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The Burndy Advantage

Power Generation Solutions

Experience. Technology. Answers.


On Line With the

Power Generation Industry
Our Continuing Commitment Is Clear
Since 1924, BURNDY has been involved in providing engineered
product solutions for the power generation industry every step of
the way.
Beginning with our initial product patent for a mechanical bolted
connector for use in substations, the BURNDY commitment is still
strong. Weve expanded to:

 esigning our irreversible HYGROUND compression grounding
system in the 1960s for use in power generation facilities where
quality and inspectability is key

Helping to outfit the initial nuclear fleet buildout in the 1970s

 ontinuing to provide high-quality services, tools and technology
to the nuclear industrycomplying with 10CFR50 Appendix B
requirements, the quality assurance criteria for nuclear power
 ecently developing the Break-Away HYLUG terminalwhich
is specifically designed for the needs of wind-power generation,
although the unique versatile design has been embraced in many

Be it coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydro, solar or windBURNDY

is your quality, engineered-connection solution company.
Why take the risk with anyone else?

About Bern Dibner

The founder of BURNDY, Bern Dibner, fostered
a lifelong dedication to science and technology
in part through his collection of rare books and
his work as an author. Dibner wrote more than
100 books and articles, including the Heralds of
Science, a selection of what he considered to be
the 200 most important books in the history of
science. This collection is considered a valuable reference for students
and scholars.

With the legacy and innovation for the overall quality and versatility as
well as their superior performance in the most challenging environments,
BURNDY products are chosen by trade professionals throughout the
power cycle.

Why Choose BURNDY

Experience. Technology. Answers.


BURNDY has a history of industryrenowned customer and technical

service, along with a reputation of
engineering excellence, quality and
BURNDY provides:

BURNDY Products for the Power Generation Market

Product Grouping
Medium and large HYDENT connectors

Proprietary radiation-resistant
insulated terminals and splices
mainly for the nuclear industry that
are manufactured to the same high
quality standards as our nylon or
vinyl products. The BURNDY line
of HYDENT connectors provides
state-of-the-art control wiring
and solenoid controls in a plant


Specifically designed BURNDY

HYLUG terminals that can
accommodate a wide range
of conductor configurations
(aluminum, copper, AWG, flex,
metric) for application flexibility


A closed-loop quality system

for connections installed with
BURNDY crimping tools and
gauges. All BURNDY tools deliver
the correct amount of force, and
the crimp die profile ensures the
correct design for the specific

A wide range of one- and twohole aluminum and copper

narrow tongue terminals
designed to be installed in
applications with specific size
Our trained and experienced factory
sales force can help you get the
products that are right for your job.
In fact, our advanced engineering
support teams can custom-build
connectors specifically for your needs.

Mechanical grounding
HYGROUND Compression Grounding

BURNDYWeld Exothermic Grounding

Small HYDENT connectors


DURIUM hardware

Heat shrink
Flexible braid
Mechanical connectors
PENETROX oxide inhibitor

Substation connectors
UNIRAP cable ties

UNITAP insulated multi-tap


Grass Roots







We bring over 85 years of experience

Innovative TechnologyBURNDY
in engineering and manufacturing of
is recognized as the global leader
quality connectors and tooling to the
for innovation in engineering and
electrical industry.
manufacturing of high-quality
compression connectors, grounding
Our proven, safe and reliable connector
products and installation tooling.
solutions stand up to the most
challenging application requirements
Quality CommitmentBURNDY
and also maximize performance and
uses our in-house, certified test lab to
ensure our products and installations
comply with specific requirements for
Total Project SupportWe encourage
all our customers to take advantage of
military, NEMA, NUPIC, OSHA, SAE and
our expertise. In fact, you may be able
UL, among others.
to reduce both time and cost when our
experienced sales team helps you select Eliminate RiskWe design and
the best solution for your application
manufacture the BURNDY Engineered
and provides technical training. The
Systeman integrated connector
end result is enhanced overall system
system (tool + die + connector).
performance and reliability.

New SolutionsThanks
to our ongoing collaboration with
power-generation engineers, we offer
a constant flow of innovative connector
and tooling solutions for the power
generation industry.
Throughout the power cyclefrom
generation to transmission and finally
distribution to the end customer
BURNDY products and services have
stood the test of time.
BURNDY offers a total package of
grounding solutions (HYGROUND,
BURNDYWeld and mechanical
grounding) that satisfy requirements
for critical grounding solutions today
and in the future.

Grounding Solutions Developed for the Nuclear Industry

Originally developed to meet inspectors requirements for the nuclear industry, the
BURNDY HYGROUND irreversible compression grounding system is a safe, costeffective and efficient method that delivers performance excellence and long-term life
expectancy. Employing well-proven design principles and technologies, HYGROUND
connections can be visually inspected, ensuring the correct combination of connector,
installation die and tooling was used during installation.
In addition, we know each of your projects is uniquenot every job requires
the same tools. The Grounding Superstore is home to three versatile grounding
systems: mechanical, compression and exothermic. No matter the option you
choose, youll know youre getting quality products that meet and exceed standard
performance guidelines. BURNDY has a Made in the USA solution for virtually
every grounding application.


An installation tool must deliver the correct amount of force and

the crimp die profile must be the correct design for the specific
connection. With BURNDY crimping tools and gauges, you get a
closed-loop quality system for the installed connections.

Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Hydro,

Solar or WindBURNDY is your quality,
engineered-connection solution company.

Trust the Burndy Engineered SystemMade in the USA

The BURNDY Engineered System of coordinating dies, connectors and tools are always
designed to work together and engineered to meet stringent, accepted quality standards.

Dies and


Safe, easy and

inspectable connection

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