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Title of the project:

The title of the project is Effectiveness of training & development in
Varomora Infotech Pvt.Ltd . As the name indicates it is the study about the
effectiveness of training & development in the organization.

This project is study about the effectiveness of training & development
Varmora Infotech Pvt.Ltd. The training & development in an organization
help manager provide proper training to their employees which helps them
achieve their goals .

Objective of the project:

To impart to new entrants the basic knowledge and skill they need for an
intelligent performance of definite tasks.

To ensure that each employee is equipped with capabilities to perform

various tasks associated with his role.

To assist employees to function more effectively in their present positions

by exposing them to the latest concepts, information and techniques and
developing the skills they will need in their particular fields.

To help the employee develop as an individual so that the organization

can recognize and use the maximum possible potential of its employees.

To help employees work as team members since no individual can

accomplish the goals of the organization single handedly.

Problem statement:

Management development is aimed at preparing employees for future job

with the organization or solving organization wide problems concerning,
acquiring or sharpening capabilities required performing various tasks
and functions associated with their presence or expected future roles.

The motive behind this study is to understand and learn the impact of
training and development programs on employees of Varmora InfoTech
Pvt.Ltd, Ahmedabad.

Training cannot be measured directly but change in attitude and behavior

that occurs as a result of Training. So employee assessment should be
done after training session by the management, to know the effectiveness
of Training given to employees.

Hence the study is undertaken up to measure the Effectiveness of

Training and Development at Executive and Non Executive levels at
Varmora InfoTech Pvt.Ltd, Ahmedabad

Methodology to be used:
1. Data Collection
The required data for the project has collected from Primary and Secondary
Primary Data:
Primary data are those, which are gathered directly through questionnaire and it
is the original source of data collected by the researcher. Primary data is
collected with the help of structured questionnaire administered to 50 randomly
selected employees of Varmora InfoTech Pvt.Ltd at the managerial level.
Secondary data: It means data that are already available i.e., they refer to the data, which have
already been collected and analyzed by someone else. There are some important
Books, magazines and newspaper
Reports prepared by

2. Statistical Tools:

The collected data were classified and tabulated and analyzed with
some of the statistical tools listed
Percentage analysis
Line graph was used to explain the tabulation clearly

3. Study Sample Size :

Type of sampling used in this survey was simple random sampling. In
this method, the sampling units had chosen randomly from the total
employees at all the levels in the levels in the organization
4. Questionnaire Design:
In this method a questionnaire is sent to the HR Manager concerned
with a request to answer the questions and return the questionnaire. The
questionnaire consisted of a number of questions printed or typed in a
definite order.
The HR Manager has to answer the questions on their own. The
researcher has chosen this method of data collection due to low cost
incurred, it is free from bias of the interviewer and respondent have
Adequate time