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February 11, 2015
Adequate notice of this meeting held the 11th day of February has been provided through
resolution adopted by this Board at its stated annual meeting held on January 2, 2015 and by
electronic mailing to the Star Ledger, the Daily Record and the Record, through posting on the
County website and by filing a copy of same with the Morris County Clerk and the Clerk of this

Director DeFillippo
Deputy Director Cesaro
Freeholder Cabana
Freeholder Krickus
Freeholder Lyon
Freeholder Mastrangelo
Freeholder Scapicchio

4:00 p.m.
Identify Topic
Personnel Requisition from the County Clerks Office
Contracts, Personnel, Staffing Levels and Litigation in Departments and Agencies to
Discuss Preliminary Budgetary Approaches
Personnel and Contracts, Status of the Morris County Sheriffs Office Staffing
Two- County Alliance Steering Subcommittee
Six Morris County Open Space Trust Fund Committee
Status of the Award of the RFP for Health Insurance Broker
Status Review of Community Development Grants
Contracts and Litigation to Discuss Status of Solar II Litigation
5:30 p.m.




*Additional information about any resolution or ordinance that appears on the agenda
can be obtained by calling the office of the Morris County Counsel at 973-829-8060.

The public informal work session of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Morris was
called to order by Director DeFillippo at 4:10 p.m. on February 11, 2015 at the Administration and
Records Building, Court Street, Morristown, New Jersey.
Deputy Clerk of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the
scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by law.
The Board of Chosen Freeholders went into executive session at 4:12 p.m. and resumed open session at
5:50 p.m. with the following in attendance:
Freeholders In Attendance:
Director DeFillippo
Freeholder Cabana
Freeholder Cesaro
Freeholder Krickus

Freeholder Lyon
Freeholder Mastrangelo
Freeholder Scapicchio

Freeholders Absent:
Staff Present
Assistant Administrator Burd
Clerk of the Board Ketchum
Deputy Clerk of the Board Allard
County Counsel Daniel OMullan
Assistant County Counsel Bush

Director Carpinteri
Director DiGiralomo
Director Kovalcik
Director Leary
Director Santucci
CIO Tugman
Public Information Officer Garifo

Others Present:
The meeting was open to the public and press
The open session portion of the meeting was
budgetary approaches pursuant to
called to order at 4:10 p.m.
N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)(7)(8);
Those Present were: Director DeFillippo,
Deputy Director Cesaro, Freeholders Cabana,
Krickus, Lyon, Mastrangelo and Scapicchio.
Also Present were: Cathy Burd, Assistant
Administrator; Daniel OMullan, County
Counsel, Randall Bush, Assistant County
Counsel and Joseph Kovalcik, County Treasurer.
At 4:12 p.m. Counsel OMullan read the
following resolution:
WHEREAS, pursuant to the Open Public
Meetings Act, the Board of Chosen Freeholders
of the County of Morris in the State of New
Jersey may exclude the public to discuss matters
as are provided under the Act (N.J.S.A. 10:412(b)).
this Board hereby excludes the public in order to
discuss eight (8) such matters:
1. As it pertains to personnel to discuss a
personnel requisition from the County Clerk's
office pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)(8);
2. As it pertains to contracts, personnel,
staffing levels and litigation in departments
and agencies, to discuss preliminary

3. As it pertains to appointments to discuss

two (2) appointments to County Alliance
Steering Subcommittee pursuant to
N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)(8);
4. As it pertains to appointments to discuss
six (6) appointments to the Morris
County Open Space Trust Fund
Committee pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:412(b)(8);
5. As it pertains to contracts, to discuss the
status of the award of the RFP for Health
Insurance Broker pursuant to N.J.S.A.
6. As it pertains to personnel and contracts,
the status of the Morris County Sheriffs
Office staffing levels pursuant to N.J.S.A.
7. As it pertains to contracts to discuss the
status review of Community
Development Grants pursuant to N.J.S.A.
10:4-12(b)(7); and
8. As it pertains to contracts and litigation,
to discuss the status of the Solar II
litigation pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)

The Board reserves the right, as the Board

exchanges ideas related to the above matters and
attempts to develop appropriate plans of actions
as it may be suggested by individual Freeholders
or staff members, to broaden discussion and to
attempt to arrive nonbinding consensus provided
such broadening of discussion continues within
the limits set for in N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)(1)
through (9). Matters discussed in Executive
Session will be made public at the earliest point
in time that the need for confidentiality for each
such matter shall no longer be necessary.
Resolution shall take effect immediately and be
in full force from and after its passage.
The meeting resumed open session at 5:50 p.m.
Ms. Burd reported that due to Mondays holiday,
the Insurance Fund Commission meeting will
take place on Tuesday, February 17 at 4:30 p.m.
The Heritage Commission has successfully
moved to their new quarters at the County
Library. Buildings and Grounds staff did an
excellent job with the move especially relocating
the historical documents.
His department has reviewed 38 resolutions for
tonights meeting which included two
appointment resolutions discussed in closed
-Director DeFillippo reported that on January 28
she, along Freeholders Cabana and Mastrangelo
met with the Sheriff to discuss and agree upon
moving forward to build a better relationship.
They agreed to continue this dialogue.
It was noted that last Friday Freeholder Lyon had
a meeting with the Sheriff and the Police Chiefs
that the liaisons were excluded from.
The Board discussed this and some felt that this
action undermines the workings of the full
Board; that there is too much freelancing, not
working together and respecting the liaison
Freeholder Lyon felt that members of the Board
are equally elected to represent Morris County as
a whole. All have a duty to reach out for what is
best for Morris County.
Additional comments were made that the Board
is here to represent the citizens of Morris County
do the job as freeholders communicate
amongst each other so the Board can coordinate
better and be a cohesive unit.
He had nothing to report at this time.

Economic Development
Yesterday he attended an open house at GAF.
The company had moved their office from
Wayne to Parsippany. They are bringing in
600 employees and working out of One
Campus Drive. He met with the President
and CEO, Robert Tafaro, who spoke about
the benefits that Morris County has to offer.
Freeholder Mastrangelo hopes to see more
companies move into Morris County.
Office of Information Technology:
1. IT Governance Committee: Meeting was
held on Monday Feb 9th. Key topics
discussed included: Committee
Membership revisions, IT Purchasing
guidance, Cyber Security/Strong
Password policy, and OITs CLOUD and
Virtual Desktop proof of concept
2. Cyber Security: Instituting a Strong
Password Policy that must be eight
characters in length, contain 1 special
character, 2 numerics, and 2 upper and
lower case letters that will automatically
expire every six months requiring the
selection of a new password.
3. VoIP: Concentrated efforts are underway
to finalize converting over sixty fax
machines from analog telephone service
to VoIP or Internet Protocol services.
4. Freeholder Support Staff Mobile
Automation: Mobile computing devices
are on schedule to be delivered to the
staff by Wednesday February 18th.
He reported that:
Planning and Preservation

The State has renewed the Highlands

Dual Appraisal Law that expired at the
end of 2014 for another five years.
Therefore, the value of farms in the
Highlands Preservation Area that seek
preservation will be based on preHighlands values.

A bill that will authorize counties to

establish mosquito control reserve funds
passed both houses on January 29th.
Approval by the Governor is anticipated.
He reported the following:
Public Works

Bids for the Sussex Turnpike

construction project were accepted last
week. The contract will likely be
awarded at the next meeting so that the
project may progress.

Buildings & Grounds is partnering

with GreenVision, a non-profit in
Randolph, whose mission is Dismantling

the stigmas of developmental disabilities.

GreenVision is organized to give students and
adults with developmental disabilities the
opportunity to learn and work in real life job
situations. To pursue this mission,
GreenVision focuses on electronics recycling.
It is a win-win situation, given the high
number of electronic waste items that the
County must dispose of. The owner of
GreenVision, Tim Butler, is excited about the
The MUA had its reorganization meeting last
night. Christopher Dour is Chairman and Laura
Swak is vice chairman.
OEM: - Distributed a new OEM Resource
Equipment Book. One hundred-ten cots were
provided to various municipalities in
anticipation of the forecasted blizzard.
Weights and Measures - Our inspectors
participated in a state task force focused on the
quality of motor oils sold by gas stations and
stores in the County. Three hundred twenty-four
stations were inspected and over thirty-four
quarts of oil were removed from the shelves.
Health Management - Our Public Health nurse
met with Bayer Corporation to assist them with
developing a plan to dispense medication to
employees during an emergency. This is part of
the pandemic point of distribution planning.
They will be assisting them with an on-site
exercise in the spring. Health Management staff
conducted a childrens lead poisoning
investigation for Montville Township. County
Health Mgt. provides this service through an
agreement with eleven towns in the County. Our
office has specific equipment and expertise to
conduct these investigations.
As noted earlier, the liaison members met with
the Sheriff to begin a dialogue to improve
relations by this Board and the Sheriff.
Freeholder Cabana and the Sheriff have had
several conversations since that time and he and
Freeholder Mastrangelo are looking to set up a
meeting in the next two weeks to hopefully mend
some of the issues between the Freeholder Board
and the Sheriffs Office.
He brought up the proposed draft resolution to
the Board opposing the States proposal to
subsidize the Transportation Trust Fund by
increasing the tax on motor fuel. He asked an
individual from the public to speak about this,
although it is normally not the policy for the
public to speak in a work session, it was granted
this time. The individual noted that an increase
in gas tax would especially affect the middle
class families financially. He would like to see
the state find another way for funding
transportation projects.

Freeholder Krickus distributed an article on

those opposing the increase in motor fuel tax.
He feels that a lot of state money is being
wasted within the Abbott Districts. This has
to change.
The consensus of the Board is to consider
this in two weeks time. Some of the
language may need to be modified. There
was a question about the comparison of costs
between the State and the nation in cost
efficiencies to construct and maintain roads
and bridges. This will be confirmed. She
asked the Board to send their modifications
to the Clerks office.
Freeholder Krickus requested of the budget
subcommittee to go back and look at the
budget to make sure all areas have been
captured for savings. He would like to see a
schedule of reduced positions that they had
talked about last year.
She met with the Heritage Commission.
They are very pleased with the assistance
they received from the Buildings & Grounds
staff. She noted that this move is Stage A;
there are still many boxes left on the top floor
in Morris View.
On February 4 the budget subcommittee
hosted a meeting with municipal officials and
the public to ask for their input on the 2015
County budget. There was low attendance.
Freeholder Krickus suggested once the
budget is introduced that the subcommittee
schedule a comment session for the
municipal officials and the public.
Today she attended a joint press conference
hosted by the Lt. Governor at the Motor
Vehicles Commission in Randolph.
Attendance included various state
departments and the AAA to kick off a new
program, Dont drive and text pay
attention to driving. The state is taking the
distracted driver issue very seriously.
Ms. Leary reported that the Circulation
Element Technical Advisory Committee met
yesterday for the first time. It was a work
session moderated by the consultant team.
She was impressed with the attendance and
the different ideas about how transportation
should be improved in Morris County. She
provided each Board member with a copy of
the primary Technical Advisory Committee
Director DeFillippo asked her if there was
representation for pedestrians and bicyclists.
Ms. Leary will follow up. It was noted that
the NJ Bike and Walk Coalition would be a
good resource.

Freeholder Mastrangelo regarding issues with

the Transportation Trust Fund he is concerned
about the condition of the state bridges going
through Morris County. She will request a report
from the state. Freeholder Mastrangelo would
like the report to contain the grading of each of
the bridges to see what structural deficiencies
may be present. He suggested posting on the
County website those state bridges that are
Mr. Tugman noted that IT cyber security is a
joint responsibility. We all have to be aware if
we notice something that doesnt seem right on
our computer. When in doubt about something,
place a call to OIT to have it checked out. These
security breaches are carried out by an organized
criminal hierarchy that is well networked and
financed. He pointed out that a small town in
Massachusetts almost had $4 million
compromised from their budget.
He reported on a virtualization and desktop
virtualization initiative for County software to
live out on a Cloud instead of being resident to
each employees computer. Upgrades to the
operating system, etc. can be made to one master
computer and would not require technician visits
to each computer in the County. This is in the
process of being tested for its feasibility and
financial aspects.
Freeholder Mastrangelo asked about the IT
shared services surveys. Ms. Burd reported that
we did not receive many responses and some
were not IT related as far as what their needs are.
This survey was sent twice. A total of nine
surveys were received, eight from the
municipalities and one from a school district.
This is something we may want to re-visit.
Ms. Santucci noted that June 12 is the planned
day for the County Health Fair. It will take place
at Mennen Arena.
The Board reviewed and discussed the
resolutions. Questions were raised how No. 20
is being funded and it was decided to pull this
resolution from the meeting to review in more
On motion by Freeholder Lyon and seconded by
Freeholder Krickus, the meeting adjourned at
6:55 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Susan Allard
Deputy Clerk of the Board