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Columbus Street story

Ancient Port was quite a silent and beauteous town, where old but
charming cottages used to captivate people, and close-by beaches were
almost as attractive as its affable people, who attempted to please visitors
as much as possible. In its mornings, playful children took pleasure in the
allures of squares and beaches, and even in the afternoons and during the
night, families went out for long walks, showing an admirable sense of unity.
Columbus Street was, nevertheless, notably different, as there was a
widespread belief that myriads of dark, abstruse things had occurred among
the people who inhabited its houses and buildings, which looked uncared for
and gracelessly bleak. This was thought to have happened for the local
administrations refusal to take measures concerning these rumors, which
led Columbus streets people to give up their intentions to keep their Street
clean and presentable.
Rose Lennon, a foreign widow, decided to move on to Ancient Port due to
her desire for radical changes to take root in her and her familys life. She
was plump, hunched and slightly ugly, although industrious and extremely
friendly as well. Her husbands death had left her profoundly sorrowful, and
her untimely wrinkled face was the portrait of sadness that no artist had
ever dared to paint.
Robert Lennon, her father, was a lanky, weak man, whose egotism and
rudeness was oftentimes repudiated by Rose and his grandson Willy (Roses
son) as well. His wealth of former times had made him blind and unmindful
of his familys needs, which resulted in his being alone for several years.
Willy was, contrarily, Roses treasure and her last hope. He had no friends
though, once in a blue moon, he spent some time on his familys garden,
contemplating the passersby hurrying down the Street and talking to
himself. He had a mirthless look that appeared to plead for something
scarcely identifiable.
Having lived in Ancient Port for two months, a freezing night found her (in
her father birthdays day) hanging around at home, walking aimlessly
through the house and peering out of the Windows as if awaiting somebody.
She had barely sat down when she heard a noise that came, she thought,
from next doors. At first, she imagined that it had been Laura, their
neighbor, whose children were frequently boisterous and felt no guilt about
bothering the whole neighborhood.
However, after some minutes of silence, a cracking noise disrupted the
peacefulness of the houses living room. She walked briskly towards the
kitchen feeling as aghast as never before and saw the figure of an elderly
man that she could not recognize, whose face was pale, but wise as well. In
spite of the murkiness and his vanishing into the nights shadows, she
determined to follow him.

In her struggle to reach him, the strangers voice could be heard. Alas, he is
going to die too, seventy-eight, he said , as she continued walking faster
than ever. Importantly, there were two things that were clearly familiar to
her. The mans red scarf was strikingly similar to another one she had
formerly seen, and that number.seventy-eight. What did it represent?
After having undergone such undesirable experience, a hateful but realistic
thought filled her with disquiet. That numbers significance was now
becoming clear to her in such a scale that she scurried back home in despair
and noticed that her father was absent.
Unwillingly, she found a letter when entering Roberts room. I went for a
stroll. His handwriting was unmistakable and, immediately after reading it,
she grabbed the car keys and left home vigorously.
After driving for two hours unsuccessfully, she saw the figure of a man
standing by the shoreline of the nearby sea, staring at the churning water
and leaning forward and backward.
What do you think you are doing?, enquired rose with a moody voice.
Robert uttered no word, but embraced her tearfully, which made clear his
melancholy and made Rose smile at him.
Some moments of silent amends followed, and they resolved to return
home. She was rather dejected for having forgotten her fathers birthday
but, at the same time, gleeful to have been helped by that weird man that
made her save Roberts life.
When they were on the point of arriving, they realized that there were
patrols in front of their house walking here and there, while a body lay
sinisterly upon the ground. As they came closer and closer, they were
shocked by reality: the disemboweled body was Willy. Roses eyes clouded
and a mixture of worry and angst invaded her, as she turned to one of the
befuddled policemen in an effort to find some consolation. Why is
everything so unfair?, cried Rose. Unfortunately, seventy-eight people
have faced death in this street ever since its buildings were built. We will aid
you as much as we can and
But his words were like autumn leaves, blown away by the wind without
anybody caring about them, as the only thing she could now perceive was
the figure of that odd man saying : I warned you, now he is, alas, dead,
leaving behind the red scarf that the wind did not desire to sweep: her

1) Paragraph 1: Talk about the description of ancient port (setting),
adjectives, things to be found, and how the people used to feel there.
2) Paragraph 1: Find a synonym for beautiful and an expression meaning
3) Paragraph 2: Explain the relationship between the local administration
and the deterioration of Columbuss street.
4) Paragraph 2: Find a conjunction or (connector) that means the same as
however, a phrasal verb meaning abandon, and a noun meaning a
lot of, plenty of
5) Paragraph 3: True or false:
a) Rose was content with her life before
moving on to Ancient Port. b) When she changed residence, her
husband has just died.
6) Paragraph 4: Robert Lennons order of priorities:
a) Family- wealth
b) Wealth-family ?
7) May Robert Lennon need to do some exercise? Which two adjectives give
you the answer?
8) Paragraph 5: Find mirthless on the dictionary and explain the meaning
of the expression once in a blue moon
9) Provide a synonym for alas

Paragraph 9): Find a collocation

11) What type of words are hateful and disquiet? (noun, adverb,
adjective, verb, connector, preposition)

Find the meaning of befuddled.

13) What is the relationship between the husbands warning and the
number 78?