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Christian Witchcraft and use of soulish Prayers

I want to talk about something the church never wants to discuss.

We as a Christians want to think if I am praying God will bless and
want to do everything we are asking in prayer. But prayer and our
coming into presence of God is a serious issue. We want to be like
the Hebrews who carry the ark of covenant into battle and think
God is for us. Joshua on the way to take the walled city of Jericho
which had walls 70 feet tall met the captain of the lord. So Joshua
is very careful with the presence of God and asks the angel which
side is he serving? The angel replied I am for neither I am serving
the living god. Sometimes Cods will and way is not an option we
have seen or considered. We can totally miss what God wants in a
situation. We want everything the way we want it and so we drag
the ark of covenant to battle our enemies like Saul the day he
died. The armies of Israel were routed before the Philistines. God
took the lives of Eli and his sons for disobedience. Israel lost the
Ark of the Covenant, which represented the presence and holiness
of God. Many times we are going one way and God is trying to get
attention about what he is seeking.
What happens when a Christian prays outside the will of God or
even in agreement with Satans desires? Most Christians think
these prayers simply fall to the ground unanswered. Take the
example of Israel crying out for a king and God saying this is not a
good thing. But because they persisted God allowed a king, Saul
to be appointed. Saul typified everything the people wanted. But
with a few exceptions the king of Israel and Judah turned away
from the living God and turned the hearts of the people to sin.
James 4:3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you
ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get
on your pleasures. We think there is no harm done by our
prayers; Havoc is released in the body of Christ. Christians have
prayed for confusion, failure, sickness and defeat on those they
do not agree with. We want people to quit smoking so we prayed

God will not bless them. They think someone is at the wrong
church, so they pray for division of that church. We want to affect
someone choices, so the pray for confusion to come to them. We
may believe that this will wake them up, and cause them to
change direction. Such prayers are spiritual manipulation, Soulish
It is from our spirit that we are to receive wisdom, knowledge, and
revelation from the Lord concerning how or what to pray. It is in
this realm where many make the fatal mistake of allowing the
mind to generate the words to pray. If we refuse to utter a word
until we have heard from the Lord (through our spirit), we will
then avoid the error of praying our will or our thoughts in a given
situation. Soulish prayers are generated from our mind will or
emotions. Soul prayers enlist our soul in a attempt to pressure the
spirit and mind of another person to turn around to or move
toward our desired way of thinking. We are attempting to play god
and force our will on the other person. It is a form of manipulation,
control and witchcraft. Soulish prayers are particularly destructive
when the parties are open to one another. What we think as
physic prayers are praying with a wrong motivation to pressure
others to act think or feel a certain way. Psychic prayers attempt
to influence the Lord to cause someone to move in a certain
direction. Whether or not the direction is Gods will for the person
makes no difference. This is also a disguised form of witchcraft.
Some can say theyve seen answers to such prayers so they must
be in Gods will, but Jesus says they are not! In Mathew 5:44, But
I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute
you. If this is the commanded approach to our enemies, how
much more in the church should we work to apply this word. So
how are our prayers for confusion answered? Simple, God is not
the author of confusion, Stan is. Every Christian has authority to
loose Satan activity!

In Matthew 16:19 Jesus says I will give you the keys of the
kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in
heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in
heaven. Luke 10:19, I have given you authority to trample on
snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the
enemy; nothing will harm you.
When a Christian prays in agreement with the will of the enemy,
he has used his authority to loose demons into activity. We are
given authority over the enemy, to stops him or release him. A
Christian praying soulish prayers in the heavenlies is the same as
the police announcing let there be stealing from so and so.: the
thief runs in to do it. It is a curse on the one he steals from! Think
of how many problems can be in the church that has people
praying things outside the will of God. Anything outside the will of
God we can move in Christian witchcraft.
James 3:10. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My
brothers and sisters, this should not be. We have no business
praying anything other than blessing on others. We are
commanded to bless even our enemies! This does not mean we
condone their sin or bless their selfness. No, we bless with the
blessing of God.
1 Peter 3:9, Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On
the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were
called so that you may inherit a blessing. The blessing of God is
grace, forgiveness, salvation and life. Hearing the voice of God
and walking in his will. Health and wholeness, life and abundance,
gifts and fruits of the spirit are what should we our prayers. The
way we pray can release the fires of revival.
We should be asking ourselves if we want to be the subject of our
own prayers. If not REPENT! Releasing blessing releases revival!
We can always pray that the worst sinner experience the love of
God, forgiveness and freedom from sin. We should not pray

trouble, he doesnt need any more, he needs Gods life. Dont

hinder our pastoral team or the church, pray or more blessing!
That makes things right, refuse to manipulate anothers direction
and circumstances. Pray for Gods blessing and that God would
lead them personally and establish a relationship through their
being born again. In short we should not be praying for others
what we do not want to receive in our life.
I have seen the prayers dug from the ground in the east, of
Christians of the Byzantine Empire who are asking God to destroy
someones life from the past. There were sections of the church
that fell to the condition of mixing the world with the church. This
runs counter to what the Ephesians did when they burned all the
books of witchcraft. It is easy to do and many of us can be
deceived and wounded through everyday circumstances so that
we want to respond in the flesh. If we are to be prayer warriors
and move in the spirit the time is now to watch the course or our
prayers and listen to the Holy Spirit about what he wants to be