The communication which was never before - Voice over internet protocol

Faster communication is the era in which we are living today. Quality of voice with most compatible rates are easy and best means for communication is what everybody is looking for in the present scenario. Whether it is long distance or short distance communication even the service providers are struggling hard to fulfill the needs of communicators by adapting various strategies. Among these One of the most and upcoming means of communication in today’s global market is voice over internet protocol (voip). Technology applied The transmission technology, for the voice communication over the internet, which is also known as internet telephony meaning which one can make voice calls using internet right from their desktop. The service providers of telephony internet use different types of protocols for transmitting the voice signals into the digital telephone signals which is sent over the internet which are then compressed and translated to IP (Internet Protocol) packets for transmission. A person can continue with his other work while making a call or receiving a call. It is also termed as “least cost routing” because it routes the calls using the shortest route for the particular destination.

Compatible rates The technology is cost efficient even an individual or an organization can save millions by using this means of communication. This also provides the option of three way calling, calling forwarding, automatic redial, caller id facilities. The money thus saved can be used for the other welfare of organization. Classification of services

The service is generally classified in two types 1) Direct inward dialing services (DID) – it directly connects two voip service users with each other. 2) Access number facilities. - It insists the caller to input the extension number. Calls are not charged the for the same service users though they are of different service subscribers. However the area code which the user selects for making a call if it differs from the area code where he is living at present then he/she is charged for long distance calls. Using this service one can make long distance calls in much cheaper rates. Low tax benefits The government has not imposed any tax for this voip service. The tax for broadband phone will be very lower compared to our regular fixed telephones line. Mobility It is more convenient, user friendly and easy to handle cause of its flexibility. It allows the user to perform other computer applications like e mail, e fax, and web conferencing along with the telephone. This service is very much helpful to the person whose job involves lot of travelling if they use the WI-FI connection because a separate telephone line is not required and calls are made with the help of internet or broad band connection. Since it works on digital technology voip offers certain many other features which are not available with the traditional phone. Source:

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