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Augustine Church, Barberton, OH) (Sunday, March 15, 2015)

(Insert Graphic 1000-0181.tif) March 16-22
Monday, March 16 Lenten Weekday
12:05 Richard McCulligan
7:00 Communal Reconciliation
Tuesday, March 17 Lenten Weekday
8:30 School Mass All Souls
5:15 George Brendel Anniversary
Wednesday, March 18 Lenten Weekday
12:05 Mary Stadtmiller
Thursday, March 19 St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
12:05 Betty Rollins Anniversary
Friday, March 20 Lenten Weekday
12:05 Fr. Gorski Anniversary
1:00 Passion Mime
7:00 Passion Mime
Saturday, March 21 Lenten Weekday
8:30 Special Intentions of Jonathan Petit
3:00 Confessions
4:00 George Lieberth Anniversary (Fr. Majikas)
Sunday, March 22 Fifth Sunday of Lent
8:00 The People of St. Augustine Church (Fr. Glaros)
10:30 Gertrude Weaver (Fr. Majikas)
5:15 The Schlernitzauer family (Fr. Misbrener)
Readings for the Week of Monday, March 16
Is 65:17-21, Ps 30:2,4,5-6,11-12,13, Jn 4:43-54
Ez 47:1-9,12, Ps 46:2-3,5-6,8-9, Jn 5:1-16
Wednesday Is 49:8-15, Ps 145:8-9,13-14,17-18, Jn 5:17-30
2 Sm 7:4-5a,12-14a,16, Ps 89:2-3,4-5,27,29, Rom 4:13,16-18,22, Mt
1:16,18-21,24a, or Lk 2:41-51a
Wis 2:1a,12-22, Ps 34:17-18,19-20,21,23, Jn 7:1-2,10,25-30
Jer 11:18-20, Ps 7:2-3,9-10,11-12, Jn 7:40-53
Jer 31:31-34, Ps 51:3-4,12-13,14-15, Heb 5:7-9, Jn 12:20-33

Sunday Offering
Faith Direct Offering
Total Offering

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Stewardship -Time, Talent & Treasure
March 1

March 8



Weekly Budget to meet Operating Cost $

(Shortfall) Overage
( 703)
School Support
Capital Support
St. Vincent de Paul
Parish Endowment
Black & Native American Mission
Eastern Europe
Easter Flowers
Catholic Relief Services
Raise the Roof 2015 Almsgiving













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Fourth Sunday of Lent
Todays gospel speaks of light and darkness. There are times when darkness can
seem comforting when it makes no demands on us. Light disturbs when it forces us
to squint, refocus and take action regarding what we see. In light we see others
clearly as they are. In families, the challenge is always to live in the lightnot in
avoidance or denial.
Insert Graphic 2000-0047.tif) Please pray for our Sick especially: Karl Bartel, John
Baylock, Amy Brickels, Camilla Pieffer, the family of Joshua Weigand, Betty Biagetti,
Joseph Benear, Emma Young, Leonard Hamilton, Betty Bartel, Jack Weigand, Lisa
Gnap, Irene Lyle, Jenny Moslowski, Mike Macko, Victor C. Weigand Jr., Eugene Van
Oss, Judy Glaros, Linda Plummer, Jody Johnson, Judy Kriston, Linda Thompson,
Chuck Friedrichsen, Brittany Wunderle, Anne Trischan, Fred Kormanic, Shanon
Johnson, Pennie Zak, Coby Cummins, Sandra Lombardi, Chad Trischan, Tina Muren,
Betty Morlan, Gerald Mullett, JoAnn Mullett, Pat Shemuga, Janet Dodson, Gene Ryan,
Stephen Deibel, Diolun Fletcher, Donna Kandes, Joanne Ramsay, Pauleen Koshenka
Leroy Morlan & William Allega
To assist us in the length of our sick list, please contact the rectory if you or
someone you know has been restored back to health!

323 Holy Hours were kept with Jesus last week in Eucharistic Adoration. "I
encourage Christians regularly to visit Christ present in The Blessed Sacrament,
for we are all called to abide in the presence of God." (Pope John Paul II)
Anyone can make a Holy Hour at any time....just be sure to sign in at the desk.
For additional information please contact Judy Soltis at 330-212-0926.

Community Corner

Barberton Area Community Ministries item for the Month of March is Canned Fruit!

Thank you again for all your support in helping us serve our brothers and sisters in need. All
donations can be placed in the bench in front of the giving tree in the vestibule of the church. Donations
are picked up on Monday mornings.
Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you
did for me (Mt 25:40). Today, we are reminded that Jesus identified himself with
our poorest brothers and sisters. The Catholic Relief Services Collection serves
Jesus in the victims of human trafficking, in those who suffer from unjust laws, and
in those who need pastoral care and humanitarian assistance across the globe.
Through supporting todays collection, you help Jesus in disguise. Please be
Remember St. Augustine Church in your will through Planned Giving. For more
information, please call Fr. David at 330-745-0011.

Formation in Faith Lecture Series - Bishop Richard Lennon, Bishop of Cleveland, will present two
lectures per month at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Cleveland immediately following the
Noon Mass. The 2015 Cathedral lecture series will feature presentations on the Right of Christian
Initiation of Adults. The next session will be Wednesday, March 25.
LENT ADULT FAITH FORMATION: Fr. Matthew Glaros is the presenter for Forgiveness as a
Spiritual Pathway to Happiness, Peace and Love. Sessions will be March 19 and 26 from 7-9 pm in the
school cafeteria. Forgiveness as the heart of Jesus teaching will be the topic for March 19. Please make
this part of your Lenten journey.
(Insert Graphic 2404-0066.tif) Coffee and Donuts will be served in the school cafeteria today
following the 10:30 Mass. Stop in and enjoy a treat before heading home.
Attention all High School and Junior High Students: Saint Augustine Youth
Group will be hosting a St. Patricks Day Party today, Sunday, March 15
from 6-8:30pm in the SAC. Come and join us for music, dancing, and
fellowship! Be sure to wear your green!.
A Lenten Communal Reconciliation Service will be held this Monday, March 16, at 7:00 pm in St.
Augustine Church. Numerous priests will be available to hear confessions face-to-face or
behind a screen. What better way to celebrate Easter than to renew our Baptism through
a good confession!
St. Augustine Women of Faith will hold a meeting Tuesday, March 17, 6:30m in the school

cafeteria. The topic will be The Real St. Bridget and St. Patrick. We welcome Lori
Haddox, M.A. in Ministry, and Teaching Theology at St. Vincent/St. Mary High School.
Please join us.
St Augustine Mens Fellowship will meet in the School Cafeteria from 7- 8:25 am
on Saturday, March 21. We will continue viewing a DVD talk by Trent Horn How

to Talk about Marriage & Same-Sex Unions, intelligently and charitably. All men of
the parish and friends are invited to join us. For questions call Gib Adolph at
330-848-1043 or e-mail
(Insert Graphic 2400-008/5.tif) Rome and Italy here we come! Deacon Robin & Paula
Adair, and Fr. Kevin Shemuga will be hosting at trip to Italy October 10-19, 2015. Join us
Tuesday, March 24 at 7:00pm in the rectory meeting room for an informational meeting
regarding the trip. For additional information contact Deacon Adair at 330-283-4983.
(Insert Graphic 1102-0004.tif) Immaculate Conception Church in Kenmore will have the
Anointing of the Sick Mass this Wednesday, March 25 at 5:30pm. Anyone in need of
physical, emotional and spiritual healing is invited to attend. If you know someone in need of
this healing sacrament, please feel free to invite them to this special Mass.
St. Augustine will once again host a reception to celebrate with and honor the
newest members of our Church following the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil. If you
would like to help welcome our new brothers and sisters in Christ by
contributing a food item (fruit salad, veggie tray, cheese and crackers,
baked goods, etc.) or by helping set up, serve and/or clean up, please
call Kim Petroff at 330-730-7062.
The next round of Euchre will be Friday, April 10 beginning at 6:30pm in the
school cafeteria.
Players of all ages are welcome to attend. Come and enjoy
an evening out with fellow parishioners.
Donations to our Almsgiving Project Habitat for Humanity can now be made through
Faith Direct on our website at
(Insert Graphic 2403-0001.tif) In the February/March envelope packets there is an
envelope for Easter Flowers. Donations to the Flower Fund help to defray costs of flowers and
decorations in our church during the Easter Season. Monies received also aid the Parish
Sacristan in keeping the sanctuary supplied with all necessary items throughout the year. For
those using Faith Direct, if you choose to make a donation, please drop an envelope in the
offertory basket with the name of your intention. Donations must be received by Sunday, March
29 in order to make the flower list.
(Insert Graphic 1105-0020.tif) Join members of Immaculate Conception Church,
Kenmore for the Life in the Spirit Seminar, Saturday, April 18 1-10:00pm (Vigil
Mass at 5:30pm followed by diner) and Sunday, April 19 6:30-10:00pm. Featured
speakers will be Fr. Michael B. Smith, Fr. Pete Colletti, Fr. Jared Orndorff and Fr.
Andrew Turner. Enjoy music, praise, prayer and worship along with good fellowship.
The costs is $10.00 per person or $15.00 per couple. Space is limited; please call
Grace at 330-753-8429 for information and registration.
(Insert Graphic 2118-0033.tif) St.Augustine school students, grades 4-8, will
present a Passion Mime
The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Friday, March 20 at 1:00pm and 7:00pm in the church. Please
plan to join in on this very special mimed presentation of the Passion of Christ. All are welcomed and
encouraged to attend.

THE THREE DAYS the Triduum are almost upon us. Please join the
universal Church as people around the world commemorate the
establishment of the Lords Supper (the Eucharist) on Holy Thursday, the
Passion of Jesus Christ (Good Friday), and the resurrection of our Lord and
Savior (the Easter Vigil and other Easter Masses). The Triduum makes up the most
sacred time in the year of a Catholic Christian. Please come! You will be blessed!
Information for the Easter Bulletin, Sunday, April 5 must be receiving into the rectory office by
Wednesday, March 25 at 4:00pm. All information received after that time will not make it into the bulletin.
Thank you in advance.
ST. AUGUSTINE BUS TRIP NEWS: A bus will depart from Magic City Shopping Plaza
on April 14 to visit sights in Pittsburg. Final details will be in next weeks bulletin.
The Ozanam Center is in need of people to make home visits to assess clients for furniture
needs. These visits only take a few minutes to do when the client is available. The need is
great for those who need furniture. We try to help all those who need it but we really need your
help. All visits are done with a minimum of two people. Please pray about this and if you feel
you can help please contact Jim or Cathie Perusek at 330-467-5762.