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Word count: The customer ordered 10000 Words (~40 pages). How many
words did the researcher complete? (excluding bibliography)
Spelling and grammar: Is the work free from spelling and
grammatical errors?
Flow and Signposting: Does the work flow well with good evidence of
(Please provide evidence used to make your decision.)
The dissertation flows well and the interplay between the three
substantive chapters is very good. Chapters 1 and 2 provide the basis
of the analysis conducted in Chapter 3. The dissertation is
effectively signposted by the Introduction which sets out the aims and
objectives and explains how the methodology will work towards


achieving those aims.

Structure and Presentation: Is the work
appropriately structured, and neatly
(Please provide evidence used to make
your decision.)
The writer of the dissertation adopts the following structure:
- Introduction
Research Aims and Thesis
- Chapter One: Historical Background
- Chapter Two: Case Study - UK Essays
- Chapter Three: Custom Dissertation Writing Services, Controversies
and the Reasons Behind the Growth of the Industry 2
- Conclusions
This is logical and the Introduction leads nicely into substantive
Chapter 1 on the historical background of the industry. The
dissertation then leads on to a case study of UK Essays before moving
on to Chapter 3 which contains the main analysis of industry. The
dissertation is then closed with a Conclusion which neatly
encapsulates the finding of the study.
Presentation is neat and consistent throughout. Quotes of more than 2
lines are separated and indented from the paragraph and the work is
presented in professional Times New Roman font.


Referencing Style: The customer
requested 'Harvard - page numbers for
direct quotes only' referencing
Has the correct style been used?
Formatting: Is the format of the referencing correct?
If 'Yes', Please select at least 3 examples of references from
in-text and the bibliography that you have checked to ensure the
formatting is correct
In-text Citations:
For example, Martin (2012) states that "Short-cuts like buying essays
seem all the more natural when higher education is increasingly
presented, and marketed, as a commodity for those with access.
Wright and Cortbus (2014) tap into this perception of individuals that
use custom dissertation writing services, featuring a case study in
their investigative report about the current state of the custom
dissertation writing service as of the summer of 2014 and it does
point to the same desperation that Brady and Dutta (2012)
When this is added to the figures from UK Essays that suggest a
threefold increase in international student customers in the first two
months of 2013 alone (Matthews, 2013), there can be little doubt that
the increased numbers of international students until 2014 and the way
in which they are treated by UK universities led to a major rise in
the custom dissertation writing services and therefore has impacted


upon its recent history.

Bibliography Entries:
Groark, M., Oblinger, D. & Choa, M., (2001).
Term Paper Mills, Anti-Plagiarism Tools and
Academic Integrity. Educause, Sept/Oct 2001,
pp. 40-48.
Dante, E., (2010). The Shadow Scholar. The Chronicle of Higher
Education. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 20
July 2014].
Clarke, R. & Lancaster, T., (2006). Elimination the Successor to
Plagiarism? Identifying the Usage of Contract Cheating Sites.
Presented at 2nd International Plagiarism Conference, Gateshead, 19-21
June 2006.

Quality: Are the references of a suitable quality?

Quantity: Has the researcher used sufficient references?
(Please provide evidence used to make your decision.)
The writer has used a very good range and volume of sources in
creating this piece of work. As such, a very well researched paper has
been produced.


Recency: Are the references up to date

where appropriate?
Authenticity: Are the references
authentic? Please check in line with our
(Please provide evidence used to make your decision.)
Some references have been checked using tools such as Google scholar
and Google books and these are found to be authentic.Examples
Authority: Are all arguments fully supported with appropriate
(Please provide evidence used to make your decision.)
The researcher demonstrates prolific referencing throughout the
dissertation, ensuring that reputable sources are used to give support
to their assertions.
Overall comments on referencing:
Positive comments
On the whole, the researcher has used the correct style and format for


Harvard referencing - using page numbers for

direct quotes as appropriate.


Focus: Is the work focused, with all
material relevant to the question?
(Please provide evidence used to make
your decision.)
The focus of the dissertation is defined in the aims and objectives,
which aim to provide a more nuanced thesis statement to allow the
opportunity for in depth analysis. The researcher explains this focus
well at page 5, stating:
- "These aims effectively narrow the focus of the title, which is
otherwise too broad to make any significant analytical discoveries and
would instead suggest a more narrative approach. All four will be kept
in mind during the research and writing processes so that accurate
conclusions may be drawn relating to each one."
Critical/descriptive: Is the work critical, rather than
descriptive? (if appropriate)
(Please provide evidence used to make your decision.)
There is evidence of critical thought and analytical thinking
demonstrated throughout. For example, the writer explains the
methodology and the decision to use a case study of one company, UK
Essays, to constitute Chapter 2 to expand and narrow the literature
review undertaken in Chapter 1:
- "[I]t will facilitate the examination of the growth of the
industry and the changes that it has experienced over the past decade.
This is a key element of the methodology because of the value it will


add to the analysis. : "...although case

studies and histories can overlap, the case
study's unique strength is its ability to
deal with a full variety of evidence documents, artifacts [sic], interviews and
observations beyond what might be available
in a conventional historical study" (Yin,
2009, p. 11). As such, the second chapter
will expand upon the research in the first
chapter and examine the topic to a far
greater depth."

Further examples of insightful critique include the following:

- "It also draws attention to significant hypocrisy within the
education system in that model answers may be provided to students by
lecturers but that is not considered to be cheating. This begs the
question, on an ethical level, as to why paying for model answers to
be provided is deemed to be cheating whether the student in question
uses the work appropriately, and therefore as a guide, or not."
- "A cultural change may account for a certain level of orders
from such services but, in most cases, it appears to be more plausible
that students simply need help and have turned to outlets that can
provide that, thus accounting for their exponential growth."
These instances are frequent and show a clear understanding of the
subject matter and also an inherent ability on the part of the writer
to think critically and evaluate literature and findings fully.
Conclusion: What does the brief ask the researcher to do,
The writer concludes the dissertation by summarising the points and
arguments made in the main substantive chapters. This neatly finishes
the dissertation off and summarily addresses the aims and objectives


based on the preceding analysis.

It is concluded that the evolution and
growth of the industry has been fuelled at a
basic level by the internet and the change to
an e-commerce business model. Further reasons
include the increase in international
students at UK Universities and the lack of
support available to students generally.
Have they done as instructed and have we met our guarantees?
(Please provide evidence used to make your decision.)
This dissertation has been completed to a very high level. The writer
develops workable aims which give a thesis to the dissertation as a
whole and develop further upon the title.
The writing is very good and demonstrates a more than competent use of
English. This is used to demonstrate excellent analytical skills and a
lot of insightful observations are made through-out regarding the
Overall, I would actually grade this as a mid-high 2.1; circa 65-67%.
Standard: The customer ordered Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
What standard would you grade this work at?
Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)


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