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Emergency Relief Supply

Water Purification Tablets


Safe. Effective. Simple. Economical

Medentech Ltd has long been associated with the supply of products to International and
National Relief Agencies and NGO, especially with our water purification tablets,
Aquatabs. Indeed, Aquatabs has become synonymous with water purification in the
wake of natural disasters. We pride ourselves on :
Quality products, manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, and in conformance
with recognised specifications.
Rapid Response, flexibility and service to the Agencies.
Competitive Pricing.

Aquatabs tablets are used for the disinfection of water for human consumption, and for
the disinfection of wells and water systems. We also supply a Multi-Purpose Dichlosep
tablets for use in field clinics and hospitals.

Aquatabs are available as effervescent tablets in sizes that will treat from 1 to 1000 litres
of water in emergency conditions. Aquatabs Slow-Dissolving tablets are also available for
continuous treatment of water.

The Aquatabs products conform to internationally recognised specifications

Aquatabs are also used for the disinfection of well structures before commissioning or
after a pollution incident. The tablets are also approved for use in disinfecting water
mains and service pipework and other water structures.
The in-use dosages are easy to evaluate

Where water-borne disease is a problem, then Aquatabs has been proven to be an

effective solution in rendering water safe to drink. Aquatabs have been tried and tested in
a wide range of natural and polluted water sources.
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Aquatabs are effervescent tablets that rapidly dissolve in water to kill microorganisms that
cause diarrhea (e.g. E. coli). They give clear, palatable solutions. The water is ready for
drinking after 30 minutes. They are also available in a slow-dissolving tablet for use in
piped water supplies. The compositions of both the standard effervescent Aquatabs and
the Slow-Dissolving Aquatabs are in conformance to international standards.
Water Purification/Disinfection for the disinfection of water for human consumption.
Aquatabs are used for the disinfection of newly commissioned wells, mains and service
pipe work, and other water structures. Water can also be treated with Aquatabs for
washing of fruit and vegetables that are eaten raw, such as salads.

Steriline Sdn Bhd (324926-x)

Lot, 5979, Jalan Teratai, 5 Mile, Off Jalan Meru. 41050 Klang. Selangor D.E. Malaysia
Tel: (603) 3393 1966 Fax: (603) 3392 7130

Aquatabs Conformance to International Standards

Aquatabs effervescent tablets utilise the active ingredient sodium dichloroisocyanurate
(NaDCC), and the Aquatabs Slow-Dissolving utilise trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA).
These formulations conform to internationally published specifications, such as:

The United Nations Development Programme, Inter-Agency Procurement Services

Office "Compendium of Generic Specifications" for Emergency Relief Items
specifies the use of effervescent NaDCC tablets for water purification (UNCCS
Code: 356461)
"The New Emergency Health Kit 98" specifies the use of sodium
dichloroisocyanurate tablets for the chlorination of drinking water. This WHO kit
provides drugs and medical supplies for 10,000 people for approximately 3 months
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement "Standard Specifications
for Watsan: Water & Sanitation Emergency Equipment" include Aquatabs and
TCCA tablets for water disinfection (Code: Type 21.1)
The UNICEF Supply Catalogue Product List includes NaDCC tablets for the
purification of drinking water (Supply Codes: S1588350, S1588355 and S0003245)
Oxfam specify the use of TCCA tablets for Water Disinfection (Code FCT/1)
The Medecins Sans Fronties product catalogue includes NaDCC tablets for the
disinfection of water (DDISNADC5T and DDISZBD0001)
The European Standard (EN) for Chemicals use for Water Intended for Human
Consumption ?Chemicals for Emergency Use, approve NaDCC and TCCA (EN
12931: 2000 and EN12933: 2000)
The German Drinking Water Regulations specify the use of potassium
dichloroisocyanurate or NaDCC tablets for emergency drinking water treatment
The U.K Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and Regions have
approved Aquatabs in accordance with The Water Supply (Water Quality)
Regulations 1989 No.1147, under Regulation 25(1)a, for the disinfection of water
and water supply systems.
The French High Council for Public Health, Ministry of Employment and Solidarity,
approved Aquatabs for the treatment of drinking water.
In the book "Medecine des Voyages", Aquatabs are recommended for travelers
Many Defense Forces specify NaDCC tablets and have been supplied with
Aquatabs for treatment of drinking water

Both Aquatabs and Dichlosep are produced in conformance with internationally

recognised specifications, and are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards
(certified in accordance with EU Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice for
medicinal products), also which is essential for this type of product.

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