Omnipotent Sight of Humble Observer(O.S.H.O.

Omnipotent is some thing or some one which has got no limits and no boundaries and no limits and so it should be both a person and thing and more then both, every thing should be included in it and then we will get it. Sight is not very different then the reality, and don’t think sight has got some thing to do with eyes, sight is when you can become one with some other reality, the other reality comes so close to you that its now a part of your visual reality and so its your site. Being Humble is when you become more and more accepting, when you are not a machine of producing more and more of your own words from the borrowed ideas. And Observer is the one who is not a part of any of it, away from all that we can see, from all only he can see as he is not part of any confusion. And when you put all of them together then you will get a real master. You can call him a Buddha, you can call him a Christ or a Krishna or you can call him O.S.H.O. a real master is never your master as he don’t see you as a different entity, you are just a part of the whole, like this word is a part of this article and not separate from it. A real master understands it’s impossible to separate. He knows it’s just the crazy mind which separates and one who separates is crazy. We all separate, this is mine and that is yours , this article is mine don’t use it, this picture is mine and so I have the rights to use it, nooo this is my God he hates you…., crazy. The mind separates and it’s the nature of mind. So all the masters have been telling, to leave the mind and to leave the separation. To leave the boundaries and to become Omnipotent and they have been telling it to all to see the whole not just a part, not just to see the word but to understand the meaning. Not just the picture but both the picture and the person. Not just the words and the picture but to becoming one with the meaning and the person. Becoming one with the master and not to just pray his ideas, he gave you the idea to leave the ideas, to leave the mind and to leave the separation and what happened? People started to own the ideas, to own the pictures. You take what you don’t have. You want it more and more what is difficult for you to get. People are afraid and so there are higher walls, walls around ever thing and also around people. I can understand you don’t like people coming inside of you own house but don’t stop poor from coming inside the temple. Haven’t you all noticed how people have been watching there own lovers. And they do it even with religions making walls. And it’s sad. Religion is not a group, it’s just a realization of the reality, and when you know the religion then you are a master. To know the reality is to know it all and those who know all they don’t have much importance for the chapters. The article is one just a lot of words. The master is the same the body is different, the master is not the body neither the

mind it’s all and so there is no separation. And so my dear friends I request all those who are reading to surrender to the master and not to separate him. © Copyright 2008 by Samvit Audichya