piston
has an area of 10 cm2, what is the cross-sectional area of the larger piston?
Select one:
a. 196 cm2
b. 392 cm2
c. 80 cm2
d. 40 cm2 X
22. An object is thrown vertically upward. Which of the following statements is true?
Select one:
a. The velocity of the object at the highest point is maximum.
b. The acceleration of the object on its way up decreases and on its way down increases.
c. The acceleration of the object at the highest point of its travel is zero. X
d. The acceleration of the object on its way up and on its way down are equal.
23. The echo of a ships foghorn, reflected from an iceberg, is heard 5.0 s after the horn is sounded. The speed of sound in
air is 326 m/s . How many meters away is the iceberg?
Select one:
a. 1630 m X
b. 830 m
c. 815 m

d. 1615 m
24. Which of the following statements about friction is always true?
Select one:
a. Kinetic friction is always greater than static friction.
b. Friction is static friction only.
c. Friction is directly proportional to the normal force.
d. Friction always acts perpendicular and opposite to the applied force. X
25. A 20 gram marble moving 25 cm/sec to the right collides with a 30 gram metal ball moving 15 cm/sec to the left. What
is the velocity of the two bodies if the collision is perfectly inelastic ?
Select one:
a. 1.25 cm/sec
b. 4 cm/sec
c. 9 cm/sec
d. 1 cm/sec X
26. If the net force acting upon a cart is zero, the cart is _______.
Select one:
a. moving at constant acceleration
b. always moving at constant speed.
c. possibly at rest or moving at constant velocity. X
d. always at rest.

27. A tuning fork has a frequency 440Hz. If another fork of slightly lower pitch is sounded at the same time, the beats
produced are 5 Hz. What is the frequency of the second tuning fork?
Select one:
a. 88Hz
b. 440 Hz

c. 220 Hz
d. 435 Hz

28. Four identical resistors have a total resistance of 5 when connected in parallel. What will be the total resistance
when they are connected in series ?
Select one:
a. 50
b. 30
c. 40
d. 80 X
29. A repulsive force of 8.1 N acts on two identical charges when they are 10 cm apart .What is the charge of each?
Select one:
a. 1.3 C
b. 3.0 C X
c. 0.86 C
d. 2.50 C
30. A wave is travelling at 5.5 m/s on the string with a linear mass density of 0.062 kg/m. What is the tension in the string?
Select one:
a. 0.34 N
b. 1.88 N X
c. 2.5 N
d. 0.2 N