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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. Most of the patient visits ---- to physician assistants in the recent years all around he
have been made
was made
will have been made
have made

2. These differences between two photographs ---- with the help of Photoshop.
should remove
must have removed
have to remove
could have been removed
were able to remove

3. No clinical studies ---- in this child disease research so far.

had completed
will be completed
have completed
had to complete
have been completed

4. The government ---- that the tasks ---- with great success.
is confirming / maintained
confirms / have been maintained
was confirmed / have maintained
will confirm / had been maintained
confirmed / are maintaining

5. With a comprehensive international report, the country's position In the regional and global
arena ---- with measurable criteria.
is to identify
will be identified
is going to identify

6. The critics ---- that the review ---- as a book in English and in many other languages.
are said / could be published
say / can be published
will say / had been published
said / may be published
have said / should publish
7. New legislation ---- in congress but it ---- by many.
was introduced / wasn't accepted
introduced / didn't accept
will be introduced / isn't accepted
introduced / hadn't been accepted
is introduced / won't accept
8. If you are interested in what ---- in the project, its web site ----.
has been completed / may be visited
completed / will be visited
completes / should be visited
was completed / had been visited
will be completed / can visit

9. These clothes ---- for daily use so you ---- them wherever you want.
design / should be worn
will be designed / must wear
are designed / can wear

were designed / could be worn

designed / might be worn

10. A more developed model of this car ---- in the showroom soon.
is going to show
will be shown
was shown
has been shown
had shown
1. Please keep your voice down in this section of the library. If you ---- to talk loudly, I will
have to ask you to leave.
could continue
would continue
2. "Why didn't Bill get the promotion he was expecting?"
"He may not be qualified. If he were, he ---- that promotion last year."
would have been given
were given
would give
was given
3. If I could find Bob's phone number, I ---- him about the change in plans. Maybe somebody
else will call him
had called
could call
have called
4. If I ---- following that other ear too closely, I would have been able to stop in time instead
of running into it.
hadn't been

would have been


5. "Why aren't you going mountain climbing with the rest of us next weekend?"
"To be honest with you, I'm a coward. If I were brave, I ---- with you."
would have gone
would go
will go
6. "Why didn't you tell me you were having so many problems?"
"I ---- you, but I figured you had enough to worry about without my problems, so said
would tell
would have told
would be telling
had told

7. A nation's balance of trade Is considered unfavourable if it ---- more money on imports

than it gains from exports.
will spend
would spend
8. "I'm really sorry about what happened during the meeting. I felt I had no choice." "It's
Okay. I'm sure you wouldn't have done it if you ----."
should have
had to
hadn't had to
have to
9. ---- you, I'd think twice about that decision. It could be a bad move.
If I had been
Were I

Would I be
If I am
10. "Was Pam seriously injured in the car accident?" "She broke her arm. It ---- much worse
if she hadn't been wearing her seat belt."
would have been
will be

11. If my candidate had won the election, I ---- happy now.

would be
can be
12. I wish Janet ---- to the meeting this afternoon.
will come
can come
could come

13. I ---- you to the woman I was speaking with, but I couldn't think of her name.
will introduce
would introduce
would have introduced
couldn't have introduced

14. "What ---- today If you hadn't come here this weekend?" "I guess I'd be putting in extra
hours at my office."
did you do
can you do

will you be doing

would you be doing
15. Marge walked away from the discussion. Otherwise, she ---- something she would regret
will say
might say
might have said