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Esperienza Ferrari 2011

Ferrari California
25/04/2011 27/04/2011

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The Car
Ferrari California
The Place
The Factory
Fiorano Racetrack
Factory Tour
Esperienza Ferrari
General programme
Proposed Activities for Companions

Commercial and Marketing Department

The Car
Ferrari California
The Ferrari California is an exceptionally innovative car
whose philosophy takes its inspiration from the spirit and
emotions of one of the great Ferraris of the past, the
1957 250 California, a superbly elegant open top car
designed for the track, which has, over the years, come to
symbolize not only superior sportiness and performance
but also exclusivity, craftsmanship and faultless
This new car joins Ferraris 8-cylinder range which is made
up mostly of very high performance models. It also flanks
the 12-cylinder flagship 612 Scaglietti in the Grand
Tourer category.

In line with Ferrari tradition, this model positively brims

with innovative features. In addition to its retractable
hard top and the aforementioned original 2+ concept,
the new Prancing Horse car also offers: a new direct
injection V8 engine, a 7-speed gearbox with steering
wheel-mounted F1-style paddles coupled with a new dual
clutch, a new suspension system (double wishbones at
the front and multilink at the rear), the new evolved F1Trac traction control system and Brembo brakes with
CCM (carbon ceramic material) discs as standard (this
latter feature is shared by the other models in the current

The Ferrari California is a car with the track in its DNA. It

is enormously innovative and will more than fulfill the
expectations of even our most discerning clients, offering
breathtaking driving pleasure and fun behind the wheel as
well as extreme versatility of use and in-car comfort.
It is available exclusively as a convertible with retractable
folding hard top in either a two-seater version with a
traditional rear bench or in the 2+ version which sees the
rear bench equipped with seating for one to two
Commercial and Marketing Department

The Place
Maranello and the Factory

The Maranello complex houses not only the President and

other executive offices, but also all of the GT and Formula
1 design and production areas (apart from the chassis and
bodywork areas which are to be found at the Carozzeria
Scaglietti in Modena which belongs to Ferrari). The
philosophy behind the creation of Ferraris newly
renovated production areas meant that the buildings and
their functions were designed with the needs of the
employees in mind.
This philosophy became known as Formula Uomo. In
fact, the newly renovated Ferrari complex now combines
carefully designed lighting systems, green and restaurant
areas, climate control, noise damping, and special
measures aimed at reducing environmental impact, with
advanced technologies. The Ferrari complex was
specifically designed to architecturally reinforce the
synergic relationship between work and results.

Commercial and Marketing Department

Fiorano Racetrack
The Fiorano Racetrack, situated next to the Ferrari
Factory in Maranello, is the historic home of Ferrari
symbolizing the heritage, emotion and engineering
excellence that is at the heart of the Ferrari legend.
It was built near the factory in 1972. The original circuit,
which can still be used, was 2,948.5 meters long. In
1996, a new bend was added to make it faster and more
suitable for modern single seaters. This new bend
lengthened the track by a further 27.91 mt. to 2,976.41
mt. The Fiorano Circuit is located closed to the Ferrari
Factory in Maranello and it is used as a test and
development track by Ferrari for both its F1 and GT cars.
The track has a minimum width of 8.40 mt with 1,637 mt
of curved section and 1,339 mt of straights. A course has
been created with elements akin to several European

The approach slope to the bridge starts at Corner 4

and continues with a straight containing a hump, as
far as Corner 5, which is deliberately built with an
adverse camber. The stretch between Corner 6 and
the pit straight was designed to throw the behavior
of the car into relief, especially from an aerodynamic
point of view.

The variant in Corner 1 was devised to ascertain the

behavior of the car under braking at the limit. Corners 1
and 6 are designed to test the flexibility of the engine in
the exits. The sequence of bends of equal radius 2 and 3
allows assessment of the maneuverability of the car and
of the effects of centrifugal force on fuel supply systems
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Factory Tour

Visits to the Ferrari Campus are a very important and distinctive part of the Prancing Horse philosophy
and provide guests with the opportunity to both explore the factory and see our day-to-day work
unfolding at first-hand.
Factory visits really do allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the Ferrari experience.
The visitors route includes the following areas of the GT Division*: New Mechanical Machining Area,
Engine Assembly, Paint Technologies (outside only), Product Development Centre (outside only),
Wind Tunnel (outside only), New Car Assembly Lines
GES Racing Division: Car Assembly, Corse Clienti F1 Clienti and FXX, Ferrari Museum, Ferrari Store

*The abovementioned route is for guidance purposes only and may be changed to suit
Ferraris working schedule.

Commercial and Marketing Department

Esperienza Ferrari
Ferrari considers its driving activities to be amongst the most important of the ones it organises for its existing and
prospective clients. These invaluable sessions really do allow participants to fully appreciate the pleasure and
exhilaration of driving a Prancing horse car.
It is an intensive and successful programme of driving experience with dedicated Ferrari s professional driver and
technical staff. This team is made up of highly qualified, expert drivers with professional training in high
performance car driving.
The driving itinerary has been designed especially to enhance the characteristics of our Ferrari cars and the driving
pleasure. The itinerary offers the drivers the chance to "savor" the power of the 8 cylinders Ferrari on stretches in
total safety. The itinerary has straight stretches alternated with fast mixed ones, as well as hilly sections with steep
inclines and hairpin curves.

Commercial and Marketing Department

General programme
Wednesday April 27th

Monday, April 25th

By 18.00 Guests check at Una Hotel
h 19.15

Welcome cocktail at the Hotel

h 20.00

Shuttle transfer to Restaurant Il Calcagnino

h 20.20


h 22.00

Shuttle transfer back to hotel

h 09:15

Meeting point with dedicated Ferrari

hostesses at the hotel

h 10:00

Ferrari Factory Tour

h 12:30

End of activities

Tuesday April 26th

h 08:30

Meeting point with dedicated Ferrari

h 09:00

Welcome from Ferrari staff and Instructors

h 09:05

Welcome coffee

h 09:10

Product presentation and the personalization

programme. Technical briefing


Beginning of dynamic demonstration

Programme options for non-driving guests

h 13:00

Lunch at the track

h 14:00

Beginning of dynamic sessions

Programme options for non-driving guests

h 16:00

End of activities

h 20:15

Dinner at Montana Restaurant


Commercial and Marketing Department

Proposed Activities for Companions

Acetaia Villa San Donnino
On March 14th 1910 the project of the Villa was submitted on behalf of
Lieutenant Claudio San Donnino. It was later to become an exquisite
example of Emilia Romagna liberty. Frescoes and decorations by Aroldo
Bonzaghi (1887-1918) with evocative and voluptuous dannunzian
allegories generate a magical atmosphere. In that extraordinary place,
Davide and Cristina invite you to taste special products of Villa San
Donnino. Tours of Villa San Donnino and the Home of Vinegar are
available, also, it is possible to vist place with products tasting see
information below.


Ladies & Gentlemen:

Guided visit to Villa San Donnino

Visit to the boutique
The tasting

Commercial and Marketing Department

Proposed Activities for Companions

Schedoni factory visit, Modena City

Strong roots and a tradition that is more alive than ever. The history of
the Schedoni trademark is the history of a family that for over 120 years
has been making valuable leather goods. This dynasty has succeeded in
passing down a craft that over the centuries has become an art: leather
goods, apparel, accessories, all top quality and strictly handmade. In
1976 the Schedoni family started collaborating with Ferrari SpA.
This joint venture is more than just a project with another company.
First and foremost it is the thrill of working with a man of extraordinary
charisma, both in his professional and personal life: Enzo Ferrari.
In 1977 Schedoni designed and made the first set of customized
suitcases for the gorgeous 308 GTB. Since then Schedoni has been the
official producer of leather goods and articles bearing the Ferrari label.
In 1983 the company also started collaborating with the Ferrari Formula
Uno Team to upholster the seats of the Maranello race cars.


Ladies & Gentlemen

Visit the company: the family, its
history and tradition.
View the production phases: selection
of the hide, cutting it, preparing it,
assembling it, stitching it, fastening it.

Note: Upon request and early notice, personalized activities according to guests
preferences can be arranged.
Commercial and Marketing Department