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King’s Safety Shoes was set-up to fill the niche for industrial safety shoes in the growing economies of Asia and the world. (+632) 772*3076 to 79 Facsimile No. 741*1512 742*0168 301*0940 Facsimile No. With operation in full swing in King’s Safety Shoes is the pioneer of industrial safety footwear in the South East Asian region. (+632) 712*8055 Warehouse Address: Warehouse 4A Sunblest Compound Km 23 West Service Road Cupang Muntinlupa. 809*9530 Email address: info@kingsafetynet inc.L Liongson Bldg. Sta. for both its perspective function and for being sync with the lifestyle and trends of today and tomorrow. Today. Indonesia and Philippines. customers can be assured of King’s dedication to producing shoes of highest OSCH (Occupational Safety and Health Center) certified and internationally. capturing an impressive 40% of the international market share. we have also met the quirement of ANSI Z41-1999 (American National Standard for Personal Protection). Website: http://www. City Contact Nos. We are includes the CE 8 the Standards specification re- Today. (+632) 772*3075. “FIRST STEP TO SAFETY” King’s Safetynet Inc. King’s Safety Shoes are worn proudly. the company has turned its latest automation and robotics towards meeting customer’s requirements.COMPANY PROFILE KING’S SAFETYNET INC. Cruz Manila Contact Nos. (+632) 741*1507. it is a market leader. Of recent. quality. 849 Tomas Mapua St. Established since 1968.kingsafetynet. . Nevertheless. Sales Office: Ground Floor O. Singapore. our achievements Marking / EN 345-1 awarded by SATRA Footwear Technology Center in the United Kingdom mark awarded by the Quality Assurance Services in Australia. As these requirements no longer revolve just on the safety shoes aspects.

Alan P. Mr.  1981 Purchased first 18-station Single Density PU Desma injection machine. acquired Authorized Distributorship of 3M Philippines for Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Supply . To take over the business of King’s Shoe Manufacturing.  January 2011 King’s Safetynet Inc.  March 2010 King’s Safetynet Inc.  1991 Incorporated Chan Kee Tong & Sons Sdn Bhd in Malaysia (renamed KMSB in 1995)  1997-2001 brought the King Shoe Manufacturing plant in the Philippines at FTI Taguig Manila by Mr.  1990 moved to current corporate head office at 22 Defu Lane 1 in Singapore.  1974 Incorporated King Shoe Manufacturing Pte.  1998 Accreditation to European norm CE 345 obtained via SATRA Technology Centre of U.COMPANY PROFILE KING’S SAFETYNET INC. Chan Kee Tong established in 1965 King Shoe Manufacturing as sole proprietorship.  1977 Accredited the Singapore Standards 105 by PSB.  2002 The manufacturing plant (sole injection robotic machine) build in Batam Indonesia  2002-2009 KSM Phil become King’s Industrial Safety Supply Inc.K Accreditation to Australian & New Zealand standard AS/NZ 2210. Ltd.3 via SAI Global Assurance Services.  1982 KSMPL moved to flatted factory of getting lane in Singapore. established by Mr.  History  Mr. Caseñas as independently-owned and exclusive distributor of King Shoe here in the Philippines. “FIRST STEP TO SAFETY” Basic Information  Provides comprehensive safety for Industries. Caseñas and Chan brothers. Alan P. Sofio Embalsado.

which has enabled us to produce mono density PU. dual density PU and PU-Rubber.2 million pairs of shoes per an mum. Our commitment in the Industry is reflected by our investment in the latest automation and Robotic Technology. soled safety footwear. .  Work as a team for the implementation of comprehensive disciplines  Professional quality of services  Strong technological background  Training and seminars provided  Continually expanding our product line to meet the growing requirement of Industries. Malaysia. “FIRST STEP TO SAFETY” Our Merits King’s Safetynet Inc.  Creative approaches to clients' special needs in order to find unique communications. and availability. Indonesia and Philippines. capable producing 1. versatility.COMPANY PROFILE KING’S SAFETYNET INC. King’s has total workforce of 500 factories situated in Singapore.  The King’s range is renowned for it’s quality. however this reputation was not achieved with us standing still over a years.

that will make your workplace safer. SPC Universal Oil and Chemical Sorbents.COMPANY PROFILE KING’S SAFETYNET INC. to continuous for being one of the excellent company providing the quality of safety products. Lakeland Industries Inc. Kimberly Clark King’s Safetynet Inc. we aim to give economical and quality safety by sourcing only quality of PPE’s. In the Philippines King’s Safetynet Inc. Cavite & NCR Area. We are proud of our record for supplying products. Provide safety. we have always taken the Quality Customer Satisfaction oriented direction and de-emphasize price as a deciding factor in favor of customer loyalty and services continuity and full rate integrity to industries for “TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Our company has been in the safety business for 20 years. 3M Commercial Building & Services MAPA Professional Distributor. commitment and understanding to provide our customers with value and dedicated continuous program and service. “FIRST STEP TO SAFETY” Milestone King’s safety shoes is distributed all over Asia. QUALITY PRICE SERVICE”. Our success is based on the knowledge.       3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Product for Mining Industries. We appointed as Exclusive Distributor of the following Industries. Australia and Europe. which consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and successfully meeting their most critical requirement with the effect of forces on the market and demand. . 2011 has been a year of milestone to our company. is the exclusive distributor in the Philippines Aside from King’s Safety Shoes we carries prestigious brands in safety.

“FIRST STEP TO SAFETY” Products & Services             King’s Product Safety Shoes Safety Eyewear Full Body Harness & Lanyards Respiratory mask PVC & Rubber Boots K3– Cover-all K3 Shoes JSP helmet Protecta Full Body Harness & Lanyard BW Gas Detectors Mapa Professionnel Gloves 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Supply Respiratory Protection Hearing Protection Head Protection Eye Protection 3M Building and Commercial Services Lakeland Chemical Protective Clothing Master Lock (Lock-out & Tag-out) Other Products Rain Coat Reflective Vest Barricade Tape Traffic Cones First Aid Kit We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for continuously patronizing our products.     Free delivery of items on time Perform Training and seminars in every product. We have proven our expertise and experience in providing safety in all work places.COMPANY PROFILE KING’S SAFETYNET INC. We believe that the length our service is a proof of positive effect of our activities to our clients. Assist clients for their needs Authorized for Calibration and Repair Center of BW Gas Detectors .

When the King’s Safetynet Inc. worked as Admin Manager for 5 years to improved the administrative strategies. He graduated as B. a lawyer-CPA along with Mr. . His varied experience in the field of commercial and corporate laws coupled with his training in good corporate governance serve to complement the technical and managerial expertise of the other members of the board.COMPANY PROFILE KING’S SAFETYNET INC. Establish King’s Safetynet Inc as exclusive distributor of King Shoe in the Philippines. He has been the legal counsel and corporate secretary of the company. ALAN P. President and Chief Executive Officer Alan P.S Industrial Engineering from Adamson University. VP for Logistics & Business Development Alan V. Ligon finished his double degree in Economics-Accounting in De La Salle University & B.S Chemistry with Computer Engineering at Ateneo de Manila University. Ligon.S of Laws in Ateneo de Manila. LIGON VP for Legal & Operations Antonio A. CASEÑAS SR. formed in 2010 he was duly elected by the board to be Vice President for Legal & Operations. ALAN V. CASEÑAS JR. secure and quality of the products to worked on a wide range of safety industries. ATTY. Caseñas Jr. After 5 years he was appointed as VP for Logistics & Business Development to provides growth and excellent operations. ANTONIO A. President & Chief Executive Officer In a short span of time. Caseñas Sr. Alan Caseñas started the operation of King’s Singapore here in the Philippines sometime in 1990. Alan received his degree as B. Atty. “FIRST STEP TO SAFETY” King’s Executive Board MR. It provides an outstanding safety. MR.

Dolera Purchasing & Sales Coordinator Sheryl Anne S. Sulangi Logistics & Service Development Officer Marylou Bañares Stock Custodian Delfin D. De Guzman Junior Account & Collection Manager Jennifer R. Brigoli Sales Executives Ferdie B. Jacinto Annaliza B. Timog Emelyn D. Barrientes Senior Account & Collection Manager Lilia P.COMPANY PROFILE KING’S SAFETYNET INC. Caseñas Jr. Ligon Finance Officer Eleanor Felecitas J. Guico Rona Marie S. Relosa Jervy S. Chelynn V. Hutalla Jerfin D. Baldeo Assistant Customer Relation & Liaison Officers Arlene S. Adaptante Chief Research & Marketing Officer Ronald M. Profugo Roena D. Antiquera . Relosa Warehouse & Utility Manager Raul D. Donayre Don-Don Paciente Liaison Officers Gene P. Limosinero Customer Relation-Head & Liaison Officer Joanne P. Dizon Account Officer Melissa F. Nasataya Abigale T. Punsalan Human Resource Officer Precy Claire S. Velarde Alex D. Jaurigue Jesus U. Bongalbal Jay S. “FIRST STEP TO SAFETY” King’s Organization President & Chief Executive Officer Alan P. Gunda Jannie E. VP for Legal & Operations Antonio A. Cay Accounting Staff Jackielyn C. Cardoza Ma. Caseñas Sr. Mariano Account & Payables Manager Mhyumy E. VP for Logistics & Business Development Alan V.


Inc. “FIRST STEP TO SAFETY” King’s key clients Name of Customer Type of Industry Tsuneishi Heavy Industries Ship Building & Maintenance Nestle Philippines. Construction / Developer Keppel Philippines Marine Ship Building & Maintenance Philippine Phosphate Fertilizer Fertilizer Manufacturer Pacific Ocean Manning. Car Parts Manufacturer Asian Terminals. Inc.COMPANY PROFILE KING’S SAFETYNET INC. Petrol Refinery Bernhard Schulte Management Inc. Ship Manning Agency . Food Manufacturing Toyota Autoparts Phils. Inc. Shipping Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. Mining Coral Bay Nickel Corporation Mining Makati Development Corporation Construction / Developer Mega Wide Construction Corp.. Ship Manning Agency Holcim Philippines Cement Manufacturer Magsaysay Maritime Corporation Ship Manning Agency Philex Mining Corp. Inc.

“FIRST STEP TO SAFETY” Vicinity Map Sales Office Address: 849 O. Cupang Muntinlupa City . Km23 West Service Rd. Tomas Mapua St. Sta Cruz Manila Warehouse Office Address: Whse 4A Sunblest Cmpd.L Liongson Bldg.COMPANY PROFILE KING’S SAFETYNET INC.

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