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Interview Questions.

Do you have any question for me?

Thank you, Sir for giving me this opportunity. I always want improvements in myself; though I have
tried to give my best to you, but still if you can give me feedback on the same would you like to
suggest some areas where I need to improve more it helps me inching towards perfection.
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
To be frank i am telling one cant predict the exact position after 5 years from now, but as I know
myself I believe my hard work, the honesty and the passion in me; if I can work my level best
surely Ill be in a good position in your company.
Tell me something about our company.
It is one of the reputed and fast growing companies in IT Industry;it has so many branches in India as
well as throughout the world. This Company was founded in ______(year), The CEO of the Company
is______(Name),This Company having the Project in Banking Sector, Govt. Sector and So on. The
growth rate of this company is_____ (%) in the ______(year), these all i know about this company.
If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?
I will work because there is something which the money can't buy,i.e. skill and knowledge. Only
experience through work can make us to know how to manage these large amounts of money and to
utilize it wise fully. 10 million dollar is like a beautiful garland in the hands of monkey unless and until
he gathers knowledge through work.
How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?
Its a bit relative to person to person, Success for me is self-satisfaction. It is a state of mind where
one feels that he has achieved what he intended for. It needs not to be big accomplishments even
not a small thing which gives small time of happiness
Have you considered starting your own business?
No sir, because the main reason is Im a fresher, I don't have that much experience and capital. And
I want to expose my skills in a reputed company like this. At first for a businessman, he must be a
good employee then only he can run the business successfully. So I will think of it in future with the
experience of our company.
What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

I am a self-motivated person. I learn from my mistakes and try to excel every day. But I cannot deny
the fact thatwhatever Im today is due to my family and some dear friends Mukesh. This attitude is
the outcome of their never ending love and support. And we have some great people in society from
whom I get inspiration.
Sir I was truly inspired by Mother Teresa. She said if we have no peace, it is because we have
forgotten that we belong to each other. She is one of the great servants of humanity,even though she
was poor, she decided to spread the love and help the poor and suffering humanity, she made me feel
to build up team spirit in me. Humanity creates Unity, Unity creates a team spirit and a team can lead
to the success. For days to come well be required a personnel like her.

Would you lie for the company?

Until and unless its not against Companies Policy and will not harm one's interest, Im ok. Else
"Honesty is the Best policy".
What are your outside interests?
Sir, my outside interests are learning something apart from my career and education, spending time
with my family & friends and important thing is try to know what is happening in the society as well
as market field.
Explain how would be an asset to this organization?
Sir, as I understand hardworking and dedicated employees are an asset to any company and I will
always put the best of my efforts to be one.
What are your career options right now?
Sir, I want to be a part of a reputed organization like yours, so that I can improve my skills and help in
growing of organization with my best effort and knowledge.
Describe your ideal company, location and job.

A job Where I Love The work, like the people, can contribute and cannot wait to get the Work.
Satisfaction of my team Members & customer.
A Job Where I will Get New Ideas.
A job that challenge me to do something new.
A job that helps to me to learn new things and grow my skills and knowledge.

Give me an example of your creativity.

What makes you angry?

I will get angry when people are irritating me with their negative attitude.

What motivates you to do the job?

My passion to learn new things and enhance my knowledge and skills, develop my abilities in a proper
direction and the fact that your organization can provide me a good platform to achieve this motivates
What are your goals?
My Short term goal is to get into this organization where I can utilize my skills for the growth of the
Are you relocatable/mobile?
Yes, Im very much willing to travel or relocate as it provides me the opportunity to work in a new
environment where i can meet with people coming from different culture and learn new ideas /
techniques that can enhance my career goal within the organization.
To have a very long and successful career with the same organization it's necessary / imperative to
understand the work culture and functions of the organization in different locations.

Why do u wants to work for this company?

It is a dream for every fresher to start their career by working in such a big reputed company. I feel
that XXX is a better platform for me to utilize my skills and ability to achieve organizational goals and
learn new things.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I easily adapt to any kind of environment, I am a quick learner, I am a team player, have leadership
qualities, self-motivator.
I always speak to people directly about their behavior; this can be accepted by few but not by all.
Why should I hire you?
As a fresher I am energetic and enthusiastic of learning new things. I am a team player and also can
do the work individually with responsibility before the deadline. I will apply all my knowledge, skill
which I gathered in my b-tech course for the development of the organization.
Tell me about yourself.
A HOUSE WIFE. From my schooling on wards I was very active participant in both social and cultural
activities. In my B-Tech also I participated in many events & workshops, which helped me to improve
my technical skills. My hobby is listening songs, WATCHING CRICKET, TEACHING tuitions. I am an
optimistic person and I like to work in a group because we can get to know the people and share our
My short term goal is to join your organization and enhance my skills and my long term goal is to take
the organization to top position where I am also one of the people responsible for it.