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Did you know that if you call yourself a prophet, or cast out demons and do miracles, you are an EVIL doer? Every April 22nd we celebrate the true CHRISTMAS, commemorating the second coming of the Lord. Now we belong to the OTHER, the one that resurrected (Romans 7:4), not to Jesus of Nazareth. If we celebrate Jesus of Nazareth’s birthday, the church must then follow Jewish customs. That is why now the Man Christ Jesus builds his church as a thief in the night, guiding the church towards the transformation. In that second coming of the Lord there’s evidence where in that day… “many will say: Lord have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name…” And then I will declare to them: I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.” (Matthews 17:21-23). They were the Jewish apostles that knew Jesus in the flesh, not the resurrected one. They wanted to continue doing wonders and casting out demons. In the Kingdom (here on earth), the only ones allowed to enter are the ones that do God’s will. What will? The mystery of his WILL (Ephesians 1:9) Mystery is something unknown by a human being. To be his will then it has to be revealed, and that begins by knowing that we were known from before the foundation of the world. And the “false brethren” do not understand that will, they do not reign, they do not know the mystery, they are false prophets. There’s a second evidence that says: “… and in Your name we cast our demons” (Matthews 7:22). Only Jesus of Nazareth did that, but when he died on the cross he destroyed the devil forever. God incarnated to destroy the devil (Hebrews 2:14). An example of doctrine of demons is celibacy (1st to Timothy 4:1-3) because it is not good for a man to be alone (Genesis 2:18). A third evidence is: “… in Your name we make many wonders” (Matthews 7:22). We are not in the stage of miracles, Christ already died and took away all of our sickness, and we are already healed by faith. We are already healed, therefore we can no longer pray for anybody, which is blasphemy, to pray for someone so God can heal someone is to invalidate what Christ accomplished on the cross. Isaiah the prophet said it: “There will be a chosen people that will never say I AM sick”. The false brethren preach an expired gospel in Matthew, Luke, John and Acts (these are really historic books not gospel). They always feel sick; they carry crosses (which is a sign of a curse). They are deceivers. But there was going to be a day where God would judge according to Paul’s gospel (Romans 2:16), uncircumcision (Galatians 2:7). Dear reader: We receive that your eyes are enlightened so that you can realize that Peter’s gospel expired on the cross, and Paul’s gospel is the only valid one after the cross. Only the Man Christ Jesus teaches: those that don’t do his will are evil doers. Blessed!

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