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SINCE 1920
spring 2015
Ken Goldman
Past President
Linda Doll
First Vice-President
Valli Thayer McDougle
Second Vice-President
Travel show
Joe Cibere
Third Vice-President
Jeanne Hyland
Fourth Vice-President
Janice Cipriani-Willis
Alice Kayuha
director, International
Penny Hill
director, Membership
Son Do
Recording Secretary
Stephanie Goldman
DIRECTOR, Membership
Myrna Wacknov
DIRECTOR, Historian
Lowri Sprung
Debbie Abshear
DIRECTOR, Newsletter
Nancy Swan
Detra Francis
Parrish Hirasaki
Gallery manager
Jan Godachy

Presidents Message
Ken Goldman
I would like to thank our outgoing president Linda Doll for her
extraordinary service over the last three years and for agreeing to stay on
as both consultant to me and director of our upcoming China Exchange
program. Linda has been a one-woman dynamo in catapulting NWS into the digital age and
will be indispensable in helping us maintain our cutting-edge reputation, and extra kudos go
to prior past president Mike Bailey for breaking the ground that moved us forward.
Most presidents know they can only be as effective as the officers who surround them and this
is where I am most fortunate; nearly all of the board members who assisted Linda have agreed
to stay on. All the members of this board will make an impact with their own new fresh ideas.
In my last real job as an exhibit designer and muralist for the San Diego Museum of Natural
History, I learned how to work with a large team of highly capable artists. I intend to use this
experience by encouraging all board members/artists to fully unleash their talents. I promise
to make final decisions only after much listening and consultation and will primarily be a
facilitator, delegator and background leader.
This new year promises to be an exciting one. In honor of NWSs 95th anniversary, we begin
our course of international exchanges by first hosting artists from the Belgium Biennale, then
a cultural/artistic exchange with China and of course we will have our own highly acclaimed
annual members and international exhibitions along with new workshops and lectures.
Bottom line, this is a great time to come aboard NWS or to continue your membership with
us. In our mission to encourage your ongoing pursuit of learning about and creating the finest
most innovative modern watercolors possible, we affirmatively state that watercolor is finally
achieving the status it deserves.
I look forward to meeting or hearing from all of you.
Ken Goldman
President, NWS
upcoming annual exhibition jurors and alternates



Judi Betts
Soon Y Warren
David Poxon

Frank Webb
Paul Jackson
Myrna Wacknov

Mike Bailey
Carol Pickle
Cathy Hegman




Carolyn Lord
Ken Goldman
Geoff McCormack

Sue Pink
Robbie Laird
Laurin McCracken

Michael Reardon
Kathleen Ballard
Stan Kurth

2015 NWS Events At-A-Glance

Mark your calendars!

NWS annual member Exhibition

June 6, 2015 July 31, 2015
NWS Gallery San Pedro, CA
Gallery Hours: Thursdays -Sundays,
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Location: NWS Studio Gallery
915 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 831-1099

member exhibiton-entry online

March 1 to March 31, 2015
Accepted Artists Posted to Website:
April 15, 2015
Art Shipped per Instructions
April 15 to May 8, 2015
Hand Delivery of Art to NWS:
May 9, 2015 11 A.M. to 4 P.M.

happenings at the NWS Studio Gallery

San Pedro
carol Carter lecture
May 17, 2015 10 A.M. - 12 P.M.
carol Carter workshop I
May 18 - 20, 2015 10 A.M. - 3 P.M.
Registration closed
carol Carter workshop II
May 21 - 23, 2015 10 A.M. - 3 P.M.
Register on NWS website
Member show Reception & Opening
June 6, 2015 2 - 4 P.M.

Awards Jury: May 17, 2015

2015 NWS Annual Calendar

by event

MEMBER exhibition

Annual international exhbition

1/13/15 Prospectus Mailed

3/1/15 Web Posted Prospectus
3/31/15 Entry Deadline
4/13/15 Accepted Posted to Web
5/09/15 Paintings Hand Delivered
5/17/15 Juror Lecture
5/18/15 Juror Workshop I
5/21/15 Juror Workshop II
6/06/15 Opening/Reception
6/06/15 Member Trilog Mailed
7/31/15 Exhibition Close
8/16/15 Pick-Up Hand Delivered

6/01/15 Annual Prospectus Postcard

Mailed/Posted to Web
6/1/15 Entries Begin Online
7/31/15 Entry Deadline
8/15/15 Jury of Selection
8/16/15 Juror Demonstration
8/19/15 Accepted List Posted Webpage
9/04/15 Painting Due to Shipper
9/12/15 Painting Hand Delivery
9/26/15 Awards Jury
9/27/15 Awards Juror Workshop
9/29/15 Awards Juror Lecture
9/30/15 Final Acceptance Letters

Mailed/ Web Posted
10/24/15 Opening/Buffet Reception
10/25/15 Opening to Public
12/20/15 International Closing
12/20/15 Hand Delivered Pick-up

Newsletter Deadlines
March 1, 2015
July 1, 2015
November 1, 2015
(same each year)



china/nws Member exhibition in

4/20/15 USA Prospectus on Web
4/20 - 5/27/15 Open for Online Entries
5/27/15 6 P.M. USA Entry Deadline
6/23/15 USA Accepted Posted to Web
Shenzhen Opening
Board Meetings (*Some Online)
Board Meetings First Saturday Most
1/16/16 Annual Meeting
(Always Second Saturday in January)

China Small Image Exchange Exhibit

By linda Doll, past President, Chair of China Exhibition

hou Tianya, CAA, NWS, has invited the National Watercolor Society
(NWS) to collaborate in hosting a small image exchange exhibition.
The small image exhibit will be held in conjunction with the 2015 Shenzhen
International Biennial Exhibition, exhibited in the Shenzhen Art Museum
from December 5, 2015, to January 10, 2016, and curated by Zhou Tianya.
In 2016, following the exhibition in Shenzhen, the small paintings from both
countries will travel to San Pedro, CA, where they will be shown in the NWS
Gallery from July 30, 2016, to August 28, 2016.
Separate opening receptions are proposed for both the Shenzhen International
Biennial and the small image exhibitions, possibly on the same day.
The small images submitted by NWS artists will be juried by Zhou Tianya, and
Linda Doll will serve as juror for the Chinese artists paintings.
Zhou Tianya is a well-known artist, teacher, author, and editor, who also has
served -- for the past seven (7) years -- as Chair of the Art Department at Jingshu
Academy of Technology in Hubei, China. Linda Doll, Immediate Past President,
and Director of NWS, is an internationally-known artist, teacher, juror, and
workshop instructor.
Small works for this joint collaboration will consist of paintings no larger than
15 in the longest dimension. They will be sent unframed to NWS and will then
be shipped to China by NWS. Catalogs of the small image exhibition will be
printed through the generosity of China, and each accepted artist will receive this
wonderful catalog.
Entry for this show will be for NWS Members only and will be submitted online
from April 20 to May 27, 2015. For more information, check the web page www.



95 Years and Counting, Historical Perspective

By penny Hill, director of annual exhibition

t was 95 years ago that Dana Bartlett put together a new organization devoted to
the art of Watercolor. The wild west coast was host to the founding of the California

Watercolor Society and this is how it all unfolded. In 1931, Phil Dikes Sicilian Houses
won first place award. He donated it to the society effectively beginning the permanent
collection. In 1975, the California National Watercolor Society decided to drop the
California in its name and become simply the National Watercolor Society to reflect its
expanded national membership. From its inception NWS has always been at the leading
edge of new innovations in water media paintings. There is a pride in acknowledging
the new and inspiring work put forth around the world.
Is NWS outstanding in the genre? Is it wise in its pursuit of strict code of ethics in its
jurying process? Are the goals of being accepted into the International and Member
exhibitions of the highest standards? Is the process for jurying for signature a worthy
endeavor? And the answer to all of the questions is YES ! Is it a thrill to be a part of
our exhibitions and join in the acknowledgments of your peers and the exposure of
your work on the international stage? YES ! So when the questions are asked, why does
Dana Bartlett The founder of what is now known as
the National Watercolor Society.
Image courtesy of the California Art Club.
He was their 7th President 1922- 1923

NWS decline to exhibit work previously shown or painted more than two years ago?
The answer is integrity and absolute honesty in the selection of entries and judging of
awards. To this end, signature board members are not allowed to compete in the contest
nor are jurors allowed to speak together during the process. For the annual member
exhibition, the juror cannot be a member of NWS .
In 1925, president Henri de Kruif restated the mission of NWS: The need of art to

all ages has always been an imperative one. And whether consciously or unconsciously, this vital need has brought forth workers who
gradually developed an art expressive of the spirit of their age. Not by sudden bounds has such expression been realized, but by the
seasoning growth of time. Thus to those who still look to the past for art, let this be revealed, that we are on the threshold of something
very fine and true to America. It is to encourage freedom of beauty in watercolor painting and to foster individual expression among
the artists that the California Water Color Society strives to be liberal to all comers.
Our 2015 Membership Exhibition will be opening on June 6th, 2015, with reception and awards and will continue through July 31st.
It is an amazing gathering of our membership to bring forth their new works. Join us and invite all your fans and especially those who
have never seen the revealing work being done in water media today.



NWS Workshop and Lecture: Painting Cut Crystal with Watercolor

with Soon Y. Warren, NWS, AWS, TWSA
Workshop Sunday-Tuesday September 27-29, 2015 10am- 3pm
Demo/Lecture Sunday September 27,2015 6-8 pm
Register online

Soon Y. Warren, NWS, AWS, TWSA

NWS 2015 International Exhibition Juror Soon Y. Warren, NWS, AWS, TWSA, works internationally as a full time artist, teacher,
and workshop instructor. Creative process hands-on painting is her passion and the life she enjoys.
Workshop participants will learn to paint a cut crystal bowl in watercolor using a step-by-step process. Materials and information
provided before the session will enable you time to prepare your drawings before the workshop and use class time to work on painting
techniques. Learn how to create a luminous under painting. Soon shares how to approach painting crystal using glazing, washing, the
concept of color theory relationships, as well as light and dark values to achieve vibrant and sparkly crystal. In addition, you will be
encouraged to bring your own current pieces to paint along with your reference material. End each day with discussion and critique
with Soon, a kind and giving instructor. Take advantage of this special workshop created for NWS.
Lecture Note: To Accommodate our world-wide memberships varied and busy schedules we are trying an evening time slot.
2015 Lecture and Workshop Series held at the NWS Gallery, 915 So Pacific Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731.
Further inquiries contact Penny Hilltel.760-908-3389eMail:

Enrollment will be processed in the order received:

Online registration, its easier and speedier and of course more FUN !!!!!!!
Please make all checks payable to NWS. Mail the form (below) and check to:
NWS Workshops, c/o Penny Hill1145 Barham Drive #130San Marcos CA 92078
- - - - - - - - - - - -(CUT ALONG THE LINE AND RETURN WITH YOUR CHECK) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Soon Y. Warren Workshop & Demonstration (please print or type )



Address _______________________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________________________________________State_______ Zip______________

Phone _________________________________

Check the event you plan to attend.

____Signing up as new Member; ____ Member $300 ___ non-Member $350 _____ Lecture/Demo $20 each, $30 non-members.
Online participation for members only $10

NWS Demonstration: Watercolor Lets Think About It

with Judi Betts NWS, AWS

Judi Betts Sunday, August 16, 2015 10 A.M. - Noon

Register online

NWS 2015 International Exhibition Juror Chairman, Judi Betts, NWS, AWS internationally acclaimed for her transparent watercolor paintings, has
won over 100 awards in major competitions, her work appears on TV, CD labels and in over 35 books. Judi is the author of the award winning books
WATERCOLOR...Lets Think About It! (5th printing) and PAINTING...A QUEST toward XTRAORD!NARY (5 awards). She has participated in many
Invitational exhibitions including 1st, 2nd and 3rd Invitational Exhibitions of Contemporary International Water-Media Masters, sponsored by the
50th Anniversary Exhibition in 2011. Judis paintings are also in the Permanent Collections of the States of Arkansas and Louisiana, the New Orleans
Museum of Art at the Springfield (MO) Art Museum, and she has received the Louisiana Governors Award for Professional Artist. The Transparent
Watercolor Society of America awarded her their Master of Watercolor designation. Judi was selected for a special award for Contributions to
the medium of Watercolor by Watercolor USA Honor Society and in 2012 received their Lifetime Achievement Award, their highest honor. She
also is a contributor to many prominent art magazines. The ARTISTS MAGAZINE selected Judi to be a juror for their 2002 International Art
Competition which drew over 15,000 entries. She judged the Experimental Art Category. Over her career, she has been juror/judge for over 150
national/international and regional competitions. In 2009, she served on the Awards Jury for the American Watercolor Societys 142nd International
Competition. More than 425 workshops have been presented by Judi; and she has given invitational sessions for watercolor societies in Norway, Puerto
Rico, Sweden and Canada. Read more about her on our website or visit her at

2015 Lecture and Workshop Series held at the NWS Gallery, 915 So Pacific Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731.
Further inquiries contact Penny Hillph: 760-908-3389; email :

Enrollment will be processed in the order received:

Online registration, its easier and speedier and of course more FUN !!!!!!!
Please make all checks payable to NWS. Mail the form (below) with your check to:
NWS Workshops, c/o Penny Hill1145 Barham Drive #130San Marcos CA 92078
- - - - - - - - - - - -(CUT ALONG THE LINE AND RETURN WITH YOUR CHECK) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Judy Betts Lecture/Demonstration (please print or type )



Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________________________________________State______ Zip______________

Phone ____________________________

Put a check next to the event you plan to attend.

____Signing up as new Member; ____ Member $300 ___ non-Member $350

_____ Lecture/Demo Sunday , August 16, 201510 am- Noon

Lectures are $20 each, $30 for non-members.

Online participation for members only $10



NWS Lecture and Workshop I & II: Painting with Fluidity in Watercolor
with Carol Carter, Member Exhibit Juror

national watercolor society

915 So. Pacific Avenue, San Pedro, CA 90731

sign up on the nws website or by mail below

carol-carter Workshop I (registration closed)

workshop II (5 spaces - check online for availability.)

carol-carter Lecture

Sunday, May 17, 2018 10 A.M.- Noon.

Attending at Gallery - $20.00 (USD)
Online View of Lecture - $10.00 (USD)

Thursday - Saturday May 21 - May 23, 2015 10 A.M.- 3 P.M.

Members - $300
Non-members - $350

Member Exhibition Juror

Carol Carter is a longtime
resident of St. Louis, where
she earned a Master of Fine
Arts degree from Washington
University. Long admired in
St. Louis, she earned national
recognition in 2002 when
her work was featured on
the cover of New American
Paintings magazine. She
stepped onto the international arts stage that same year
with a solo exhibition in Guayaquil, Ecuador, sponsored
by the U.S. Embassy. She has had solo exhibitions in
Norway, France, and USVI. She was AIRE Fellow at
Everglades National Park in 2010. Crate & Barrel and
Verizon Wireless recently added her to their collections.

Carter will demonstrate

her technique of wet, loose
watercolor. Each day begins
with a uniquely tailored
lesson to inspire. She will
discuss color, water, design,
and value. The afternoon
will be devoted to individual
instruction and group
Water is an enduring presence in Carol Carters watercolor and acrylic
paintings. Having grown up in Florida, she sees water as an evocative
backdrop, resonant in contrasts that illuminate the human condition.
Using vibrant, saturated colors, she plays upon the dualities present in
nature in images of swimmers, lush landscapes, insightful portraits and
botanical studies.

Cut along line and return with your check to Penny Hill)

Carol Carter Workshop & Lecture II

Enrollment will be processed in the order received:

Online registration, its easier and speedier and of course more FUN !!!!!!!
Please make all checks payable to NWS. Mail the form (below) and payment to:
NWS Workshops, c/o Penny Hill1145 Barham Drive #130San Marcos CA 92078
NAME (please print)
Put a check next to the event you plan to attend.
____Signing up as new Member; ____ Member $300 ___ non-Member $350
_____ Lecture/Demo _____Workshop II
Lectures are $20 each, $30 for non-members.

Online participation for members only $10



Special Visit to NWS Gallery

By Jan godachy, Gallery Manager

FYI Membership

Happy 100 birthday

to signature member
jim brower

n November 19, 2014, our gallery manager Jan opened the

gallery on a Wednesday to accommodate the Brookdale
retirement communitys art class (from Torrance) for a field trip.
These art students said it was their BEST field trip ever! We
suggested a restaurant in the area which could accommodate
the walkers and they will be back next year! Here is an elderly
gentleman enjoying Cheng-Khee Chees painting of koi.

The one-hundredth birthday of NWS

Signature Member Jim Brower was
celebrated December 30th by more than
seventy of his family and artist friends at
a party at his residence in Toledo, Ohio.

All Dues are due April 1st each year.
Check your label FOR RENEWAL DATE
Signature is $45.

Associate is $40.

Pay online on our web page

Or send your check to

If you know of an organization that would like to arrange for

a special visit during our shows please contact the gallery (310
831-1099) and speak to Jan Godachy.



915 So Pacific Ave
San Pedro, CA 90732

We are proud that our members achieve so many
accolades,therefore we are limited to what can be included.


November 1, 2014 to March 1, 2015

Deborah Alice Aldrich, NH

Gayle Mahoney, NJ

Cathy Allsman, FL

Polly Powell Marsh, TN

Suzanne Mitchell Antoon, LA

Wanda Meekins, NC

Amy Beshgetoorian, NC

Mary Kathryn Murphy, MI

Sam L. Boehner, BC

Nino Neiman, CA

Diane Brandenburg, CA

Marsha S. Owen, AZ

Tom Brown, TX

Lee Passarella, FL

Eva Caulfield, CA

Luis Fernando Perez, NY

Susan Church Grant, NC

Marie A. Prince, NY

Christine Collier-Trevino, KS

Kenneth Patrick Ryan, Canada

Marie Curtis, MI

Carolyn Sabol, CA

Prayong Deeying, FL

Lauren Salzman, NY

Lucia deLeiris, MA

Raul Marcial Saria, Singapore

John Detrick, CA

Joe Severino, CA

Sharon M. Eley, OH

Jean Shultz, CA

Jude Fauconnier, CA

Andrew Arthur Sussman,


Tom Gail, OR
Kim Granhaug, TX
Denise Lynne Greer, SC
Marjorie Hegner, FL
Agbeko Hommey, CA
LaVonda J. Kellogg, WA
Glenn Leung, PA
Judy Levinson, FL
Constance L. Luhman, IA

James E. Swarthout, FL
Heather Torres, FL
Lian-Mei Tsai, Taiwan
Suzi Vitulli, WA
Daniela Werneck, TX

We print the following for Signature and Associate members:

Awards (only from National or International exhibits open to
all artists. No members only shows. Indicate the award[s]
you received.)
Recent publications that include your work
Special honors (i.e., Signature membership to national art
groups; serving as Juror; having work added to permanent
collections, etc.)
Inclusion in invitational, solo or two-artist exhibitions
We do not print:

Your workshops or websites

Your inclusion into exhibits (unless you get an award and it is
in an exhibit open nationally to all artists)
Items over 6 months old
Submitted material will be edited if it does not conform
to the above criteria OR in order to fit space available.


Indicate your member status (Signature or Associate)

Kudos: Format your submission in the 3rd person
Use the Kudos section in this newsletter as a guide.
Be specific about titles and dates.
Articles will be reviewed for content and relevancy.
NWS reserves the right to accept or reject articles, and edit the
contents to fit.
In Memoriam: NWS will publish one submitted photo,
space permitting.
Call for Entries: Submitted and applicable to NWS will be posted on
our website.
We require a personal summary of your

achievements. A monthly newsletter will not be

gleaned for content.

Spring: March 1; Summer: July 1; Winter: November 1.

Online preferred |

(Indicate NWS Newsletter in subject line, or it may be missed.)
Mail-in | NWS Newsletter Editor, 915 South Pacific Avenue,
San Pedro CA 90731-3201

volunteer with NWS

We Welcome all members.
Come be a part of a great growing organization
and work with fellow artists
either online or in person.
no matter where you live,
If you have a little time or talent that you
are willing to share.

Carolyn J. Wilder, GA

Please email ken goldman

Carolyn Wilson, CA
Dawn Yoshimura, HI

or Call (619) 436-7806 for more information



Robert Lee Mejer (Bob) authored the article in the Brush Up

Column of the May issue of The Artists Magazine. Happy
Accidents, Achieve intriguing Textural Effects by Letting Watercolor
have Its Own Way on a Gel-Covered Surface .
Kim Minichiello will receive Signature Membership with the
Georgia Watercolor Society at this years 2015 GWS National
Exhibition with her painting, Mayan Gate.
Judy Nunno has a five-page article Not Your Grandmas Floral
featured in the April 2015 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine.
Next Newsletter deadline - JULY 1, 2014
Angela Barbalace received the Elizabeth Ruggles Memorial
Award for the 45th Garden State Watercolor Society annual juried
Chris Beck won the First Place award in Other Media in the
Richeson75 Small Works exhibition at the Richeson School of Art
and Gallery in Kaukauna, Wisconsin for her painting Arabesque.
The show runs from February 23 April 4, 2015.
Cheng-Khee Chee, AWS DF, NWS, TWSA, WHS, will be
honored with a retrospective exhibition organized by the
University of Minnesota, Duluth Tweed Museum of Art called
A Natural Flow: The Way of Cheng-Khee Chee, Paintings
1974-2015 which will be held from May 12 through September
30, 2015. The opening reception will be on Thursday, May
14, 2015. He also authored the article A Glimpse of the Asian
Aesthetic, in the Ask the Experts Column, March issue of The
Artists Magazine.
Devorah Friedman was awarded the National Watercolor
Society Reciprocal Award in Watercolor Wests 46th International
Exhibition in Brea, CA. She also obtained Signature Memberhip
at the 2014 Pennsylvania Watercolor Societys 35th Exhibition.

Kris Preslan, NWS, was selected to appear alongside paintings by

some of Britains leading watercolour painters. The Royal Institute
of Painters in Water Colours Annual Exhibition will be on display
at the Mall Galleries near Trafalgar Square between 25 March to
11 April 2015
Frank Spinos Orange Crush will be exhibited at the International Watercolour Society - Italys Invitational Exhibition in
Fabriano, Italy. His Zhujiajiao, China - Water City was awarded
second place in the Brevard Watercolor Society SPLASH
exhibition. His Radishes was awarded the Peoples Choice
If you are not in this section and you should have been,
please re-send the information with Newsletter in the
Subject and it will be included next issue.

Will Cadmium Paints Always

be on the Palette?


FWS, has been selected Awards Juror for the Philadelphia Water
Color Society International Exhibition, held at the Goggleworks
Complex, Reading, Pa., *September 5 - October 25, 2015. She also
is the Juror of Selection for the Watercolor Society of Alabama
National Exhibition, at the Eastern Shore Art Center, Fairhope,
AL. March 8 - 27th, 2015.
John Wilkison, NWS, AWS, was awarded Signature Memberhip
in the American Watercolor Society at the 148th Annual International Exhibition
Roland Lee, NWS, won Best of Show at the Dixie Watercolor
Societys fall show. He also received Peoples Choice Award
and four Purchase Awards at the Zion National Park Plein Air
Invitational in Utah November 2014. In addition he was recently
awarded the 2014 Governors Mansion Medal by Utah Governor
Gary Herbert for contributions to the visual arts in Utah

Mostly a European Union issue right now. This article in

Just Paint is interesting because there are so many rumors
about Cadmiums being banned.



In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Lu Campbell, nws, 82, Past

Treasurer of NWS, former
Festival of Arts artist and
Laguna Beach resident Lu
Campbell passed away on
Monday, January 26, 2015
at home with her loving
husband, John, and her
daughter Darcy by her side.
Lu had been fighting a long
and tough battle with lung
cancer since 2007.

Gerrie Brown, nws passed

away on January 6th of this
year. She received a BA
degree from Asbury College in
1960, majoring in Secondary
Art Education.She studied
with nationally recognized
instructors at Springmaid
Beach Watercolor Workshops
in Myrtle Beach, South
Carolina, and others.

Lu was born in Whittier, California on February 19,

1932, to Harold and Marion Weaver. Her given
name was Zella Ivalu Weaver, after her two aunts.
Her family moved to Scotia, California, where she
attended Fortuna High School. This is when Lu
changed her name to just, Lu. Lu loved the arts and
She graduated from San Jose State University in
1956, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in
Interior Design. Lu moved to Laguna Beach in 1960
with her late ex-husband Tom Murphine, The Daily
Pilot newspaper editor, and their three children,
Tommy, Matt, and Darcy.
She studied ceramics
under Romona Gilbrait and
continued training under the
direction of William O. Payne,
Wallace Parker, and Howard
Warner at Orange Coast. Her
ceramic work was displayed
at Orange Coast College and
galleries in Laguna Beach.
From 1963 to 1978, Lu
showcased her pottery at
the Festival of Arts. During
a remodel of their home in
1985, Lu made the difficult
decision to give away all her ceramic supplies,
including her kiln. She soon missed creating art
and decided to try her hand at watercolors. She
had a natural talent for painting, in fact, an awardwinning talent. In 1990, her works were accepted
for the prestigious exhibits of Watercolor West
and the National Watercolor Society, of which she
was a signature member. From 1999 to 2003,
she served as board member and treasurer of the
National Watercolor Society. Her art was featured
in Watercolor magazine multiple times and she won
numerous prestigious awards for her paintings.

Gerrie exhibited locally with

the Shenandoah Valley Watercolor Society, of which
she was the founding president. She also exhibited
with the Signature 9 Gallery in Roanoke, Virginia.
She was a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and an artist member of the Virginia
Watercolor Society. Her work has been published in
Best of Watercolor II and Best of Watercolor, Painting
Texture, Rockport Publishers, 1997.

2015 Annual Traveling Exhibit Schedule

(Please contact the venue or visit their website for updated info.)

art Center manatee

February 1 - March 20
209 9th Street West
Bradenton FL 34205

tennessee valley
museum of art
May 24 - July 10
511 North Water Street,
Tuscumbia, AL

If you are a North American non-profit gallery owner and

are interested in hosting the NWS Annual Travel Exhibit,
contact 2nd Vice-President (Travel Exhibit) Joe
Cibere ( or
Penny Hill, NWS Exhibitions Director





National watercolor society

915 South Pacific Avenue San Pedro

CA 90731-3201 310-831-1099 http://www.



NWS Gallery
915 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731

Available for Purchase: The

2014/2015 94th Annual

Gallery Hours: Thursdays through Sundays

11 A.M. to 3 P.M.
Additional Hours: First Thursday,
Call for Holiday Hours.

Contact us to buy this or past


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