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Name: Anagha A. Kulkarni E-mail:

Mobile No.: 9921722855

To seek an innovative and challenging growth oriented position, where my technical skills can be effectively
utilized & improved eventually leading to contribution in the growth of organization.


• Worked as Trainee S/W Developer in Abhinav Infosol Pvt. Ltd, Pune for 6 Months.
• Post Graduation: M.Sc.(Computer Science) in May-2008 from Shivaji University.
• Graduation: B.C.S. in May- 2006 from New College, Kolhapur.

Skill Set:
Languages: Java, JSP, C, C++, PL/SQL
Scripting Language: HTML, JavaScript
Tools Used: Dream weaver, Corel Draw
Databases: SQL Server 2000, MS-Access. Oracle 8i
O.S.: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

Personal Information:
Name: Anagha Abhijeet Kulkarni
D.O.B: 12-August-1986
K-101 Silver Park–II S.No 16/8/2 Ambegaon Budruk, behind Bharti
Vidyapeeth, Pune – 411 046, Maharashtra
Nationality: Indian
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi.

Educational Details:
M.Sc Computer Science Shivaji University-Kolhapur-2008
B.C.S Shivaji University-Kolhapur-2006
H.S.C Kolhapur Board-2003
S.S.C Kolhapur Board-2001

Area of Interest:
 Software Professional and System Analyst
 Software Developing and Debugging
 Web Programming

#1.Snake Game
Team Size: 2
Duration: 4 months
Technologies: C++
It is Game Application which is centralized on three objects viz. Snake, Food and the Wall. The Snake is
assumed to eat the food. Whenever the Snake eats the food, the user’s score get incremented, condition is
only that to avoid the Snake striking on the Wall, otherwise Game will be over.

#2. Banking Transaction System

Team Size: 2
Duration: 7 months
Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0, MS-Access as backend
This application is all about the Banking operations which include creating the bank Savings Account, Current
Accounts and Fixed Deposit. Also the user can maintain Debit (Dr.) and Credit (Cr.) operations. It also shows
current Balance-sheet of user’s account.

#3. Play Ludo

Team Size: 2
Duration: 2 Months.
Technologies: Java
It is Game application which can be played by two to four players where each player owes 4 coins and
everyone has different colors. Every player has to chance to throw the dice. The number will be randomly
generated and Coin move forward. The player, whose all coins will be reached first to the Home, will be the

#4. Online Vehicle Reservation System

Team Size: 3
Duration: 3 Months.
Technologies: Java Servlets, MS-Access as Backend
It is about Booking and Buying Vehicles online. Online vehicle Reservation is one of the latest trends of buying
and selling vehicles online. This is advanced concept adapted by most of the companies to prompt their
products. Here, we put efforts to sell vehicles of highly esteemed companies in India.

#5. Online Share Trading

Team Size: 4
Duration: 6 Months.
Technologies: JSP Servlets, SQL Server 2000 as Backend
This Application is overall about Share Market which includes process of selling and purchasing Shares of
particular company which would involve in Share Market. By using this System, one can enter into Share
Market for Selling and Buying also User can invest money by using this website. All necessary reports can be
generated in this System.

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