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Article of fictitious manufacturing business

I would like to talk about the world of refining business which

comes under the umbrella of manufacturing business. Process
involved in refining business is simply boiling of lighter components to
separate them from the heavier ones. Product service-bundling is
one of the very critical steps because it really varies from country to








particular country. Petroleum products have got worldwide demand

irrespective of country and industry so I think mass-customization
has to be taken care. As we all know, day by day the quality of crude
that we are getting is becoming a big problem for giant companies. In
order to sustain in this competitive environment their process has to
very effective and the machinery has to be efficient. Since the
regulation becomes the main deciding factor of benchmarking so I
think only value that manufacturer need to create is compliance with
regulations. Many refining giants like SHELL have already created the
position of straddling in the field of refining for newcomers. I firmly
believe that core competency has to be very high level in order to
reach to order merit level or to be on same level playing field as of








competency, with certain level of motivation rest of the things like

productivity will automatically follow.
After performing the quality function deployment for any unit,
to reach up to maximum productivity we will have to revamp the same
and that is generally done by value analysis and with the help of
external manufacturer we go for detailed engineering analysis and the
final outcome of that is design for manufacturing assembly. The
revamping exercise is done to maximize the profit by overcoming the

capacity cushion with existing infrastructure and which involves the

detailed economical scopes. The main advantage of the revamp
exercise is to improve the capacity and by doing that we are nowhere
near to the best operating level because in this case it has been
further inflated. It is also known as capacity utilization. This revamp
process takes place with due consideration of other bottlenecks which
may include the application of six sigma techniques or may be other
optimization tools. Once the unit has been revamped the manufacturer
needs to perform QA analysis to manage the TQM (total quality
management) of the particular unit or may refinery at large. By this
way one can assure the total transformation in manufacturing business
in terms of production. Similar analysis can be performed for services
sector as well with due consideration of other factors.