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Sri Potuluri Virabrahmendra

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krishna Lakhs to Crores of people are going to die, Properties worth
Billions and Trillions of MANhours are going to be destroyed, So,
Wake up and join Uttam Chaitanya Yantrangam,

Sri Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy (Telugu:

) a Hindu mystic, born in 1610 in Kadapa district of
Andra Pradesh state in India. He is the author of Kaalagnaana, a
collection of predictions about future or prophecies, a Telugu text that
predicts the arrival of Kalki in the form of Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraaya.

Few of his Predictions

According to Kalagnanam, the Third World War ends by 2046 or later
(which will end on a Makara Sankranti Day, when Jupiter in Aquarius
Rasi). The year 2012 does not indicate the end of the World, as said by
Mayan Calendar, but as per Kalagnanam severe earthquakes and
calamities are indicated in the Telugu year Nandana (201213) that takes
millions of lives, and also revival of Mayan civilization(Mayan people
are said to be the Descendants of Viswakarma/Viswabrahmin
community of India, who have flown to North America for some
reasons, a long ago). Possible reason behind the ending of Mayan
Calendar on 21-12-2012 is, they might have noticed the advent of Lord
Kalki/Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya, change of velocity of planets,
Stars and Milkyway/Galaxy, and as such they would have left the
Calendar calculations and predictions to our fate. Surprisingly, it was
clearly mentioned about the change of velocity of planets, etc. in

Kalagnanam, and in particular, there is change in the velocity of Jupiter

after Plavanga (202728) and suddenly from 2034 Jupiter will transit
three Rasis a year.
[edit] Kalagnanam
According to Vedas (Hindu scriptures), the Almighty is Viswakarma (the
Creator of Universe and The Father of Vedas (Vedapitha)) and His Wife
is Gayathri (Mother of Vedas (Vedamatha)), and their five sons (who are
be called Pancha Brahmas) are Lord Manu Brahma (Lord Siva), Lord
Maya Brahma (Lord Vishnu), Lord Thwashtru Brahma (Lord Brahma),
Lord Shilpi Brahma (Lord Indra) and Lord Viswagna Brahma (Lord
Out of the Pancha Brahmas, Lord Maya Brahma (Lord Vishnu) had
taken many incarnations whenever the world is at stake and in turmoil.
Ten incarnations of Lord Maya Brahma (Lord Vishnu) are given much
importance and the forthcoming incarnation is Lord Kalki/Lord Veera
Bhoga Vasantha Raaya. Before taking incarnation as Lord Kalki/Lord
Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya, it is evidently believed that Lord Maya
Brahma (Lord Vishnu) has taken incarnation as Sri Pothuluri Veera
Brahmendra Swamy, who will come into action as Lord Kalki/Lord
Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya.
Kalagnanam(Kalajnan), literally meaning 'Knowledge of Time' was
written by Sri Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy, who lived in Andhra
Pradesh State of India, about 400 years ago and went in Jeeva Samadhi
(entry into grave alive) (still alive and prosecuting penance in Jeeva
Samadhi) at Kandimallayapalle (popularly known as Brahmamgari
Matham (Mutt) (Lat. 14N50 Long. 78E50), in Kadapa District of Andhra
Pradesh State, Bharat(India).
Kalagnanam was written in Telugu Language and 'Sandra Sindhu Veda'
on palm leaves, and Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy's sayings and ballads
are being sung by wandering minstrels and mendicants. They are in the
oral tradition. Most of his predictions have come true and rest is yet to

come true. It is stated that Kalagnanam of the entire World contains

3,32,000 volumes. A small part of Kalagnanam is available in
Brahmamgari Matham at Kandimallayapalle, Siddhayyagari Matham at
Mudumala, Rangarajugari Matham at Nagaripadu, and the remaining
major part is kept in the inner pit of Banaganapalle Mutt under tamarind
sprout which has grown into a big tree now. In every village and town of
Andhra Pradesh, and in some parts of South India, we find a shrine in
the name of 'Brahmamgari gudi'and we don't find a single person in
Andhra Pradesh, who does not mention Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy's
name and his Kalagnanam, at least once in his lifetime. His devotees call
him as Jejinayana(Great-Grand Father) also. The impact of His
Teachings and World predictions is beginning to be felt in other parts of
India too and it would not be surprising if he and his predictions become
internationally known very soon.
Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy wrote in his Kalagnanam that he was
incarnation of Lord Vishnu and would come again as Lord Kalki/Lord
Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya to restore dharma and peace on the earth.
And devotees believe that he would rescue them whenever they plead
him; and he will come out from the Jeeva Samadhi when the blood of
thousands of people, who beheaded with frustration when the calamities
reach peak stage, touches his Jeeva Samadhi. (It may be noted that like
Lord Rama came to earth when Lord Parasurama is still in existence,
Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya came to earth while both Lord
Parasurama and Lord Veera Brahmendra Swamy are still on the earth.
The date of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy's coming out from Jeeva
Samadhi and of Lord Kalki/LordVeera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya is
Some of the highlighted points from the Kalagnanam of Sri Veera
Brahmendra Swamy are, according to my calculations, as follows and I
may be forgiven if errors are found in interpretation of Kalagnanam.
1. Lord Kalki/Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya, has taken birth (might be in
the Telugu Year Viswavasu 1965-66) in Andhra Pradesh State, India,

who was taken care by Saints of High Order. He was given complete
knowledge of religion, philosophy and armory by Lord Parasurama,
Ashwaththama, Karthaveeryarjuna, Datthathreya, Sri Sanaari
Visweswara Swamy (incarnation of Lord Siva), Acharya Nagarjuna, Sri
Swarna Amara Lingeswara Swamy and other Saints, at Badarikaa
Vanam and/or near to it, in Srisailam forest, in Andhra Pradesh state of
India. Lord Siva gave him a Horse 'Devadatta', a Parrot 'Shuka' and a
Sword 'Ratnasaaru', a Bow 'Karmuka", Akshaya Thooneera with
Paasupatha Asthra (a sacred Arrow/ weapon) (would have been given to
Lord Kalki/Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya on 22nd November,
2007) and blessings to him for success in his mission. Lord Veera Bhoga
Vasantha Raaya started annihilating the evil from the earth from
09.09.2009. People's fate written by Lord Brahma is ended and,
karmaphala (good and bad results being given by Navagrahas(9 planets))
is directly being controlled by Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya since
2. From the year Pramadhi (1999-2000) droughts, irregular rains, spread
of diseases rise.
3 Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya had visited Kanaka Durga Temple
at Vijayawada on 13th April, 2000, and got married in the year Vikrama
4. Series of Internal explosions and/or Terrorists attacks on
Nuclear/Defence Establishments will take thousands of lives in and
around Hyderabad (India) (the period might be between Kataka
Sankranti and Makara Sankranti i.e. between 15th July and 15th January
of particular years) and other places in the World. According to a
prophecy, the penultimate interpretation is, starting from Chitrabhanu
(2002), Dakshinayana period, there would either be some internal
explosions or attack by terrorists on Nuclear and/or Defence
Establishments in and around Gollakonda Region (Hyderabad) and on
an ill-fated day (between 13/07 to 12/08 of a particular year), the entire
region would be effected by nuclear radiation and the survived people

may have to survive by taking mud mixed with tamarind. (It is observed
the prophecy came true partially and will be completed in future - There
was an internal explosion in Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad in 2002
and followed years there were internal explosions in some other
organisations). Attacks on other cities also will take place in the said
period. Then Prophet Acharya Nagarjuna (Buddhist Monastery), who is
said to have died a very long ago, will intervene with one of His direct
Disciples, distribute Anti-Nuclear Radiation Ayurvedic medicines and
rescue people to the maximum. They will also give medicines to some
fatal deceases like AIDS, Sars, etc.
5. "Prabhava Paarthiva madhye bahu pralaya nischayam. Ananthare
Ananda(2034) madhye..raktapaathau ranaranga bhoome bheebhitsau
prapancha stitih". The World War-II ended in last Parthiva (1945) and
Monarchy replaced by Democracy. From 1987-2005, intensity of
calamities are raising and, the final World War (The Armageddon),
natural and man-made calamities would make life miserable. In the
Esoteric part of Kalagnan, it is clearly said that the Tsunami of
26/12/2004 is only a sample of its kind. The forthcoming Earth Quake
with Tsunami would change the Indian East Coastal geological position
i.e. from Dakshineswar to Sri Lanka the sea water would recede about
eighty miles thus making the South India a rectangular shape, and many
temples that were submerged earlier like Lord Anoor's temple (Chariot
Driver of Lord Sun) at Konark, Lord Visakheswara Temple at
Visakhapatnam, Lord Veera Bhadra and Lord Bhadra Kaali temples at
Motupalli (near Ongole), Lord Siva and Lord Parvathi (both in Idol form
on one base) near Sriharikota, etc. would be visible.
6. Starting from Ugadi of Parthiva (09-04-2005) the devotees/people
may see Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya either in dhyana or in
physical position. He visited Mahanandi on 04/10/06 and 04/09/2009.
Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya visited temples at Macharla (Lord
Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple), Yaganti, SriKaalahasthi and
Kumbhakonam, thrice a day, before 09.09.09. And after that, he has been
visiting the said temples once a day and the moment he stops visiting the

said temples, then the respective temples will automatically be

7. Blood bath (in Andhra Pradesh and other States) between Krishna and
Godavari Regions (for partition of A.P. for Telangana, etc., for water,
and communal riots).
8. Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya will be crowned at Noon on 26-122011 as an Ordinary Ruler.
9. According to Kalagnanam, the Third World War ends by 2046 or later
(which will end on a Makara Sankranti Day, when Jupiter in Aquarius
Rasi). The year 2012 does not indicate the end of the World, as said by
Mayan Calendar, but as per Kalagnanam severe earthquakes and
calamities are indicated in the Telugu year Nandana (2012-13) that takes
millions of lives, and also revival of Mayan civilization(Mayan people
are said to be the Descendants of Viswakarma/Viswabrahmin
community of India, who have flown to North America for some
reasons, a long ago). Possible reason behind the ending of Mayan
Calendar on 21-12-2012 is, they might have noticed the advent of Lord
Kalki/Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya, change of velocity of planets,
Stars and Milkyway/Galaxy, and as such they would have left the
Calendar calculations and predictions to our fate. Surprisingly, it was
clearly mentioned about the change of velocity of planets, etc. in
Kalagnanam, and in particular, there is change in the velocity of Jupiter
after Plavanga (2027-28) and suddenly from 2034 Jupiter will transit
three Rasis a year.
10. When Saturn enters the stars Hasta(12/09 to 09/11), Chitta(09/11 to
05/12) and swathi - drought and floods, major calamities are indicated.
Crores of people die in the same period and/or when Saturn transits the
said stars the next time.
11. Peethams like Kanchi, Sringeri, Pushpagiri, etc., would face
difficulties and the Headship will be re-instated to Viswabrahmin
community; some miraculous incidents take place in Kanchi, Sringeri

and Pushpagiri. 12. Parusuvedhi (transmutes metals into gold) will be

shifted from Srisailam to Kandimallayapalle.
13. Sanjivini Plant (a sacred tree that gives life to the dead) will be found
at Udayagiri Hill, Andhra Pradesh.
14 Lord Siva, at Srisailam talks to devotees and announces about the
advent of Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya. Smoke and fire comes out
from Lord Siva's temple, Srisailam. Water and fire comes from Lord
Siva. Nandiswara tears, wages his tail and makes a clarion call. A
crocodile enters the temple of Goddess Bhramaramba at Srisailam and
stays for eight days, cries like a goat and disappears. An idol sits on
temple Garuda Dhwaja and speaks many languages. Lord Bhirava
chants mantras continuously. Strange sounds come from earth. These
may happen before or in the year Nandana (2012-13).
15. Crores of people die in the year Vijaya (2013-14).
16. Millions of horses will come from the caves of Yaganti, to serve the
Army of Lord Kalki, a holy place in Andhra Pradesh State of India.
17. Fury of Kanchi Kamakshi harms South India. A war at
Rameshwaram takes place.
18. Divine Idols at Holy places will exhibit various gestures. The idol of
Kanchi Kamakshi will revolve for a while, idol of Bangalore Kamakshi
will omit blood, idols in different holy places talk to people. At Gandaki
River, Salagrama Stones (Divine Stones) dance and talk to people. In
another incident, idols of Lord Vinayaka cries and tears.
19. Lord Vinayaka visits every village and town and chants Veda
20. Many fake people each claiming as Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha
Raaya will come.
21. A devastating earth-quake in Suryanandi is indicated.

22. Cow slaughter takes place at Yaganti, Srisailam and Kumbhakonam

and clashes takes thousands of lives.
23. India will participate in a war and the Indian Capital New Delhi will
be bombed, in the year Krodhi (2024-25) the capital will be shifted from
New Delhi to Anegondi (Near Hampi, Karnataka State). And in the same
year i.e. Krodhi (2024-25), the Nellore region will be submerged.
24. 120 temples situated all over India (like Tirupathi) will be
dismantled by Anti-Hindu elements; Kaasi Visweswara temple would be
closed for forty days, and so also Srikaalahasti and Srisailam, Kumara
Swamy temple and Tirumala temple for a week. The sound 'Om(Aum)'
will be heard from Kapi Dhwaja when Tirumala was assaulted and
Garuda Dhwaja will be demolished. Ultimately the idols of Lord
Venkateswara, Lord Srikaalahastheeswara, Goddess Kanaka Durga be
shifted to Brahmamgari Mutham and Tirumala will become shelter to
wild animals later. Temples in Karnataka will be harmed by Anti-Hindu

25. Projects/Dams that were constructed on River Krishna will be

washed away by flash floods and water would touch the Mukku Pudaka
(ornament attached to Nose) of Goddess Durga", at Vijayawada. 14
cities will be washed away by floods.
26. Kandimallayapalle of Andhra Pradesh State becomes Economic
Capital of Bharat(India).
27. Birth of Kamadhenu, the divine cow, west to Kanchi.
28. Great Hidden Treasures at 9 temples of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha
situated around Ahobilam, Yaganti, Alampur, Bellamkonda, Srisailam,
etc. will be taken out.
29. Predictions of Brahmins become reverse i.e. their predictions go

30. Six new diseases take thousands of lives.

31. Blood bath on the banks of Kauveri river takes thousands of lives
32. Bangladesh and Bengal State will be hit by Super Cyclones and
floods and crores of people will die.
33. On a Visakha Amavasya, strange deceases take many lives (may be
due to a bio-chemical weapon).
34 A pig appears in Mecca Maszid and will be chased by Muslims. It
roams here and there and finally reaches Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh
State in India, where millions of people die in clashes.
35. When Saturn enters Pisces-harm to Mlechchas is indicated, in
Taurus-Poisonous gas from Northeast takes lives, in Gemini-most of evil
persons are punished.(29/03/2025 onwards for ten years)
36. A comet/meteor will appear in daylight and goes on expanding from
north to south resulting in change of earth's axis and motion thereby
people may feel the Sun is shivering; a male shadow form (of Lord Sun
and in another incident, of Lord Vishnu) is visible in Sun at the time of
Solar Eclipse(02.08.2027) in Plavanga(2027-28), a comet appears for 33
days, probably in the year Subhakrit (2022-23) or when Saturn in Aries
or in Bhadrapada month of the year Kalayukti (2038-39).
37. On 15/03/35 Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya shows/exhibits his
viswarupa and moves with his batallion for war on 30/03/2035. In the
year Ananda (2034-35) Crores of people die and in Rakshasa year
(2035-36) there will be destruction in Western Countries. Most of the
evil persons die, and Kali Yuga Dharma ends.
38. In the year Nala on Ashada Sudhdha Poornima( 7/8 June, 2036), the
Kalagnan written on palm leaves will be taken out, from the inner pit
where they were kept by Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy, by Lord Veera
Bhoga Vasantha Raaya. Since then whatever that was written on them

will happen and there will be no amendments to the fate of people as

well of the countries.
39. With severe internal clashes between two Religions, crores of people
die, throughout the world in the years Pingala (2037-38), Kalayukti
(2038-39), and Roudri (2040-41).
40. Inter-caste marriages will be the order of the day.
41. In Uttharayana Period of a particular year, migration of North
Indians to South India results clashes between North Indians and South
Indians, which takes millions of lives.
42. A devastating earthquake in Addanki(AP,India) and peripherals in the
year 2039 (between 24/05/2039 and 21/06/2039) is indicated.
43. There will be no water in River Ganga for 40 days by 2040, in
44. For twelve days there will be no water in River Godavari and on
13th it will be with heavy floods.
45. On 15/16-Feb.2041 (Makha Poornima of the year Roudri (2040-41))
seven Crores of people die at a time.
46. On 26/27-11-2044, Margasira Suddha Saptami, Rakthakshi(204445), in Chennai, a seven year old Brahmin girl gives birth to a male child
who has four hands, three legs, and a horn on head. The child lives up to
22days and on 23rd the child declares, Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha
Raaya's participation, who will declare The War of Wars (The
Armageddon), and dies the same day. The direct war between the Forces
of Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raya and the Evil King Kali will be
started between 19/01/2045 and 16/02/2045. The aftermath will continue
upto 2061 and the calamities will be upto 2066.
47. An entire city in America will be destroyed in an Earth Quake and
only five families survive. Indo-Maya civilization will be revived.

48. The gopuram at Kumbhakonam will collapse and the idol will be
49. Clashes between Saivaites and Vishnavites; after that 1,11,000 men
cut off their heads right infront of Sri Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra
Swamy's Jeeva Samadhi at Kandimallayapalle, and later Sri Veera
Brahmendra Swamy comes out from the Jeeva Samaadhi.
50. Lord Vishnu gives darshan at midnight on a New Moon day atop
Udayagiri Hill (AP, India) having seen Sudarshan Chakra (Holy disc of
Lord Vishnu) people feel it as a Lunar Eclipse.
51. Hampi(Karnataka) may probably be destroyed by Nuclear Attack.
52. Robots' (or cloned men of nine feet height) participation in war.
53. Lilliputians, so small that they use a ladder to climb plants, will be
54. Groups of white crows cry at the borders of villages and towns.
55. The Treasures of Vaali and Sugreeva (Ramayana Dynasty) will be
taken out, and Hanumadramayan (The actual story/history of Ramayan)
will come to limelight.
56. Atheism will flourish and adultery and coveting of others' wives will
be a normal breaking of the moral law.
57. A five year old boy reads the Vedas. Another boy makes predictions.
58. India is going to be partitioned. A major division of India, between
Vindhya mountains and Sethu (Rameshwaram, Tamil Naadu), will be
ruled by a Warrior, who is a Commander in Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha
Raaya's Armed Forces.
59. Right shoulder of Lord Venkateswara's idol will shake and get
cracked, and there will be an earthquake towards right side of Tirumala

Hill. All roads leading to Tirumala will be closed. Tirumala becomes

shelter to Wild Animals.
60. Harm to Muslim countries and Christian countries in Pushya month
of a particular year.
61. On 26/08/2054, i.e. Sravana Bahula Ashtami of the year Bhava
(2054-55), many rivers will be with flash floods and many cities will be
62. Lakhs of people will be drowned and washed away by flash floods at
the time of a festival on a Sunday(Jul/Aug-2055) at Tirunelveli, Tamil
63. Only 25 Gothras of Vysya community will survive by the Year
64. On 3rd February, 2058 (Magha Sudhdha Dasami of the year Eswara)
all the countries surrender their Sovereignity to Lord Veera Bhoga
Vasantha Raaya, who will later rule the entire world for 108 years and
his descendants about 1000 years.
65. In the year Bahudhanya (2058-59) bloodbath in 25 cities, and
calamities are indicated.
66. In the year Parthiva(2065-66) people offer poojas to a neem tree that
born in a temple situated north to Karnool (Andhra Pradesh) for a month
and later the said tree omits some poisonous gas and takes thousands of
67. Incestual relationship will develop between men and women.
68. A cow gives birth to a man at Govindapuram, near Golconda,
(This incident starts the count down to final nuclear explosion/attack on

69. The Brahmins will sink to a low estate and serve other castes.
70. Brahmins will be defeated in a battle with Viswabrahmins
71. Wild animals' roaming in villages and towns is indicated.
72. Two gold swans fly in the sky and sweep around cities and those
who intend to catch them loose their eyesight.
73. Red ants of giant size shall crawl over the earth.
74. A pig gives birth to an elephant.
75. Vijayawada hill will split and the idol of Goddess Durga be shifted to
76. Learning will be traded as a commodity in shops.
77. All the seas will be polluted and oceanic species become extinct.
78. The iron pillar in Ahobilam (holy place in Andhra Pradesh) sprouts
sannajaji (jasminum articulatum) flowers.
79. A direct Disciple of Lord Parasurama and Acharya Nagarjuna, Sri
Sanaari Visweswara and other Sidhdha Purushas (probably Aghori sect),
with his Alchemy will clear the debts of the Country and save from
financial difficulties, and later link all the rivers and save from severe
80. Only 1/7th of the World population will survive by the end of Third
World War.
81. The Ugadi of the year Parthiva, i.e. 09.04.2005, is the starting day of
the Final Judgement sessions and "Avasya manubhoktavyam
kritamkarma subhaasubham".
82. The Kalagnana Govinda Vakya no.19 clearly tells that the Freedom
Fighter Sri Alluri Sitha Rama Raju alias Alluri Sri Rama Raju (Andhra

Pradesh) disappears from the warfront (Reasons are best known to the
then and present British Government and to a few of Indian Freedom
Fighters(?)). He lived somewhere else as an unknown Indian.