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How to Heal and Strengthen Your Energy

Body With Auric Breathing

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HJ: It is believed in many traditions that all imbalances in the physical body originate from
imbalances in the auric field, aka the energy body. Either way, it is just as vital and important
part of yourself as your physical body and requires care and healing as well. In this article, Yonti
introduces us to the powerful Auric breathing meditation which will help you keep yours
balanced, cleansed, healthy and whole.
- Truth
Auric Breathing: Body-Based Meditation
By Yonti Kristan, M.A. | Mindful Muscle

Auric Breathing is a simple somatic (body-based) meditation. Like all somatic meditations it works
by guiding you to focus on aspects of your sensory experience to produce relaxation and expand
awareness. Auric Breathing uses the obvious tangible experience of physical breath as a doorway to
experiencing the breath of the energetic field. The function of breathing is to bring fresh air into
the lungs and exchange it for stale or used air which we can no longer use, thus keeping the body
in a constant state of renewal.

This function of drawing in the new and releasing the old needs to happen in the subtle or energetic
body as well in order that we not become energetically stagnant. When we limit the cleansing and
renewing properties of breath, we become unwell. So too with our energy fields. Most of us do not
breathe as fully or completely as we can, either physically or energetically.

In addition, the breath serves as a wonderful reference for three of the most important aspects of
the human energy field: the boundary/edge, the center/core/pranic channel, and the ground. It also
helps you reference 3 of the most important functional aspects of that field: containment/filling,
centering and self-hood, and releasing/sourcing. As you breathe in, focusing on the edges of your
lungs as you fill them, you begin to get a sense of yourself as a container for energy. As you breathe
out, focusing on the spine, you begin to have a reference for the center of your own body.

As you come to the end of the exhalation, dropping the trap door at the bottom of the spine, you
start having a reference for the releasing aspect of ground. When this release is full, energy naturally
rushes up from the base of the spine, giving you contact with the other function of ground: sourcing.
You begin to breathe like a tree (see the image below) taking resources up and out and then bringing
them back to center and down. This feels great! And it naturally returns the autonomic nervous
system to the parasympathetic setting which cues healing and restorative processes throughout the
body. Even if the connections with the subtle body elude you, simply breathing in this way produces
excellent results and benefits throughout the body.

In the image above you can see the ground represented in red as a root system connecting through
the legs. This system also connects directly through the base of the spine. This is the location of the
trap door I describe in the meditation, the place from which all the residue of stale energy can be
released. The earth loves this energy. In the same way that plants make use of your used breath
(they thrive on the CO2 that is the waste product of human respiration, thus my claim that we are
literally asking for and giving life with every breath), the earth herself has use for the energy (stale
or excess) that we discharge through the root or ground in our auric field.
This is literally true as our bodies are powerful electrical entities. As our mothers bodies did for us
when we were in the womb, the earth offers us an energetic umbilical cord and through it helps us
maintain our health and well-being. Humans have become chronically ill in recent decades in part
because we now touch the actual earth so rarely. It takes an extra effort to activate the natural
grounding functions of the body through concrete and from many many stories in the air. These
circumstances are not natural to the human energy field, but it can adapt with effort. Practices like
Auric Breathing can help us re-discover and re-tune this capacity.
Your field, like your lungs, has a edge to it. To discover this, approach a friend from across a large
room with your eyes closed and see at what point you are able to feel/sense that person. What you
have encountered when you do is the edge of their field. There is suddenly something pushing back,

the way there would be pressure from the air inside a ballon. Having a sense of this edge is very
helpful for many reasons. It can give you a sense of having a home that you carry with you at all
times. It gives you a place to take refuge and feel your own rightness from which you can more
effectively respond to the life going on around you. It also gives you a different way to reference the
sacred space of other people and life forms of all kinds.
Knowing where we begin and end, which is truly quite beyond our skin, is very helpful in creating
and maintaining healthy relationships. Some spiritual people have balked at the idea of the edge on
the field believing that it creates separation and that this is bad. In my experience, separation in the
relative is important and real. You do not question that your body is distinct from othersas we
acknowledge it and function well within it, the system calms and becomes more available to
experiencing the oneness that is true at another level of reality.
In the image above, the branches represent the ultimate edge of the field which is itself composed of
many different layers. For a longer and more detailed description of whats going on here, please see
Barbara Brennans great article. As you practice Auric Breathing it is not necessary to know which
layers of your field you are filling, just trust your innate intelligence to distribute the energy in the
ways needed.
In the movement of the lungs we can sense both the expansion out towards the edge and the
contraction in towards center. This is helpful because many of us have very little sensory awareness
of the center of our bodies. Not only does this central channel carry all the nerves that enervate the
body for movement and sensation, but at the subtle level, it is the location of all the energy centers
of the body and the channels that connect them.
In the yogic tradition these centers are known as chakras, a term which is now in wide use as yoga
has permeated the West. These are represented as colored disks in the image above. We recognize
these when we say things like in my minds eye, I have a gut feeling, I know in my heart, etc.
We also recognize when this channel is open and full: when it is we experience flow. When it is
blocked there is a sense of frustration, blockage, stagnation, anxiety.
This center or core is not only important as a channel for energetic flow, it is also the functional
source of our sense of me, organizing our energies to be appropriate to us. Our truth lives here.
When we do things from a strong sense of this center they have a different quality than when we act
from our surface or when this center is disorganized. When we have clarity in our center we show up
differently to others; we appear clear and well-defined, strong yet flexible. Strengthening our
relationship with this core helps us live in greater alignment and act in ways that are true. Its hard
to be true to your self if you cant feel what your self is.
The practice of Auric Breathing originated as a way for me to teach people how to recognize their
subtle body functions and improve them. Working regularly with this practice can help attune you
to and strengthen your ground, your energetic boundary, and your core. It can keep your energetic
body well cleansed and fed, just as it keeps your physical body well-oxygenated and relaxed. A
relaxed and well-nourished and regularly cleansed you deals with the events of your life and
relationships very differently than a contracted, straining, polluted, and under-nourished you.

Enjoy the practice for the joy thats in it and for the feelings of bliss and well-being it generates.
Return to it anytime you feel yourself getting off balance and it will help restore you to good
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