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Curriculum Vitae

A multifaceted professional electrical engineer with 30 years of rich and diversified
experience and exposure in various industrial segments, infrastructure development
and projects both in Corporate and Government sectors.
Proposed position
Sr. Manager / Sr. Consultant Electrical
Present position
Department Manager Electrical, Instrumentation and Control
Tebodin Consultants and Engineers India Pvt Ltd., (Bilfinger Tebodin)
Personal data
Year of birth


Guindy Engg. Colleage, Anna University
B.E.,- Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Central Polytechnic Adyar, Chennai
Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Additional academic qualification

Advanced Diploma in Management of IGNOU with Marketing as CORE

and HR as elective

Diploma In Chemical Processes, Instrumentation and Control From

Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu

Diploma in Computer applications Scientific &

electives and ACAD as core

Engg with C, C++ as

Key qualifications
As Department Manager, efficiently leading the design engineering team and as well as the project team in
Electrical, Control and Instrumentation systems, Electrical Installation, both indoor and outdoor for factories &
buildings, illumination, Substations involving Trfos, DG sets, CPPs, Switchyards & Transmission.
Also guides the other teams in utility and infrastructure developments involving HVAC, Mechanical static and
rotating equipment Utility Piping, Firefighting and Plumbing, ETP / STP/ WWTP/ CTP and their interface with
electrical system

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Has rich experience in electrical control, automation and design, intelligent MCCs, PLC/DCS/SCADA and IBMS.
Also very keen in ensuring & meeting concurrent safety and operational demands.
Professional experience
2012 - Present

Tebodin Consultants & Engineers India Pvt Ltd - Department Manager

Department Manager Electrical
Supporting in design of electrical, instrumentation and control systems and
equipment for industrial projects, duly ensuring that all the safety and statutory
requirements are inbuilt in the system. Also ensures optimization of design with
flexibility in operation and minimise energy cost & maintenance.
Assisting in installation of electrical, instrumentation and control systems / HT/ EHT
Substations/ Lighting design /Building management system
Govt. Liasoning i.e. R.O.W. issues for EHV Lines, Railway Crossing, Electrical
Inspectorate, etc
Developing and reviewing specifications, design criteria and ensuring adherence to
project, industry codes and standards as well as department practices and
Performs and checks calculations, specifies equipment, and solves problems of
moderate to difficult engineering complexity
Reviews vendor specifications, drawings and equipment documentation from both
within the discipline as well
for compliance
with project requirements and actively seeks resolution
Mentoring, development of training material, and conducting of training seminars
Review of Material estimates and quantities
Review of Data collection and site investigation work for the discipline to prepare
the design basis.
Project Involved:
Ludowici Manufactuting facility for Mineral processing.
Gestamp Sungwoo Stamping & Assembly plant.
Sandvik Proposed new facility
Kajima India Komatsu factory expansion
IFF India Pvt Ltd.,
Sodecia India Pvt Ltd.,

1990 2011

Indian Railways

Jan 2012 to May 2012

Assistant Electrical Engineer (Railway Electrification)

Review and certification of adequacies of design of 110 kV / 25 kV Traction
Substation including review of various aspects with respect to erection, testing and
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commissioning of EHT, HT Switch gear, control and protection relays, 110 / 25kV
Traction transformers, breakers, isolators etc.,
Review and certification of 25 KV Overhead traction equipment including traction
masts / portal structures and associated assembly for conformance to standard
designs with respect to the given track geometry at site.
Review of SCADA interface , RTUs, OFC cablings
Test Check measurements of foundation for structures
Liaison with the Chief Electrical Inspector in connection with commissioning of 110
kV Sub-stations and for energization 25 kV Overhead Traction system.
Jan 2010 to Dec 2011

Senior Section Engineer Air Conditioning @ Coach Maintenance depot)

Responsible for preventive and breakdown, of air-conditioned rolling stock coaches
with roof mounted packaged AC plants and as well under-slung, mounted AC
plants with state of the art micro-processor based HVAC controls.
Responsibility maintenance of 25 kVA Inverters and converters, 2 x 500 kVA DG
Sets in power cars, state of the art IGBT based ERRUs, 27.5 kW brushless
alternators etc.,
Responsible for complete management of human resources and exercised control
over about 350 subordinate staffs of various trades & cadre.
Responsible for material management for day to day maintenance spares, unit
spares and capital spares including indenting & cadre.
Responsible for material management for day to day maintenance spares, unit
spares and capital spares including indenting & quality control.
Responsible for employee welfare and redressing of employee grievances

Oct 2004 to Dec 2010

Chief Vigilance Inspector (Electrical)

Responsible for governance of anti-corruption, assessment of contracts pertaining
to public procurement & services, quality assessment etc.,
Responsible for identifying the lacunaes in the existing systems/procedures and
identifying obsolete terms and conditions of contract, evolving corrective measures
and implementation of such corrective measures.
Responsible for identifying the vagueness and loopholes for misinterpretation in the
existing specifications for procurement of various plants and equipments and for
execution of works, fine-tuning specifications in line with various BIS standards so
as to make them self explanatory without any ambiguity and to facilitate
procurement of correct quality of items at the right price.
Imparting training & creating awareness cross the vast spectrum of human
resources, especially for those involved in procurement and contract management.
Recipient of the prestigious General Managers award on two occasions besides
award for meritorious service from the Chief Vigilance Officer / S.Rly on many

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1994 to 2004

Junior Engineer (Electrical General Services)

Responsibilities included Design, Detailed Engineering, estimating and costing,
preparation of tender specifications, tender schedules etc., quality control and
testing and commissioning plans for various projects involving
HT / LT S/S, Internal power supply arrangements including PCCs, MCCs, HT/LT
switch boards with ACBs / VCBs, HT / LT cabling etc., with solid state relays and
telemetry, SCADA and DCS, Illumination / lighting applications both for stations,
yards, office buildings, including flood lighting, faade lighting etc., Pumping
installations both for clear water and sewage pumps, UPS, (standalone versions
offline, online and parallel redundant versions), Standby DG sets, AMF panels,
Lifts, escalators etc.,
Also responsible for Maintenance in-charge for various types & capacities of
stationary HVAC units including 3 x 60 TR chiller plants, 3 x 18 TR chiller plants,
cooling towers, feed water and circulation pumps, packaged type AC units of 10 TR
& 7.5 TR over the entire jurisdiction of Chennai Division of Southern Railway
Planning, execution and maintenance of complete control and automation schemes
for various plants / equipment, CPPs, STGs and building services / utilities, in
railway workshops involving extensive use of PLC, DCS, SCADA networks, field
mounted and panel mounted instruments such as Transmitters and gauges (level,
flow and temperature), I/P and P/I converters, RTDs, pneumatic control valves,
MOVs, SOVs, control stations / desks, HMIs. MMIs

1990 to 1993

Junior Engineer (Electrical Traction)

Responsible for Design & Detailed Engineering of Electrical arrangements for
Electric Traction involving 132kV, 110kV, 110kV / 25 kV Traction substations, 25 kV
switching stations, 25 kv Over head caternary arrangements, SCADA for remote
control for traction applications.

1985 1990

M/s. Tribology India Ltd. (TVS Group Concern)

Junior Engineer
Responsibilities included Design, fabrication, installation, testing and
commissioning of furnaces (oil fired LDO, HFO), fluidized bed, electrically heated,
induction) along with their electrical instrumentation and control systems, rectifiers,
quench tanks, degreasing tanks, wet scrubbers, feed water pumps, EOTs and
conveyors etc., for turnkey surface treatment plants and as well as chemical
manufacturing plants for various clients.
Has handled complete control and automation requirements for manufacturing /
jobbing (surface treatment chemicals/ additives and heat treatment) factories for
our clients involving considerable weighing, mixing, batching, filling, bagging, ESPs,
scrubbers, Boilers and Hot water generators, Cooling towers (ID & FD) Pressure
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vessels, reactors etc.,

The responsibilities also included scheduling, planning and co-ordination of
maintenance of various plants and equipments of our own jobbing and
manufacturing units located at various parts of India
Had been deputed to FRANCE for a period of four months to have hands on
training in maintenance of sophisticated Physical vapour deposition (PVD)
equipment at out collaborator viz., HEF end.

1984 to 1985

M/S.Malladi Project Management Centre (p) Ltd

Junior Engineer
As Junior Engineer (Electrical) the responsibilities included Design, Detailed
Engineering, preparation of specifications, bill of materials etc., of Electrical,
electro-mechanical & mechanical plant and equipment connected with drugs,
pharmaceutical and distillery units for turnkey projects for various clients in the
following areas of application
HT/LT Substations, Internal Power supply arrangements including PCCs /
MCCs, HT / LT switch boards with ACBs, VCBs, SF6 circuit breakers, Industrial
lighting, cabling (HT/LT Power lighting, Pumping installations (clear water and
effluent pumps, fire pumps,) lifts, ventilators, exhausters, scrubbers, conveyors,
EOT cranes, etc., SCADA for power control and energy management.
Has handled complete control and automation requirements for the distillery and
pharmaceutical factories for our clients involving considerable Boilers, fermentation
columns, Pressure vessels, reactors weighing, mixing, batching, filling, bagging,
ESPs, scrubbers, CPPs with STG, Cooling towers (ID & FD) etc.,

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Address for communication

L- 6 B, Sarvamangala Colony, Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600 083
Mob. +91 9500032082
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