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Question 1: LOGIN
1. Open the files given to you.
2. There are 4 files:
a. form.php -> registration form
b. register.php -> registration
c. list.php -> list and display registered students
d. config.php -> contain reusable info
e. my_database. sql -> database (please import into your PC)
3. Get the files from:
You are not allowed to change any style set to the form or table. Means, you are not
allowed to remove CSS from the files.
You are not allowed to use other files. You can only create new files when to cater for
functions that are not created by the given files. Example: edit info and delete/ cancel
You can have external JavaScript file (*.js) for form validation.
4. The first page is shown below. The page has no login page.

5. Create a login page. After login, display page shown in Figure 1. The user cannot
proceed to the above page is login failed.
6. The login page must differentiate between admin and user.

ACCESSING DIFFERENT PAGES 8. Hand phone number must be 010 1234567 OR 0101234567 Question 3: LOGIN. Your login will be considered success. b. Question 5: EDIT DETAILS (5 BONUS MARKS) 18. The student can only edit his/ her own detail. Create function logout from the page. Question 2: FORM VALIDATION 10. 14. Question 4: LIMIT THE NUMBER OF STUDENTS AND CHECK DUPLICATE ENTRY 15. 16. 13.FINAL PROJECT CSEB 124: WEB PROGRAMMING 7. Your logout will be considered success if you cannot re-enter the page bypassing the login function. You just need to modify the codes. Student ID. List of registered students will be displayed if login using admin account. Make sure no duplicate entry. Assume that the user IDs and passwords of admin and already exist in database. Try to access one of the files without go through login page. the system must not allow if the user enter SW 1234 OR sw 1234 OR sw1234 to register. c. 19. Add 2 more which are: Exhibits and Sponsorship. Make sure the format is SW1234 OR SW 1234. If SW1234 has registered before. If any of the fields left blank. 17. All form controls of form in FIGURE 1. Limit the number of students that can register for other committees to 8. Create page that allow the students to cancel their registration. notify the user. Try to re-enter the page. Question 6: CANCEL REGISTRATION (5 BONUS MARKS) 20. if you can prevent above case from happen. 2 . Limit the number of students that can register for committee Registration to 12. You can do that by typing the URL address of the file in the IE address bar. Create form validation for: a. Form and list of registered students will be displayed if login using user account. The student can only cancel his/ her own registration. 9. Some of the solutions are already been given. 11. The drop-down menu has only two committees. LOGOUT AND SESSION 12. 21. Create page that allow the students to edit all the details they entered before. NOTE: Check the codes.

LAB SETTING & PRESENTATION SESSION *** Will be explained later *** DEADLINE: 1 – 5 August 2011 3 . Refer below table for the complete marking scheme. TWO questions will be asked to each of the group members to assess understanding of the codes generate for project. Each question contributes 5 marks. MARKING SCHEME Evaluated Aspects Punctuality Maintain styles of page Login page Differentiate between Admin and User Accessing different pages Form validation Proper login and logout (session) Limit number of students Check duplicate entry Smooth transition/ web page runs smoothly Presentation Q & A session Marks 5 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 5 5 5 10 100 *** Bonus marks will be added if you manage to do the bonus questions. 2. 3.FINAL PROJECT CSEB 124: WEB PROGRAMMING ASSESSMENT METHOD 1.