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hybris Developer Training Part II - Commerce

Review of
Developer Training Part 1


. ..) Models hybris ServiceLayer Framework hybris Persistence Items Database 4 2 .) Infrastructure Services (Cache.. Security. Session. CMS. Price Calculation. Transaction.. .6/3/2013 Architecture Review – hybris Multichannel Suite Review 3 Architecture Review .hybris ServiceLayer Review 4 3 Cockpits hmc Web Services Web Shop Other hybris ServiceLayer Business Services (Classification.

6/3/2013 Extensions Review Review 5 hybris modules include extensions Configure the Multichannel Suite by enabling and disabling extensions Extension templates may be used as blueprints Contribute to hybris extensions from custom extensions 5 Spring contexts 6 Global Context Tenant  Tenant Context Context “master” “master” Web Context “/shop_master” Tenant  Tenant Context Context “junit” “junit” Web Context “/back_master” Tenant  Context “foo” Web Context “/shop_foo” Web Context “/back_foo” 3 .

such as: <itemtype code="Car" extends="Product"> Extend existing types: By adding attribute definitions to existing types (attribute injection): <itemtype code="Product" …> … <attribute qualifier="MyAttribute"> 8 4 .6/3/2013 Spring configuration of extensions Extension Concept 7 Extension B serviceB serviceA Web Context controllerX Tenant context serviceA serviceB Extension A serviceA Web Context controllerX Beans from web context can access beans from tenant context Domain Modeling review Review 8 How to create new types: Define “completely new types”: <itemtype code="Car"> (implicitly extends from GenericItem) Define a type by inheriting from already existing types.

impex) Hook Service Layer code into hybris initialization and update life-cycle events (@SystemSetup annotation) 5 . New tables and an empty system are created (only type definitions and the admin & anonymous user). Existing data model definitions will be lost! Update: Adds newly defined types to the type system definition in the database.xml files.6/3/2013 System Initialization & Update Review 10 Initialization: ALL database tables are dropped. restrictions and basic CronJobs Project Data: Extension-specific Project Data How to include: Convention over Configuration (essentialdata*. Modifies type system definition in the database to match the definition in the domain model. No loss of data! Essential & Project Data Review 11 Essential Data: Necessary during initialization: create the Default catalog. Data model is created from scratch as defined in the items.impex. projectdata*.

description. size.6/3/2013 Products. price. etc.g. name. sales unit. Variants and Categories reviewed 12 Review Product hybris defined type representing an item of merchandize includes attributes e. may hold variants Shirt may link to pictures or other media Variant Product Category Silk Turtle Neck Sports T May differ in some aspect from one another (e. or color) S M Logical grouping of Products Can hold products or other categories Can be structured in Product Cockpit Women’s Clothing Can be added to Catalogs Lingerie Shoes 12 Further suggestions for discussion Review 13 Dynamic Model Attributes Flexible Search ImpEx Interceptors Events Process Engine Spring MVC / Frontend / Facades 13 6 .g.

6/3/2013 14 7 .