1. The Story of water 2. How much water to drink? 3. Why should we take 5-6 liters of water? 4. When to drink water 6. What type of water we are to drink? 7. How to drink 5-6 liters of water a day? 8. Complexity in drinking water 9. Is the water content in juices useful? 10. Present day habit of taking water 12. Intake of water while fasting 13. Why we take more water in summer? 14. Water drinking in summer 15. Water therapy 16. Questions – Answers 17. Water cures diseases - Experiences


1. The Story of water
Plants and trees came into existence in the world and then different creatures came into being. Experts believe that creatures emerged some 3500 millions of years ago. In the process of evolution, man evolved from animals. Scientists say that man came into existence some 650,000 years back. Since then, man learnt from the nature as to what to eat, how much to eat, how much to drink and tried to adjust himself to nature. He lived according to the nature. As long as man was close to nature he could live for long, with full strength without disease and lived happily. But gradually he drifted away from the nature seeking physical comforts that ultimately lead him to sorrow. He is not able to come out his life style that is against the nature. Consequently right from the newborn to the aged every one is suffering from some disease or another and their life span is shrinking. There are many reasons for their difficulties and diseases. Particularly, improper food habits, not drinking of enough water, defecation and lack of sufficient physical exercise are responsible for this dire situation. Unless man changes his way of living in tune with nature it is difficult for him to regain his good health to live comfortably. If we stick to the laws of nature not only we but also the coming generations can live happily. Air, Water and Food Air is the most important thing for all living things. If we don’t breathe we cannot live even for a moment. After the air water is the utmost necessity for all creatures. If we stop drinking water we will not survive beyond a few days. The next need is food. Without food we cannot survive beyond a month or so. If all the above three are supplied to the body in right proportion man can live up to two to three hundred years. Any imbalance leads to diseases. Saints, Sages and Yogis, who knew this secret, led a healthy and long life. Air occupies large percentage of earth. Water and food take the next two places. Similarly all creatures need air, water and food in that order to survive. The earth consists of one fourth of land and three-fourth of water. This is the secret of creation. Inhaling and exhaling of air, which is vital for the body, is not in our control. Breathing goes on involuntarily. Air is the only thing in the world, which is free of cost. However, water and food are under our control but come with a price tag. Hence, we need to exercise our intelligence to possess them. Water and Matter 2:1 Like the earth, our food consists two third of water and one third of solid matter. In most of the foods water content is higher. Water is more important than matter for our body and the ratio of 2:1 should be maintained everyday. As body exerts water and matter get depleted and they have to be replenished everyday. As and when water level in our body decreases it demands water through thirst. But most people drink sodas and cool drinks instead of water to quench their thirst. We commit the same mistake with regard to food. The foods that our body needs and the foods that we supply are entirely different. A better coordination between supply and demand keeps the body under our control. But alas, we supply what we wish rather than what the body needs. It is time we listen to the dictates of


the body. Every activity in the body is propelled by water. It is the water, which is responsible for two third of activity in the body. Water is the manna of health. The supply of all-important water to the body helps it to perform its duties perfectly maintaining good health. There is no harm to the body even if we skip food once in a day. The food stored in the body comes handy when we skip food. However, if we do not drink water for some time or for a whole day it triggers serious trouble inside. It is wrong to think that if we drink water once it will be stored for a long time and meets the needs of the body. Water is beneficial only when we take it whenever body needs it. As food is emptied from stomach, water is also emptied from the body from time to time. As we fill the empty stomach with food we must also supply water to the body. Man looks down upon the vehicle called the body. He doesn’t care for it. We commit the same mistake with regard to food. The foods that our body needs and the foods that we supply to it are entirely different. A better coordination between supply and demand keeps the body under our control. But alas, we supply what we wish rather than what the body needs. It is time we listen to the dictates of the body. Every activity in the body is propelled by water. It is the water, which is responsible for three fourths of activity in the body. Water is the manna of health. The supply of allimportant water to the body helps it to perform its duties perfectly maintaining good health. There is no harm to the body even if we skip food once in a day. The food stored in the body comes handy when we skip food. However, if we do not drink water for some time or for a whole day it triggers serious trouble inside. It is wrong to think that if we drink water once it will be stored for a long time and meets the needs of the body. Water is beneficial only when we take it whenever our body needs it. As food is emptied from stomach, water is also emptied from the body from time to time. As we fill the empty stomach with food we must also supply water to the body. Experimented on Hundreds If the body has to get full benefit of the food we eat, it is possible only through water. The benefit to the body from the higher quantity and expensive food we eat is possible if the water we take is adequate. Nowadays man eats many varieties of food and yet his energy is low. If we reduce food intake by 50 per cent we can work more vigorously and can put in more hours of work. However, it is possible only when we maintain the water ratio. I tried this experiment not only on myself but also on hundreds of others. I observed more energy and ability in all of them even when they put in more hours of labor. They were neither tired nor felt uneasy. Unless we experience it for ourselves we will not know about the benefit of consuming plenty of water. We use manure for the growth of plant. To a unit of manure or fertilizer we put ten units of water. This water absorbs the fertilizer, takes it to roots of the plant, then reaches branches and lastly leaves. Thus fertilizer gives enough strength to the whole plant only when there is sufficient ratio of water. Food and fertilizer may be of different nature, but similar process takes place in the body also. If we are to understand the need for more water we should know as to where this three fourths of water in our body exists, what form it takes, what it does, what is the difficulty the body faces when water level comes down, how much water is spent in the body, what are the likely symptoms when water level is reduced, the relation between kidneys and water, the relation of water to salt etc.


Common man may not grasp the inherent relation between water, cells and blood, which is part of physiology. Hence, let me narrate it here. Water in the body Water occupies 68 per cent of the body. Water is there in and around the cells. The water in the cells is called intra cellular fluid. Extra cellular fluid exists in different parts of the body in various forms. 1. 2. 3. 4. Plasma. Interstitial fluid, which is in between the cells. Cerebrospinal fluid-- fluid in brain and spine. Serous fluid, which is in the outer layers of lungs and peritoneal fluid in the stomach and peritoneum covering the intestines. 5. Synovial fluid-- the fluid in the gaps between joints. 6. Digestive juices. 7. Urine. Extra, Intra Cellular Fluid Now let us also talk about fluid inside the cells. The whole body is the sum total of several cells. The water content in the cells of different parts of the body varies. The water content in the muscles, muscles of heart, brain and lungs is roughly 70 to 80 per cent of the weight of the organs. Liver and skin contain 70 per cent of water and bones 20 per cent. If the body weight of a person is 70 kilograms he carries 43 liters of water. Of this, extra cellular fluid is 11 liters and intra cellular fluid 32 liters. Likewise, a woman whose body weight is 57 kilos has 29 liters of water. Out of this, extra cellular fluid is 8.5 liters and intra cellular fluid 20.5 liters. Now, let us see how the fluids in and around the cells are regulated. Regulation of intra and extra cellular fluid Sodium and potassium balance water level in the extra cellular and intra cellular fluids. It is because of these salts the cells get the energy to pump in and pump out water from the cells. Intra cellular fluid contains less sodium and more of potassium. Sodium=20 mg/ liter Potassium=110 mg./liter As against this, extra cellular fluid contains more sodium and less potassium. Sodium= 143mg./liter Potassium=5mg./liter The thin membrane around the cell will be instrumental in sending water, sodium and potassium in and out of the cells. Through this membrane inflow and outflow is regulated. Relation between salt and water When sodium content in the blood is more, osmotic pressure of blood increases and intestinal fluids enter the blood. At the same time excess salt in blood joins the intra cellular fluid. When salt comes in, the water in the cells is dragged out of the cells.


When cells lose water chemical reactions in the cells is hampered. Cells lose the capacity to purge out waste material. We observe swelling of joints and face in those who consume more salt. The reason is the intra cellular fluid in the blood comes out. This manifests as edema. When there is excess salt in the blood kidneys try to purge it out with frequent urination. Water flow from blood to cells and vice versa is a continuous process. The water we consume is absorbed into blood through intestines. The above illustration shows the process of this absorption. Osmotic pressure is responsible for inflow of water from extra cellular fluid to intra cellular fluid and vice versa. Let us know about osmotic pressure. Osmotic pressure The pressure which helps flow of low-density liquid into high-density liquid when a thin membrane separates them is called Osmotic Pressure. As shown in the above figure if blood is a liquid, the matter in between the cells is also liquid. The walls of micro veins separate these two liquids. Let us see how change of water takes place from blood to extra cellular fluid. Similarly the membrane around the cells is responsible for change of extra cellular and intra cellular fluid. Changes that occur after intake of water We take 1 to 1.5 liters of water in the morning as we think it is beneficial. Many people think that blood becomes thinner if that much of water is taken in the morning. They also think that if excess water is taken pressure of blood decreases, kidneys will have a problem. With this misunderstanding they desist from taking water and also discourage others. But this is not true. It has been scientifically proved that there is no harm as such by taking more water. An extract from Samson Wrights’ Applied physiology, published by Oxford University Press, pp 35, is reproduced here for the reference of those who want to know about it. REGULATION OF WATER BALANCE AND COMPOSITION OF BODY FLUIDS BY THE KIDNEY Water Dieresis If 1-2 liters of water is drunk, particularly on an empty stomach, absorption takes place rapidly from the intestines. The passage of water into the blood slightly dilutes the plasma. NORMAL [K] = 150mEq/ltrs mEQ/LTRS 30 ltrs 15 ltrs [N+] = 150 mEq/ltrs Drink 2 liters of water EQUILIBRIUM [K+]=143.8 31.3 LTRS 15.7 ltrs [Na+] =143.8 mEq/ltrs


Fig 2: Changes in ICF and ECF produced by drinking 2 liters of water and decreases its crystalloid o.p. by about 3 per cent. (i.e., corresponding to decrease of concentration of about 10 milliosmoles per liter) this plasma volume increases slightly. These changes are small because this excess water is distributed throughout 50 liters of body water, and the kidneys increase the loss of fluid in urine. Body fluid changes The trivial dilution of the plasma proteins decreases their osmotic pressure to a negligible extent (e.g. from 25 mm. to 24 mm. Hg); likewise no significant rise occurs in the capillary blood pressure. The flow of water out of the blood vessels is the result of decreased crystalloid o.p. of the plasma. The crystalloid o.p. of the interstitial fluid is higher than the reduced o.p. of the plasma; water therefore passes from plasma into the interstitial spaces. (Electrolytes simultaneously diffuse in the other direction, i.e., from the interstitial fluid into the plasma, but the rate of movement of water in the opposite direction is faster and more important. At equilibrium the volume of both plasma and interstitial fluid is increased and both fluids, which together comprise the ECF, have an identical but lower crystalloid o.p.) The balance that is normally maintained between intra and extra cellular fluid is disturbed, and owing to the fall in crystalloid o.p. of the ECF, fluid enters the cells. Finally the ingested water is distributed equally throughout the body water and all the body fluids have a slightly lower crystalloid o.p. If there were no renal responses and if the 2 liters of water ingested were to be stored in the 45 liters of body water the crystalloid o.p. would fall by only 4.4 per cent. Renal changes A renal response occurs after a latent period of 15-30 minutes [Fig. 3.]; the flow of urine rises (from the ‘resting’ value of 50 ml. Per hr.) to its peak usually within an hour and a half when a maximum excretory rate of 1300 ml. Per hr. (22ml. Per min.) may be attained; the dieresis declines and is usually over in 3 hours by which time the excess urinary output has about equaled the excess fluid intake. As the volume of urine increases, its specific gravity falls, e.g., to 1001; there may be a slight total increased excretion of NaCI and urea during the dieresis although the percentage concentration of these substances is, of course, very low. This initial washing out of solids is compensated for by a lessened rate of excretion after the diuresis is over. The point to emphasise however is, the kidney responds selectively by an enormous increase in water output with little associated loss of solids. There are no changes in renal dynamics. There is no increase in renal blood flow; there is no increase in G.F.R. unless the urinary output of 900 ml. Per hour (=15 ml. Per minute) means that, of every 130 ml. Of glomerular filtrate although 16 ml., as usual, reach the distal tubule per minute, 15 ml. are allowed to escape in the urine (compared to 1 ml. as normally) The level of diuresis is of the same order of magnitude as that seen in clinical diabetes insipidus and likewise due to lack of ADH. The dilution of the plasma crystalloids switches off the hypothalamicohypophyseal mechanism responsible for ADH secretion. It will be noted that the dilution of the plasma precedes the onset of


diuresis. During this period it may be supposed that the circulating ADH is being destroyed and that no fresh ADH is being secreted; as the blood ADH level falls and diuresis sets in. Now let us see why there is no harm even if excess water is taken. When we take one or two liters of water on empty stomach it is absorbed by the intestines and stomach within minutes. The water so absorbed by intestines reaches blood. With this plasma is slightly diluted. Even then there is no remarkable change in the osmotic pressure of plasma. Osmotic pressure of plasma comes down to 24 mm Hg from 25 mm Hg. The quantity of blood increases slightly. The changes in the blood after excess water is taken are negligible. Because the water we take mixes up with the 43 liters of water in our body and is dispersed all through the body. There is no change in capillary blood pressure either. Water from the blood flows into intra cellular fluid when osmotic pressure of blood is decreased, the reason being the osmotic pressure in the intra cellular fluid is more than the osmotic pressure of the blood. Now we know that how water flows from the blood to extra cellular fluid. Let us know about the inflow of water from extra cellular fluid to intra cellular fluid. As water flows from blood to extra cellular fluid, sodium and potassium enter into blood. When sodium and potassium enter blood the osmotic pressure in the cells is reduced. Since the osmotic pressure in the cells is more than the intra cellular fluid enters the cells. In this way the water we consume enters all the cells of the body equally. Now, let us see how kidneys are effected by the excess water we take. Changes in the kidney when 2 liters of water is taken on empty stomach Kidneys produce 50 ml. of urine per hour in a healthy person. The outer limit of the urine the kidneys can produce is 1300 ml. When this limit is reached production decreases. Likewise when we take more water 1300 ml. urine is produced in one or one and half hours time. There is neither change in the working of kidneys nor in their efficiency or in the percentage of blood, which enters kidneys, or the filtering capacity of the kidneys altered. When urine is produced in more quantity the amount of sodium chloride and urea slightly increase. No material, which is useful to the body, goes out. Reason for excess urination Generally while filtering the blood kidneys absorb the necessary water and discharge excess water in the form of urine. When we take more water the filtered water is not absorbed again. So, that excess water goes out in the form of urine. Therefore, our kidneys have the great capability to retain water that is necessary and discharge the excess water. We learnt that excess water is useful to the body and there is no harm whatsoever. Now let us talk about the harm to the body when there is less amount of water.


Changes that occur with less water Everyday water from the body is expelled through urine, sweat through skin and breathing. Let us see what amount of water goes out through these forms. 1. 1 to 1.5 liters of water goes out through kidneys in the form of urine. 2. Roughly 600 to 800 ml. of water goes out through skin by way of sweat, some of it visible and some of it is invisible. When sweating is more daily two liters of water goes out. 3. 400 to 500 ml. of water goes out from lungs while we exhale. 4. 100 ml. of water is discharged through ablution. Hence, we have to replenish the water that is lost every day. Some times, when we suffer from loose bowels and vomiting more water is lost. If the lost water is not replenished immediately it may lead to complications. When the water level in the body reduces, the extra cellular fluid also reduces resulting in increase in osmotic pressure. Then intra cellular fluid is drawn into extra cellular fluid. Cells, which lost water, would contract. With this the chemical reaction of the cells is affected. The food taken by cells is not converted into energy. Salts like sodium and potassium go out. Quantity of urine also comes down. When water level in the body is reduced most important electrolytes are also lost. Changes in kidneys 1. There is no change of blood flow to kidneys. 2. Water percentage in the filtered blood by kidneys is reduced. 3. Quantity of urine decreases. 4. Urea, uric acid, creatine, phosphates, waste material-containing nitrogen accumulate in blood. 5. Unless urine is discharged these waste material are not purged out. Problems with reduction of water level in the body: We go thirsty and become weak; skin is dry and loses elasticity; eyes dry up. Kidneys discharge their duty properly only if water is taken aplenty. They can purify the blood properly. I heard a specialist in nephrology on television saying that we should take at least four liters of water a day if kidneys are to function efficiently. He also said that nothing helps kidneys better as water does. I have written all this to explain scientifically as what water does to cells. Many people do not understand all these things. Some cannot understand these things unless they are written in detail. In this chapter I tried to explain that there is no harm in taking plenty of water either once in a day or several times a day. When we know the important role played by water in the body we try to consume abundant water. If one knows this he will not look down upon water. In the ensuing chapters we shall read about how much water is to be consumed, how it is to be taken and when it is to be taken.


2. How much water to drink?
How much water we have to drink every day is a question to most of the people. Some say eight glasses and yet others say three liters of water is to be consumed. Doctors opine that it is enough to replenish the water that is expended from our body. People are confused at the conflicting views from different quarters. Let us dwell into the issue. About 2.5 liters of water is spent daily from our body in the form of urine, excreta, sweat, digestion etc. The doctors who are well versed with physiology say that it is enough if the spent water is replenished to maintain the normal level of 68% water in the body for good health. If we take natural food it produces less waste and 2.5 liters of water would be enough to purge it out, with no scope for bad smell from saliva, urine, sweat and mouth. The food that we are used to presently consist of oil, salt, sugar, spices and many other ingredients to give different tastes. Digestion of this kind of cooked food takes a longer time leaving large undigested matter for excretion. Only 50% of the waste matter goes out of the body with the help of 2.5 liters of water and the rest 50% is deposited in the body. From the accumulated waste inside emanate bad smell from saliva, urine, sweat and mouth. We can observe from this that 2.5 liters of water is not enough to push out the stored waste matter. The odor is the better indicator to denote that whether the water required by the body is sufficient or not. Most of the people suffer from this bad smell. It is our responsibility to replenish 2.5 liters of water that is spent from the 68% of our body’s water and to keep it clean. To keep it clean we have to take more amount of water. Let us now think about what amount of water is necessary to meet these two requirements. We would also discuss about the relationship between food and water. The very physiology of human body has given first preference to air, second preference to water and third preference to food. We are aware how important air is for us to live. Our body contains two third of water and one third of matter. It means that the property of the body tells us that two third of importance is to be given for water and one third of importance to food. This is the secret of health. If a person weighs 70 kilos, water would be 43 kilos of it. The rest of 27 kilos would be the matter created by food (muscles, veins, bones etc.). From morning to night which one we are thinking of more – food or water? Which of them is going more into our body. How many times and how much we eat? How many times and much water is being taken? Think for a while how we altered the necessities of the body. We have pushed water to the third place that should actually be given second place and gave second place to food instead of keeping it at third place. Ignorance in this regard would not help. In order to maintain the ratio of 2:1 we have to drink water two times more than the food we eat. How simple it is? “Greatest truths are the simplest”.


If we say that one third of food and two third of water how many liters of water is necessary? We need food and water every day according to the physical labor we put in. The people who have to do physically exert need more food. The people whose physical labor is less need less food. How do we decide the quantity of food and water? Basing on the intake of food or intake of water? Since all of us like eating let us first decide the quantity of food and then decide the quantity of water. The amount food intake differs from man to man. The simple answer is two times more water than the amount of food. Right from a teenager of 15 years to a man who is 50 or 60 years normally takes about 2 kilos of food in course of the day. So five to six liters of water would do. Those who put in more physical labor usually consume 2.5 to 3 kilos of food. Such people should take 7.8 liters of water. If we eat more the waste material produced in the body increases. It comes out along with water easily. We have been consuming about 2 to 3 kilos of food but not drinking more water because we did not know about it. Some take 2, 3 glasses of water, some others take 4 glasses and yet others take two or three liters. More food and less water! With less water inside, the waste matter gets solidified and does not move easily. Stagnation leads to disease. In the beginning it is manifested in the form of some ailment and finally it becomes chronic. If the ratio of water intake is proper the body purges out waste material and keeps itself clean. According to the property of the body let us start taking 5,6 liters of water. Out of this, 2.5 liters of water is necessary for the body and the rest of it will be used to keep clean the 68% of water which body contains. Now let us start increasing water consumption in the next one or two months while taking the usual quantity of food. You would certainly notice the change and feel better. Then you decide yourself whether to take more water or discontinue. It is the body that shows the result. It is time to make few more changes in our habits. Ask people around you to take water before eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. Instead of asking people at the dining table to have some more servings suggest them to take more water. Offer water to your guests instead of sodas or coffee or tea and let them know the benefits of taking 5,6 liters of a day.

3. Why should we take 5-6 liters of water?
Many people know that drinking more and more water is good for health. However, nobody tells us when and how much. Even if we drink 5-6 liters of water without a plan, particularly while taking food, it is more harmful than good. Newspapers and


periodicals say that plenty of water has to be taken but they do not tell us how, how much and when. We have to drink 5-6 liters of water to meet the requirements of body and to keep the insides of body clean. It is better if we know the constitution of body before doing it. Functions of body The day is divided into day and night, each comprising of 12 hours. Day has light and it is dark during night. The creatures, which move around during the day, take rest in night. Those creatures that move around and eat during night take rest during day. Man does it in reverse. This is the timetable set by nature for man and accordingly functions of his body are determined. If we follow these rules of the nature our body functions normally. Any deviation will result in diseases to the body. Body’s two functions 1.Day duty of the body 2. Night duty of the body: These two duties are different. Body has to discharge these two functions every day. Body would be healthy only when it discharges its functions separately. If these duties are interchanged the body loses health and life expectancy is reduced. It suffers from diseases. 1. Day duty: The body discharges two types of functions during day. The first is to digest food, transport this digested food to cells, turn it into energy and move the waste material to excretory system. The second duty is to produce millions of new cells in the body in place of millions of those cells, which die every day. If these two functions are to be discharged perfectly it needs ample water. Digestive juices can be produced only when we take needed water. Digested food mixes with blood only when lot of water is there and then only food reaches cells. If water is available in right proportion the food in cells is converted into energy. All these functions need water. If these functions are discharged properly water has to be consumed in right quantity and proportion. There is no use if we take water as and when we wish. 2. Night duty: The body discharges two types of functions during night. The first the waste material, produced during day through consumption of food, is purged to a certain extent through excretory system in the form of fasces, urine, sweat and carbon dioxide during the day. The cells purge the remaining waste material during night. The second - Many cells in our body get diseased everyday. The body repairs them. Likewise, the body protects us from injuries, wounds and ill health. If the body has to purge the waste material through the four forms, which move during night, they have to be dissolved in water. If sufficient water is not taken the waste material is not dissolved and it dries up inside the body. Body can repair itself only when air and water are available. If the body has to function during night, it needs sufficient water, that too at right time. Five or six liters of water has to be available to the body to enable it to discharge its duty during day and separately. Water to be taken on empty stomach


To purge the waste material released during day and clean the system this water is helpful. Though the body cleans and repairs itself during night we cannot get up and take water. The water taken in the morning before eating anything can be called water on empty stomach. If we take 2.5 to 3 liters of water on empty stomach the waste material from the body purges completely and keeps the body healthy. Water to be taken during day This is needed in view of the day duty. The water taken after breakfast till 6 or 7 pm comes under this category. Out of five or six liters of water 2.5 liters to 3 liters is spent for night duty. The remaining 2.5 to 3 liters of water is to be allotted to empty stomach, which is assigned to day duty. It is imperative for the body to discharge these two duties. If these two duties are to be discharged properly we have to divide the intake into two parts. If we feel that we have taken enough water in the morning, day duty may be hampered. Similarly if you take water in the day and stop taking in the morning the waste material which has to be discharged during night remains in the body and we may land in trouble. We should allow the body to discharge its duties during night and day. It is enough, if you supply water on time and the body looks after itself. However, if you are lazy or feel it burdensome to drink water, maintaining good health becomes difficult. When we do not follow the nature of the body life itself becomes a waste. There is no other easy way to good health in the world.

4. When to drink water
Man, who is supposed to walk on the ground only is able to fly in the air and swim like a fish, thanks to the development of his intelligence. At the same time he is not able to live, as it should be on the earth. That is why he is not able to make out when to drink water, the elixir of life. Though civilization has made great strides he continues to commit many mistakes with regard to consumption of water. All creatures know perfectly when to take water. All the animals consume water in the same manner. Only man drinks water most inappropriately. Some take it while eating, some after the food, some others before taking food and some others whenever they desire to. It is unfortunate that man who is a part of nature and has enough intelligence does not know the laws of nature. Even before the man realizes that his manner of taking water is against laws of nature time passes out. If we do not wake up to this reality at least now we are doomed. If you query is when to take water the simple reply is whenever the body demands it. As the body asks for food whenever it needs through hunger pangs, it also


demands water through thirst. We feel thirsty on two occasions. First: The body needs water to meet its requirements. This is natural thirst. Second: The thirst to digest various tasty foods, which is unnatural. For the animals and human beings thirst is the same when they consume natural foods. That is the first type of thirst. The second type is special when we take salt, oil etc. Unless we know in detail about these two types we will not be able to know when to take water. We will also know if the thirst we quenched is proper or not. Natural thirst and its qualities Natural thirst will be there for those who take natural foods. We are not thirsty in between if we take natural foods like fruits, vegetables, roots etc. When we eat raw vegetables also we are not thirsty even if we are used to taking water while eating food. Food itself tells you when to take water. After the food is digested you feel thirsty. This is the law of nature. Hence, no creature takes water while eating. Likewise, if we take uncooked food without salt and oil we won’t be thirsty. We are thirsty when the cells in our body need water. This is natural and healthy. Our body contains several millions of cells. All the important chemical reactions that occur in our body take place only in these cells. There is lot of water in and around cells. The cells continuously need water. It is with the help of air and water food turns into energy and waste material gets burnt. When the water level in the cells decreases cells send signals through nerves to hypothalamus gland of the mind, which is the centre for maintaining the ratio of water. When the water level in the cells decreases this center is stimulated and we are thirsty. As the water level goes down, production of saliva also comes down and our mouth dries up. The receptors beneath the mucus membrane in the mouth also receive these signals. Then we feel the urge to drink water. As the water level in cells decreases mouth does not dry up simultaneously. However, any delay triggers these symptoms. Even if there are no such symptoms we have to drink water. When the water we drink reaches blood and then cells through stomach and intestines the need for water is met. When the cells receive the required water immediately, they discharge their duties properly. If the water reaches cells within 20-25 minutes their thirst is quenched. If the water we take is to reach blood through stomach and intestines, the stomach has to be empty. The thirst of the cells is quenched when the stomach is empty. What is vital is - we should drink water only when stomach is empty and not when it is full with food. Let us examine why thirst is not quenched when stomach is full. Assume cells feel thirsty when stomach is full and brain sends a signal to take water and you obey it. Water reaches the stomach. Since there is food in the stomach water mixes with food. The water mixed with food has to remain in intestines till it is digested. When water is mixed with food it cannot go into blood from stomach and intestines. The time taken to digest food depends on the type of food. Approximately it may take 2 to 4 hours. The water we take to quench the thirst of cells, enters blood and then into cells in about 2 to 4 hours. It means the water taken when thirst reaches cells only after three or four hours. Till then the requirement of water of cells is not met.


In the meantime cells face the same difficulty as we take food after three or four hours of being hungry. Hunger can be suppressed but not thirst. This is the law of nature and the nature of body too. Whoever feels thirsty when stomach is empty, it means that he is behaving naturally and leading a natural life. Those who feel thirsty even when the stomach is full, it means they are leading a life which is against nature. We should find out the reasons for unnatural thirst and correct them. Many people tend to argue that as they are thirsty while eating it is natural thirst. To know why this kind of thirst is not natural we should know about the nature of unnatural thirst. Unnatural thirst When we eat foods that are against the nature, we experience untimely thirst. It is said that when one commits a mistake he has to continue with the second one also. It is also said that if we lie once we have to lie again. Likewise, if we take food, which is against nature, we have to take water in an unnatural way. It is the law of nature that water is not to be taken while eating. It is the quality of such food that forces us to take water while eating and after. This food does not refrain you from not taking water. Let us know about the reasons for feeling thirsty while eating. The level of thirst depends upon the amount of salt, oil and ghee in the food. There is a basis for this. 100 ml. of water is required to digest one gram of salt. Oil and ghee also require water to digest. When stomach is filled with oil, salt and ghee it demands water to start the process of digestion. This is the reason for being thirsty while eating and immediately after. Let us observe what happens if the amount of salt, oil and ghee are more. For example, we eat heavily when we feast. We fill the stomach leaving no space for water. More water is necessary to digest this excess salt and oil. Mind gets signals for water. Brain orders to take more water, mouth refuses and stomach indicates that there is no space. Yet we are thirsty. As there is no space we take water by force. Any amount of water does not quench our thirst. We can neither drink water nor bear the thirst. As the water taken while eating does not help digestion it can be called unnatural. Those who consume salt and oil experience this unnatural thirst. If we change our habits then we can have natural thirst. Natural thirst is a step towards good health. When salt is in excess around cells Every cell in our body has inner and outer parts. Salt is deposited outside the cell. Those who take only fruits, vegetables, nuts or cooked food without salt have enough salt necessary for the body. Salt is deposited around the cells in those who take a little or more salt. Thirst and the salt deposited around the cells have a close relationship. Those who take natural foods and desist from salt don’t experience unnatural thirst. Let us see why people who take salt are thirstier. Water is drawn towards wherever there is salt. The excess salt we take goes out of the intestines and get deposited around the cells. The salt deposited around the cells draws water from the cells. The water level in the cells comes down all of a sudden. This happens in all the cells of the body. When water in the cells decreases chemical process in them is hampered. To rectify the situation cells send signals to brain to replenish water. We receive signals from the brain in the form of thirst. When we experience such thirst mouth dries up. We feel restless till water is taken. We feel extremely thirsty.


When we take salty food we feel thirsty while it is digested and also when that salt is deposited outside the cells for some hours. If we take salt once, twice we feel thirsty. Whatever we eat it contains salt. We go on eating something or the other five or six times a day. Because of it we must feel thirsty 10 or 12 times a day and take water as many times. Healthy body should demand water accordingly. Since we go on eating something or the other we do not feel so thirsty. Wrong choice of food sends wrong signals only.

5. The harm with taking water while eating
All of us have the unnatural habit of dinking water while eating. When one settles down for a meal invariably one finds a glass or pitcher of water beside him. There are many ways people drink water while eating. First type: Some take a glass or two of water and then begin their meal. They assume that this subsides their hunger and consequently reduces their body weight. Second type: Some take water frequently to facilitate easy gulping down of food. Some drink water to stop hiccups. Third type: Some do not drink water before or while eating but at the end they consume one or two glasses of water. They believe that three fourths of food and one fourth of water helps digestion better. Fourth type: Some drink water only after half an hour or an hour as they find it inconvenient to drink water immediately after a meal. Nobody has the time or inclination to find whether taking water while eating food helps proper digestion or not. Even the doctors who spend several years to study about body of man and advise people about their health take water in one of the above four ways. Every one reads books but does not observe nature. Layman, who does not know anything about medical sciences, and the doctors, who know about it, equally suffer from digestive problems and take medicines. If we want to know about such small problems or to overcome them and protect our children we should know the real issue. If we take water while eating the difficulty in the mouth is different. The difficulty in the intestines is different. I shall try to explain the problem. To start with let us take the problem in the mouth. 1. The relationship of water with digestion The food we eat should get ready for digestion up to 20-25 percent in the mouth itself and then enter stomach. The teeth accomplish this task. But how many have time to chew food properly nowadays? Right from a boy to an elderly person


everybody is busy. There is no time even to eat peacefully. Everybody finishes meal in 5-10 minutes and rushes out. What will be consequence of such hurried eating? a) By gulping the food without chewing it becomes difficult for it to go down the food pipe easily. To overcome this we reach for a glass of water. When we eat fried food or pickles they some times get obstructed or induce hiccups. To avoid hiccups we take water. Some people eat food while strayed in thoughts or watching television or reading newspaper or talking to family members. Since the concentration is not on the food it leads to obstruction in throat causing belching. To stop it we drink water. These are the common mistakes we commit and we pass them on to our children too. b) When we chew food thoroughly required saliva is produced and it moves into stomach easily without any obstruction. The saliva substitutes the function of water though it is different from water. Saliva contains 98 percent water and 2 percent digestive enzymes. Saliva helps in proper digestion of food. When we drink water while eating less saliva is produced. This is the second disadvantage. Due to reduction in saliva and more water in food, digestive process is hampered. There is no way out but to commit a second mistake. The first takes place in the mouth and the second in stomach. If we chew food properly, mix it with saliva and concentrate on eating it goes into stomach easily. The digestion is not only easy but also complete. 2. The relationship between digestion and water When food reaches stomach for second stage of digestion, gastric juice, the digestive liquid, is produced there. It contains the powerful hydrochloric acid. This is the most important acid that helps in digestion. Along with it there are also other enzymes. All of them complete the process of digestion. Hydrochloric acid kills certain harmful bacteria in the food. Food is digested in two hours when this acid is in concentrated form. Its strength is reduced when water mixes with it. Let us see what is lost when we drink water while eating. a) Acids weaken: The powerful acids when mixed with water become mild and lose their potency. The mild acid fails to digest food as effectively as the strong one. The stomach is forced to produce double the amount of acid to digest food. When these acids are produced in more quantity we experience burning sensation and ulcers are formed. The stomach gets habituated to produce excess acids. b) Non-digestion of food: When we drink water while eating it goes into stomach along with food. It obstructs digestive juices from reaching food directly. The food breaks into small pieces with the help of digestive juices and takes the form of semiliquid. However, when we take water while eating it breaks food into pieces but cannot digest it completely. The process of digestion takes more time. The weight of the water is also more and natural movements of stomach slowdown. This is also one of the reasons for delay in digestion. With this the food, which has to digest in one hour takes two hours and so on. It means the digestion process is taking double the time. Still it is not digested completely. This undigested food enters small intestines. c) Sagging stomach: Generally two glasses of water take 15 minutes to mix in blood. However, when we take water along with food it remains in the stomach till the food takes the form of liquid after digestion. It may take two to four hours. The


stomach, which bears the weight of food and water, sags. As food and water remain in the stomach for such a long time the food is fermented. This is the reason for belching. Belly protrudes to some extent even among lean people. d) Heaviness in stomach: As the water and food remain in the stomach for a long period food gets fermented and gases are produced. Everyone wishes to have a stomach full of food. Because of mistakes committed while eating, one or two glasses of water also enter the stomach that is already filled with food. The stomach becomes a tight compartment. The heavy stomach puts pressure on the lower part of lungs and the lungs contract by 20-30 per cent. Less air goes into lungs causing uneasiness. The diaphragm, which is an important part in breathing process, undergoes pressure and its movements are restricted. Likewise, the muscles of stomach, which help respiration, lose their capacity to expand and contract. This uneasiness continues for 2-3 hours. There is no space left in stomach. Gases are produced in stomach, which is filled with food and water. These gases that can neither move up or down push the stomach forward. This results in heaviness in stomach, uneasiness and restlessness. Sometimes this may also lead to chest pain, which is often mistaken for heart pain. e) Drowsiness: The oxygen we inhale to a large extent reaches stomach and helps digestion. As long as this oxygen is in stomach we feel drowsy. As the food remains in stomach for a long period the lungs receive less oxygen and we become dull, drowsy and weak. That is the reason why some people go for a nap. Some others sleep a while in sitting posture. School children and employees in offices often resort to this. If we eat food without drinking water there won’t be any heaviness. Food is digested quickly. 3. The relationship between digestion in intestines and water: The food digested in two stages partially reaches small intestines. The food when digested completely in this part is absorbed by intestines in the form of semi-juice. When food is taken along with water only partially digested goes into small intestines. The proteins and fat in the food are digested to some extent in the stomach. To digest the rest, some digestive juices are produced at the junction where the small intestines join the stomach. Since in it is not digested properly more digestive juices are produced in the small intestines. The movements in small intestines are responsible for digestion. Here the food is pounded well, turns into liquid form and moves forward. When there is water these movements are restricted. In this way the process of digestion in the small intestines is also delayed as in the stomach. The intestines absorb the food that is not digested properly. As the food remains in the intestines along with water the food gets fermented and gases are produced. The intestines as such have some amount of gas in them. With the movements in intestines gas tries to come out. We can also hear some sounds. Two hours after we take food, the digested food is ready to mix in blood. It is more beneficial if we drink water now. If water is drunk during this period it mixes well with digested food and easily absorbed into blood. When the food is not digested properly body absorbs the juices that are not digested completely. Millions of cells die and millions of new cells are formed in the body. The formation of new cells depends on the energy and essence of the food we eat. When the food is not digested properly intestines cannot absorb its full benefit. Almost 50 percent of the essence of the food we eat is purged out. The food we take initially becomes powder and then juice-like. That juice is absorbed into blood and cells and body receives energy. If the food does not become powder and juice we


feel weak. The cells are healthy and have long life only when they receive properly digested food and nutrients.

6. What type of water we are to drink?
Everyone is in doubt as to what type of water is to be drunk. Now-a-days all are afraid to drink any type of water, whatever may be the source. When we speak of type of water it is about river water, bore-well water, well water, municipal water, cold water, warm water, filtered water, fridge water, boiled and cooled water, and mineral water. Only in human beings such doubts occur. All other creatures drink the accessible water. Their bodies are adapted to any water. In the past human beings were also used to taking any water as their body was acclimatized to it. As scientific knowledge improved it also increased his doubtfulness about everything. Despite taking all precautions people fall prey to cold, dysentery, vomiting, several kinds of fevers and infections. It is not that we do not have the capacity to protect ourselves from such diseases. The reason for the entry of pollutants contained in water and consequent spread of diseases is deficient energy, loss of energy and not working properly. Let us know about the inherent resistance power our body has. Before entering the blood the water we drink is purified in three stages. As soon as the water enters the body it is heated. This heating process drives out some of the maladies. In the next stage the useful bacteria in our body kill the harmful bacteria. In the third stage unwanted substances are filtered and absorbed. It takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete all the three and to get water blend with blood. If the immune system is perfect in intestines and stomach the body takes care of the maladies. If bacteria or maladies still remain even after this process the liver cleanses it finally and transports it to the cells. This process takes place every time we drink water. If we drink saline water and transfused into blood the body is immediately endangered and the person may die within 15-20 minutes. Now we know why and how stomach, intestines and liver filter water and protect us continuously. Man always thinks about the purity of water but does not bother about improving the immunity system inside the body. If we wish to preserve our immunity systems in tact we should lead a natural way of life. We should know why refrigerated water should not be taken, who should take boiled water and warm water and which water is safe.


1.) Which water is the best: Air has life-giving power. Water takes the second place. We imbibe this vital power from water that gives more energy, health and immunity. If the water is exposed to sunlight it is all the more beneficial. The sunlight rectifies the maladies and gives energy to water as boiled water eradicates bacteria.

2.) Sterilized and filtered water: Most of the people in cities drink only sterilized and filtered water. However, they lack immunity that is found in working people. Though they store their food in hot packs, keep utensils mirror clean, eat more fruit, wash vegetables thoroughly, take sterilized water and protect themselves from dust they are not successful in warding off diseases like infections and fevers mainly because their immunity system is at the lowest ebb. There is nothing wrong in drinking sterilized water and bottled mineral water. But they have to carry them wherever they go. When such water is not available and if forced to drink normal water they immediately suffer from cold, throat pain, fever and dysentery etc. as their immunity system is weak. Remember that if you drink sterilized water you have to drink the same type of water always. In those who consume any type of water a defense mechanism develops in their body to fight out the maladies. Anti- bodies develop in our body to fight diseases. They are always on guard to attack and kill harmful bacteria. It is always better to continue to drink the same water we are used to. If the system of nature cure is followed even those who are used to sterilized water can drink any type of water. The immunity system is strengthened. 3.) Which water container is better: We store water in containers. Since the containers also have some influence on the water stored our elders have given importance even to the containers. a). Earthen container: Storing water in an earthen pot is the best method. Water and earth are always together. Our body becomes cold, as the sun grows hot. This is the nature of the body. Likewise, the pot transfers the coolness to water depending upon the hot climate. This is the special quality of the pot that no other container has. Water from a pot can be used during summer.

b) Copper pot: After earthen pot copper pot is better. If water is stored in a copper vessel for 10-12 hours the good quality of copper vessel is transferred to water. Our body also contains certain percentage of copper. If one can afford copper vessel it can be used during rainy and winter seasons also.

c) Glass vessel: If water is stored in glass vessel there is no harm and there is no benefit either. Water in earthen pot and copper vessel may smell. Water gets the


smell of the material of the container with which it is made. Glass doesn’t carry any smell. However, it may not be possible to store water in glass wear every day. Some people fill water in glass vessel and use. They feel that sunrays will have a natural impact if water is stored in green or blue vessel.

d) Stainless steel vessel: If no other vessel is available it is the best choice. It can be used in winter and rainy season also.

e) Aluminum vessel: Water should neither be stored nor used from an aluminum vessel. The Aluminum mixes with water, goes into our intestines and body and leads to various diseases. Drinking water should not be stored in it.

f) Plastic vessel: If we store water in plastic containers it will have the smell of plastic. The impact of various chemicals used to produce is acquired by water. But now-a-days plastic bottles are more in use.

4) How warm-water to be taken? : Warm water is not sterilized and cooled. It is heated till it becomes warm and taken instantly. Some people cannot drink water from earthen or copper vessels. Such people drink warm water and get instant results. There is no harm even if 5-6 liters of warm water is taken. Let us see who needs warm water.

1) Those suffering from cold: Those who suffer from chronic colds, sneeze frequently and those whose nostrils are blocked can take 5-6 liters of warm water. It will give them relief. The warmth of the water eases their difficulty. Those who cannot take warm water continuously can take 2.5-3 liters of warm water in the morning.

2) Those who suffer from cough: If one coughs it means that phlegm is deposited in the lungs. If warm water is taken the phlegm comes out easily. Some have throat irritation because of cough. Even this pain is cured with warm water.

3) Those who are asthmatic and have allergies: Such people should take warm water every day so that breathing becomes easy. The soreness of the throat comes down. Uneasiness would also decrease.

4) Those who have acidity and ulcers: They suffer from burning sensation in


stomach and excess acid is produced. Warm water works as an antidote to acids. Acidity can be completely cured with warm water. As acids disappear ulcers get healed. All those above mentioned might take warm water if it is possible. Otherwise they should take at least 2.5-3 liters in the morning. Once they overcome the problems they can come back to normal water. 5) Why fridge water is not to be taken? : Excess cold or excess heat is harmful to the body. Water loses action and reaction with these excesses. Blood flows faster only when water possesses these qualities. If excessively cold or hot substance goes into stomach the digestion process is delayed until it becomes normal. For example when we eat ice cream its temperature is in minus degrees. So such of cold material goes into the body, which maintains 37 degrees of temperature. Since the temperature of ice is at such a low level the digestive system tries to increase its temperature. It means the digestion of ice cream does not start before half an hour. Same is the case with fridge water. These days every household has a refrigerator. During summer some even drink water stored in deep fridge. When such water is taken gums and teeth bear the brunt. It is the mouth that decides what is good or what is bad for stomach and intestines. If that coldness is bad for mouth then think of the difficulty the stomach has to face. Fridge water has 7-8 degrees of temperature. Digestive system needs 20 minutes to bring it to body temperature. The difference between heating the refrigerated milk and fresh milk and warming up refrigerated water is the same. When stomach contracts because of excessive coldness, cleaning process does not start till it goes back to normal temperature. Tonsils in throat get infected easily with fridge water. Formation of phlegm increases. Asthma, allergy, sinusitis, cough and burning sensation in stomach can never be cured if fridge water is taken. We can be healthy if we give normal water to the body, which is natural. If one takes refrigerated food rarely he immediately faces problem.

There is no difficulty if we take any water available and get accustomed. Type of water is not the issue. It is the quantity that is important. It is always better to take normal water. It does not matter how we purify water. The level of immunity counts. Let us remember it is the immunity, which protects us but not the purified of water.

7. How to drink 5-6 liters of water a day?


Let us drink 5-6 liters of water dividing it into two parts: 1) On empty stomach 2) During the day. 1) Water to be taken on empty stomach (immediately after we wake up) This is the first dose of water we take before we take breakfast. During this period we have to take 2.5 to 3 liters of water. This can be taken in installments within 2-3 hours. If wake up late we may not find time to take this much of water. That is why it is better to get up early in the morning. Some people get up between 3-4 A.M. The process of taking water can start as soon as we get up from bed. Some people need to urinate immediately after getting up. Then can start taking water after urinating. Some others may have an urgent urge to ablate immediately after getting up. This is a good habit. However, number of such people is very low. They can start taking water after attending to nature call. First installment: We should drink 1 – 1 ½ liter of water as soon as we get up and then brush the teeth. Those who find it difficult to drink one liter of water at a stretch can take half a liter and the rest after 5-6 minutes. It can be taken at one go also. After drinking water without attending to any other work, concentrate on intestines; move around for 10-15 minutes and movement in intestines starts. If we do not think of any other thing the nerves in intestines relax. In addition to this, pressure of 1-1.5 liters of water, acts upon intestines, which are holding the fasces. Under the weight of stomach the fasces are pushed forward. The concentration on the intestines and the pressure of the stomach together make the fasces move. Instead of rushing to toilet immediately move around for a little while and then enter the toilet. Ablution is easy and complete. Ablating after breakfast or lunch is not a good habit. Unless you attend to nature calls you should not do anything else. After ablution you may shave or brush your teeth. The water we take goes into blood after 20-25 minutes. Then you can go for physical exercise. Remember another point here. Suppose if we take a glass or two of water intermittently. Even that water goes into blood and does the purification job. However, it has only one advantage. It can only purify urine. When you take one or one and a half liters of water it has two advantages. With the pressure of water the waste material is purged out. The second benefit is it purifies urine also. It means we have double the advantage, like two birds at one shot. The first installment of water goes into blood and the cells and soaks overnight the waste material, which has moved due to the excretion process. If we do some physical exercise the waste material is stirred well. If water soaks the physical exercise moves it.

Second installment: Those who do physical exercise can take second installment of water and those who attend to household duties can take second installment of water, 45-60 minutes after first installment. If necessary, take some more time. Like


in the first installment as much water as possible can be taken. After that, concentrate again on the intestines and move around for 10 or 15 minutes. Some doubt that, when they already have an ablation where is the scope for another. Our intestines, which store fasces is about one and a half meters. In the first installment only the fasces stored comes out. Double to that is still there. We do not think about it, as we are not aware of. It takes half an hour to move the remaining fasces. It means the second installment is ready half an hour after you ablate the first. The delay is on our part. For some people second installment is much forceful and more in liquid form. For some it may take some more days to ablate for the second time. Some feel perturbed when the fasces in the second installment are watery thinking they are having dysentery. Others feel they are weakened if water goes along with the fasces. Some of the first installment of water some enters the intestines. The second time also same thing happens. The water taken in two installments soaks and makes it soft and everything comes out along with water. Only some of the water comes out but there is no harm. Instead, if you take small quantity of water it does not enter the intestines. Let us illustrate this. When we take more water some of it goes into the stomach and small intestines and some of it to the large intestines, which store fasces, and that water comes out.

Some people cannot ablate even if they take second installment of water. No need to worry. Since there is constipation the intestines may not listen to us. When fasces do not move even after the intake of second installment of water it is better for them to take enema with warm water for few days. After taking second installment of water and ablation you can take bath.

Third installment: Those who take 2.5-3 liters of water in two installments need not take third installment. Those who take a liter of water in first installment and another in second installment can think about third ablation after taking third installment of water. If it is done it is all right. Or else leave it at that. If it is not convenient you may skip third installment of water.

Those who are overweight, suffer from constipation, have stones in kidneys, suffer from chronic diseases and emit bad body smell have to take another liter of water even after consuming 3 liters of water in two installments. Those who suffer from the above mentioned difficulties should take 4 liters of water in the morning itself for 4-5 months. Those who take 4 liters of water may take it in three hours duration. If 4 liters of water is taken in two hours duration, some may feel it heavy. Such people can have give gap.

It is better if we finish this water intake in the morning by 7 or 7.30 A.M. We will be able to urinate completely by 9 or 9.30 A.M. Those who have to go to office or attend


to business will have completed urination by this time. Those who have to leave early can start taking water a bit early.

The water taken on empty stomach will rectify the loopholes in the repair of the system, and purge out the leftover waste material in the form of fasces, urine and sweat. The water taken on empty stomach will cleanse the cells and 5-6 liters of blood internally as bathing cleanses the external body. So far we have cleaned only the external body. Now the internal body will be cleansed. As all other creatures keep their internal body clean they do not take bath. However, the man cleans up the body outwardly and leaves the internal body. Any amount of cleaning externally will not help. That is why whatever may be the amount of soap, talcum powders, creams that we apply, the bad smell returns just after an hour. You have learnt cleansing of internal parts. No matter even if you do not take bath. If you can cleanse the inner body in this way there won’t be any need to buy talcum powders, pastes, creams and perfumes. This is the way of cleaning the 68% of water content in our body everyday. It is only the water taken on empty stomach that cleanses but not the water, which is taken during the day.

Note: 1. Those who suffer from cold, allergy, sinusitis, sneezing, acidity and ulcers better they take warm water on empty stomach. 2. After the intake of water, 20 to 30 minutes gap is to be given before eating some thing.

2) Taking water during the day: We eat something or the other during the day. The water we take is useful to digest, transport the digested food, and turn it into energy apart from discharging two more duties. The work we attend to generates heat in the muscles. Water is needed to cool the muscles. It is hot during day. If we have to protect our body and skin from the sun there should be water in the body always. To discharge these two duties we have to supply water to the body in time. Water needed during day is about 2.5 to 3 liters. Let us know about how and when this water is to be taken. Let us also remember that we should take these 2.5 to 3 liters of water when the stomach is empty but not while we eat.

Fourth installment: It can be taken two hours after breakfast. By this time breakfast becomes like flour and completely digested. The water we take at this time mixes up with that flour and turns it into juice form. Fourth installment of water of about a liter need not be taken at a time because there is no need to ablate. It can be taken in small quantities. First time one or two glasses of water can be taken and another glass or two with an interval of half an hour or one hour. In this way between breakfast and half an hour before lunch, a liter of water can be taken. If


you so wish even one and a half liters water can also be taken. Go for lunch after thirty minutes.

The fourth installment of water protects us from sun and maintains the water level in the body. When there is enough water in the glands and blood, saliva, digestive juices in the stomach and intestines will be produced sufficiently. Since digestive juices contain lot of water, if the water level in the blood is less production of digestive juices before meal will also be less. It means the fourth installment of water will qualify us to take food.

Fifth installment: Two hours after lunch fifth installment of water can be taken. One liter of water is enough in this installment. Two hours after lunch food is digested. However, digestion process in the small intestines goes on. So if we take one liter water it may be heavy. Hence, it can be divided into installments. If we take water in this way that water will help the digested food to mix up with blood. Then, it reaches cells. During the day we will be busy. The fifth installment of water protects the body from heat generated because of work we do and the sun. If you wish to take coconut water or buttermilk, they can also be taken, only after half an hour after taking water and the quantity of the water can also be reduced.

Sixth installment: We should consume this installment between 5.30 and 6.30 P.M. The stomach should be empty when we take this installment. If water is taken after 6.30 P.M we have to urinate by 10-11 P.M. If you do not want the sleep to be disturbed, better finish off water consumption before 6.30 P.M. Those who have problem with prostrate gland urinate frequently during night and the aged should take the sixth installment before 5.30 pm. If this one-liter of water is taken in a single dose and concentrate on the intestines most of the people can ablate. This ablation is that of the breakfast. However, only those who have ablated twice in the morning can ablate the waste material that is the result of breakfast. Those who have ablated only once in the morning will be able to ablate in the evening. Any way, we are not bothered about its source. Purging it out is important. It is better to take food after 30 minutes of drinking water. If we take dinner, that too by 7 P.M, it will be digested by the time we go to bed. When food is digested stomach and intestines find rest. Then, the body resumes the duty of cleaning and repairing. If you take late dinner there won’t be any time for this process. It may cause diseases. Two hours after dinner one glass or half a glass of water can be taken. That much water is sufficient to carry the digested food into blood. If you take more water urination problem may arise. Many people urinate between 2-3 am. During that time mouth dries up and body is busy in repair and cleaning activity. If you get up at that time taking a glass or two of water is good. If you feel it is inconvenient take it after you get up. There is no need to get up and take water.


If the urine is not yellowish but light it is a sign for health. Extra urination means more discharge of waste material. Generally in the morning urination will be white in color. However, the urine that we pass during day is slightly colored. Anyway, for those who take water in the manner described above is white in color in morning and in the evening also because they have taken water on the empty stomach, in the afternoon and in the evening. With this bad elements of the body go out.

Have patience Those who wish to take water in this way may try to take 3-4 liters of water. Take 1 to 1.5 liters in the morning, the same quantity in the afternoon for four or five days and then go for 5-6 liters of water. If you feel any difficulty even 5 liters will also help. If it is convenient to take 6 liters continue with it. Aged people who need not move out can take only 4 liters of water. Till you are accustomed it may look burdensome. One may feel we have nothing else to do except taking water, purgation and urination and it may look as if we are confined to toilet. You may curse me for a week or so thinking that you are not able to do anything else except following this cycle. Show some patience for a week. You feel light and comfortable and have a feeling of being on cloud nine. After that you would tell everybody that what a good habit Satyanarayana Raju has cultivated in you.

The mother asks her child whether he has brushed his teeth as soon as gets up. If he says no she asks him to finish it quickly as it is time to take milk. These days’ mothers forgot to ask whether the child has attended to nature calls. That is the reason for all the troubles. Mothers and wives tend to feed more but they never ask whether nature calls are attended to and whether they have drunk enough. Immediately after getting up the housewife prepares tea or coffee and offers bed coffee to her husband besides consuming it herself. This is the order of the day.

8. Complexity in drinking water
Any new experiment encounters certain initial hiccups. Whether it is good or bad the body takes some time to adjust itself to the new situation. When we drink alcohol, which is against nature, initially the energy in our body refuses to assimilate and


out as vomit. Initially mouth may get ready and gulp it with some difficulty. In spite of resistance from the body if it is repeated doggedly it may result in vomiting and nausea. However, man does not stop there knowingly it is not good for him. He tries to habituate per force. From now on he does not face much difficulty and adjusts himself to it. When addicted he cannot live without it. Likewise other habits such as coffee, tea, cigarettes, tobacco, spicy food, pickles, bakery foods, fried foods, nonvegetarian foods and narcotics. Everybody may not have all these bad habits but all the people have one or the other bad habit. They are against nature. With these unnatural habits, the body, which is to be nurtured in a natural way, loses its natural qualities. Now if we try to inculcate natural habits body resists as it did in the case of alcohol for the first time. Three fourths of liquid in our body is water. We are alternating coffee, tea, soft drinks and beer for water. We feel irksome to drink a liter of water. Water is natural. The body would have accepted it had we taken it in an unnatural way! A sort of confrontation starts inside the body between natural and unnatural elements. If unnatural element gains upper hand the natural element is shunted out. When unnatural element is weak it allows natural element, with little resistance. If natural thing continues to stay there for some time it turns unnatural element into a natural one. The bad element in the body resists water. If some one has a problem in drinking water it means he has more bad elements in his body. Then we should try to chase away bad things replacing with them good things, not running away from the initial problems. Moving forward we gain the wealth called health. At the outset let us know about the causes for initial difficulties and the ways to overcome them. 1) Nausea: When we try to take more water forcibly, for which we are not used to, it may result in nausea. If we take water willingly nausea will not appear. Most people overcome this problem within 5, 6 days. Note: a. If you experience nausea with a liter of water, reduce the quantity next day. Increase it as and when nausea decreases. b. If you suffer from nausea with the first installment of water give some gap and take less quantity for the second installment. c. If by taking water nausea increases and in a situation where the water neither comes out in the form of vomit nor goes down, the only way is to vomit forcibly by putting fingers deep into the mouth. 2) Vomits: When we take water forcibly it may be end up in nausea. Within 5-6 minutes nausea increases water comes out as vomit. If nausea subsides there is no vomit. Unless there is a problem with excess water in the stomach there won’t be any vomit. Unnecessary juices are deposited in stomach and intestines in many people. When more water is taken those juices are vomited. Those vomits are sour and burning sensation may also accompany. Even if you vomit once or twice a day it will be only for a week or ten days. No need to worry. Note: a. We feel comfortable if there is a belching after taking water. If there are one or two belches there is no vomiting. It is uncomfortable when there is no belching. If


the problem is acute better vomit by inserting fingers deep into the mouth. Otherwise, take half a liter of water, wait for a couple of minutes and take little more water and take the rest of it after belching. Then no vomiting occurs. b. If you vomit after taking one liter of water wait for half an hour or one hour and take half liter water. You can take another half liter after another half an hour. c. If the entire water is vomited immediately bowels do not move since the pressure in the stomach is insufficient. To move the fasces more water is needed. As mentioned in the first point take water after belching and the bowel movement becomes easy. d. If there is pain in throat due to vomiting take warm water. If it still persists apply coconut oil on neck and give fomentation, which gives a soothing effect. This can be done twice a day if it is needed. 3) Excess urination: Those who are overweight and those who suffer from joint pains feel weak by excess urination. In the initial days of taking water, particularly in the mornings, we may feel that we are spending more time in the toilet and are unable to do anything else. When we take 2.5 to 3 liters of water in the morning almost 2 liters of it will pass through urine. Less quantity of urine is produced in those who consume less water and less urine is stored in the bladder. When excess urine is produced mind gets the signal to urinate. In the beginning, by taking more water we may have to urinate for every 15, 20 minutes. Taking water on empty stomach yields more urine, but more number of times and in less quantity. Many people overcome this problem within a week. Some may take 10-20 days, yet others may take a month or two. Those who stopped taking salt, urinate only 3-4 times in the morning. There is no problem of excess urination with the water taken during the day. Sun and food do not allow production of more urine. However, during night you may feel little more urge to urinate. Those who do not want the sleep to be disturbed should consume water by 6 P.M. Note: Do not worry about more quantity of urination. It only purges out more waste material. 4) More urination than the water consumed: Some pass more than a liter of urine, even if they take only a liter of water. Such people suspect something is wrong with kidney. Nothing happens like that. It is because of the salt deposited in combination with water. Those who have swollen legs, hands, face and body urinate excessively on taking more water. Some may not have any outward swelling even if there is edema. They also urinate more. The extra water, which we take in the morning, comes out along with salts. In the first 5-6 days the problem will be solved. Passing excess urine is helpful. Note: Don’t bother about the quantity of urine. The body purges it out when it is of no use. If there is need it holds. 5) Weakness: Some may feel weak in the early days of taking more water. Some stop taking tea or coffee because of this extra water. Such people blame water for


their weakness. As consumption of 5-6 liters of water is a new experience, in result the intake of food may also come down. It may also lead to weakness. Yet others feel weak as they purge out more fasces than earlier. Note: If you feel weak reduce the quantity of water and take four spoonfuls of honey directly or mixed with water. Weakness disappears with coconut water also. If weakness persists take some dates, which give energy. 6) Headache: As we are not used to excess water, headache may occur because of pressure on stomach and on nerves in brain and nausea. When coffee and tea are stopped some may experience headache for 5-6 days. If it is because of vomits and nausea, headache persists till they disappear. Note: a. If the headache is because of stoppage of tea and coffee it remains all the day. If it is not bearable taking tablet is the only way. b. If it is because of nausea and discomfort in the stomach it goes with vomiting. Or else it disappears once the discomfort is not there. If you take head bath with cold water in the morning you are relieved. 7) Loose motions: These loose motions are different from the usual ones. In the usual loose motions the water in the blood also goes out along with fasces, so we feel weak. When we take more water it goes into intestines, cleans them up and comes out along with fasces. It gives a great feeling as if we are floating in the air. 8) Feeling moving bowels whenever urinate: Such feeling would be there, only in a few people. This problem does not arise when you do not defecate in the manner mentioned above. When second defecation is watery the third installment of water goes into the intestine where fasces are stored. Since there are no fasces in the intestines water stays there for half an hour or one hour. In this situation when we urinate and release gas it gives a sensation of bowel movement. In certain people there may be wetting of clothes also. With this there may not be any loss but it is disgusting. Note: a. We come to know about it whenever water enters the fasces holding to intestine. In that situation whenever you release gas concentrate and drag inside rectum and release gas, then water in the intestines does not come but only gas goes out. b. This water will be there in the intestine for half an hour or one hour. If care is taken during this period water enters blood. c. If this problem is to be avoided those who have watery defecation should not take third installment of one-liter water at one go. If this is divided into two parts and taken with a gap of 15-20 minutes the problem is solved. Otherwise take only half a liter of water. 9) Sagging of stomach: If we take water forcibly or unwillingly we feel that water is stored either in the stomach or intestines for a long time. When we take 2-3 liters of water in the morning stomach may get stretched. With this it is felt that belly is protruding. With increased water intake and easy bowel movement appetite


increases in some people. Digestion also betters. With this the food is absorbed completely and if there is no physical exercise stomach protrudes and they blame the water. Actually belly would contract with extra water. Intake of any amount of water will not stay in the stomach for more than 15-20 minutes. Note: 1. Gradually belly contracts. So take water without any hesitation. 10) Edema: One or two in a hundred who take more water face the problem of edema. This is because of problems in blood circulation, hormones, and deficiency of blood, thyroid and damage of kidneys. When such people start taking water their face may be swollen for 5-6 days. However, there is no need to worry and continue taking water. Note: a. Take more water and stop salt and this problem is solved in a couple of days. If salt cannot be stopped completely, at least the quantity should be reduced. For such people salt is the first enemy. b. If the body is very heavy because of edema 4 to 4.5 liters of water can be taken instead of 5-6 liters. 11) Cold: People suffer from cold mostly because of intake of insufficient water. Water is the great remedy for cold. Mucus, bacteria etc., are deposited in sinus and in the gap between the bones. After they are filled to the brim cold manifests and running nose starts. When we start taking water mucus stored starts coming out and those parts are cleaned. If the level of histamine increases we get cold. Water is anti-histamine. It is wrong to think that water therapy does not suit us. Let all the bad deposited in the body come out and the cold is cured quickly. Note: 1. If 5-6 liters of warm is taken cold disappears quickly. 2. It is better to give steam bath to face if it is convenient. Do not use any medicine for common cold. Let it flow out. 12) Fever: Very few people get fever when they start water therapy. We do not know whether this fever is general or it is because of elimination process of bad elements from the body. Any way, remember fever helps in eliminating bad elements from the body. Note: If you suffer from fever do not stop taking water. If more water is taken, bad elements in the body move out quickly. Along with water if we fast for a couple of days fever subsides soon. 13) Loss of appetite: By taking extra water it may not be possible to take breakfast sufficiently. If you take water before lunch it is also affected. Since we are not used to intake of more water appetite may come down and we cannot eat properly. Note:


a. If appetite decreases reduce the quantity of water to 3.5 to 4 liters. After three or four days you become normal. b. If there is no appetite skip breakfast. Take honey mixed with water or fruit juice once or twice so that stomach gets rest. c. Those who suffer from constipation mostly face this problem. Such people can take enema with warm water for some days. Do not get disturbed to know that there are so many problems with intake of more water. Fifty per cent of people do not encounter such problems. It is not that everybody faces all these problems. Till you get accustomed to it such problems arise and vanish on their own. Any way, follow these advices and continue to take more water. Once you get accustomed to this in 10-15 days you cannot live without taking more water. When you cannot take 5-6 liters of water by any chance you feel that you lost something. When you are getting long lasting benefits better ignore small inconveniences.

9. Is the water content in juices useful?
We take five liters of water daily. We also drink some liquid or the other from morning to evening: buttermilk, coconut water, sugar cane juice, soft drinks, sodas etc. Let us assume the water content in these liquid foods is about one and a half liters. Some people think since these liquids also have water content why not reduce that much quantity of water. Many people thinking that beer has also lot of water content, avoided water. Water we take has two functions. First is cleaning and the second is to meet the requirements of food, thirst and protect the body from heat. We also learnt that these two functions are carried out when we take more water. Let us see whether the water content in beer, fruit juice and coconut water carries out these two functions. Cleaning: Water content in them is mixed with food, vitamins, minerals and salts. The water content reaches cells through blood. This water should come out after cleaning the pollutants like salts and waste material in the cells. The water content in these liquids is sufficient to clean up waste materials and salts but it is not enough to clean the waste materials that are deposited in our body. What is the use of cleaning soiled hands with polluted water? Coconut water contains 98% water. It is water only notionally. Are we keeping the glass used to take coconut water without cleaning it? Are we not washing it? Why do we wash it when it contains only water?


We clean it because the food elements and salts stick to the glass. Coconut water cannot clean it. Only water cleans it. If coconut water sticks to your hands are you not cleaning them with water? It is the water, which cleans. Everything is cleaned by water. Quenching the thirst and meeting the requirements of the body: During summer and when we work hard we feel thirsty. Our mouth demands water. Let us assume we drink coconut water or fruit juice, which contain more than 95% of water, instead of pure water. Your body demanded water and you gave it juice. Does the body quench its thirst by that? In fact, is your thirst quenched or increased? Thirst is not quenched but increased. Unless you take water it is not quenched. If the body is not satisfied unless the water it demands is given, don’t we understand that thirst is not being quenched? Hence, unless water is supplied to the cells thirst is not quenched. It takes one or one and a half hours for the water content in the juices to reach the cells after digestion. Thirst is not quenched immediately. If we are hungry we take food immediately. Taking juices when we are thirsty is like cooking food slowly taking our own time. During the day we are busy with some work or the other. It is hot also. The heat generated in the body and atmosphere needs water. If you drink juice the water reaches cells in one or one and a half hours time. If there is food in stomach it takes at least three hours. In the meanwhile body heats up. It is another thing to take coconut water or buttermilk in the afternoon once or twice when you do not like to take water. That is good if you are resting. It is a must to take 5-6 liters of water every day, which discharges two vital functions. In short, the water content in juices does not do the job of water.

10. Present day habit of taking water
As the civilization has advanced man learnt to add taste to whatever he eats or drinks. Even the fruits, vegetables, leaves, nuts and roots are modified by way of cooking according to the needs of the taste buds. Since we are used to tasty food we are averse to natural foods. Yet we drink water, which has no taste. For the last 1520 years some people are rejecting even the taste of natural water. When their


tongue has developed such tendency they are not interested in the natural water. We may be inclined to take water at least when we sweat. There is no sweat either these days. People take water just like that but not with any interest. The tendency is such that they add sugar to water and spice to buttermilk. If this situation continues a day may come when we have to add salt or something to water, store it and then drink it. Many in urban areas might have already got this idea by this time. Earlier, guests were given a welcome with a glass or vessel of water. Now we treat the guests with tea, coffee or some soft drink. Rich people are not taking water outside their homes. They fear that the water we offer may be contaminated and they carry water wherever they go. Now a day we are used to bed coffee and whenever we are thirsty we take soft drink, beer and juice instead of water. There are 10% of people who take two or three glasses of water per day and there are 60% of those who take five or six glasses of water or even less. 15% may be taking two liters of water. 10% take between two to three liters of water. 5% take between three and four liters of water. Those, who take 5-6 liters of water a day, are very rare. Those who take less water frighten those who take more water by saying that kidneys will have to bear more loads and everything goes out along with urine and the blood gets diluted. Even those who take less water suffer from nausea and allergy. There are people who take limejuice instead of water or add pepper to water. Elders take less water and discourage children who to take more water. Children generally drink more water. Parents feel that children do not take food and milk properly if they consume more water. These days many take bottled water. If you ask them to take 5-6 liters of water they raise the pertinent question of the cost involved for the whole family. I enquired during the last 7-8 years from several people about their way of taking water. Those who take more water brush aside the difficulties. Those who cannot take more know the difficulty better. Some cannot take more water because of health problems and yet others are averse to take more water by birth. Different tastes lead to varying behaviors. The difficulty to take more water is part of it. If we change the existing habit of taking water and take water according to the needs of the body health will improve. If you are mentally ready to take more water it becomes tasty. If you start thinking that we are not taking water for its taste but for health there won’t be any difficulty.

11. The relationship between water and excretion system
Man takes food daily in three forms. 1. Air 2. Liquid 3. Solid. The oxygen in the air we breathe, the digested food from the intestines and water are transported to the cells. With the help of oxygen, the food turns into energy there. The cells release waste material also along with energy. For example when we burn firewood apart from heat ash and smoke are also produced. 1) The cells that take oxygen release wasteful carbon dioxide.


2) The cells, which take water, also release some waste material. 3) Waste material containing nitrogen etc. is released from the solid food. The water we drink goes from the stomach into blood and from there to cells. When the cells use the water, waste material reaches excreta in the following way. 1) The carbon dioxide released from cells, again through blood, has to reach lungs and get released. If blood flow is to be sufficient, this has to happen. For proper blood flow it should have necessary quantity of water. 2) The nitrogenous waste materials such as urea, uric acid, creatine, phosphates and toxins are purged out through urine and excreta to some extent. If there is enough water in around the cells they can throw out the waste material easily. The salts and vitamins, which are in excess to the needs of the body, are also purged out through urine. 3) The waste material produced after digestion goes into intestines. If this is to be sent out easily there should be enough water in the intestines. Some waste materials are transported to the skin in the form of sweat. In our body, even if the four excretion systems are good, waste material does not go out if sufficient water is not available. If such waste materials are stored they produce organisms that cause diseases. Inner body – polluted or clean? If waste material goes out every day in these four forms it is good for health. The same is the case with all creatures. If the waste material goes out every day there won’t be any bad smell in the body. It means the body is clean and immunity is perfect. Let us see what happens in human beings. Even if fifty per cent of waste goes out through these three forms the remaining rest pollutes 68% of water stored in the body. If you want to know whether the 68% of water in our body is polluted or not, just observe the bad smell of waste material that comes out. If it has bad smell it means the inner body is polluted and if it does not it means the inner body is clean. The first bad smell comes from saliva. Since the inner body of animals is not polluted their saliva does not have bad smell. They neither brush their teeth nor clean the mouth with water. If our body emits bad smell it means the inner body is polluted. Since our sweat, urine etc., have bad smell we clean with soap, take bath and use talcum powders, perfumes and clean the toilets with phenyl. The bad smell and the water has a very close relationship. I have narrated all these things because you have to understand the excretion system. If the water content is insufficient the process of excretion slows down. Hence, foul smell. Those who take only a liter or one and a half liter of water their inner body remains polluted. To clear these pollutants the body tries to clean itself in the form of minor ailments. If we are suffering from cold, vomits, headache, fever, cough, stomach pain, allergies etc., means the excretion system is not functioning properly and the body is cleaning itself. The water, which cleans everything, cleans every cell and every part of our inner body. This happens only when we take 5-6 liters of water every day. The water goes


inside and purges out all the waste material and keeps the inner body pollution free. We have to keep clean not only the outer body but the inner body also. Since water has close relationship with excretion system it is more important for human beings to drink more rather than eat more.

12. Intake of water while fasting
Fasting means giving rest to stomach and intestines. To give rest to them we should not eat anything. When we do not eat anything waste material is not produced in the body. It is like keeping the body off duty during day. Usually (when we take food) night duty for the body is to clean and repair. While we fast we do not take food during day so the body cleans and repairs itself. In effect it means cleaning and repairing duty all the 24 hours. When we do not eat anything the waste material, which is stored, is cleaned. As we work for six days and take rest on Sunday the body also takes rest when we fast. Our elders who knew this secret were going on fast on certain days of the month and on the day when we worship by attaching sanctity to it. This sanctity is nothing but sanctity to our body and soul. People are afraid that the body becomes weak by fasting. Honey is the best food, which keeps you away from hunger and helps in fasting. It is like nectar. If we take honey energy is produced even while stomach and intestines are off duty. Honey gives more energy than food. It is better to fast with the help of honey. It is only water that benefits the body while on fast. If all the waste material is to be cleaned it is the water, which does the job. The water after going into the body soaks the waste material and purges it out through fasces, urine, sweat and carbon dioxide. It is futile to go on fast without taking water. Likewise it is no fasting if you take tea, coffee, fruit juice and a light diet. If you do it you neither clean the body nor give it food. Even very little amount of food means stomach and intestines have to work to digest it. It means it is another usual day. It is good to fast once in a week. We trouble the body by consuming more food on Sundays. I think it is better to fast on Sunday rather than some other day. In my view it is better to fast whenever we are indisposed, when there is no appetite and on festival days etc. Since it is the water, which helps cleaning process, it is better to fast while taking more water. How to take water while fasting: 1) Right from getting up from the bed till 9-10 A.M take 3 liters of water, each with an hour gap. 2) You have free bowel movement with the pressure water.


3) At 9-10 A.M, whether you are hungry or not take a glass of water with limejuice and honey. 4) After taking honey take half a liter to one liter of water in a couple of installments. 5) Again at 12-12.30 P.M take limejuice and honey. 6) Around 2 P.M take water. 7) In this way take limejuice and honey and water 5-6 times before you sleep in the night. 8) You can stop taking water around 7-8 P.M to avoid frequent urination disturbing your sleep. 9) If some people feel any difficulty or feel weak they can take coconut water. 10) While fasting give rest to the body and it is better to keep yourself busy by reading spiritual books or prayer. 11) If you feel weak any amount of honey can be taken. (Up to 250 grams). 12) The next day you can continue with your usual routine. Many people fast but they do not derive the intended benefit. There is no harm in fasting without taking honey but there won’t be any benefit if you do it without taking water. Moreover it is harmful. Many take pride in saying that they can fast without even taking water. If you take no water or less water the purpose of fasting is lost. Let us overhaul the body by fasting once in a week and guard the body from diseases.

13. Why we take more water in summer?
Many are afraid of summer. They wait for the four months of summer to go and are eager for the rainy season to set in. Everybody tries to keep the body cool outwardly. Air conditioners, coolers, cold baths and umbrellas are used to protect themselves from the sun. Whatever is the outward protection we face difficulty when


we go out in the sun. If we take care to keep the cooling system inside the body nothing happens even if we are exposed to sun.

If the cooling system inside the body is to function properly and make us move freely and comfortably in summer it depends upon the water we consume. Since the body demands more water during summer we will be compelled to take more water. No doubt we drink more water during summer than during winter and rainy seasons. Since we do not take enough water we are not able to bear the summer. Most of the people daily take less than 2-3 liters of water. If we want the body to be comfortable in summer we should take at least 6-7 liters of water. Five liters of water is sufficient when we are not exposed to sun. Two more liters of water is necessary when we are exposed to sun to keep the body cool externally and internally. Do not forget that by taking more water in summer you are doing a great service to your body. The problems faced with intake of less water in summer cannot be undone either with medicines or with something else. Unless you supply the required water to the body it cannot function normally. Let us know the problems faced during summer, the reasons for it and the relationship between water and the problems. To protect the skin: It is water that protects the skin and the body from sun. If water is not sufficient we face several problems. If water is not sufficient our body dries up like a plant and face becomes pale and dark. Even the skin dries up, becomes dark and cracks are visible. To cool the body from the heat generated through our physical work water is needed. Likewise, when it is hot, skin needs water to protect itself. To meet these two requirements we have to take more water in summer.

When it is hot the body sends in water to the skin in the form of sweat, which makes the water evaporate and cool the body. Body is cooled with the water in the form of sweat. 1.5 to 2 liters of sweat is produced in summer to protect the body. When the water level in the body is less, less water flows to the skin. Thus the sweat is also less. When there is less sweating body faces more heat. Many people face problem with prickly heat during summer. People apply coolants to the body but do not think of its cause. Those who take less water suffer from prickly heat more. If more water is taken and soaps are not used this problem will subside. As long as there is oil in the lamp the wick is not burnt. When there is no oil the wick is burnt. In the same way as long as there is enough water in the body sun can do no harm.

2) To excrete waste material: Come summer we are reminded of summer vacation. Parents take their children for entertainment etc. Some people go out on pilgrimage. Every one likes to spend summer vacation happily. When we go out we


spend more money to eat a variety of food. We take ice creams, cool drinks and cool water. In the evenings we take a variety of snacks while on the move. Some people offer variety of food to the guests as a mark of affection and honor. In summer all of us are fond of pickles. Since they are tastier when they are fresh we consume more of them. In this way all the people consume lot of waste material and take cool drinks, juices and ice creams to quench the thirst instead of water and trouble the system in the body. Hence, many suffer from dysentery, fever, cold, cough, motions, vomits, stomach pain and headache. When we suffer from viral fever and typhoid we think it is because of change of season. Even doctors say so. Every body blames the season not knowing that it is because of our habits. Many people suffer from boils, mouth ulcers and cracked feet. As we are not aware of the reason we think it is because of the influence of summer. Some others satisfy themselves by thinking it is because of eating mango or jackfruit. However, this is not because of heat but it is the consumption of waste material that is manifested in this way. If we take more water in summer than usual we can avoid many problems. 3) To facilitate free urination: The water we take in summer comes out three fourths in the form of sweat and one fourth in the form of urine. Since less urine is produced many face the problems like burning sensation, yellow color urine and feeling of insufficient discharge of urine from bladder. If we want to avoid all these during summer we have to take more water in the morning, afternoon and evening 4) To defecate freely: Most people suffer from constipation during summer. The water we take is mostly used to meet the requirements of the body and protect the skin from the hot sun. As more water goes out in the form of sweat less water comes out in the form of urine. If there is some more water it is used to prevent the fasces from hardening up. Those who take more water their fasces are soft and free. When sufficient water is not available the fasces become hard and it punctures the nerves in the intestines resulting in blood in the motion. When the problem of piles mounts, we feel that it is because of heat but not because of deficiency of water. Taking more water is the only remedy to this. 4. To prevent from sunstroke: People who take less water and work in the sun and those who move in the hot sun suffer from sunstroke. All of them feel it is because of heat but not because of deficiency of water. The available water goes to the skin in those who take less water. If you are working in the sun this less quantity of water is not sufficient to cool the muscles and other needs of the body. When there is less water blood becomes thick and blood flow to the brain is hampered. As the cells in the brain do not get sufficient water we have reeling sensation, blurring of vision, heaviness in the head, sunstroke and become unconscious. If anybody faces this problem it is said that he is suffering from dehydration and suffering from sunstroke. The simple solution for this is consumption of more water.


14. How to take water in summer
Generally one feels thirsty more in summer. But the thirst in summer is different from the thirst of other seasons. As more water goes out of body in the form of sweat we have to replenish it. Then the ratio of water in blood, cells and the surrounding areas is maintained properly. If the water we supply goes into the blood and meets the requirement of the body there won’t be any problem in summer. If the water we take remains in the stomach for two or three hours it is of no use for the body. If the thirst is not quenched the consequent problems cannot be contained. If the water we take has to go into the blood quickly and the requirements of the body are to be met we should take water on empty stomach. If this is done the water goes into blood in 15-20 minutes and reaches the cells and meets their requirement. Likewise, the skin also gets water immediately. Instead, if the water is taken when there is food in the stomach it remains there till the food is digested and leaving the requirements of the body unattended to. If water is taken in this way the problems that we face in summer cannot be avoided. If the summer is to be spent happily we have to drink water in the following way. 1) As usual we have to take 2.5 to 3 liters of water right from getting up and taking breakfast. In any season this much water is needed to clean the body. 2) Two hours after breakfast half-liter water should be taken. 3) After another thirty minutes take half a liter more. 4) In this way till half an hour before lunch take as much water as possible in installments. This amounts to 1 to 1.5 liters. The water taken between 11 A.M and 3 P.M during winter and rainy season protects the body from sun and helps free bowel movement. Usually we take 1 to 1.5 liters of water between breakfast and lunch in installments. If we work and move in hot sun more water can be taken. 4) Two hours after lunch, if we take half a liter of water every half an hour three or four times till 6.30-7 P.M it helps both inside and outside. 5) In winter and rainy season it may lead to urination during night so it is advised to take half a glass of water after two hours of dinner. However, during summer a couple of glasses of water can be taken. There will not be either urination or disturbance to sleep.


6) Instead, in the cool drinks, juices and buttermilk that you drink the water content in them is of no use to the body unless they are digested. We cannot protect our body by drinking them. To protect the body in summer it is only the water that helps but not juices, coconut water, sodas and cool drinks. In other seasons there may not be much of a problem if we take such liquids but in summer it is better to drink water.

15. Water therapy
So far we have learnt about the usefulness of consuming water and now let us discuss about how the water is beneficial if used outwardly. Water therapy consists of two types: warm water and cold water therapy. Water therapy is most useful to the body, which has more water. First let us know how our body responds to cold and hot climates. Properties of cold water Skin has two types of receptors. It receives both cold and hot. The receptors that denote cold and hot in various parts vary in number. On the whole cold receptors are 15% more than hot receptors. The cells, which denote the temperature, send signals to the brain. As the cold receptors are more in number they produce more current like energy. That energy reaches the hypothalamus in the brain, which controls temperature. Let us observe the change with the cold-water therapy. The skin is warm because of blood. If we put cold water on the body the blood gets cooled to a certain extent. The power-like energy and the cooled blood reach the part, which controls the temperature. The specific part in the brain prepares nerves to bear the coolness. It prevents extra coolness. As we put water on the skin, within half a minute signals reach the skin through nerves. Since then the body protects the skin from being damaged by coolness. 1. With coolness skin contracts to some extent. 2. The junctions in the skin where both veins and arteries meet nerves are closed. The part in the brain takes care to stop more blood flow to the skin. 3. After the body is soaked the micro nerves in the skin are also closed and blood circulation is stopped. Since the blood circulation is stopped the coolness does not affect the skin. So we do not experience coolness. When we take bath with cool water it is very cold initially. It is because the blood in the skin becomes cold initially. By the time you put some more water signals from


brain reach the skin. The three changes mentioned above take place immediately. It is because of this we don’t feel that much cold when we put more water. Bath after food is not good As a reaction to the action of cool water a sort of chemical substance is released. With this chemical substance the contracted nerves expand and transport more blood to nerves and micro nerves. If the outflow of blood from the skin when we put cold water is action, more flow of blood to the skin after a little while is reaction. Here reaction is more than action. So the body is sending more blood to the skin. The excess blood, which has come to fight coolness, remains in the skin for a long period. We can feel our body warming up when we take cold bath. If we feel more warmth after the bath it is because of more blood in the skin. The reason for asking not to take bath after food is that the blood in the stomach that helps digestion reaches the skin and remains there for a long time when we take bath. It means the digestion will not be sufficient or it is delayed. Causes for improper blood flow If the body is cooled it gets more blood. Not only the skin but the neighboring parts also get more blood flow. The inner parts of the body like heart, kidneys, lungs, brain and throat also get more blood flow when we give cold treatments to the adjoining organs. The cold-water therapy provides the facility of more blood flow to any of the intended part. The blood flow to the skin is less in those who do not do physical labor. That is the reason for looking older, feeling weak and a feeling that organs of the body are not in control. It is the blood circulation system that transports food to the different parts and the organs of the body and waste material to excretion system. Air, water and food travel together in the blood. The parts that do not have proper blood flow do not get sufficient air, water and food. Moreover, the blood cannot transport waste material from the cells properly because of insufficient blood flow. Though we take good food and nutritious elements, they get mixed with blood and if the blood flow is not proper we do not get the full benefit of that food. For those who are engaged in physical labor whatever they eat reaches cells. So they are less prone to diseases. Though Americans take nutritious food they are more prone to diseases because they do not have proper physical exercise and there is insufficient blood flow. There are no medicines that help increase blood flow. That is why doctors who prescribe medicines also ask us to go for a walk and physical exercise. Because of improper blood flow the efficiency of organs is impaired. The efficiency of internal organs is affected when they do not get sufficient food (no proper blood flow) and as we become weak we do not take proper food. We should think about how to cure diseases that occur due to insufficient blood flow. Man is concerned about eating bellyful and taking medicines but does not think about eliminating the disease altogether. These are the reasons for human beings not being able to overcome diseases. Cold bath prevents obesity Are you amazed to hear that cold bath prevents obesity? It is true and it is the secret of creation. The blood is lukewarm. If we want to have warm water we have to spend some fuel. When we take cold bath some of the energy or some calories in the body are spent. If we take bath with warm water there is no opportunity to spend the energy. Earlier people used to take bath with warm water only when they took head


bath with soap nut. These days 80 per cent of people say that they cannot adjust to cold bath. It is not, in fact, true. If you are away from cold water you are away from nature. Making the body accustomed to cold water and increasing blood circulation is part of water therapy of nature cure. Properties of hot water The responses of the body to cold and hot water vary. Coldness leads to contraction and hotness leads to expansion. We have learnt earlier that skin first contracts and expands afterwards when we put cold water. Now let us see what happens when we put hot water. As soon as the skin gets hot water the nerves expand and more blood flows into micro nerves. That is the reason for skin turning a little red when it burns or hot water is put on the body. The same change occurs in this condition also. Depending upon the contact of hotness the adjoining parts also will have a change in the blood flow. The blood rushes to that hot spot for a longer time. This blood flow is called action. As long as it is hot nerves would be in the state of expansion. Since the extra flow of blood does not go back we feel sweating at that part. As the micro nerves get more blood it sweats. When the extra flow of blood does not recede there is no reaction. However, the cold water has both action and reaction. As such there is very little benefit with hot water. Whenever we go for hot water therapy we have to end it with cold-water therapy. Cold water has to be used to allow the nerves and muscles to contract after expansion. Then that portion will contract and blood flow becomes normal. Blood flow is not as effective with hot water as it is with cold water. Hence, we feel cooled after hot water bath. The skin of those who take hot water bath looks dry and pale. Even if you take hot water bath take cold-water bath also. There is no harm. However, we do not like to take bath in this way. After taking hot water bath you feel further chilled when you take cold water. We may not be able to do this but do not forget that keeping away from hot water is beneficial. 1. Cold water treatment to feet: Put cold water either in a wide basin or a tub. Sit in a chair and place the feet in ankle deep water for 12 to 15 minutes. Stir water with feet now and then. After that, walk for ten minutes or clean the feet with dry cloth and rub. This has to be done to send back the excess flow of blood. Do not keep feet in cold water for more than 15 minutes. With the cold bath to feet the pressure of blood in chest and head comes down. It helps stomach and lungs, gives relief to feet, prevents pain in feet and increases the efficiency of intestines. This helps a lot those who suffer from cramps in the feet and those who lose sensation of the feet. 2. Hot water treatment to feet: Dip feet in a basin containing warm water. Put a wet cloth on the head. After four minutes you can continue to keep the feet in the basin as long as you can bear. On the whole keep the feet in warm water from 10 to 15 minutes by adding warm water. After removing the feet from the basin put them in cold water for two minutes. Or else wash your feet with four or five mugs of cold water. Warm water bath to feet helps those who feel heaviness of heart and pain in the heart. It helps those who suffer from cold and throat trouble. It is more useful to cure pain in the legs. Those who cannot sleep properly also can sleep well. 3. Hot and cold water treatment to feet: Keep the two basins side by side, one with warm water and the other with cold water. Keep a wet cloth on your head and dip your legs in warm water for five minutes and put them in cold-water basin for a minute. Repeat this. With this blood flow to feet enhances. As you put your feet in warm water blood flow increases. When you dip again the blood goes back to legs


and there is blood flow up and down which is useful to reopen the nerves that are closed. It is more useful for those who suffer from cramps and pain in the ankles. Those whose feet are cold also will be benefited. The headache with increased pressure of blood and headaches because of disorder of nerves will cure. It is also useful to come over tiredness, to get good sleep and cure the edema of feet. 4. Treatment of hands: If you dip your left hand in a bowel with cold water for 10 to 15 minutes blood flow to heart increases. Coronary arteries will function more efficiently by which heart problems can be prevented. If you put right hand in warm water the fore head and the skin warm up. 5. Fomentation: This is useful when there is pain in a specific part and increases blood flow to a certain part. Apply gingili oil to the part of the body to be fomented and massage for ten minutes. This is to prevent the skin from getting damaged because of fomentation. Take hot water in a bowl and dip a cloth in it, squeeze it and put it over the part to be fomented. You can also foment with hot water bags. If the water is very hot do not foment for more than 10 minutes. Warm water fomentation can be given for 15 to 20 minutes. While fomenting concentrate your mind on the part of the body which is being given fomentation. Think that pain is coming down slowly. When fomentation is given to muscles and joints they relax and pain subsides. If warm water fomentation is given to muscles they are adjusted well. When there is pain or gas in the stomach warm water fomentation and intake of warm water helps. With fomentation of stomach the movement of intestines is controlled. Fomentation brings down the production of excessive digestive juices. Fomentation of liver increases the blood flow to it and its efficiency increases. Those who have joint pains and pain in the knee get some relief from fomentation. But do not foment with hot water for more than 10 minutes. With this hot treatment there is a scope for the reduction of intra auricular temperature. Immediately after that tie a wet cloth over the fomented joints. With this more heat is generated in the joints. Whichever part is fomented either it should be dipped in cold water or wet cloth tied to it. 6. Cold ties: Those who have pains must tie that particular part with a wet cloth. Take soft cotton cloth, dip it in water and tie to the part, which has been treated, and tie another dry cloth, which does not absorb water. The dry cloth should be able to stop the air from entering inside. With this blood circulation to that part increases. Fever subsides if stomach is fomented or with cold tie. If it is intended only to increase the blood flow rather than bring down the pain cold tie helps a lot. Whichever part is given cold tie blood flow increases to that part. This can be retained for 15-20 minutes. 7. Tub bath: There are three or four kinds of tub baths. Both warm and cold water is used for tub bath. Fill a round tub with cold water and sit in keeping the legs out. Right from thighs to naval part body should be in water. Upper portion of naval part and the lower portion of water should not get wet. Large quantity of blood flows to the parts, which are in water. With tub bath it is possible to supply more blood to large intestines, lower abdomen and uterus. Tub bath can be taken for 15-20 minutes. While taking tub bath rub the lower abdomen with hand which helps increase blood flow to that part. Giving tub bath depends upon the patient and the disease. These tub baths have specific purpose. They are necessary to cure chronic diseases. Tub bath does wonders in paralysis, nervous diseases, and diseases of uterus, problems of


menstruation, kidney diseases, piles, the abnormalities of married life, gastric problems, constipation, digestive problems and reduction of phlegm. 7. Steam bath: Waste material goes out of the body in those who sweat profusely. Those who do not sweat more the waste material in the skin can be driven out with steam bath. Steam bath is more useful in throwing out waste material and salts from the body. This can be taken once in a week or ten days. Before taking steam bath massage with gingili oil is advisable. Those who cannot get their body massaged can apply the oil themselves. This oil protects us from the heat of the steam. Apart from this massage increases the blood flow. The tiny pores of the skin open up with massage and more waste material from the skin is thrown out. Oil massage is important before steam bath. Before taking steam bath taking two glasses of water is a must. If water level in the body decreases with sweat there is a possibility of feeling weak. If the first precaution is intake of water the second is keeping a wet cloth over the head or putting water on the head. With this there is no hindrance of blood flow to head and the neck. As the blood flows to the wet part the rest of it goes to the skin. If you do not do this the blood which has to go to head also reaches the skin and you may have reeling sensation and even swoon. Steam bath at home Nature cure centers have a special box for steam bath. We can have steam bath even at home. When we apply oil to the body fill half of a big vessel with water, cap it tightly and boil it. If that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top it will be more convenient to have steam. Let the water boil thoroughly. The boiling sound should be audible. Those who have electric rice cooker may use it. Fill it with one fourths of water and boil. Put a stool in the bathroom and take a double bed spread. Take the boiling vessel to the bathroom. Remove clothes completely sit on the stool with your legs wide open, place the vessel tightly capped between your legs, take water and cover yourself with the bed sheet in such a way that air does not enter inside, then open the lid of the vessel only one fourths and after five minutes slide it some more, third time you may open the lid completely. After this you may stir the water with a ladle so that steam comes out well. Within 15-20 minutes the steam will be out and we start sweating. Those who are afraid of covering the body entirely or those who feel uncomfortable can stretch their head and take the steam. Those who use electric rice cooker can take the steam even when the water continues to boil. After 10-15 minutes it may be switched off. After steam bath allow the body to absorb the sweat for 5- 6 minutes and then take head bath with cold water. It is better to use more water for bathing. Note: Those who are weak, suffer from high blood pressure, vomits and loose motions should not take steam bath. Those who are anemic and suffer from heart problems should take steam bath only on the advice of a doctor. The changes in the body with steam bath: When the body heats up with steam bath the tiny nerves in the skin open up and life energy enters into them. With this, sweating starts. When the body heats up, the spleen contracts and red blood cells are released into blood. It means more blood cells join blood. While steam bath is taken some of the liquid in and around the tissues, muscles and nerves joins the blood and plasma in the blood is diluted.


Thus the quantity of blood increases and respiration slows down because of release more red cells when steam bath is taken. When the skin heats up blood pressure slightly goes up. Sweating depends on the heat, metabolic activity, salt deposits in the body and the glands of the sweat in the blood. If steam bath is taken at home the sweat may be between half a liter to liter and it is between one and one and a half liters if it is in a box. Those who have more salt deposits in the body sweat lightly. There is possibility of 10-20 grams of salt coming out when steam bath is taken. With sweating the increased quantity of blood comes to normal when we finish steam bath. With steam bath the salt and urea, which are to be purged out through kidneys, are thrown out through sweat. Steam bath gives scope to influence the adrenal glands on the kidneys and help to bring down the percentage of eosinophillia in the blood. Eosinophillia keep coming down for three days after taking steam bath. Steam bath is more beneficial for those who suffer from eosinophillia. Water is to be supplied afresh when the stored water goes out with steam bath. 1. Treatment for cold and phlegm: If the following treatment is adhered to twice a day there will be lot of relief for those who suffer from cold and blocked nostrils and those who suffer from sinusitis and excessive phlegm and make wheezing sounds while breathing. Apply some coconut oil to face. Take a bucketful of water into the bathroom. Sit on a small stool in the bathroom and place the hot water in front of you and take handful of water with both hands and press that water to your face. The heat from the water touches the nose and sinus portion. Then take water once more and repeat it 10-15 times in a minute. Use up the bucketful of water and take bath with lukewarm water and feel relaxed. 2. Treatment for crack feet: Apply coconut water to feet and dip them in tolerable hot water. With this cracked feet will soak in hot water. After 15 minutes rub the feet either with a soft napkin or with a soft brush the soaked, cracked portion peels out. However, do not allow bleeding. Feet will become smooth. When you rub them they are dried up. Then apply coconut oil once again. If it is possible, use shoes with socks. Even only socks can be used while at home. If socks are used feet will always be soft and wet and there is no scope for cracks. This can be done every day till the cracks disappear. 3. Treatment for nausea: When the food is not digested and digestive juices are produced more it will end up in nausea and we feel that it was better if we can vomit. Vomiting in the following method will be relaxing. Take 5-6 glasses of warm water at a stretch till the stomach is full. While taking water you should have an urge to vomit. Insert fingers deep into the mouth and move them around and you vomit immediately. The undigested food and excess digestive juices come out along with water. If necessary a pinch of salt can be added to water. There is no harm. The vomit will be easy with salt water.


16. Questions & Answers
1. You say that one should not drink water while eating. But medicines are to be taken only after eating. How can we take them without water? Answer: Taking water along with food hampers digestion. That is why it is not advisable. But those who have to take medicines can do so with small quantity of water. It does not hamper digestion. Medicines can be taken with buttermilk also. 2. While eating we drink liquids like buttermilk. Is it not the water content in it an impediment to digestion? Answer: Yes it is. Thin buttermilk contains 95 % of water. Soup like liquid also has the same water content. When we mix these things with food we do not chew properly but gulp it. This is one difficulty. The second problem is the liquid foods dilute the digestive juices. Stomach sags for those who consume more liquid foods since the food remains in the stomach for a long time. In the meanwhile gases are produced. This is the reason for belching. We can use some curd instead of thin buttermilk. If you wish, you can drink buttermilk, when the stomach is empty or two hours after food. It is better to stop taking with food. If it is inevitable reduced quantity minimizes the damage. 3. When liquids like buttermilk are not advisable what about fruit juice, which contains lot of water. Does it not hamper digestion? Answer: The water content in liquid food is what we physically add but fruits naturally contain water and they have vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Fruits are intended to eat and most of them are in semi-digested form. They are to be digested 40-50 per cent only. That is why we feel hungry soon after we take them. The water content in fruits rather helps digestion. Some fruits if taken along with food help digestion. The water content in fruits and liquid food is not the same. 4. Don’t we develop potbelly if we drink 5-6 liters of water? Answer: When we take a liter of water it first goes into the stomach. Some of it (2025%) goes into small intestines. The water in the stomach and small intestines reaches blood in 15-20 minutes. The intestines and stomach retain water only for 15-20 minutes. However, water mixes with blood quickly only when we drink water on empty stomach. If we take water along with food it remains in the stomach as long as food is there and the stomach sags. Remember that the water taken on empty stomach helps contraction of stomach and the water drunk with food makes it sag. 5-6 liters of water is advised only on empty stomach. No need to worry about protruding belly. 5. Does it not lead to loss of appetite if we take more water? Answer: Waste materials are produced after the food we eat is turned into energy. If these materials are purged out sufficient appetite generates. When the excretion is tardy appetite is also less. There is close relationship between excretion and


appetite. The 5-6 liters of water that we drink, pushes out waste material completely from cells. Water increases appetite. When I ask you to take one liter of water before lunch some of you may have a doubt that it reduces appetite. This water goes into blood within 15-20 minutes. You are advised to take food after about half an hour. So the water does not come in the way of appetite. As we are not habituated to take more water, in the initial stages some may have a feeling that their appetite is less. However, when they are used to it in the next 10-15 days they find that their appetite has rather increased. Some difficulties are unavoidable till we get used to it. Initial loss of appetite is one them. 6. It is said that it leads to nausea if we drink water on empty stomach. How far is it true? Answer: It is absurd to say that intake of water leads to nausea. Instead water is the remedy for it. The water taken on empty stomach cleans up unnecessary digestive juices and colloids. If these juices are in excess they go out in the form of vomits. Likewise, the waste material in the liver joins these juices during night to be purged out. If more water is taken on empty stomach people, who already have more such juices in store, vomit. It means water cleanses it. Since it comes out with water we feel that vomit is because of water but we are not aware that it is the water that cleaned the stomach. If coffee or tea is taken on empty stomach we are adding more waste materials inside. As they are not visible nobody says it is nausea. It is wrong to consider water as responsible for it. 7. Some people suffer from cold and loose motions when they drink water outside while they are away from home. Is water responsible for it? Answer: This is not because of water. But it is due to lack of immunity. It is true that water has certain contaminations. If we take outside water bacteria, toxins and viruses go into the body. When the immunity system is perfect the body eliminates all of them and cleans the water and sends it into blood. If the immunity is less all these elements go into blood and the cells and body purges them out in the form of loose motions or cold, to protect us. Since we are not aware of our deficiency we blame water. When the immunity system is perfect any water will do. If you improve the immunity system by following nature cure method the intake of any water and consumption of 5-6 liters of water will not cause cold or loose motions. 8. Though I am drinking 5-6 liters of water for the last six months there is foul smell in urine. What is the reason? Answer: Foul smell in urine is eliminated in a couple of months in most people when they consume 5-6 liters of water. Those who follow natural food regime it disappears much earlier. People who suffer from chronic diseases may need some more time. 9. Can we mix limejuice or honey in water when we are not able to drink plain water? Answer: Some people do not like to take 5-6 liters of water and take only 3 liters. Even that may cause aversion. If you feel that change in the taste facilitates the intake you may add a little limejuice. Otherwise you can chew a piece of lime and drink water. After that you may continue to take water normally. Honey contains nutrients. When we want to purge out the waste material intake of water is beneficial


but not water mixed with juice. Whenever you feel that just water cannot be taken you may mix a spoon of honey to a liter of water. There is no harm in mixing limejuice or honey to get habituated to water. 10.When we drink water as advised by you we are urinating frequently. Is it common to all? Answer: People get diseases because of irregular bowel movement and urine. If urine is not passed properly stones may be formed in kidneys and gall bladder and even kidneys may get damaged. It is not wise to save the time you need to pass urine and utilize it to earn money, or for business or to do some thing you feel important. As there is a specific time to eat and rest if you allot some time for excretion also, in this speed age health will not be affected. Urine is to be passed and not to be stored. If you realize that discharge of more urine helps purging waste material keeping you happy, you will not entertain such ideas. Happiness comes out of good health. 11.It is said that excess urination leads to weakness. Is it not true that excess urination leads to discharge of useful salts etc.? Answer: As some glucose goes out with urination diabetics feel weak. If natural food regime is followed, medicines and salts are given up; the outflow of glucose can be arrested. Even by urinating more the diabetics will not become weak, if they take more water. Kidneys retain the useful salts and purge out excess salts. This is the natural function of kidneys. The salts that go out are only those, which are not useful to the body. If the unwanted things are to be purged out more urination is necessary. If more urination is to occur more intake of water is necessary. Only useless material, but not the useful ones goes out in people whose kidneys function properly. 12. More urine goes out than the water taken in. Why? Answer: Most of the people take more food and less water. After some days salt gets stored in the body. Salt is stored along with water, not in isolation. When salt and water are stored more, legs, hands and face become swollen. When such people start taking 5-6 liters of water every day they urinate more in the first 10-15 days. Some may not urinate still more. This is true. The water we take collects the salt deposits around the cells and comes out. As the water we take and the stored water come out together more urination occurs. After a week or two the quantity of urine is either half the quantity of water intake or it is the same. This is the sign of good health. 13.If usual 5,6 liters could not be taken on a particular day, shall we take extra water the next day to compensate it? Answer: Yes, it is better. The water taken in the morning helps clean the cells and blood. If sufficient water is not taken on any day more water may be taken the next day and clean the system. If water is not taken in the morning due to unavoidable circumstances there is no harm. There may not be any disorder in the body but on other occasions when water is not sufficient problems may arise. It cannot be set right the next day. We may encounter problems like reeling sensation, dryness of mouth, burning in the eyes,


urine in yellow color or less urination and weakness writ on the face may be evident on the same day. When the climate is pleasant such problems may not crop up. However, when it is hot we should take ample of water during the day. 14. Is it advisable to bathe in swimming pools and streams for a long time? Answer: When we get into water the blood in the micro nerves goes into inner organs because of coolness. This is called action. After that more blood flows into the skin to keep the body warm on the orders of the brain. This process takes half a minute to one minute. This is called reaction. This reaction takes place for 15 to 20 minutes and keeps the body warm. It will be cool as soon as we enter the water. Within a minute the body warms up. As long as we remain in water the reaction goes on. After 20-30 minutes we feel cool again. It means the reaction is complete. If we come out within 20-30 minutes there is no problem for the skin. However, if we remain in water for long, blood circulation to the skin may come down; skin may contract and become pale. From the health point of view it is not advisable to remain in water for long. 15.Diabetics generally urinate more. If they consume 5-6 liters of water will they become weak because of excessive urination? Answer: Cells do not accept glucose quickly in diabetics. If the left out glucose comes out with urination they feel weak. When such people take more water pollutants in the cells will decrease, they become healthy. With that sugar percentage comes down with the consumption of more water itself in most of the people. Some diabetics are able to control sugar percentage with intake of more water rather than changes in the food. The more intake of water, in fact, reduces the quantum of urine. Excess urination is not at all bad because of intake of more water. The discharge of waste materials like urea, uric acids, toxins and chemicals through urine make the kidneys and the body healthier. 16.Can we reduce the quantity of water in winter and rainy seasons? Answer: People take more water in tropical countries. Such people are healthier. People in cold countries take less water. They have more health problems. Water is necessary not only to cool the body but to purge out waste material also. If man changes his food habits depending on the seasons consumption of water may also be altered. Pickles, snacks, spicy food, non-vegetarian foods and fast foods are consumed more in winter and rainy seasons but quantity of water is cut down. That is why doctors are busy during this period. We fall sick. Instead of reducing the quantity of water increase it if necessary and keep the body clean. This is the sign of good health. 17.Do we have to change the quantity of water depending on the food we consume? Answer: About 2 to 2.5 liters of water is spent from the body every day. This water may be sufficient for the needs of the body. But we take more salt, oil, ghee, sugar and spices. Moreover, we cook and fry the food and take polished grains. With these changes body accumulates more waste material. If we want to overcome them we need to take more water voluntarily. Since we are going after tastes and modifying the natural foods we need more than 5-6 liters of water. If 50 % of raw food and


50% cooked food is eaten, that too without salt, oil and spices, 5 liters of water is sufficient. If only fruits, raw vegetables and nuts are taken 4 liters of water is enough. Those who take non-vegetarian food, bakery products, pickles etc., cannot be comfortable unless they take 6-7 liters of water. 18.What amount of water can be given to children? Answer: Children usually like to take more water and less food. However, mothers think that children’s appetite is killed if they take more water and discourage them from drinking more water while forcing them to consume more food. It is prudent to encourage children to drink more water. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Children below one year – 300 ml to 500 ml. Children between 1 to 5 years – 1 liter to 1.5 liters. Children between 5 to 10 years – 2 liters to 3 liters. Children between 10 to 15 years – 3 liters to 4 liters. Between 15 to 20 years – 4 to 5 liters.

If children drink like this they can eat and digest well and grow healthy. They will be free from ailments like cold, headache and fever. It can be said that water is a boon to children. The parents who take more water can ask their children also to do so. They will have good immunity, enjoy health always and lead an active life. Note: I am reproducing a letter regarding benefits derived from more intakes of water and the changes that occurred in children. Medical bill of hostellers reduced My name is Durga Prasad Reddy. I am 42. I am the director of a school. I spend most of time with the children. When one of our colleagues told about Dr. Raju’s natural life style we brushed him aside thinking that taking five liters of water and food of raw vegetables, that too without salt, is impracticable and impossible. But, after some time we happened to attend to Dr. Raju’s wonderful speech. That was turning point for me. I bought books written by him and started drinking water as suggested by him. By drinking 4-5 liters of water a day I stopped snoring just within four days. Slowly I was accustomed to more water and it became a habit. More good things were to follow. We explained and made all the 350 students in our hostel take more water in the morning. Generally, children like snacks, oily food and junk eatables. Hence, most of them were suffering from constipation and minor ailments. We could eliminate constipation completely among them by making them drink more water. Children have become more active and are able to study well. Earlier we used to spend huge money on their medical care and medicines. Now it has come down by 50%. Most of the wardens of our school were obese. Now they have become lean and more active. Durga Prasada Reddy, Director, Santhiniketan School, Hyderabad, AP 19.You say that water purges salt along with urine. Then more salt goes out with the intake of more water. Where is the harm in taking salt?


Answer: More urination is possible only with intake of more water. Kidneys can purge only 5 grams of salt from our body everyday. If we take one or two liters of water even that amount of salt also is not purged. The salt is deposited in the body. Humans take 4 to 30-40 grams of salt for the sake of taste. Only the people whose kidneys are damaged and those who suffer from high blood pressure are reducing the consumption of salt and none else. Those who take more water and consume salt usually are a little better but the problem persists. For example, take people who do more physical labor while taking more salt and 6-7 liters of water. If they do not face any problem we think that the entire salt is thrown out of the body. However, they are prone to suffering from high blood pressure, joint pains, paralysis, heart problems and damage of kidneys. 20.If we travel early in the morning there will be more urination. Is it possible to have free bowel movement without taking more water? Answer: Those who have free bowel movement regularly have their intestines in their control. Even if water is not taken many people can ablate freely if they concentrate on bowel movement and walk around. Some people cannot have it unless they drink water. They try in the above said manner. If they succeed they are lucky. Until you take water don’t think of ablation. Those who fear that they may have to ablate in the journey and those who cannot do without ablation can take enema to advance it. It is 5 minutes job. There is no need for drinking water. 21. What should we do to avoid urination and stop dryness of mouth while traveling? Answer: It is a problem if you take water when you travel by air or car. If you do not take water body suffers. To avoid them take half a glass of water every half an hour or one hour. Then the body protects you from sun, heat and demands water for its needs. This water gets evaporated but does not turn into urine. 22.We need some more time to stop taking salt completely. We feel thirsty while we take food with salt and oil. Shall we take water either while we eat or after we eat or shall we stop taking water. Answer: If you chew food properly so as to mix it well with saliva you can take food without drinking water. Do not take water after eating even if there is some difficulty. Usually water should not be taken till two hours after food. If you take food with oil and salt, and feel thirsty water can be taken after one and a half hours. 23. Some areas have lot of florin in water. Shall we drink 5-6 liters of such water? Answer: Those who have florin problem can do with 3-4 liters of water. If you drink that water you face problem of florin and if you don’t the body does not receive sufficient water required for various chemical reactions. Since both are important people in these areas can follow the norms of naturopathy and avoid problems. If you take less than 3-4 liters of water all the organs in the body face problems. Hence, don’t drink less than that. 24.Are there people who need less than 5-6 liters of water? If so who are they?


Answer: 1. Those with damaged kidneys: The kidneys of such people lose the capacity to filter water and turn it into urine. If they take more water they face many more problems. Such people should take more water on the advice of a doctor. 2. Those with enlarged heart: Blood cannot be pumped properly in this condition. Such people and those who feel difficulty in walking should not take 5-6 liters of water. They can drink more water on the advice of a doctor if they suffer from swollen face and body. 3. Ascites: For those who suffer from this ailment the liver is completely damaged, infected and their stomach protrudes abnormally. They face difficulty in breathing because of pressure on lungs. They can drink only 1-2 liters but not 5-6 liters of water. 25.Don’t we suffer from cold if we take cold bath every day? Answer: Cold bath has nothing to do with cold. Some people take cold bath in a river or lake as early as at 4-5 A.M. for a month or two as part of religious practice. If you ask them about cold they say that they never suffered from cold during this period. Rather they suffer from it in normal days. If you take hot water bath regularly and switch over to cold bath all of a sudden you suffer from cold till you get accustomed. Even if you suffer from cold, continue it till you get habituated. We have some mucus in the gaps in the face and head. In those who do not have physical exercise this problem is more. When such people take hot water bath mucus gets diluted to certain extent. If such people take cold bath suddenly the mucus becomes thick. It obstructs breathing. Nostrils try to throw it out. We call it cold. The reason for accumulation of mucus is lack of physical exercise, pollutants in water, deficiency in food and anomaly in thinking process and not because of cold bath.

17. How water is helpful in curing some diseases
What more do we need than perfect healthy free from diseases as long as we live? If we take more water all the organs and cells in the body become free of pollutants and blood circulation continues to be proper. It is not that water is the sole medicine for all the diseases. Some of the diseases can be cured completely by taking required quantity of water. Others can be cured up to 50 %. In some other cases only relief is possible. For some diseases water may not effective. If we take 5-6 liters of water results will be automatic. Everything has some limits. Within those limits water will be effective.


When I began to drink 5-6 liters of water I never knew that there were so many benefits. For the last ten years I have been taking lot of water and made thousands of people also do the same thing. I realized its amazing effect when people told me either in person or through letters or over phone. I am touring different parts of the state every month to inform and deliver lectures to people about the natural way of life and the benefits of drinking enough water. The power of water is one amongst several secrets of health. It is easy, cost free, trouble free and instantly adoptable. Thousands of people in our state are practicing it after hearing to my lectures. Before writing this book on water I made a suggestion in my speeches. I requested them to write me back the benefits they got and the problems they encountered when they take 5-6 liters of water a day. I also asked them to tell me the time taken to experience the effect. Several hundreds have written to me. After reading those letters I felt that the effects of taking water should be propagated among people who could not hear me through this book and this website. I thought it would be better to reproduce the experiences of people who could cure their diseases. Following are some of the uses of water and a few experiences expressed in the letters.

1. Reduces high blood pressure to some extent
Those who suffer from blood pressure may not find it completely cured. The salt accumulated on the walls of the intestines obstructs the expansion and contraction of the intestines. With more salt and less intake of water blood becomes thick. If this thick blood is to be pumped through hardened nerves heart has to undergo pressure. In result blood pressure goes up. If 5-6 liters of water is taken salt deposits are flushed out, blood vessels become soft and blood pressure comes down. It cannot be cured without medication in all the people. It depends on the percentage of salt in the food. When more water is taken many people are able to bring down the blood pressure from 140/90 to 120/80. Those who are not able to maintain blood pressure are able to control it with more intake of water. Anyway, do not stop medicines immediately after taking more water. Medicines are to be reduced under medical supervision. Water can prevent people from falling prey to blood pressure. If 5-6 liters of water is taken blood pressure can be kept under control. Those who have moderate blood pressure can be cured completely.

Blood pressure came down with intake of more water
For the last fifteen months Dr. Manthena Sathyanarayana Raju, naturopath has been visiting our town and giving lectures explaining how natural life helps people to live healthy. We happened to attend to attend his speech about eight months back. Intake of more water is one of the things that he speaks about. As advised by him I am taking 5 liters of water every day and I am feeling well. I am able to ablate twice


or thrice daily freely. Since four years my blood pressure was 160/100. When I started taking 5 liters of water it became normal. Some other small problems have also vanished. I used to suffer from headache frequently. Even that is controlled with intake of water. Earlier we used to drink tea and coffee regularly and stopped them when we started taking water. We are not facing any problem. My husband and I are taking 5 liters of water and enjoying the benefits. I hope that every one recognizes the importance of water to protect our health. The advice given by Dr.Raju selflessly and with a smile on his face is most useful to people. God may be somewhere and not visible, but Dr. Raju is the visible god for many. Mere words cannot express his greatness. One will understand how to protect health by reading his books easily. We heard about the usefulness of water but there is nobody who tells us so vividly about it. It is proved that constipation is at bay if we take 5 liters of water a day. If we take natural foods and take 5-6 liters of water as suggested by him we can lead a happy life without diseases. This is our experience. I salute him. Alluri Sujata, Sitarama Raju, Tanuku, West Godavari district, AP, India.

2. Low blood pressure can be eliminated
Drinking 5-6 liters of water will cure reeling sensation and blood pressure. Water is the only medicine for low blood pressure. Those who take less water suffer from low blood pressure. If we consume more salt and take less water we can never overcome the problem of low blood pressure. Less water intake decreases the pressure of water in the blood. If the pressure of blood is low heart cannot pump blood properly. When the brain does not receive blood properly we suffer from reeling sensation and swoon. Low blood pressure can surely be cured with drinking 5-6 liters of water and head bath with cold water everyday. Whenever there is reeling sensation and weakness coconut water will be helpful.

Low blood pressure cured with water
My name is Radha, aged 38. I am suffering from low blood pressure since 10-12 years. I used to feel weak frequently and get tired soon. Two years back after reading the books written by Dr. Raju I started taking more water. When I got used to this I reduced the consumption of salt also. Initially I was apprehensive of becoming further weak since I am already suffering from low blood pressure. Even then I continued to take 5 liters of water and reduced salt. When I checked my BP it was 100/70. Earlier it used to be 90/60. When it reached 100/70 I stopped feeling weak. During these two years my BP never came down below normal range. It is now 110/70. I can confidently say that it is because of taking more water as advised by Dr. Raju. I decided to continue the food habits and intake of water till the end of my life. I thank the doctor. A.Radha, Gopuram St, Narsapuram, India


3. Relief from headache
60 per cent of people who come to us are able to be free from headache just by taking more water. Others are not that lucky unless they follow food regimen and other restrictions too. Maladies in stomach and excretion system cause headache. If more water is drunk and head bath with cold water is taken headache disappears within 10-15 days. As we take more water and desist from taking water while eating stomach feels light. With this many people are free from headache. There are 10-12 reasons for headache: Anemia, thickening of blood, consumption of less water, contraction of blood vessels and rupture of blood vessels in the brain, oozing of bad chemicals because of tensions etc. Water brings about changes in all aspects.

Migraine vanished
I am suffering from migraine since 20 years. Headache used to be very severe. By the grace of god I could meet Dr. Satyanarayana Raju three years back and followed the method of fasting. Since then, there is no headache. Though I am not able to implement all the advices given by him I am continuing to take 5 liters of water. Some days I take even 6-7 liters of water. I am following 50% of food restrictions. Headache has disappeared. There is no need to visit a doctor and my health is perfect. This kind of food gives peace of mind. Every one in my family is taking more water. Digestion is good because of this. As we are taking 2-3 liters of water in the morning bowel movement is free. Even appetite in our children has increased with intake of more water and pranayama. There is big improvement in the health of even our relations with intake of more water. We thank him. Datla Usha Rani, Tadepalligudem, Phone: 21688

4. Relief from constipation
When less water is taken fasces are hardened and stick to intestines. It cannot move from intestines leading to constipation. Even if good food is taken and intake of water is less bowel movement will not be free. Only water helps the fasces become soft and move without sticking to the intestines. 90 in 100 are able to have free bowel movement and are free from constipation when they take 5-6 liters of water. The intake of water helps cure constipation. Taking lot of water, concentrating on intestines and entering toilet when the urge is powerful is helping many people.

5. Good sleep


There are many reasons for not being able to sleep properly. If constipation, stomach disorders, insufficient blood circulation to head, tension and blood pressure are reasons for sleeplessness taking more water helps. Many can sleep well if they have free bowel movement.

Cured of many things
I had constipation from the age of 13-14. I used to excrete once in two days. Then I did not take it as a problem. When I was pregnant I asked the doctor to prescribe some tablets for free bowel movement. He asked me to take more leafy vegetables and I did so. Even then there was no relief. Stomach was always heavy as if I had eaten just then. If I ate in the morning I was hungry only in the evening. I skipped dinner frequently. I felt comfortable when I did not eat. I longed for light stomach and more appetite. When I took tablets the ablation was hard and the fasces were marble like. There used to be gas formation. I suffered from this till a month ago. Now I am 41. I suffer from severe headache and cannot sleep well. The situation is unbearable for the last 18 years. I consulted many specialists, both Ayurvedic and Homeopathic. All the effort was futile. I used to be angry with them. When I used tablets prescribed by psychiatrist I could sleep and had some relief from headache. After some time they also stopped working. I could not sleep the entire night and suffered from severe headache. I am writing all this to tell you that my experience has proved that there is close relationship between cure, free bowel movement and water. After reading “Nature Cure for Complete Health’ written by Dr. Stayanarayana Raju, I started drinking more water. Initially it was difficult to take water early in the morning. Within a week I could take 5 liters water a day. After three weeks I could ablate 2-3 times a day. I ablate within 10 minutes of taking water. After an hour I take water and ablate and once more in the evening after taking water. Stomach is not tight. Appetite is good. I am taking lot of water on empty stomach as suggested by the doctor. Above all this I am able to sleep well after suffering from sleeplessness for several years. I enjoy this and feel that this is a boon from god. I started taking more water just to see the difference and never imagined that there would be such a fantastic relief. I met Dr. Raju to thank him for being instrumental in giving me this happiness and also to consult him about other problems. My headache vanished just in three days after practicing his advice, which I gathered from the books. No medicine works so effectively. Nobody believes that fantastic results are possible just with the intake of 5-6 liters of water instead of medicine. One can believe it only when one experiences it. I found out that the process of cure starts when we start taking water systematically and ablate 2-3 times a day. Earlier I had no interest in doing anything on time. I used to feel weak and lazy. After taking water and free bowel movement I feel active and enthusiastic. Most people consult doctors and take medicines. They spend huge money but how many of them are gaining health? It is my strong belief that Nature Cure is the only way out for the society to improve immunity and live in complete health. I am indebted to Dr. Raju. N. Kumari, Pochannapeta, Bachannapeta Mandal, Warangal DT. AP. India


6. Appetite increases
Those who do not have free bowel movement have less appetite. They eat something or the other and get along. In result appetite further diminishes. Unless you clean the fasces there is no use of medicine. If water is taken in the above said manner constipation disappears completely and appetite increases. Digestive juices are produced in less quantity due to insufficient availability of water. If those juices are less appetite decreases. With the intake of 5-6 liters of water digestive juices are produced in good quantity, bowel movement is free and appetite becomes good.

7. Burning sensation in stomach decreases
With more intake of water people are able to get relief from burning sensation in the stomach within two or three days. Some say they find relief the same day. Acids ooze out in the stomach and cause burning sensation. Water influences these acids and works as an antidote. If water is taken after two hours of taking food there won’t be any burning sensation. The water we take along food dilutes the acids that are produced. The water we take thrice in a day stops the influence of acids on the intestines. It is better to take warm water to keep away from acidity. If the burning sensation is to be relieved immediately it is better to take 5-6 liters of warm water.

8. Gas trouble
Gas is produced more in those whose digestive system is weak and those who suffer from constipation. Harmful bacteria are generated from the stored fasces, which release a variety of gases. This gas cannot go downwards because of constipation. The undigested food in the stomach also produces certain gases. These gases make the stomach heavy. By taking more water constipation disappears. Food is digested properly if as we do not take water while eating. Because of these two changes gas trouble subsides.

Heaviness of stomach is cured
Inspired by your invaluable speeches I started taking 6 liters of water a day and benefited immensely. I am cured of heaviness of stomach after food. Digestion is proper now. The protruded belly has receded and I am looking better. With one and a half liters of water in the morning there is pressure on the intestines and the bowel movement is a bit hard. After taking another one and a half liters of water the fasces are like water and free. Now I do not have any gas formation, acidity and belching, which I had earlier.


In addition to this I am taking dinner by 6.30 P.M. This food is easily digested, I am feeling active and there is no laziness. Urinary infection is also cured. Now I am trying to follow other things and stop taking salt. I sincerely believe that those who suffer from acidity and heaviness of stomach etc. would be benefited a lot by following your message. D. Apparel, M.V.P. Colony, Visakhapatnam-17. AP. India

9. Some relief from ulcers
Very few people are relieved from ulcers just by taking more water. They are cured completely if they follow food regimen also. There are several reasons for ulcers. Untimely eating, having more tea, diminution of mucus in the intestines, generation of acids in excess and harmful bacteria are the causes for ulcers. Taking 5-6 liters of warm water is better in these conditions. The burning sensation due to ulcers is reduced to a large extent with intake of more water. If the method of taking water is perfect there is no suffering. Intake of more water leads to increase in mucus in the intestines and gives relief.

Relief from ulcers and duodenal ulcers
I suffered from duodenal ulcer, acidity, allergy and tension. Joint pains, sleeplessness and continuous pain at ulcer spots. I suffered from ulcers for almost ten years. In spite of using several allopathic and homeopathic medicines pain used to recur. Any delay in taking food led to lot of pain in the stomach. Mucus membrane in the stomach is completely damaged. Constipation was also acute. The result of drinking 5-6 liters of water and natural foods: 1) Stopped smoking and chewing betel leaf. 2) Injury to stomach is cured, mucus membrane is restored and immunity increased. 3) Pain at ulcer spot disappeared and no pain in any part. 4) With the change in food allergies due to constipation have vanished. 5) Acidity is controlled and there is good appetite. 6) Relieved of all tension and have peace of mind. I became very healthy by putting into practice the way of taking more water as advised by Dr. Raju. If somebody finds it difficult to drink more water take a mouthful of water and gulp it. In this way one and half liter water can be taken. Both rich and poor would be fortunate to be healthy with the method of taking water as suggested by Dr. Raju. I wish that his service becomes more widespread and everybody gains complete health. N.V.S. Murty (Bala), Bhimavaram, Phone: 27799


10. Weight reduction through intake of water
Those who are obese have more water content in their body. More water is stored in their body unusually. Those who put on weight take less water. They think that more intake of water makes them further obese and reduce intake of water. Less intake of water leads to storage of water inside the body, which leads to overweight. Those who are overweight by 20 kilos are able to reduce their weight by 5-6 kilos in 20 days when they take 6-7 liters of water. Without any change in food they are able to reduce weight in the first month. If they change their food habits they can reduce their weight further, at least they can maintain the same weight. With the intake of more water the process of food becoming fat is not that active. There are people who reduce weight just by intake of water.

Weight reduced
I am Shiva Rao, aged 41. I heard about Dr. Raju through my friend and attended his lecture. On that day he spoke about “Water and its uses” for two hours. I was surprised to see the large number of people who turned out at this meeting. By listening to his speech I learnt so many invaluable aspects of water, which were not told by anybody earlier. I started taking water as suggested by him. a) One and half liters immediately after getting up. b) One and half liters after physical exercise. c) One liter 30 minutes before lunch. d) 1 or 2 liters in the evening. The benefits I derived from this: 1. I used to feel uncomfortable with 71 kilos of weight. As I continued to follow the intake of water 100%, my weight is reduced to 58 kilos and I am able to maintain it at that level. My body is light and energetic. 2. I am able to ablate freely in the morning. Earlier I never ablated the second time. Now by taking water after physical exercise and with concentration on bowel movement I am able to ablate second time. 3. Earlier, I had bad breath. No more now. 4. Cold water bath has driven away headache. 5. Earlier my blood sugar level was 120 mg. Now it is below 100 mg. 6. I did not check up my BP earlier. Now it is 110/70. 7. Joint pains disappeared. 8. Protruded belly is reduced, as I am not taking water either while eating or immediately after food. So, the stomach has contracted. I pray God that many more people are benefited by Dr. Raju and lead a happy life. P. Shiva Rao, Indian Overseas Bank, Trunk Road, Ongole – 523001, India


Sound Sleep
I feel even God may not help people as the way you do. There won’t be any disease if your books are read and practiced. Doctors and hospitals have to close their shops. There is no necessity for pharmacies. Countries can save trillions of dollars. Everybody will be hale and healthy. These days treatment begins after investigations and x-rays costing thousands of dollars. The whole life is spent on taking medicines and undergoing investigations. There may be some relief but no permanent cure. In these circumstances you brought some thing relief for suffering people. I feel that I am fortunate to share my experiences with others through this letter about the benefits I derived from your speeches and books and putting them into practice. I describe the usefulness of taking water as per your advice. I am 58, weighing 85 kilos. I am taking every day 6-8 liters of water. From day one I am able to ablate freely. I am quite happy. Perhaps with the waste material going out through fasces and urine I am able to sleep well. I learnt only after following your advice that easy bowel movement and sound sleep are the two important things in life. I could reduce my weight by five kilos. I had a misconception that intake of more water leads to more weight. But the doctor has cleared my doubts through his speeches. Not only body weight is reduced but it has become soft and smooth also. We committed so many mistakes all these days by not knowing the power of water. It is not only surprising to know that health can be improved drastically, but practicable to utilize water which is available free of cost and in plenty. After observing the benefits I derived my family members have also started drinking more water. N. Krishna Murty, Tanuku, AP, India Phone: 08819-236257, 236169

Younger by ten years
It is 11 months since I came under the “allurement” of this doctor. I cannot describe the benefit I got with it in words. Generally we are put to loss with allurement, but it is not so in this case. His writings have given me psychological and physical strength. I heard many of his lectures. Each one of them is superb. His advice on health is practicable to everybody. Following the food regimen may be a bit difficult but taking more water is not at all difficult. It should not be. Water is nectar. Civilization flourished wherever there is water. It is water that is most important to living things after air. Man is not taking enough water and is troubling the body and falling prey to diseases. In my experience of 11 months I am convinced that the words of this doctor are absolute truths. Though I did not have any ailment I had enormous relief when I started taking more water in a couple of days. I try to narrate my experience how water became nectar in my case.


As soon as I get up I take 1.25 liters of water after having thorough mouth wash. Initially, I did not like it and took only a couple of glasses and some more forcefully after some gap. When I moved around I used to feel the bowels move and there was easy ablation. After completing physical exercise I could ablate the second time and felt happy. It was nice to take head bath with cold water. With this my constipation disappeared and I became active. Not only my problems like constipation, heaviness of stomach, gas and indigestion were gone but fat in the abdomen has also burnt out. What a surprise! I cannot believe that just water brought about all this change. Following the advice, that water can be taken whenever the stomach is empty I practiced taking water before an hour to eating food and after two hours. I could overcome the bad habit of taking water while eating. We stopped keeping water glass at the dining table while eating. Other food restrictions coupled with taking only honey and limejuice once in a week has brought about sea change in my health. Particularly taking water has helped a lot. Within these ten months body weight came down by 15-20 kilos. My weight has come down to 72 from 93 kilos. I stopped taking tea or coffee completely. Now I am quite active. I believe that my age is reduced by ten years. Now I am 64 but I have a feeling that I am only 50 and feel very active. There is absolutely no change in the tone, in the nerves, in the hands and not even in conjugal life. Now my digestion has improved and is able to sleep well. There is no need for medicines. Water is the doctor! Water is the medicine! Water is the protector! Water is our relative! Friend! I salute the water. That is why sages worshipped water and given it a prime place. Ignorant of the power of water people are facing problems. S. Hazrath Ali, Vemuru - 522 261 AP, India

11. Contraction of tummy
Man has lower and upper abdomen. If there is no proper ablation lower abdomen grows. If we drink water while eating well upper abdomen grows. When we take more water ablation is free and the lower abdomen comes down. If water is not taken till after two hours of eating food upper abdomen decreases. The water taken on empty stomach brings down the tummy.

Tummy reduced by intake of water
My name is Butchaiah. For the last 8 years I have hypertension and pot belly. I weigh 70 kilos. I am 40. I used medicines. My blood pressure was under control when I used medicine and returned when I stopped medicines. I read books written by Dr. Raju, followed his advice and started taking water. Now I am healthy. Protruded belly has gone down to a large extent. Even my weight is reduced to 58 kilos. Being a doctor I am advising people to take more water. They are also feeling better.


My mother is 60 and suffering from knee pain, allergy and hypertension. She used to take lot of medicines. After taking more water she gave up medicines and is feeling much better now. P. Butchaiah, Pochannapeta, Warangal District.

12. Cold can be cured
Some suffer with every change in food and water and some others frequently once in a month or two. Those who suffer from high histamine and eat unsuitable food get this ailment. When waste material and toxins increase in the body they are purged out in the form of cold. It can be said that those who take less water suffer from cold. Water is anti-histamine. It means water works as antidote to histamine produced in the body. Moreover, with more intake of water waste material and toxins are purged out everyday and cold is cured and it stops from recurring. When suffering from cold 6-7 liters of warm water gives quick relief. Remedy for cold is water.

Cold and cough disappeared
At the outset accept our heartfelt blessings. I wish that God helped you always to continue the service, which you are engaged in. I am the one who has been benefited by reading your books and following your advice. I am 52. I used to suffer from cold and cough in winter. I had disturbed sleep due to cough. Some times my neck became stiff. When I started taking more water on your advice there was lot of relief. I was not used to cold-water bath from my childhood. I used to take warm water bath even in summer. Now I am taking even head bath with cold water. Earlier I used to suffer from cold, headache and cough whenever I took cold bath, traveled or exposed to rain. I am confident that I will be able to lead the rest of my life without depending on anybody and without becoming a burden to anybody. I can confidently say without any hesitation that many more in different places are cured and would be cured with your advice. I pray the almighty that people follow your advice and your mission is accomplished without any hindrance. I pray God to bestow upon your health and wealth. Anivilla Satyanarayana Murty, BHPV Township, Visakhapatnam-12

Cold and constipation disappeared
Many people are leading a healthy life by following natural way of life, advocated by you. I am one of them. I followed the method of taking more water and became healthy.


I was suffering from severe cold and constipation for the last two years. Since two years I had a running nose. My handkerchief was in constant use. I consulted doctors and took many medicines. But there was no respite. I used to suffer from severe stomach pain in midnight. I used to take tablets to get relief but still continued to suffer. I read your books. I started taking 1.5 liters of water after getting up. They say it is not possible to take that much of water but I could with firm determination. The relief was immediate. Now I do not have running nose. Cold is gone, no constipation and stomach pain either. I feel that I am at the first step of this way of life. I wish to follow the rest and live happily till the end of my life with your blessings. L. Yugandhar Goud, Gagillaput, Ranga Reddy District.

13. Edema can be cured
If any body suffers from edema it means there is more salt and less water in his body. More salt is deposited in the body in those who take less water. Salt is not deposited in isolation. It stores water also. This leads to edema. As we suffer from edema we reduce consumption of water and the trouble shoots up. If the stored water from the body has to come out we have to take more water. The water we take goes into the body and comes out in the form of urine along with the stored salt. With this edema will disappear to a large extent. Only few people can get rid of edema with intake of just water. Those who have limited problem get complete relief. Those who have lot of swelling cannot be cured completely just with water. 50-60 per cent can be cured. If they stop taking salt edema disappears within 5-6 days. Taking more water is important.

Swelling in legs is cured
My name is Satyavathi, aged 44. I used to suffer from pain in legs and knee. I took medication from an orthopedic doctor. The pain subsided when I used medicines and recurred on stopping. They were never cured completely. If I walk a while there used to be swelling in my feet. They used to swell even when I exerted a bit at home. For the last one year I was suffering from pain in the left part of stomach. The stomach used to be heavy and I felt irritated to do any work. I was not able to even meditate. I was fortunate to hear your speech. After hearing you I could understand your books perfectly. I am taking six liters of water as advised by you regularly. Stopped taking tea and coffee and taking raw vegetables and using very little salt in vegetables. I shall try to stop even that shortly. Now I do not have swelling and pain in my legs, knees. Stomach pain has also disappeared. I do not tire out or there is any irritation if I work. I feel comfortable. I


am able to meditate for long. I am indebted to Dr. Satyanarayana Raju for giving me such a good health. We distributed your books to many people. V. Satyavathi, Tadepalligudem.

Edema subsided
After attending and hearing Dr. Raju’s speech I started taking 5 liters of water a day regularly. Earlier I was suffering from edema and allergic bronchitis. After started taking water edema has disappeared. I used to be frightened during nights in winter. I could not sleep because of sounds from inside and breathlessness. I did not face such problem this winter. Even the homeopath that treated me is surprised to know the change in me. I became confident as my health improved. With this confidence I gave up salt after hearing his lecture. Sarada Devi, Tadepalligudem.

14. Relief from cough in a few days
I am Jyostna, aged 20. I used to suffer from cough since I remember. Phlegm used to come out whenever I eat something. I was very much worried mentally. Added to this I was overweight. My mother, who visited the nature cure center of Dr. Raju informed me about the food regimen and the way of taking more water. I am also taking water along with my mother. I observed lot of change in me just in a week of taking more water. Phlegm has decreased. I was very happy. Cough also subsided. I am able to reduce the weight, though slowly. I am quite happy now. I am thankful to Dr. Raju who is responsible for bettering my health. P. Jyostna, Aakiveedu.

15. Sneezes
Sneezes occur to throw out cold from face and nostrils. As the cold obstructs air sneezing appears. If we do not want to sneeze we should stop cold. For this we should take more water. Those who take less water sneeze frequently. It is better to take warm water throughout the day to stop sneezing. At least it is to be taken in the morning. For some people this problem goes with water and some others should stop taking salt


completely. Some others are not relieved of this unless they do Pranayama and some jogging. However, warm water helps to a large extent.

Sneezing stopped
I am Venkata Laxmi. I come from an agricultural family. I have to attend to household duties in the morning. I sneeze a lot when I get up early in the morning. Sometimes I sneeze 40-50 times. If I start sneezing they won’t stop. When I consulted an allopath he told me that these sneezes are because of allergy to fertilizers and chemicals and that I should use medicines. When my husband, Surya Prakash, visited Hyderabad he attended the lecture session of Dr. Satyanarayana Raju and learnt about nature cure, particularly water therapy, and informed me about it and asked me to practice it. After that I too attended Dr. Raju’s lectures. He asked me to take warm water initially. As advised by him I took sterilized and cooled water. I was relieved from sneezes within a week. Now there is no sneezing even if I take any water. Moreover, I had many benefits with taking more water. Digestion improved, body is light and able to do more work. What medicines could not do, Dr. Raju gave me relief just with water. I am happy. N. Venkata Laxmi, Musturu Camp, Koppalla District, Karnataka state, India

16. Allergies
Allergies are of several kinds - food allergy, dust allergy, skin allergy etc. Allergies are not cured with medicines. It is said the allergic items are to be avoided completely. Those who give the body natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts are allergic to unnatural foods like cool drinks, ice creams, sweets, pickles etc. Allergies occur when natural foods are given to unnatural body. Being allergic is common these days even to snow, sun, rain, coconut, honey, citrus fruit, water, flowers and vegetables. It means our body, which has turned unnatural, is not accepting natural things. It is throwing them out considering that there is no place for them. Actually we should be allergic to pickles, cakes, sweets, cool drinks, fried vegetables and non-vegetarian food. There is nobody who visits a doctor with such allergies. Unless we clear the body of unnatural stuff, allergy to dust, food and skin cannot be overcome. It is water that cleans it. If the body is cleaned outside with water allergies won’t go. Many people are cured of allergies just with drinking water. Some others get relief when there is change of food along with taking more water. 5-6 liters of water is very useful.

Dust allergy is cured


I am Udaya Bhaskar, aged 25. I was suffering from constipation for a long time. When I started taking 5 liters of water a day from the first day itself constipation was gone. Earlier I used to ablate once in two days but now I am able to ablate twice a day. This is a happy change in my life. I am cured of constipation just in one day. 1. I had dust allergy. It disappeared in a month. 2. Earlier I was suffering from cough. Phlegm was not coming out. After starting intake of more water I am relieved of cough. Phlegm came out easily and there is no problem from phlegm. 3. I had asthma right from childhood. I took medicines. After intake of water it is almost controlled. 4. Scars and pimples on the face have also disappeared. 5. I suffered from rash when I ate plantains and dates. They also disappeared after some days of taking water. 6. Bad breathe, body odor and foul smell from fasces also stopped. 7. I am inclined towards spirituality. I am able to concentrate on meditation. Irritation has gone. I developed a service motto. With the advice of Dr. Raju after taking more water for six months and reading his books I stopped taking salt also. Asthma that came under control with more water has disappeared after stopping salt. I am not taking medicines either. I came to Hyderabad and took to fasting under the supervision of the doctor. Then onwards my lungs are cleared and now I am completely free from cough and uneasiness. My entire family members are following Dr. Raju’s advice. All of us are taking food sans salt. My father suffered burns in childhood and scars were left on the face. They are not that visible after 40 years by taking more water. My sister had a scar on the neck and a potbelly. My mother is relieved of cough with which she suffered for 20 years. Now we are rest assured of happy life. Generally, doctors do not suggest taking more water. Even if they do, they will not it tell when it should be taken. Dr. Satyanarayana Raju is a superb person who tells us about the quantity and timing of water intake. We salute him. E. Udaya Bhaskar, Proddutur, AP, India

Skin allergy disappeared
I am S. S. Manohar Rao. My left hand has a wound. I took homeopathic and allopathic medicines, for a year, but of no avail. After that I tried Ayurveda also. Cost of medicines was heavy but to no relief. Finally they said that it was due to plastic allergy. They said that the wound would heal if I did not carry the plastic bag that I usually hold with me. However, I continued with it, as it was necessary for my livelihood. At that time I happened to attend the lecture of Dr. Raju. I showed my hand to him and asked him whether it could be cured. He asked me to take 5-6 liters of water and promised that it would go within 10-15 days. I was a bit skeptical but just wanted to try.


Within four days of taking water the wound started healing. Within ten days even the scar was not visible. I was surprised by the power of water and continued with it. Not only the wound healed but I had free bowel movement and able to travel without any sign of weakness. I used to suffer from knee pain for two years earlier. Doctors expressed inability to cure it. Now I am relieved of knee pain also. My wife, mother and even my son are taking water in a systematic way. We changed our food habits also. Thanks to Dr. Raju. S. S. Mohan Rao, Perala, Chirala- 523 157.

Cough, cold and allergies cured
I am Sambasiva Rao. I was suffering from cold, cough and allergies for a long time. I used Homeopathic medicine for allergy. I consulted and an E.N.T. specialist. He said surgery was necessary. He was not sure whether it would be cured even after surgery. He prescribed some medicines and advised me not to take banana, lime, citrus fruits, cucumber, eggplant and coconut. Though I stopped all of them and was under medication I found no relief. I am a bookbinder working in a printing press. That day I got a book, “Health is Happiness” for binding job. I read that book on the same day. I learnt several things. Since then I stopped taking medicines and started taking water. I tried to follow other things also to a certain extent. I was completely cured of cough and cold. There was lot of relief from allergy. Whenever there was a symptom of allergy I took more water and went on fasting. G. Sambasiva Rao, Maha Laxmi book binding works, Tadepalligudem

17. Scars disappear
I have got some scars on the face and the skin. I feel that I will look better without them. Skin cannot be cured easily. As the skin is at the end of the body blood pumped through heart reaches skin late. The waste material, which is to be thrown out, reaches the skin. Through perspiration the skin sends out the waste. Otherwise part of the waste materials remains in the skin or goes back into the body. Those who take less water do not perspire properly and waste material gets deposited in the skin resulting in skin disease and scars. When more water is taken blood gets diluted and more blood flows to skin. Those who take more water but not sweat much discharge waste material through urine. Skin is cured with water. Complexion improves by drinking more water. Scars may disappear. Blackness under the eyes also diminishes for some.


Scars on the face disappeared and back pain subsided
I am Sankar, aged 33. Earlier I used to eat any thing and sleep for long hours. I was not inclined to do any work and didn’t like to mingle with people. I could not bend forward and whenever I did something my back was getting jammed. I could not understand why this was so even when I am doing physical exercise. There were scars on the nose and the face and they looked ugly. I used whatever was advised by doctors, but of no use. As I was suffering from back pain for the last 5-6 years I felt that my kidneys would be damaged and I may die. I turned my mind towards spiritualism. My meeting with Dr. Raju was a turning point in my life. I heard his speech at Visakhapatnam. Dr. Raju spoke at great length about the structure of the body, it’s secrets, when and what is to be given and particularly the importance of water to the body. Health is nothing but practicing of his teachings. When I tried to take 5 to 8 liters of water initially I suffered from vomits, nausea and reeling sensation. I continued to take water even after vomiting. In 4-5 days my body was under my control. Initially even half a liter of water caused nausea. In 1015 days I could take 1 liter of water at a time. I could even take 1.5 liters of water. My back pain is a thing of the past. It disappeared within 10-15 days of taking more water. Scars on nose and cheeks also vanished. Complexion has improved as the skin became smooth. I was fortunate enough to get rid of such severe diseases without spending any money. Dr. Raju, who is bestowing on us such a fortune, is indeed great. I do not have any ailments now. I am confident that I need not take any medicine in my life. Sankar, Vizag

18. Diabetes
Just by taking more water diabetes cannot be cured. More water cleans cells of maladies and their capacity to absorb glucose enhances. With this, sugar in urine and blood sugar comes down to a certain extent. In those who have sugar levels slightly high it comes to normal range with the intake of water.

Water, the great cure
I suffered from constipation for many days. By God’s grace I have gone through “Natural way of Life” and “Easy steps to Life” written by Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju and heard his speeches. As per his advice I started with 2 liters of water a day and could reach 5 liters a day in one month. I am able to ablate in 2 minutes twice after taking first and second installments of water. My constipation


problem has vanished. There is another advantage of taking more water. I am a diabetic since 12 years and using medicines. After taking 5 liters of water my sugar level has come down drastically. I am confident that I can stop medicines shortly. My wife Satyavati also started taking water along with me and is relieved of maladies of excretion system. She has undergone treatment under the supervision of Dr. Raju. She stopped all the Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Allopathic medicines, which she was using for the last two decades. K. Brahmanandam, Retired engineer, Kovvur – 534 350, AP, India.

Wisdom has dawned
Since childhood I did not like drinking water. At best I used to take two glasses of water a day. I used to gulp down food and take a glass of water. This was the routine. There was no particular time for ablation. I used to ablate whenever there was an urge. I used to ablate once in two-three days. Now I feel that I spoiled one of my kidneys and gall bladder, as I did not take sufficient water. Due to lack of enough water stones formed in my kidney and my left kidney had to be removed. After that, doctors advised me to take more water but none of them told me anything about the quantity, method and timing. Perhaps because of this my gall bladder too had to be removed later. In addition to this diabetes and constipation have let me down. Mother Nature gave me wisdom through Dr. Raju. The good thing I did was to buy a set of books written by Dr. Raju and read and put into practice his advices. I set aside my earlier routine and started a new life. Though it was a bit difficult in the beginning I got accustomed to it gradually. I never faced any problem. I found a sea change in my health. I am quite active these days after taking more water on the advice of Dr. Raju. I take 1 liter of water each time at 5 am, 8.30 am, 11 am, 3pm and 6pm. With this I am able to ablate freely which gives me a good feeling. In the evening I ablate once more and my body feels light. Blood pressure and diabetes are well under control. I would like to mention one thing specifically. It is my personal experience that it is only by following Dr. Raju’s advice I regained my health at the age of 62. May God bless Dr. Raju. K. Mallikarjuna Rao, 12-3-23, Kovvuru – 534 350

19. Stones in the kidney
Some of the stones in the kidney can be thrown out just by taking more water. Some others go out through urine. However, all types of stones do not go out with water. It depends on the type of stones and the area in which part of body they are formed. If some people suffer from stones even


after consumption of lot of water they have to either take medicines or go for surgery. Those who take less water suffer from formation of stones in the kidney and bladder, as the calcium and oxalate are not purged out but turn into stones. If such stones melt by taking more water it means they would not have formed if sufficient water were to be taken. It could have been avoided. If stones in the kidneys are to melt down it is better to take 7, 8 liters of water for some time.

Stones in the kidneys have gone
I was suffering from stomach pain. Scanning revealed the presence of three stones in the lower abdomen and two in the kidney. I was about to be admitted into hospital in Hyderabad for surgery. Then I happened to read Dr. Raju’s books in my in-laws house. I was surprised to know the experiences of people who got rid of the stones in kidneys. Immediately I started taking more water as advised in those books. After some time when I went for check up in the hospital, to my surprise, doctors found no stones. I visited NIMS. They have done some investigations and told me that there are no stones. It is amazing that just with water the stones in the kidneys have disappeared. I felt very happy and shown those reports to Dr. Raju. Now, I am very healthy. Not only for saving money but for giving peace of mind, I am grateful to Dr. Raju. S. Narsimha Rao, Nandikotkur, Karnool District – 518 401, AP India.

20. Burning sensation of urine
Urine is produced less in those who take less water. It leads to deposit of waste material such as urea and uric acid instead of being purged out. Because of less production of urine it becomes thick. As it goes out in little quantity burning sensation occurs. Thinking that there is lot of heat in the body, people take water mixed with sugar or buttermilk, but not water. As the urinary organ in women is a short one, bacteria easily enters into the bladder through reproductive organs causing infections. Added to that if they take less water bacteria are allowed to grow causing burning sensation in the urine. They may suffer from fever also. In such condition if they take more water the urinary tract gets cleared and giving relief from burning sensation. Urine should always be clear and have good flow without any smell. Then, there will be no scope for infections.

Relieved of burning sensation
I am Venkateswarlu, aged 29. My brother, 28, and myself were suffering from constipation. We started taking 4.5 to 5 liters of water every day as suggested by Dr.


Raju. Urine was yellow in color. Sometimes there was burning sensation also. Both these problems are out with intake of more water. Now there is no difficulty even if we move around in the hot sun. We are very happy. The 1.5 liters of water taken in the morning are very useful. Gas trouble is also cured. M. Venkateswarlu, Marrichettu Palem, Prakasam district, Phone: 273119

21. Body odor
If one’s body is emitting bad smell it means waste material is deposited there because sufficient water is not available to purge them out. Even if the excretion system is all right, urine and sweat smell bad as needed water is not there to help move it out. If 5, 6 liters of water is taken everyday these bad smells decrease to a large extent in a couple of months.

Bad smell in sweat disappeared
As I thought work is worship, while in job, I never cared for other things whether they were good or bad. On retirement I started to know more about health, spiritual and mental issues. Now I am 65. I was impressed with Dr. Raju’s speeches. I bought his four books and read them. I started taking more water. I cut down the intake of salt significantly. I am taking 1.5 liters of water in the morning and going for a walk. When I return my clothes are soaked in sweat. By the time I complete physical exercise, Yoga, Pranayama and meditation I feel there is no water content left in my body. I am taking 1.5 liters of water again. Around 11 am I am taking one more liter of water. After two hours of lunch I am taking one more liter. I take water in the same manner everyday. My experiences 1. Earlier I used to perspire more with bad smell. Sweating was very inconvenient. After I started taking more water surprisingly bad smell of sweat has gone completely. My body has become light. There is no smell in urine. I am not feeling inconvenient even if it sweats. 2. I used to have a feeling of heavy stomach always. I tried out several things but of no avail. Earlier I was not taking water in a proper way. I used to take water immediately after food, that lead to heavy stomach after one and a half hours. However, after starting taking more water in a systematic way heaviness of stomach has disappeared. 3. Now I am able to ablate in a minute, twice a day. Earlier also I had free bowel movement but it was not that easy and fast.


Absolutely there is no doubt about there is lot of benefit to the nation by the system of taking more water as suggested by you. Your words are interesting, scientific and laudable. Your effort to serve the society in a selfless manner is appreciable. K.V.V. Prasad, Opp. Stella college, Vijayawada-8, Phone: 0866-2470030

22. Piles
Constipation leads to piles, too. Fasces become hard and marble like, which stick to the intestines. Fasces turn like this, as there is not enough of water in the system. As we try to defecate by applying force the hardened fasces punctures the nerves in the walls of the intestines. This leads to bleeding, pain in the rectum and burning sensation. Taking less water is the reason for all this. If more water is taken defecation will be easy and painless. If the bowel movement is easy there won’t be piles problem. Bleeding would stop completely. Certain piles are cured with just intake of more water. Some may get relief but they may not be cured of piles completely.

Piles cured
Prior to 1991 I suffered from piles and got them operated upon. I had no problem for two three years. However, the same old came back. Whenever I tried to defecate I had lot of pain. Bleeding was also there. My clothes used to be soiled without my knowledge. I tried out several systems of medicine and got surgery done for the second time in 199p. However, there was no relief. When I gave up all hope and felt that there won’t be relief through out my life I happened to read Dr. Raju’s book “Natural way of life for complete health”. Started taking one liter water at 6 am and a liter each three times with an interval of one hour. After taking water thrice I could defecate without any trouble. Your book is a god’s gift to me. I am able to lead a happy life by taking five liters of water a day. Piles have disappeared and I am able to defecate freely and feeling happy. Now, I started to practice the other aspects of natural way of life as suggested by Dr. Raju. I am 70 now. I hope to lead the rest of my life happily. I am introducing this method to my friends. I thank you for helping to get rid of my diseases and showing the way for a happy life. Dasari Basavaiah, Retired teacher, Karlapalem, Guntur district.

23. Belching
Drinking water while eating and immediately after having food causes belching. When we take water with food it remains in the stomach and intestines undigested for a long time, leading to fermentation and belching. However, if water is taken two hours after food it is digested properly and


there is no possibility of belching. We can keep off such problems if we take more water that too in a systematic way. Belching controlled I used to take very little water earlier, that too with food. As far as I remember I could ablate only once in a day, after struggling for half an hour. My grand father used to say that we should be able to ablate twice a day. But he could not. He used Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines. Even then there was no free ablation. He used to take very less water. An allopathic doctor who was close to us said there is no problem even if there is no ablation for one or two days. By trying to ablate forcibly he got hernia and he had to undergo surgery. Now I am 33. Earlier I used to get belching after eating. After reading Dr. Satyanarayana Raju’s books and on his advice I began taking water after two hours of eating food. The belching problem has completely cured. Now I am taking 5, 6 liters of water regularly. After taking 1.5 liters of water in the morning I am able to ablate easily. At 5 pm I take another liter of water and ablate. I could keep ablation under control. Since then, I read all his books and putting all the suggestions into practice. I had psoriasis earlier. After consumption of more water it is cured to a large extent. My weight has come down from 68 kilos to 63 kilos. Potbelly has also decreased. Everyone can cure chronic diseases by taking more water. T.V. Ramaraju, Krishna Nagar, Visakhapatnam.

24. Protection from sun
When we are exposed to sun skin warms up. In order to protect the skin water content in the body is evaporated in the form of sweat. Those who take less water perspire less and their skin looses the ability to bear the heat. If we take more water nothing happens even if we are exposed to sun. There is no possibility of suffering from sunstroke and reeling sensation.

Water is a boon for me
I am Khadar laxmi aged 40. I happened to hear the speech of Dr. Raju when he came to our town. That is a turning point in my life. I faced several problems for the last 18 years. I got married at 17. Child bearing, abortions and loss of offspring have wrecked my health. My left hand doesn’t work properly as if I had a paralytic stroke. Overweight, body pains, sleeplessness, excessive sweating, weakness and not being able to do anything were the problems I faced. I was mentally depressed due of these health problems. Added to this I had injury to my ankle that does not allow me to walk.


This pain subsided when I consulted orthopedic and used pain killers. When I stop them pain recurs. In these dire conditions I happened to get acquainted with Dr. Raju and his books. I feel he is like a living god as far as people like me are concerned. At last I found a way out after a long time. I am convinced that realizing the ideals and service to the society are achievable. The pain in legs subsided within three days of taking more water. All other problems have also subsided and I feel the effect of good health. Summer is a bane for me. I feel weak and perspire at the thought of sun. I cannot describe the intensity of weakness. I cannot even speak. Shivering of the body, reeling, feeling of sight loss, not being able to move even a step used to bother me. I am as good as dead. However, that miserable situation is off now. I am able to walk a mile even in hot sun. I am surprised and feel whether it is me or am a different person altogether. Earlier I used to feel uncomfortable and irritated when there was sweating. Any thought, slight movement of the body and slight agitation led to severe perspiration. I used to hate myself. Now I am relieved of this ugly situation. Even if I perspire there is no bad odor and no bad smell from clothing and body odor. I am relieved of excessive appetite also. I am quite peaceful. I feel I am meditating always. Bad thoughts are not coming to my mind. This is a great change that I wanted. Being quiet is now natural. Negative aspects like anger and hatred are things of past. Mind is judging things but not getting attached to them. I am feeling liberated. I got rid of fear and cowardice and am able to hop like a deer actively and am able to work speedily. I cannot repay the debt of Dr. Raju. G. Khadar Laxmi, Penukonda, Anantapur district – 515110

25. Asthma
Generally those who suffer from asthma get sneezes and suffer from cold. They feel that taking more water would enhance those problems and tend to take less water. With this more histamines are produced which leads to breathlessness. If we are used to take more water allergies do not lead to asthma. If people suffering from asthma, take 5, 6 liters of warm water breathing becomes easy, phlegm gets diluted and is thrown out. This results in easy breathing. There may be some people who get complete relief with taking more water and lot of people get 50 – 60 per cent relief. If salt consumption is given up uneasiness is cured completely.

Asthma disappeared at the age of 80


We are all following the natural way of life as advocated by Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju and leading a healthy life. The experience of our family has proved that this way of life is useful in curing chronic diseases, all the ailments and is suitable to people of any age group. My mother is 82. 35 years back her uterus was removed. When she fell ill we have consulted an allopathic doctor. They diagnosed it as thyroid problem and advised to take medicines life long to keep it under control. She used those medicines for several years. At 70 she developed asthma. She used to suffer a lot. At times she used to cough heavily and sputum used to come out heavily. She was advised to take anti biotic drugs. She was advised to not to exert, to be careful and desist from consuming allergic things. When we met Dr. Raju in this situation he asked her to take warm water. When we asked her to follow this she was reluctant, refused to take even a single drop of warm water saying that she has already become sufficiently old and expressed a doubt how can this be cured with water when it is not cured with medicines? I made her to stay with me and convinced to take warm water of course forcefully in the beginning. Slowly she was used to it. Breathlessness and whistling sound came down. Now she is not only cured of asthma but the heart problem with which she was suffering from 7, 8 years has also subsided. Even at this advanced age she is able to manage herself without anybody’s help. She is able to sweep the floor, cook and draw water from the well. What more health and wealth she needs! Now she is following food restrictions and is quite healthy. Bhadramma, Sajjapuram, Tanuku, Phone: 254314

26. Joint Pains
People suffer from joint pains as the lubricating liquid goes down between the joints. Those who take less water that lubricant is produced less. If more water is taken, the percentage of lubricant increases. Moreover blood circulation also improves with intake of more water. Generally obese people suffer from joint pains. By taking more water joint pains also come down while body weight comes down. In the early stages of joint pains consumption of more water gives relief to a large extent. It may not be that useful to the people who suffer from joint pains for a long time.

Knee pain reduced in two months
I am Polapala Srinivas Rao, 38. I suffer from knee pain and edema on the legs. I could not squat and suffered a lot. I used to feel drowsy. My body weight was also more. It was 90 kilos. When I consulted a doctor in it was found that I became diabetic. After hearing Dr. Raju’s speech and reading his books I started practicing the method of natural way life. I am taking 6, 7 liters of water everyday.


My weight came down to 80 kilos within three months. Earlier the bowel movement was also not free. Now I am able to ablate 2, 3 times a day. Surprisingly knee pain has subsided just in two months. Even dandruff has gone. I had white patch at the wrist for the last four years. That patch is on vane. I am not using soap. I am rubbing the body with a soft white cloth that gives glow to my complexion. As I stopped salt, edema on the legs also is reduced. I am very healthy and active. My height is 5 feet 8 inches. I plan to reduce my body weight another 10 kilos by following this system. I am taking vegetable juice, sprouts, fruit, bread and more vegetables. The sugar level is normal. Many people are able to live healthy without taking any medicine by following the system of natural way of life. Dr. Raju is just an incarnation of god. I pray creator to give him health and long life.

Polapala Srinivas Rao, Bandlamitta, Ongole-523 001

27. Longing for tea and coffee goes off
We are used to take tea and coffee as soon as we get up. Once we are accustomed to them it is very difficult to give up. Once you start taking 3 liters of water, one liter every hour you do not feel like having tea and coffee. If we cultivate good habits bad habits go away.

The water that changed my habits
I had the fortune of listening to your speech. Since then, I am attending your lectures and learning new things. I started water therapy initially. I am narrating my experiences of following this method. Eight months back, before I happened to meet you, my health was in bad shape. Constipation, headache, body pains, sleeping more during day and not being able to sleep in night, irritation, anger and lack of interest in work were the problems I faced. There were bloodstains in the fasces. I was afraid of it. As my father suffered from piles my fear was compounded. In this situation I heard your speech and practiced your suggestions. I am taking at least 5 liters of water. I could see positive changes in the first week itself. There was free motion. There were no bloodstains in the fasces. Body pain and headache disappeared. There is no irritation. I have positive thinking now. The atmosphere at home is also peaceful. Before starting to take more water I used to consume tea and coffee for six times a day. Even then I was not satisfied. I wanted more. As soon as I go home I used to ask for tea even at lunch or dinnertime. I used to consume lot of chilly. I used to take more sweets also. I used to take pride in taking more sweets and hot items. I relished non- vegetarian foods. I used to eat more and used to sleep after eating. After I get up I wanted to eat some thing or the other. Consumption of snacks and soft drinks was also more. Even then I was not satisfied. I was drinking lot of water while eating. I used to pester my wife for different varieties of dishes. I used to consume more than half what was cooked. Others used to consume whatever was


left. Even then there was no satisfaction. On Sundays my wife was vexed of cooking for me. When I started taking more water on the advice of Dr. Raju all these habits have changed all of a sudden. I stopped tea and coffee. Oversleep and laziness disappeared. I am very active now. I am able to sleep well and ablate freely and realized the happiness in it. I am happy to know that this is all because of taking of more water. Earlier I used to demand for more food from my wife. Now she asks me to take this or that and take tea etc. I told her about the issue. I hope that they would also change. As the old habits are changed I am contented person now. I bade farewell to bad thoughts and following right path. I am narrating my experience to others. It is proved in my case that following natural way of life is the only solution to change the habits. Cherukuri Venkat Rao, A.T. Agraharam, 11th line, Guntur.

28. Mouth ulcers
Tensions, constipation and deficiency of vitamin B are the causes for mouth ulcers. Intake of more water is keeps mouth ulcers at a distance. Though the reason for it is not known result is evident.

Mouth ulcers and dandruff reduced This is Malladi Kondaiah. I am taking more water as suggested by you since last year. I am giving my experiences. 1. Headache and bad smell from mouth have gone. I am confident I need not take medicines. 2. Earlier I used to suffer from mouth ulcers. Even taking food was difficult. This has disappeared in very short time. It never recurred. 3. I suffered from hair fall and dandruff. They have disappeared. 4. As I had no teeth digestion was a problem and suffered from loose motions. Now digestion has improved.
Malladi Kondanna

29. Amoebiasis
Ameobiasis is caused by antameoba hystolytica. The outward symptom of this disease is frequent motions with mucus and stomach pain. This disease pertains to large intestines. Mucus membrane in the intestine is damaged and ulcers are formed. If the disease persists it may harm the deeper membrane also.


There is scope for more breeding of germs when faeces are stored in the intestines. By taking more water mucus membrane becomes perfect. As ablation is regular constipation disappears and amoebiasis subsides.

Amoebiasis disappeared
I am Jagannatha Rao, aged 50. I was suffering from constipation and ameobiasis since 25 years. On the advice of my wife I have gone through Dr. Raju’s books and started taking more water. In the beginning I experienced nausea and suffered from loss of appetite. However, I continued taking water. Slowly I got used to it and my ailments began disappearing. I tried for free ablation various ways. Earlier I had to stay for long in the toilet. Now ablation is easy. stomach pain and amoebiasis also have gone. I am able to achieve this by taking more water. K. Jagannatha Rao, Visakhapatnam.

30. Cramps
Cramps occur because of less blood circulation to end parts of legs and hands. Those who take less water suffer from cramps more. Cramps come down with more intake of water as blood circulation improves.

31. Fever
Some suffer from fever frequently. Fevers are symptoms of for the need to purge out maladies in the body. As we get accustomed to take more water and purge out waste material frequent fever does not recur. Fever slowly decreases with consumption of more water.

Tonsils and fever controlled
I am Hanish, a student of 9th grade. I am continuing water therapy from my 7th grade. The system suggested by Dr. Raju is quite useful to me. I suffered from constipation that has gone now completely. When I was in 7th grade I suffered from tonsils. I used to suffer from severe ear pain and frequent fever. As tonsils used to swell I was not able to eat properly. Since then I started taking more water and am now free from all these problems. So far tonsils pain and ear pain never recurred. I am taking 4, 5 liters of water. There is no smell in the urine. Taking water before face wash and defecating and taking water and defecating once again is my routine. With this, I am not only healthy but mentally also very active. Now I am not afraid of my health. I believe that students, children and elders will be healthy if they take water as suggested by Dr. Raju. I thank him for giving me good health. U. Hanish, S/o. U. Ssambasiva Rao, Aditya Public School, Akiveedu,


32. Sinusitis
Those who suffer from cold for a long time are affected by sinusitis. With this nostrils are blocked and suffer from headache. By taking more water waste material along with mucus deposited in the nostrils is also thrown out. Taking warm water and fomentation of face helps those who suffer from sinusitis.

Sinus trouble reduced I am Ramulu. I have sinus problem for the last 10 years. I used to suffer a lot in winter. I used several antibiotics. They gave me temporary relief but not permanent cure. I learnt about the usefulness of water through a friend who was following Dr. Raju’s Natural Lifestyle. Initially I did not take it seriously. But I started taking half a liter of water and now taking 3, 4 liters of water. In three months the result was amazing. There was no running nose in winter. No cold at all. There was no need of using any antibiotic. I am quite happy with the benefit I derived from drinking more water. I thank Dr Satyanarayana Raju who brought happiness in the life of so many people. B. Ramulu (Teacher), Gagillapur, Santiniketan High School, Hyderabad-43. Relieved of anger
After listening to the lectures of Dr. Raju and reading his books I started following natural way of life three months back. I am taking 5 liters of water daily. I take 1.5 liters of water early in the morning, 1 liter between 8 am and12 noon, 1.5 liters in the afternoon, one liter in the evening and one more liter before going to bed. With this constipation and gas troubles have vanished. I am able to ablate easily. As the maladies from the body are thrown out quickly irritation and anger have subsided and now I am feeling peaceful. Even my blood pressure is under control. I hope that complete health is possible to academicians like us if 5, 6 liters of water is taken systematically. I wish that the natural way of life as being propagated by Dr. Raju reaches everyone and people get good health by practicing it. K. S. Ramarao Principal, Government Junior College, Tadepalligudem

Heaviness of heart cured
I am now 73. I had heart problem in 1996. I was experiencing heaviness in heart if I walked a little distance. I visited many visited hospitals. I got angiogram done. Doctors advised balloon surgery. I enquired from them whether I should take medicines after the surgery.


They replied in affirmative. I was not inclined go for surgery if I had to use medicines through out life. I happened to attend the speech of Dr. M. Satyanarayana Raju where I bought his books. From the next day onwards I started taking one liter of water in the morning and was able to take 5 liters of water in 3 months. After that I started taking sprouts and food sans salt. I could reduce my weight by 8 kilos. As my weight was reduced and looking weak my family members did not cooperate with my food regimen. Then onwards I am taking vegetarian food prepared at home. I did not stop taking 5 liters of water. I stopped taking water while eating. Benefit of taking 5 liters of water: 1. Easy defecation in the morning and free motion along with water after walking and physical exercise. 2. Earlier faeces contained worms. Now that has gone. 3. Blood pressure and diabetes are within limits and mucus in the faeces reduced. 4. Free bowel movement was not possible with allopathic medicines. Now I am able to ablate freely in spite of taking medicines. 5. I am able to walk for a distance of 2 kilometer. 6. I am not feeling heavy when I take a walk after dinner. 7. During December and January I used to face the problem of sputum coming out. Now it is not there. 8. I was not able to breathe freely during night as nostrils were blocked. I used to take nasal drops. There is no such problem now. 9. I am using dates and honey. 10. I was not able to take the stairs earlier. I am able to take the stairs easily I with no heaviness in heart now. K. Suryanarayana, Nidadavolu-534 301. Phone: 08813-21520.

Last word
I congratulate you for reading “Water And You” completely. It is said that people do not read books about health if they are lengthy. However, your patience, interest and zeal in health are evident from reading this book. It is one thing to have an intention to read good books and reading with interest and assimilating it is another. Now you have completed these two stages. There are two more things to do. The first is to remember what is read and keeping it in your memory. There is no use if you have so many good things in mind. It is not useful unless you put into practice. I


am sure practice is not difficult for you. The second is putting into practice the good things that are stored in your mind. I hope that you would give importance in your life to water. Start taking water with a determination to give up tea and coffee. Within four five days the longing for them will come down and you will be able to shun them. Try to take two liters of water on empty stomach and another two liters during day. If it is difficult, start with three liters and increase the quantity gradually. Do not do anything forcibly. If your mind accepts water you will start liking it. Slowly start taking 5 liters of water. Many people can ablate easily by taking more water. These two are symbols for good habits. If there are any difficulties try to overcome them by following the methods mentioned in this book. Even if you face some difficulty feel that it is for your good and go ahead. You are trying to get benefited by taking water. Just water is not enough for complete health. You have to know about other things also and put them into practice. Do not forget that natural way of life will help you to overcome the difficulties and live without medicines. It will be further better if you know and follow food regimen also. If you want to know all those secrets read all the books that I have written and practice them with prudence. We have to learn to live in a natural way at least now. We are spoiling our health because of ignorance. Unless we change our way of life it cannot be rectified. I wish wholeheartedly that your entire family would change the present way of life to live happily hereafter. If we have the blessings of a good teacher along with our effort we can surge forward courageously without any hindrance. I pray that all of you will be bestowed upon those blessings and good wishes. Let the whole world be happy, Mantena Satyanarayana Raju