1. My Innermost thoughts 2. Intestines 3. Immunity in intestines 4. What is Constipation? 5. Causes for Constipation 6. Bowel habits of our elders 7. Disorderly bowel movement 8. How many times to ablate a day? 9. When to ablate 10. How do feces move? 11. Definition of free ablution 12. Why free ablution is a happy experience? 13. Ideal food for free bowel movement 14. Best way to prevent constipation 15. Relation between mind and bowel movement 16. Ablation after eating 17. Problems from gas 18. How should fasces smell and look 19. Relation between body odors and feces 20. What happens if feces are stored? 21. Worms and bacteria in intestines 22. How fasting cleans intestines 23. Intestine cleaning through Sankha Prakshalana: Is it useful? 24. Cleaning large intestines through enema 25. Questions and Answers
26. Advantages of free bowel movement



1. My innermost thoughts
Man likes to listen to sweet words. He cannot bear to listen to bad words. He derives pleasure out of good words. The same way, he feels uneasy at bad words and so tries to avoid them. Generally, we don’t feel like talking about motion or stools. Of course motion is waste material. To talk about it is bad, people feel. We don’t have to think of it or to utter those words, if the feces move out of our body freely, without any problem. But ever since the dawn of civilization, we are able to eat normally, but we are not able to get rid of the waste normally. Though we suffer thus, we hesitate to talk about it to our friends or we feel it as a sickening thought. Thus we ignore it out of ill feeling or shyness. As long as we can bear it we avoid talking about motion. Once it is beyond control, we make effort to consult others and to know ways and means of coming out of the problem. Until then we feel nausea at the very mention of the words motion, feces or stools. We human beings know very well that we should eat three times a day, but we don’t know how to empty our dustbin, the large intestine. Every other living creature knows it. That’s why they need not be enlightened regarding this matter by people like me or veterinary doctors or their mothers. But we, with all intelligence, are not sensible enough to realize on our own the importance of free motion unless we are taught by someone. This is a problem of not one, but with most! That’s why a general awareness should be enkindled in everyone. When we discuss matters regarding motion, how else can we discuss these without the mention of the word motion? Henceforth, if you desire good health don’t treat motion, feces as bad words. If you treat them so, you cannot read this book. At every step, in every page you come across the details of motion. This book is specially designed to give you all a clear picture about bowel movement and to show you the ways to get rid of constipation. The relationship between the motion and us is highlighted in the following chapters. This book helps you to overcome the motion related problems. Most


of us have this problem and it is very necessary to understand the problem in depth to lead healthy life. A healthy sign of life is not only to enjoy while eating food but to enjoy while clearing the bowels also. These days, we derive pleasure in eating but we face hell of a problem in driving the feces out. Once we lock ourselves up in the rest room, we only know our suffering. This is an incorrigible suffering. No doctor can prescribe a cure for it. The advancement in medical sciences has brought about a cure for many unwieldy diseases but problems like constipation don’t have a proper cure. There are quite a few solutions, but they are not available to the people. The experiments I have conducted in curing patients from constipation have yielded tremendous results. For the past 8, 9 years thousands of people were blessed with a free motion. I wanted to make every individual eligible for such a free motion. That is what prompted me to write this book. Every creature gets a free motion automatically. But for us it is the toughest job. I wondered why we couldn’t have such a free motion! As a result I tried some experiments on myself in 1992 regarding this. I started eating exclusively raw food, fruits, seeds etc. The animals eat grass and they get a free motion within 4, 5 hours. I wondered whether the same formula worked out for us also or whether our intestines had a different frame. For one whole week I did not allow another thought to enter my brain, I did not step out of the house and I did not do anything else. I only ate and thought of motion. At 8 in the morning I filled my stomach full with sprouts, coconut, dates. By 3 PM my bowels emptied. I had lunch of raw vegetables in the noon. By 8 PM the bowel was emptied. The dinner’s waste came out early next morning. What I ate three times a day came out in as many times. Another day I started eating like an animal from dawn to dusk. I passed stool four times till 12 am. By midnight my bowels were completely empty. It was possible since I was awake till midnight. Had I slept early two bowel movements would have stopped and taken place the next morning. Some other day I experimented exclusively with juices. I drank carrot juice at 8 a.m. Its waste came out totally at 12noon. I drank beetroot juice at 12noon and the motion came out in the same color as the juice (blood red). The feces of the carrot juice were not mixed with the feces of the beetroot. This 5

means the bowels were emptying fully immediately. At 4 P.M I drank juice of leafy vegetables. This was done to ascertain the different colors of feces. At 8 P.M the stool was in green color. There was not even a trace of red color. At 8 P.M I had taken papaya and at 12 mid night the bowels were empty and the color was yellow. There was not even a trace of green. The feces did not have any foul smell. It acquired the smell and color of the food. Bowels were emptied as many times as I had eaten. It used to come out in a time frame. The feces were not sticky. It was such a joyful experience. There was no need to spend hours in toilet. Mind was completely free. The routine is finished in one minute. This was the result of taking natural foods. Then it was the turn of cooked foods. In the next two-three days I ate cooked food like anybody else. It was not digestible, the bowels were not moving. The breakfast I had at 8 A.M was coming out at 6 in the evening, the mid-day meal at 11 in the night and the night meal only in the morning. This was not ablated freely because it lacked the quality of process needed in the intestines. It was different with raw foods. I observed movements in the bowels when I drank plenty of water. I realized that even if cooked foods, salt and oils were eaten plenty intake of water and a desire to ablate would induce emptying of bowels three times a day. Everybody can have a free bowel movement three times a day within no time if sufficient changes are made in the habit of drinking water, eating food and thinking process. It was clear that man also, like animals, could have free and full ablution the same number of times he had eaten with the same color and smell of the food without any foul smell. It was proved that it is a fallacy to say that man has to ablate only once a day and that there is difference in the intestines of man and animal. Ever since, I have been ablating within 5-6 seconds, three times a day. Everybody can have this opportunity if only he understands this process. Thus many had benefited from my experience. Since 1994 I have been educating and brining awareness in people through my graphical discourses on the issues like - how much feces is produced, how much of it comes out, how much is stored, what happens if it accumulates, what kind of foods should be eaten, how to induce free bowel movement, how to clean the intestines etc. The people influenced by my experiences are 6

enjoying good results. The method I espoused paved an easy way to free bowel movement. All of them telephonically and through letters inform me their experience of how this method helped them and how joyfully they are leading their lives now. I am placing before you the experiences of thousands of people who practiced this method in a book form. I am not attempting to invade your brains with the information culled from various books. This is a tested and proved methodology, not just a theoretical presentation. They are obtained through self-experience. The information is detailed and divided into different chapters. If you carefully go through each chapter and proceed thoughtfully to practice then you will be gifted with free bowel movement, There is no need for anybody to suffer from constipation. First one should have a clear picture of the intestines, the changes that take place in them and their workmanship. Then you will know how to take care of them. You will also know the consequences of your carelessness. So let’s look at them step by step.

2. Intestines
We should honestly admit that many of us are not acquainted with the organs inside our body and the changes that take place in them. Of course they carry on their work silently irrespective of our ignorance about them. A time has come for us to know about them since we are not able to lead our daily life peacefully. Our life style is causing them many troubles. Our internal organs reveal their problems to us in the form of different diseases or pains. If we take them as a warning signal and change our ways, there will not be further suffering. But we pay deaf ear to their complaints. Ultimately having no alternative, they refuse to function. Even then, we do not open


our eyes. However, a day will come when we will be forced to pay the needed attention. The worst affected part of our body is the intestines. With our irregular and improper food habits we create numerous problems for our digestive system and bowels. If we come to know in detail the process that takes place in our body, we will be able to avoid them to some extent. We can also learn how to maintain good health. First, let us know what happens in the stomach and intestines stretching from mouth to anus. The length of intestines is 7 meters - half a meter from mouth to stomach, 5 meters from the end of stomach to small intestines and one and half meters from the end of small intestines to the end of big intestines. Let us see what happens in the intestines. To start with, the foods we take mixes with saliva in the mouth and reach the stomach through food pipe. We can call the stomach a 2-litre pouch that stores food. Hydrochloric acid and gastric juices that facilitate digestion are produced in the stomach. These juices kill the bacteria in the stomach largely. Food is stored in the stomach for about two hours, whereas the proteins and fatty foods remain in the stomach for three to five hours. It means the poor stomach has to work to digest them for so many hours. The digestive juices in the stomach whip the food. The carbohydrates are mostly digested in the stomach. A part of them mixes with the blood. Only a small part of proteins and carbohydrates get digested in the stomach. The undigested food is pushed into small intestines for further process. The food pushed from the stomach contains acids. Digestive juices mix with the food in the front part of the small intestines and dilute the acids. Especially the digestive juices produced in the small intestines, liver and pancreas help digestion in small intestines. 80 to 90 per cent food digested in small intestines turns into thin juice is sucked by its walls, and mixes in blood slowly. As the earth absorbs water, the walls of small intestines suck the essence of food digested there. The food without salt and oil takes 3 to 4 hours to digest. If the food contains high quantity of salt, oils, meat etc. the same process takes 5 to 8 hours. The food that is easily digestible in the intestines is good for us. Sooner the process completes the better for health.


The food first enters the liver through blood. After further cleansed in liver it reaches all the organs in the body. Thus, process of digestion starts first in the mouth, then in the stomach and in small intestines. The food we eat digests easily if stomach and small intestines are healthy. We gain strength only when the small intestines absorb all the essence of food.

Large Intestines:
After the small intestines absorb the essence of food the undigested food is pushed into the large intestines. It is just like the coffee decoction we prepare at home. We take the decoction and discard the residue. The same is the process in our body also. The unwanted and undigested part of the food enters the large intestines, which is for all practical purposes a dustbin. The large intestine is of 4-inch width and separated into four parts.


1. First part: Caecum and Ascending Colon 2.Transverse Colon 3. Descending Colon 4. Rectum and Anus Large intestine also is called bowel. The inside of the large intestine is full of layers that produce plenty of mucus, which facilitates smooth movement of the feces without sticking to walls. There is an exit in the small intestine to push waste product into the bowel and with no way to go back. A wall separates the two intestines. The air filled in a tube cannot come out. In the same way, the wall tube that divides the intestines performs the role of a guard. The moment the waste product leaves the small intestine and drops into the big intestine it becomes feces. The feces are very thin and easily enter the upper part of the big intestine. The unabsorbed food in the small intestines is sucked here. There are a large number of blood vessels in this part of the intestines. The water in the food is to some extent sucked in the small intestines and 70-80 per cent in large


intestines. As a result the feces gets thickened. The peristaltic movements in the intestines push the feces forward. Thus, the feces in the first part of the intestines move into the second part. The oozing mucus in the walls of the intestines helps this forward movement. From there the feces enter the third part. The pressure on feces here creates a desire in us to ablate. When we are ready for it the feces enter the forth part and comes out through the anus. At no time the feces are stored in the fourth part of the big intestines. It reaches there only when we desire to ablate. Once it reaches there, we can’t wait anymore. This fourth part of the intestines contains a large number of vessels and that is the reason why it pains when feces is hard. The first three parts have fewer nerves that make us unaware even if a large amount of feces is stored there. We don’t even know even if any problem occurs in those parts of the intestine. Feces reach the bowel as many times as we eat and as long as we maintain this ratio we can avoid constipation.

What feces contain
Let us see what it contains, how it acquires smell and what sort of waste products is purged. a. Water: It contains 60-70% water. If the feces come out within 8-10 hours it is soft and has some water. Water content is reduced as the time increases. b. Waste products: Feces consist of 15 to 20 per cent waste products. • The fibrous material that is not digested (fiber in the food) • Mucus in intestines. • Cholesterol. • Bile juice from liver. (The left over juice after it helped in digestion in the small intestine ) Due to Bile Rubies in the juice the feces gets yellow color) • Undigested salts. • Undigested proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


c. Bacteria: The feces contain 20 per cent of live and dead bacteria. Feces gets foul smell due to these bacteria. In addition to all these, the sticky substance in the intestines join the feces to help easy motion. Those who get a free motion everyday are able get rid of the waste material as and when it is formed. On the contrary, those who don’t have regular free bowel movement accumulate the waste in their intestines. There will be an easy movement in those who drink plenty of water since the waste material doesn’t become very hard. If you take non-fibrous food (non-vegetarian, artificial food) the remaining waste material doesn’t come out quickly or properly. Then, it lays a foundation for chronic diseases. Till now we have learnt the functions of various parts of the body from mouth to anus. Let’s see the time taken for the formation of the feces out of the food we eat, the movement of the feces to the anus and the number of motions required to keep the intestines totally clean, in the ensuing chapters.

3. Immunity in intestines
The food we eat daily and the water we drink contain many harmful bacteria, viruses, poisons, toxins etc. If they enter the blood stream we immediately die of reaction. If that is not happening it is because of immunity system in our body. This immunity system in our stomach and intestines constantly saves us from diseases caused by food and water. We have to very carefully protect the immunity system to save ourselves from diseases. Here is an example to illustrate how immunity system saves us. If we pour ordinary water into a saline bottle and injected it into our blood we die within 15-20 minutes due to allergies and reaction. If we drink the same water it takes 15-20 minutes to mix with blood and nothing happens to us. The water we drink is cleansed by the immunity system in the intestines and then allowed to enter the blood. The harmful elements in the water we drink are cleaned or helped to clean by useful bacteria.


The small and large intestines contain two types of bacteria: one is beneficial and the other is harmful to the body. If the immunity in our body is at a higher level then the existence of useful bacteria is 80 per cent. As long as we have that much of helpful bacteria in us, whatever water we drink, however carelessly we eat the food (eating non-hygiene food), the bacteria take care of us. The change of place, climate, water and food - nothing can affect us. We are strangers to even minor ailments like cough, cold, motions, vomiting, fever, throat infection etc. We don’t have to bother about external hygiene. Just as the armed forces protect our country at the border, these helpful bacteria lodge a war against the harmful bacteria and always come out victoriously. Animals and birds do not wash their food. Even if they drink polluted, unclean water still they remain healthy. It is the immunity system in their bodies that is protecting them. The 20 per cent of harmful bacteria are suppressed by the 80 per cent of useful bacteria. Our elders ate food that was good for health. They never gave preference to tastes; they did not go for polished rice or wheat. They were consuming sour buttermilk, curd and gruel that gave them ample energy to combat diseases. Now-a-days nobody can claim to have 80:20 bacteria. Utmost priority is given to taste and a time has come when man is living only to eat. This craving for taste and avoidable habits has adverse effect on the body. Honesty is the best policy is the proverb of the olden days. The life style today proves honesty is not the best policy. The sincere man, who tries to go against the current, is given a deadly blow. Our enemy’s enemy is our friend. Our enemy inside - the harmful bacteria - joins hands with a new and more powerful enemy from outside. Then helpful bacteria remain a silent spectator. This is the reason why many of us get cough, cold, motions, virus, fever, infections etc at the slightest change of food, water, climate. These reasons make it clear that we have more of bad bacteria in our body. When our body is conditioned thus, the slightest problem aggravates it. The contagious diseases spread in a jiffy. If we want to restore our health, the


only way is to get back the original ratio of 80:20 bacteria in us. The intestines by producing antigens to save the useful bacteria from the onslaught of harmful bacteria safeguard the immunity system of the body. The bacteria useful for the body are called Lactobacilli. There are hundreds of types of such bacteria. The most important among them is Lactobacilli Acidophilus. These bacteria if needed for the body produce some sort of B-Vitamins and Vitamin-K. The lactobacilli acidophilus, within hours of birth and when the child for the first time sucks mother’s milk, reach the child’s intestines and begin to grow. The lactating baby has 90 per cent of useful bacteria. As long as the babies take mother’s milk these bacteria, with their immunity power, protect them. We generally observe that these babies are healthy. The percentage of useful bacteria is less in bottle-fed babies. The lactose in mother’s milk helps these bacteria grow. Their decrease begins the movement the baby grows and starts taking solid food. And this is the beginning of unending visits to hospitals. Likewise, the harmful bacteria are called Bacillus Coli. These harmful bacteria have their birthplace in large intestines. All said and done, most of the bacteria are found in large intestines.

Reasons for the growth of harmful bacteria
When one business magnet becomes powerful, he will try to weaken his. The same way when the harmful bacteria become powerful in the intestines the helpful ones will become weakened. Let’s analyze the reasons behind these changes.

1. Constipation: Large intestines are the living place for the harmful bacteria. The large intestines that store a big amount of feces are the lush ground for these bacteria. They, proliferating intomilolions, make all effort to destroy useful bacteria. They cause the feces to further decompose, supply nourishment for their growth and enhance their strength. If the bowels are emptied in time these bacteria loose their hold on


the breeding ground. Those who ablate two-three times a day to a large extent weaken the harmful bacteria to proliferate and strengthen the hold of helpful bacteria.. When a country wages a war against a bad ruler of another country many innocent people both sides, die along with the bad ruler. Similarly, the anti bacterial medicines we take sometimes - either to kill the harmful bacteria in the intestines or to cure some types of infections - kill not only the harmful bacteria but also millions of useful bacteria. The same way, the antibiotics we take also kill thousands of helpful bacteria. This is not strange. We have heard many times that a person loses resistance power when he uses powerful medicines, but we may not have known the reason behind it. Now it is crystal clear to you. The tragedy is people today use powerful medicines even for minor ailments like fever, cough and cold. As a result, they lose many helpful bacteria to undergo adverse consequences.


Powerful medicines:

Laxatives: Those suffering from constipation tend to take laxatives for free bowel movement. They may help in emptying bowels but do cause immense loss for intestines by purging out the helpful bacteria.


How to increase helpful bacteria?
1. Natural food like egetables, fruits and cereals help to a great extent in this connection. Not much can be gained if they are cooked to satisfy taste buds. More and more intake of natural foods increases the number of helpful bacteria, which in turn increase resistance power. Our daily food should consist at least 50-60 per cent of uncooked food. 2. Curd contains plenty of helpful bacteria. They are more in sour curd and buttermilk. That is why our elders used to eat as breakfast the previous night’s cooked rice mixed with sour buttermilk. Surely that was the reason why they could face any health hazard. However, excessive sour buttermilk or curd increases harmful bacteria. It is all right to consume curd and buttermilk of the morning in the evening, not kept in refrigerator. There are many benefits of consuming curd and buttermilk daily. 15

3. Free bowel movements 2-3 times a day We can regain our lost resistance power, if we lead a life in accordance with nature like all other living creatures. Then automatically the helpful bacteria grow in our body to protect from disease. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. The dew drops on leaves in the early morning, the pleasant breeze, the early showers, and the sun’s rays in the twilight are some of the wonders of God’s creation. Coconut, honey, seeds are the blessings showered on us by God. But the tragedy is - neither can we enjoy the beauty of nature nor can we eat the natural food!

4. What is Constipation?
If the food we eat today is not ablated as fasces before we take food tomorrow then it is called constipation. In our view constipation means no bowel movement once in a day. In the earlier days when people used to have motion twice a day, they felt they had constipation if bowels were cleared only once. Now a days 50-60 per cent of people empty their bowels once a day. They think it is normal. In fact bowel movement once a day is also constipation. The daily food taken in three or four installments cannot be purged at one go. Two third of it remains in the large intestines. It is also constipation. In cities some people attend to nature call once in 3-4 days. Even if they can manage it once in two days they do not consider it constipation. Whatever it might be, we have to ablate fully three times a day to clear the large intestines. Otherwise, motion gets stagnated inside causing constipation and inconvenience.


5. Causes for Constipation
Man began encountering constipation with the advent of civilization. The comforts and knowledge lead him more and more towards of unnatural way of living. Lack of natural elements in food they take disturb the natural movements in intestines. We never see whether the food we eat is useful to us or not. From morning till evening we eat mostly to satisfy our taste buds. Hardly we take food that helps our body. We are prepared to bear the suffering with a grin but we are not prepared to change our habits. Every organ in our body is loosing its natural qualities because of our mechanical life. Our habits in the case of food, water and physical exercise are pulling us far away from good health. These mistakes warn us in the form of diseases. It has become an inveterate habit for man not to heed to these warnings. Constipation is the mother of all diseases. With effort we can get rid of it and health can be regained slowly. If one desires a smooth change from constipation to happy bowel movement one has to remove all obstacles that crop up in between. Six hurdles block such a joyful journey.

1 Non-fibrous food: Non-fibrous foods immediately result in
constipation. There is close relationship between fibrous foods and free bowel movement. The quantity of feces depends on the percentage of fiber in the food. If we take foods that have less fiber or no fiber at all then the travel of feces through the one-meter long large intestine becomes a strenuous effort to avoid constipation. Constipation in 95 per cent people is mainly due to consumption of fiber less food. Polished rice, wheat floor, cereals, sugar, oil, milk, yogurt, cakes, bread, biscuits, chocolates, ice creams, sweets, cool drinks, egg, meat, chicken, fish, prawns, fried eatables etc. are some of the foods with no fiber. Such food is easy to cook and tasty for the tongue, but makes bowel movement difficult irregular. It is one’s choice to be happy or to invite unhappiness.


2. Inadequate intake of water: There are many who avoid
drinking water in sufficient quantity fearing frequent urination. Some others do not like its tastelessness. Most of the people think that one or two liters of water a day would be more than enough. Some people substitute even that with sodas, juices, beer etc. They eat all kinds of junk food, but don’t drink enough water to clear that junk. Thus all that is bad in the food dries up in the body, feces being one among it. Softness or otherwise of feces depends on the water we drink. The feces when it is soft facilitate easy passage through intestines. The density of the motion depends on the water content. When the motion is formed in the intestine, it is in semi liquid form to enable a free movement. Only then it can pass through the intestine without getting stuck to walls. Those who drink plenty of water have sufficient water inside. So the water from the motion need not be absorbed again and so the liquid state continues. It doesn’t get solidified. It doesn’t cause constipation. On the contrary, if you don’t drink sufficient water, the body tries to extract water from whatever source available. So it takes water back from the fecal matter in the large intestine. Then it gets stiffened. Such a solidified motion can’t move forward easily. It gets stuck to the walls on its way. When it gets stuck thus it takes many days to reach the anus. This is what is called constipation. All this is nothing but a result of inadequate water supply to body. It does not take even a minute for us to drink the required amount of water. But we exhibit incorrigible lethargy to avoid it but prefer to spend agonizing 15 to 30 minutes in toilet. The whole day is spent restlessly, both mentally and physically. We can safely avoid this needless exercise by drinking every day at least 5 to 6 liters of water.

3. Small intake of food: The volume of the feces produced is
in equal proportion to the food we eat. Physically working people have great hunger and consume more amount of food. They also produce larger quantity of feces resulting in extra pressure in intestines and its quicker passage. It saves us from constipation. Those who do not indulge in physical work are less hungry. . The food that is made out of salt, oil, ghee etc. makes them feel sick of it within no time. So they don’t eat their stomach full at a time but in easy installments. The feces also is made in small quantities which cannot move faster, because the pressure is not sufficient enough.


The slow movement makes feces to stick to intestines. This is the beginning of constipation. Some may have doubts: Intake of Higher quantity of food in more quantity may help free bowel movement but it may trigger obesity. If our food contains three fourths of vegetables and one fourth of rice or wheat our weight may increase but not obesity. By eating more fruits we can keep constipation at a distance.


Lack of concentration: Man likes to eat different tasty

foods. But he does not think of purging of the residue of what he eats. He may eat the right food in right quantity and drink plenty of water. If you don’t desire to have a motion, even if it is ready at the exit door, it can’t come out because you have not given orders. The nerves holding the feces should loosen their grip. By putting your mind on clearing the bowels the nerves get loosened facilitating the easy movement. Have you ever wondered how you are enjoying so many things in life? It’s because you long for them and go in search of them. You desire to be well dressed, to eat tasty food, to earn lots of money, to enjoy all material comforts etc and you see that you get these. But how many of you desire or at least think of your motion? You can take 64 horses to the river but 64 people cannot make even one horse drink water! Why? Because it is not willing! So to achieve anything in life, the first requisite is a desire to achieve it. The desire guides your mind in the right direction to get right thoughts. Your motion waits for your green signal, but you wait for its signal! It is not right. It cannot signal to you! You are its boss! Some even keep a long face to think of this dirty element! It may be dirty, but it’s the most important element! You can’t afford to ignore it. So just as you chalk out your day for every aspect of life, you have to chalk out a time for clearing the bowels. Otherwise, it is stilled there.


Tensions: The word tension has become the fashion of

the day. Everybody says he is under tension. Even a small child uses this word. Yes, life is full of tensions as long as you see every trivial thing with a magnifying glass. If you follow the philosophy ‘Anything that happens to us is for our own good’ we can always be peaceful. We cannot avert our fate. We can neither change nor stop what’s happening to us. We should accept what comes to us calmly and we should bear it with a


grin. Since we cannot do so we are prone to tension, depression, irritation, anger, fear etc. The very movement you face one of these, the feeling goes into your blood and the harmful hormones to the body are promoted at once. Due to the influence of these hormones within a few minutes the blood, the cells, the nerves and the muscles lose their natural state. Then the nerves get stiffened. Have you ever seen a soldier standing in attention at the order of his officer! He stands so stiff that his nerves become tight! Whatever may be our tension our nerves get tensed up like a soldier. The nerves holding the motion in intestines also become stiff. Just as a frightened child clings to his mother, the frightened nerves cling to the motion. However much you may struggle, it’s all in vain. As long as you face tension, you cannot think of motion. Even if you think of it while you are tensed up the body doesn’t co-operate! The nerves can’t release it! The result is constipation! If you undergo tension, anxiety, fear, irritation etc on waking up in the morning, that day you can forget about your motion. You cannot have it that day. The solution is you get up early in the morning in a peaceful mood and don’t jump to work at once. Wait till you clear your bowels and then proceed on to next. Early morning your mind is so fresh and the nerves are so free, that they obey your command instantly!


Lack of physical exercise: The feces move freely in intestines of those who engage themselves in physical work better than those who do not. Physical work strengthens muscles and facilitates good blood circulation. When blood circulation to nerves in the intestines is improved they receive proper signals. This is the reason why the workers ablate twice a day. In physical work stomach moves back and forth pressing the intestines. With that feces are freely pushed into the large intestines. In those who have less or no physical work there is not enough pressure on intestines. The result is constipation.
Thus many reasons combine to end up in constipation. Nobody welcomes it but many omissions and commissions on our part lead to constipation. Firstly, we have to get rid of laziness as far as the above issues are concerned. If one has to get rid of constipation and ward it off forever then he has to drink 5-6 liters of water daily, eat more fibrous food, exercise regularly


and keep his mind clear. Constipation makes man miserable, both mentally and physically. It is time we wake up to this reality in time.

6. Bowel habits of our elders
In olden days everyone was working for his living. Hard work meant more hunger. It resulted in more intake of food. The food they were consuming had sufficient fibers in it. More and more leafy vegetables were consumed. They used to sweat a lot during the work and drink ample of water. Heavy physical work stimulated intestines. Food digested in no time. They had no other distractions and tensions. Early to bed and early to rise was their motto. They enjoyed sound sleep.

First ablation: Immediately after waking up in the early
morning they drank water kept near their bed. That was the first load on the intestines facilitating easy clearance of bowels.

Evening ablation: The amount of food also helped the large
intestines to do its duty properly. They were eating the night’s leftover food as breakfast in the early hours of morning, sumptuous lunch at 11 am again at 2.30 PM and diner at night. This stomach-full feeding produces large quantity of feces. The bowels were moving freely forcing them to ablate again for a second time. Ablation once in a day was considered a sign of sickness those days. Our forefathers knew the secret of their good health. They knew they had to have motion twice a day. They knew it was bad to stagnate it in the intestines. So they never ignored it. They might have ignored their food habits, but they never ignored their motion habits. They enjoyed the happiness of free bowel movement and the resultant good health. They followed these principles and made their children follow them. They were not highly educated. That’s why they took care of


minute things and saw to it that they had good health. ‘Old is Gold’. The method I advocate to you is more or less on the lines they followed.

7. Disorderly bowel movement
Now-a-days man is capable of doing any job in a jiffy unlike his elders. His mind power is so great that sitting in his own place he is able to control things far away. But the tragedy is, the man who has brought the universe under his control, is not able to control his own body! He is not able to keep his bowels clean. He is not realizing that this is the upshot of his lifestyle. Gone are the days of physical labor. A time has come when he employs his hands only to push buttons. The days are so comfortable now that both men and women need not strain themselves much physically. When you don’t physical activity, you don’t feel very hungry. If you don’t feel hungry, you eat in easy installments. Since you don’t slog you don’t feel thirsty too. As a result you don’t drink sufficient water. For want of movements, the food won’t get digested easily. The digested food won’t move out easily. Man is extremely busy till late night and also has enough tensions. He cannot sleep because he has not exerted his body. Even if he tries he cannot sleep since his mind is full of thoughts. Somehow he sleeps late in the night and wakes up late in the morning. Then it is the beginning of the running around and endless routine. He has to run with the clock. Naturally nerves in the intestines become taut. Even the small amount of feces gets hard due to tension. Painful ablution: Day starts with bed coffee. It does not put enough pressure on intestines to move bowels. Then it is the time for newspaper and headlines. Mind is preoccupied with what is happening in the world. There is no need for him to go for ablution immediately after he wakes up as in the old days. Now he has furnished closed toilets. Since there is no desire the bowels do not move. Then begins the grand exercise to free the bowels. Some try this by drinking coffee. And then some 22

are used to a particular brand of coffee. They believe that only that brand of coffee helps them in this exercise. Some try by smoking. For some others it is newspaper that prompts easy bowel movement, at least that is what they believe. Some press their stomach to stimulate intestines. Some run around the house. All this is only before he enters the toilet. Once he closes the toilet door that is another dreadful story. He applies stress on intestines. There are many who spend at least an hour in the toilet engaged in this sort of exercise. Since he has to spend that much time in the toilet there is every need for fans, phones, and newspapers there. Some others do not vacate toilets unless others bang on the door. Thus it is a sore exercise everyday. . If they are successful in their attempt, they are happy for that day. Otherwise, they are irritated and show it on others for silly reasons. The breakfast consists of oily foods that make the intake meager. Water is not taken in proper proportion. Many prefer light breakfast or lunch fearing that a heavy dose of food may induce sleep. In the afternoon the stomach is filled with fried and other non-fibrous snacks. Reaching late in the evening they eat their stomach full. Since they sleep at once the food doesn’t get digested. The feces of morning food is still in the intestine. Before the night’s food is digested, the day breaks. Thus they are not fulfilling any of the six requisites for free motion. They don’t eat properly, don’t drink water properly, don’t do exercise properly, don’t have a peaceful mind, don’t think of a free motion, don’t know what it is good for health. They are whiling away their time in such ignorance. This causes commotion inside and ailments outside. The sum total result of all this is ill health from both chronic and temporary diseases. We neither clean the body nor allow it do it. Thus both ways we are losing. Many do not know that a free bowel movement is the prime criterion for good health and it is a joyful experience. What all they know is acute constipation. If one ablates even once a day he can be considered the luckiest man.


8. How many times to ablate a day?
Some may be scared to hear this. “We don’t ablate even once a day, but he talks of number times” they may curse me. Many believe ablating once a day is the sign of good health. And we follow to hilt this self-conceived rule and consider any other deviation a big mistake. Some think our intestines are comparatively long. Animals have shorter intestines. That is why we ablate once in a day, they conclude. That is entirely wrong. This false notion is also packed in many books and called a symptom of good health. Our peers were ablating twice a day and workers engaged in physical labor now do the same thing. Let us examine the lactating baby. The baby which drinks mother’s milk stomachfull a number of times ablates as many times. It drinks milk roughly once in three hours in which time the feces reaches the outlet. The moment it drinks another dose it applies pressure on the intestines and the result is a free bowel movement. This repeats 5-6 times a day. This is the nature of our body. Like animals we also have the natural ability to ablate as many times as we eat. The trouble for the first time starts in the baby the moment mother’s milk is substituted with bottled milk. As it begins eating solid foods constipation also sets in. The baby is fortunate if it can ablate once a day or once in two days. For any creature it is natural that it ablates as many times as it eats. Animals used to vegetarian food eat continuously. And they ablate in the same manner. Carnivorous animals do not eat until the previous food is digested. They eat only after the previous intake is ablated. They eat only once in a day or once in two days, and ablate as many times. That is natural for them. What about man? What is natural for him: Vegetarianism, non-vegetarianism or both? How many times he eats is important and also how many times he ablates. In the last 40-50 years man developed a habit to visit the toilet once a day. If fortunately some children do it twice they are hauled to the doctor. There are many parents who feel worried that by doing so their children are purging all strength at the cost of their health. By ablating once in a day the body is 24

conserving all that is good, some believe. According to this logic those who ablate once in 3-4 days or 10 days are the strongest! The valuable part of what all we eat is sucked by the small intestines and waste products reach large intestines. The body does not expect anything from the waste product. It is only expelled. Later again it accumulates. Thus it is a never-ending process. We should expel feces whenever we want and not once in a day or so. The key to this success should be in our hand and not vice versa.

9. When to ablate One may wonder if really a specific time and method is required to clear the bowels. Yes, it is better if a definite time is fixed. In this speed age everybody is busy all the time. The available time is distributed for all engagements. A time table is drawn: time to read newspaper, to drink tea or coffee, to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, for entertainment, for earning, for sleep – the entire day is thus divided and followed accordingly. All this is good. But trouble arises in fixing a time for toilet. In case of animals that is not required as they can ablate as and when they need. It is not possible with humans. When man neglects to fix a specific time for ablation, body itself takes initiative and fixes such time as once in two days or so, not necessarily every day. We should not be habituated to follow the dictates of the body. One has to set up a fixed time for ablation. The feces in the intestines come out in fixed amount at a fixed time. Our elders followed a regimen, which started the day with ablation.

The first ablation: Immediately after getting up from sleep one should ablate. At that
early hour there are no other thoughts in our mind. The nerves in intestines are also tension-free. If our mind is engaged in some other activity it takes more time for ablution. The effort put in by the body to expel feces immediately after we wake up is 50 to 60 per cent. If we put in the rest of 40-50 per cent of effort the bowel movement is an easy and joyful experience. There should be a strong desire in us to defecate. Let us see what is our 40-50 per cent effort. Immediately after getting up from the bed one should urinate, wash mouth and drink stomach-full of water or one to one and half liters of water quickly. If one is not able to do that he should drink as much water as he can in 2-3 installments within 5-10 minutes. Then concentrating on intestines below the navel he should walk around for 510 minutes without harboring any thoughts. Bowel movements start within 2-3 minutes


of drinking water. If thoughts wander we find it difficult to sense them. When the concentration is full, bowel movements quicken and force one to rush to toilet. As suggested above, if water is taken at a time pressure is applied on stomach from where signals are sent to brain facilitating movements in bowels. For example, take the case of a school-going child. His mother asks him to go to toilet in the morning. He refuses saying that he does not have the urge. He is bathed, dressed and prepared for school. He is given his breakfast and a glass of milk. School bag is hung on his shoulders. As school bus is about to arrive at the doorsteps he runs to toilet in such a tearing hurry that he cannot even wait to take out his shorts. The same thing can happen to us if we take enough water. After the first bowel movement we can go about our daily routine. Twenty minutes after drinking water we can walk, exercise or practice yoga. A free bowel movement facilitates easy and agile movement of body.

The second ablution: The first ablution pushes feces to the end part of lower
intestines. It takes at least 30-40 minutes for the upper intestines to push feces down. The physical exercise, walking and any other work are helpful for this. Effort should begin for second ablution after 45 minutes or one hour of drinking the first dose of water. The same earlier process should be repeated and this time the bowel movement is freer and feces thin. Now the large intestine is totally free and one feels as if a great weight is taken off his head.

The third ablution: The right time for third ablution is between 5 PM to 7 PM. Most
of the people return home by this time. A few others don’t come home due to other avocations. Wherever they are if they want to ablate it is quite possible. All efforts should be made to make it possible. This time also, when the stomach is empty stomach-full of water should be drunk and concentrated on the act. Concentration is necessary as our minds are preoccupied with many other things. The intake of water at this time facilitates also in emptying of urinary bladder, which does not disturb our sleep later in the night. Even if ablution does not take place, it is important that it occurs before going to bed. If getting up two or three times in the night for urination is not difficult, more water can be taken on empty stomach and defecated.


10. How do feces move?
We take food thrice a day. Let us see how the feces are formed as many times, at what time it reaches large intestines and how it is emptied. 1. 8 A.M

A) After stomach-full of breakfast.


2. 12 Noon

A) Waste product of breakfast eaten in the morning is ready to reach first part of large intestines.


3. 1 P.M

A) Waste of breakfast reaches first part of large intestines. B) Stomach is filled with lunch.


4. 5 P.M

A) Waste product of lunch is ready to reach large intestines. B) Waste product of breakfast in third part of large intestines ready for ablution.


5. 6 P.M

A) The feces of breakfast are ablated. Third part of large intestines is empty. B) The waste product of lunch reaches first part of large intestines. C) Dinner enters stomach.


6. 10 P.M

A) The feces of lunch reaches third part of large intestines and ready for ablution. Since it is not ablated at that time it remains there till morning. B) The waste product of food eaten at 6 P.M is ready to reach the first part of large intestines.


7. 5 A.M next day

A) Waste of yesterday’s lunch is ready for ablation in third part of large intestines. B) Yesterday’s evening food reaches second part of large intestines.


8. 5.15 A.M next day

A) After taking first installment of water and first ablation the waste of yesterday’s lunch emptied from third part of large intestines. B) Waste of yesterday’s evening food is ready to travel from second part to third part of large intestines.


10. 6 A.M next day

A) Feces of yesterday’s evening food reach third part of large intestines and ready for ablution.


10. 6.15 A.M next day

A) When second installment of water is taken and made efforts waste of yesterday’s evening food is emptied from third part of large intestines as second ablation. B) Thus with three ablutions a day the large intestines are completely emptied.



8 A.M next day

A) Breakfast reaches stomach B) Small intestines are waiting for food. C) Empty large intestines are waiting for feces. Thus as illustrated above three ablutions a day facilitate complete emptying of large intestine the same day without storing feces in it. All living creatures in the world ablate as many times as they eat. Their bowels are completely empty before they eat again. This is the secret of life. The nature of our body is similar. If not three, at least two ablutions a day are good for health.


Those who ablate two times

A) The feces formed everyday. B) The old feces (struck to intestines duo to constipation.)


11. Definition of free ablution
Are you surprised? You may have read many definitions for many words. May be this is the first time you are coming across definition of ablution. Our elders were teaching us about these things in the good old days. That tradition had vanished long back. Definition: As a rule ablation should take place instantly without any effort or force. The whole process should be completed in 5-6 seconds and at one go. The anus should close up the moment the act is finished. Then only it can be called a free ablution. Many harbor a doubt: Animals and birds can only accomplish the above act. Can there be such lucky ones among humans? We were also like that as long as we were fed with mother’s milk. Changes occurred as we discontinued mother’s milk or started eating cooked food. The small child completes ablation at a time and asks its mother for a wash But the mother insists that he wait for some more time. The child knows it was futile as the act is already complete. But the mother does not know this. Only after 5-10 minutes the child is liberated. It is not the mother’s fault. She does the same daily. She is habituated to expelling excreta in small quantities. Though we have a natural tendency to ablate instantly and at a time, we lost that quality, for which seeds were sown long back at a tender age. We urinate the moment we sit on the toilet commode. When it stops or even while it is continuing ablution begins. Since the act is not complete anus is open. When applied force some more is expelled and this is repeated 5-6 times in 15 minutes or half an hour. Exertion and pain in legs force one to get up but not after a satisfactory ablution. This is the case with many in towns. Some do not want to waste their time in toilet and they carry a newspaper with them. They complete reading the newspaper but not the intended work. Animals ablate when they are ready. But man wants to ablate when he enters the toilet. This is the difference between free bowl movement and constipation. Better enter the toilet only when there is great urge to ablate and urgency.


12. Why free ablution is a happy experience?
Body is always happy when it is given what it needs and expels what it does not require. It simply suffers when waste accumulates. It has a great quality of shedding the unwanted. Likewise it does not keep quiet when the unwanted enters it. It forces us to make all efforts to remove if something sticks in between the teeth and does not rest until it is taken out. Take a tiny particle in the eye. It sheds water until it comes out or drives us to a doctor. It constantly tries to throw out unwanted products like carbon dioxide, perspiration, urine and feces. If helped in this process the body is happy. A brisk walk in the morning makes our body perspire profusely and feel agile. It is the same after we urinate. Ablution is also in the same category. What all that is not needed in the food we eat is pushed into the large intestines from where it has to move out. The body tries it best to purge useless product before it harms. If we help it do its duty we are a healthy and a happy lot. The body asks us to scratch at a certain place and we oblige it. The result is comfort and happiness. Suppose we scratch when the body does not ask for you can imagine the result. Man is happy only when he has a free and full bowel movement.

13. Ideal food for free bowel movement
The formation of feces depends on the food we eat. The fiber in the food plays a vital role in this. More fiber means more quantity of feces, which immensely helps in free bowel movement. The foods with less fiber or no fiber result in constipation. What is fiber? We chew pomegranate seeds and gulp the juice. What is all left is fiber. 40

Let us see what happens in large intestines when we eat fibrous food. The food we eat moves forward in stomach and small intestines, the essence (strength) of it being sucked slowly by them. The left over fiber expands when it mixes with water in intestines. It starts its journey while cleaning intestines and pushing down the undigested food, dead cells, vain mucus, harmful bacteria etc. and reaches the large intestines. The moment the fibrous food in small intestines drops into large intestines it is called feces. The more quantity of fibrous food means more quantity of feces. Likewise, more quanta of feces accelerate its free, speedy movement. This keeps constipation at door. More intake of food also does not end up in constipation then. The incidence of constipation in working people is less because of this reason only. If we eat only nonfibrous food the intestines suck all its essence and nothing is left. There is no medium left to cleanse the intestines off dead cells, harmful bacteria etc. They all make intestines their living place causing chronic diseases. The carnivorous animals whose intake of food is sans fibers ablate once in two days in black and in small quantity. The feces contain only dead bacteria and mucus. Fibrous foods: Wheat floor, raw rice, green gram, chick peas, wheat, groundnut, sesame, dates, coconut, all leafy vegetables, vegetables, fruits and all natural foods contain fibers. It is enough if we eat them daily. List of fibrous foods (in 100 gms. quantity) 1. Wheat 1.2 gms. 2. Wheat Flour 1.9 Gms. 3. Bajra 3.6. Gms. 4.Raw rice 0.6. gms. 5. Sprouted wheat 1.4. gms. 6. Chick peas 3.9. gms. 7. Green gram 4.1 gms. 8. Green peas 4.5 gms. 9. Dry peas 4.0 gms. 10. Soya beans 3.7. gms. 11. (Totakura) 1.0 gms. 12. (Palakura) 0.6. gms. 41

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42.

Curry Leaves 6.4 gms. Carrot 1.2 gms. Drumstick 4.8. gms. Beans 2.0 gms. Clustered Beans3.2 gms. Brinjal 1.3 gms. Snake gourd 0.8 gms. Tomato 1.0 gms. Dry coconut 6.6 gms. Raw coconut 3.6 gms. Peanuts 3.1 gms. Sesame seeds 2.9 gms. Dates 3.7 gms. Dry dates 3.9 gms. Banana 0.4 gms. Apple 1.0 gms. (pedda usiri) 3.4 gms. Guavas 5.2 gms. Grapes 3.0 gms. Mango 0.7 gms. Papaya 0.8 gms. Pomegranate 5.1 gms. (sapota) 2.6 gms. (seetaphalam) 3.1 gms. Meat 0 gms. Egg 0 gms. Oil 0 gms. Fish 0 gms. Sugar 0 gms. Milk 0 gms.

Advantages of fibrous food: 1. 2. 3. There is every possibility of 2-3 ablutions if the fibrous content in food is more. Fiber makes the feces smooth. The feces expelled are high in quantity. The useful bacteria in intestines act on fibers producing emulsified gas making feces smooth. Higher quantity of fibers produces more peristaltic movements in intestines. This helps in quick digestion. Feces move quickly. This sees to it that food in intestines does not turn sour avoiding sour belching. It


4. 5.


7. 8. 9.

also contains formation of gas. The only way to evade gastric trouble is to consume more fibrous foods daily. Fiber allows neither storage of nor hardening of feces in large intestines. More fiber in their food is a must for those who ablate 5-6 times a day and in small quantities, feel pain, expel watery feces due to change in water or atmosphere, who take a long time to ablate etc. They can avoid the above and many other diseases. Researchers say that the dangerous cancer-causing bacteria are given birth in the stored feces in intestines. Their birth is dependent on the acid present in large intestines. The bacteria in intestines break fiber into pieces and make feces more acidic. Since fibers facilitate quick removal of feces without allowing it to store in large intestines there is no scope of toxins developing in feces. Fibers help wonderfully in producing useful bacteria in large intestines. At the same time it reduces ammonia in intestines and help cells retain immunity. It helps the dead cells to purge out with feces and clean intestines.

A few tips here suffice. While eating fruits their fiber should not be thrown out. For example, fibers in pomegranate, orange, guavas etc. should be taken in. In a hurry to consume as much fibers as possible to avoid constipation don’t gulp down pieces of drumsticks, fiber from mango kennel etc. forcibly. You should discard inconvenient fibers.

14. Best way to prevent constipation
So far we led a life of indiscipline as far as food, water and thinking are concerned. This is the prime reason for constipation. Stimulating free bowel movement through


medicines is dangerous. In fact it aggravates constipation. Given below is step by step regimen to ward off constipation. 1. Get up from bed early in the morning. Drink 1.25 to 1.50 liter water. Concentrate on intestines. Complete first round of ablution. After 20 to 25 minutes of taking first round of water exert body by walk or exercise or yoga or some work for an hour until it profusely perspires. This helps muscles, veins and blood circulation. Drink same amount of water as earlier after a few minutes of exercise. Concentrate and make efforts for second ablution. If it is free it is all right or else stop the effort. If one does not have free ablution after the above routine or has only a little or unsatisfactory ablution or those with a history of chronic constipation have to go for enema after the second dose of water intake. Take any food after 25-30 minutes of taking water. It is better if the above schedule is completed by 7.30-8 A.M in the morning. The breakfast should be natural and uncooked food. Stop imbibing coffee and tea. If it is in juice form it is all the more better in the morning as it is good for intestines. Juice of raw vegetables is a waking up call for intestines. There is no need for drinking limejuice and honey. Drink juice of snake gourd, ribbed gourd, bottle gourd, cucumber, carrot, tomato, beetroot etc. Add four spoons of honey (one or two for diabetics) and limejuice to it. It can also be taken without filtering it if it is ground softy. Otherwise, fruit juice or limejuice with honey can be taken. After 45 minute or one hour of drinking juice eat any food. Some take sprouted cereals or beans. But they are not suitable for those who have constipation. And those who are required to go for enema in the morning should eat papaya, pomegranate, clustered apple, mango, dates etc. for breakfast. They generate hunger. They are easily digestible, and move freely 44






down the intestines. Diabetics should not eat fruits. Continue enema until digestive system comes back to normalcy. Those who have no gas problem and are not hungry should immediately start eating sprouted beans, raw coconut, dates etc in the morning. Sprouted cereals and beans should be soaked in water in the morning, drained in the night and tied in a cloth to drain water. After two days they sprout. If you are diabetic don’t eat dates. After one week of stopping enema one can eat sprouts. 10-15 dates can be eaten a day. 7. 8. Take one liter of water in installments in two hours after breakfast and half an hour before lunch. Take lunch between 1-2 P.M. Do not eat white rice. Eat cooked pounded rice, wheat pounded or milled or rotis (wheat bread without oil). The vegetables to be eaten in lunch should weigh at least half a kilogram. It should be devoid of salt and oil. In the natural life pattern seven items – salt, oil, ghee, sweats, chilly, and spices – should be avoided completely. If you cannot avoid the above at least cut their use to one third. Don’t drink while eating. You can take curd. Water should be drunk only after two hours of eating food. Then drink one-liter water in two-three installments in one and one and half hours time. In the afternoon between 4-4.30 take a glass of juice of orange, citrus fruit, pomegranate or any other fruit. A spoon of honey can be added to it. In place of juice, fruits can also be taken. If both are not available mix honey in lemon juice. If you are not too hungry fill the stomach with water. Between 6-6.30 in the evening drink a liter of water again and concentrate your mind on ablution. By 6.30-7.30 in the evening and after 25-30 minutes of taking water complete the dinner programme. If you take dinner early digestion process is completed before you go to bed and the feces are ready in the intestines. The secret of health is early dinner. 45



11. 12.

Those who are not hungry, or suffer from indigestion and heaviness in stomach or have lost appetite should take available fruits instead of cooked food. Dates can be added to the list to avoid weakness. Fruits are easily digestible, give rest to intestines and create hunger. If your appetite is normal and all other health aspects are in order then you can take 2-3 wheat rotis (breads) and avoid rice. If after 20-30 days constipation dissipates a small quantity of rice can be taken. Don’t eat anything after the main meals. After two hours of having dinner drink one or two glasses of water or buttermilk. If awake until 10 or 11 in the night, drink lemon juice with honey.

15. Relation between mind and bowel movement
‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’ Solution cannot be found to any issue unless you apply your mind, our peers used to say. This applies to bowel movement also. However, if we eat natural foods, drink plenty of water and exercise adequately even without applying mind we can have 2-3 ablutions a day. Water increase pressure on intestines resulting in reflexive mechanism prompting orders from brain to body asking it to go for ablution. An animal ablates instantly. But it is different with humans. Though the intestines and nerves are ready for the act man has many constraints to listen to them. Hence, he locks the calls in his mind and by force stops the desire to ablate. But if one has to keep constipation at bay he has to ablate at a convenient time as many times as his body desires. The feces of the breakfast reaches large intestines at about 2-3 PM but stops there as we are generally either in office or busy with business. Our mind knows that we cannot attend to the call. It is stored there. The feces of lunch reach large intestines at 7-8 P.M. At that time we may be on the way home or taking dinner or engaged in some other work. The feces of 4 P.M fruits or snacks are ready by 10 P.M. At that time we may be busy 46

with preparation for sleep or already asleep. The waste of dinner reaches large intestines by 3-4 in the morning. Then we are asleep. Thus man is preoccupied whenever the body wants him to discharge the waste from his body. He is forced to put a stop to natural process. The result is constipation. And some term this natural modus operandi of the body unnatural. If you have the will the bowels listen to you. In the morning, we all are comparatively free, mentally and physically. It is better to put efforts to concentrate at this time to move bowels. It is not possible for all to move bowels by concentration without putting any pressure on the stomach. If we pressurize the stomach with water it sends signals to brain that in return send orders to intestines. First, we should make effort by drinking water and then concentrate on large intestines and in turn they loosen the nerves. It is just like a stone in our hand. If the brain orders the hand to grip it and the nerves in the hand obey. Then if brain orders loosening the grip it does so. The same happens with the intestines. One should go to toilet only when nerves loosen their grip on intestines and not vice versa. Imagine this scenario. You sense movement in large intestines within 5-6 minutes of drinking water. You concentrate on intestines. Suddenly phone rings. You are totally engaged in conversation for 10 minutes. As your thoughts wander, movements in intestines stop. By the time you are free from telephone the pressure created by water subsides. The result is not hard to guess. This is the case with majority of people. Take the evening. One cannot concentrate on intestines as in morning because we are preoccupied with many issues and thoughts. The cause is lack of concentration. So, all this is connected with mind. This is the relation between mind and bowel movement.


16. Visiting toilet after eating
While I was a child mostly, I was going to toilet after eating. My elders were rebuking me saying that I was week, lean and had stunted growth all because I was ablating after eating. I was even taken to number doctors by my mother. I was made to gulp down tonics and tablets. But they did not cure me. That was a common complaint those days. Even now many come to me with the same grievance. Those who do not ablate in the morning have this dilemma. For some it happens because they cannot completely finish the task in the morning. Only when there is enough pressure in intestines the feces is automatically pushed down. If the feces are less in quantity and hard in substance, intestines cannot push it down. In such a situation only pressure from above, may be water or breakfast gives them the required momentum. Even that may not suffice for some people. Then a sumptuous meal may do the trick. For some the task is completed only with another dose of breakfast and lunch the next day. If that also fails then enema is the only respite. However, this is better than no bowel movement at all. The first loss is appetite. A free bowl movement in the morning makes one hungry. If the first ablution does not take place it reduces appetite. Even a little intake of food causes stomachache or heaviness. After ablution it is a great relief and also a good appetite. If elders experience this trouble it is not a big problem. But for children this is a major problem since their intake of food is drastically reduced. When we visit relatives’ or friends’ we are often offered snacks. Some refuse to take on the pretext that they do not eat anything once they step out of their house and are eulogized as disciplined. But the real fact is that he cannot afford to eat because the very next movement he has to dash to toilet. Elders tell children that if they visit toilet after taking food all that they have eaten will go out waste. They might be saying this to scare them into learning to ablate after waking up and thus making it a habit. Even if one goes to toilet after eating nothing untoward happens. When people find it difficult to 48

throw out what all that remains of yesterday’s food where is the trouble if what we eat now immediately goes out?

17. Problems from gas
At least 70 per cent people suffer from various problems created by gas produced in intestines. Many people continue to suffer silently since they don’t have answers for many of the questions like - why do they suffer from such gas problem, what changes should they make in their food habits. The gas in the stomach neither goes up nor comes down. So they can neither eat properly nor sleep properly. If you understand the root cause of gas and if you make changes in your eating habits, you can drive out the gas problem in a matter of 5, 6 days. For every problem proper diagnosis is the most important factor. So let us find out what are the reasons for gas problem.

Intake of water while eating: All of us have a bad habit: 1. drinking water while eating. Gastric juices, Hydrochloric Acid and many other digestive juices are produced in stomach to facilitate digestion of food. Only when all these juices mix well in food it gets digested quickly. All these essential juices are diluted and made lifeless if we drink water while eating. The food takes double the time to get digested. To compensate the loss of quality in digestive juices the stomach and intestines work overtime to produce enough juices. It takes double the time to make them thick and strong. Thus if the food that takes usually two hours to digest, takes four hours and the food that digests in four hours stays in digestive system for eight hours. Food becomes sour when it stays in intestines for more time producing gas. This is the reason why some get sour belching within 3-4 hours of taking food. If we stop taking water while eating, the food completely mixes with digestive juices and is digested quickly. Generally some gas is produced during digestive process due to chemical reaction. This is the sign of good health. If we drink water after the food becomes a

smooth pulp in intestines it becomes juice and mixes with blood. If you want to ward off gas trouble drink plenty of water half an hour before taking food and 1, 2 glasses two hours after food.

2.Munching always: This is the most important factor as far as
gas is concerned. Many of us have the bad habit of munching something or the other irrespective of time gap. We eat once because we are hungry. Next we eat for company sake. Again we eat because we have nothing else to. We push food through our throats so many times and in so many varieties that it is similar to dumping the discarded into a dustbin. Once it is hot drink and next a cold drink; then cooked food and raw vegetables; drinks and juices; vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods; added to them water – stomach turns out to be worse than a garbage bin. We hurt the stomach so much that it looks as if it is taking revenge in the form of gastric trouble, bloating, belching, acidity, ulcers – the list is unending. Take this gentleman. He takes sumptuous breakfast at 8 A.M. On way to office he drops at friend or relative’s house at 9 A.M on some work. They offer him breakfast and insist on eating it. He obliges them. In the office his colleague offers a homemade snack at tea break at 11 A.M. He has no way but to eat it. Thus the eating spree goes on. We eat three times a day for ourselves and 3-4 times for others. The result is utter chaos in intestines with more and more food dropping in and confusing the intestines about its priorities. The morning breakfast turns sour. The second helping at 9 A.M is not properly digested. Both of them stay there for hours. Then the water we drink mixes with them. One cannot even imagine the riot that takes place inside intestines. The sour food stored there becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. They further sour the food that produces gas. For the gas to escape from the top stomach should be empty or if it has to go from bottom large intestines should be empty. The upper route is closed due to intermittent food intake and the lower route due to constipation. Without an escape route the gas produced lingers inside pushing upwards. This is a daily routine. It is in our hands to avoid this chaos and lead a happy life. Eat sumptuously at a time. Wash the hand and close the gate (mouth). Only open it for water. Don’t open it until you are ravenously hungry.



Undigested proteins: The proteins we eat daily generate

gases while in the process of digestion. There are plenty of proteins in cereals and non-vegetarian foods. While eating them we commit the two grave mistakes. Proteins are not properly digested in intestines and they do not suck essence from them. The harmful bacteria in intestines are called Bacillus Collie. Mainly they produce gas. They demand proteins for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They cling to undigested proteins and turn them into rot. The bacteria release from the rotten product various types of toxins and chemicals that generate poisonous gases. The gas produced in the intestines has a rotten and pungent smell. Some people complain that they emit gas with pungent odor when they eat beans, cereals and meat. The reason is the same. Some have free bowel movement and yet they emit smelly gas, the reason for this being the same. If food is not properly chewed it stays for more time in intestines because it requires more time to digest. Meanwhile it becomes sour. Our intestines produce a liter of gas every day. This is a healthy feature. There is no problem with this gas. It is light and passes off freely from up as well as bottom. The real problem starts when its production exceeds one liter. We should realize that our digestive system is not working properly if the gas is smelly and excess.


Non-fibrous food: The fibers in our food push it through

intestines freely and quickly and do not allow it to store. Bacteria have no ground there. Non-vegetarian food does not contain fibers and produce gas. Some people feel bloated and uncomfortable when they eat oily foods. They lack fibers. Nowa-days everybody is eating polished and artificial food. Though sprouted beans and cereals contain lot of proteins they do not cause bloating since they have plenty of fibers.


Constipation: The 1.5-metre large intestines are stored

with feces and have no empty place. If the various gases produced in stomach and small intestines are released through the bottom outlet there will not be much of a problem. Problem arises when there is no space in large intestines to accommodate undigested food from small intestines. The result is production of more and more gas. Gases are also produced in feces stored in large intestines by harmful bacteria.


18. How should fasces smell and look
Feces, the word itself is repulsive to some people. Some others scowl at its very mention. If somebody brings the topic at dinner table you kill him with your looks. Those, who are very sensitive, even run away from the table. It is imprinted on our minds that feces are a bad material. We obtained this impression because of its foul smell. Though it is a residue of what we eat and a part of ourselves their smell and appearance give us negative feelings. Let us see how feces with such loathsome smell and shape are created in our body. It takes 7-8 hours to convert the vegetarian food we eat into feces. The breakfast takes 5 hours and dinner 8 hours. The residue of the food we eat takes that much time to reach the first part of large intestines. In case the previous day’s feces is not expelled the intestines is full obstructing the latest arrival. Thus the feces of breakfast, lunch, and dinner wait in queue in intestines. When the feces reach the first part of large intestines the smell of food and feces are the same. If it is expelled within 10-15 hours it retains the smell of food. The color is also same as the food we ate or may be slightly yellowish. If the feces are stored in large intestines for more than a day 25 per cent of it starts smelling bad and turning into dark color. These feces are slightly become hard and dark in color in the beginning and attain dark yellow color and come out as a rope. If it is two days old the first part of the feces is jet black and highly sticky and smells a lot, 60-70 per cent of it being foul. The feces stored for three days has no yellow color in it at all, is completely black with nasty smell. It is round in shape in the beginning and then turns into rope like. If it is 4-5 days old it is stony and in round shape like marbles. It’s smell is unbearable. This gives us an idea why we hate it. What is the form and smell of feces if it is ablated 2-3 times a day? Mostly it retains the smell of the food we have eaten. The


color changes according to the color of food we eat three times a day. Then the feces is neither sticky nor rope like. Mere flushing will make it disappear into the drain. This is what is called free and happy bowel movement. If the feces of animals also smell like humans’ we cannot just think of living in this world. All animals drop excreta in the open and on streets. But we don’t find it a hindrance to walk about because they do not bear unbearable smell. Only man has this disadvantage and overcoming this is not a difficult proposition. Healthy bowel habits come from healthy food habits.

19. Relation between body odors and feces
Everyone wants his body and mouth to be free from bad smell and the oily skin. A lot of effort and money goes into the exercise to get rid of them. Man tries his best to make his body look attractive and smell good through dress he wears and the perfumes and body sprays. But he does not know how to keep inside the body and the bowels clean. There are five odors that originate from various parts of our body: 1.Teeth, coating on tongue. 2. Saliva. 3. Perspiration. 4. Urine, 5. Feces. All these five odors come out from inside. We can know state of cleanliness and health inside our body by these five odors. Man is seeking help of other smells outwardly to suppress the smells emanating from inside the body. He does not comprehend that these bodily odors are the signals of growing pollution inside the body. He uses toothpaste, which has fine smell to clean his teeth, and scales his tongue regularly. But in no time the smells come back. He tries to suppress them through mouth freshener. To avoid smelly perspiration he utilizes talcum powders, creams and sprays. Not content with them he is now using suppressants against perspiration. He cleans the toilet with deodorants and phenyl to avoid bad


smells. Thus man is in eternal quest for newest products to suppress his adverse body odors. Let us see why our body emanates these five odors. Constipation is responsible for 50-60 per cent of these bad smells. The rest is due to lack of sufficient intake of water. When the feces are stored in large intestines for days together the water in them is sucked by walls of intestines and slowly reaches the blood. The bad smells, bad water and pollution in the intestines get mixed in the 5-liter blood that body has. That is the reason why that everything that comes out from the body smells bad. The only way to avoid these smells is to drink 5-6 liters of water and ablate three times daily. Let us see how you will feel when refuse from large intestines is sent out, not getting mixed with your blood, and consequently your body is kept clean from inside. When you wake up from sleep your mouth is fresh without any odors. You don’t even feel like gargling, brushing your teeth, and scaling your tongue. The saliva sans any bad smell indicates the healthiness of your digestive system and liver. It does not create any problem even of you don’t bathe. It is the same thing even if you don’t change your dress for four days. There is also no need for talcum powders, perfumes, sprays and creams. If there is no smell of perspiration you can be sure that 68 per cent of water in the body is clean. You need not flush after you urinate. It means the kidneys are doing their work efficiently. On the whole if the body does not emit these five smells it is an indication that all the organs in the body are perfectly functioning.

20. What happens if feces are stored?
Even though one ablates twice a day and if it is not free and fulsome the feces start storing in large intestines. If one ablates once a day only half of the big intestines is emptied. When the ablation is not free only one fourth of the intestines 54

are emptied. One can imagine what happens if there is no ablation for 2-3 days. It is estimated that 98 per cent of people ablate only once in a day or two.

A. B. C.

Feces after two days. Day after tomorrow’s feces. Tomorrow’s feces.

The above illustration depicts how the day’s feces move in empty intestines. Consider having taken food all the three times, the feces are formed three times and stored in three 55

parts of large intestines. The feces in third part goes out tomorrow morning; from the second part the day after tomorrow and the third day from the first part mixed with new arrival. This means the feces of today’s food are expelled on the third day. It is stored for about 2 days. Thus the large intestine is always to brink.

The large intestines of those who ablate once in a day are always full with feces.


The intestines swell in those who ablate once in 2-3 days. For those who ablate once in 2-3 days their intestines are fully packed with not even space for air causing swelling in them. The feces are hardened. Let us see what changes take place when feces are stored.


Sagged balloon-like large intestines due to storage of feces.


Infected large intestines.

1. Sagging of large intestine: The large intestine is of 2 inches
width. Constipation and constant storage of feces force the large intestines to sag due to its weight and increase in volume. The large intestines sag by 5-8 inches in some people. Estimated 4 to 8 kilos of feces is stored in the intestines of a person suffering from constipation. For some it may even be weighty and more the storage, more the sagging. The sagging facilitates more storage and resulting in more constipation.

2. Lessening of intestines’ power: The moment intestines
begin to sag their power also starts decreasing, same as a rubber band loses its strength when stretched too.


21. Worms and bacteria in intestines
The Feces help bacteria to grow leaps and bounds. The large intestine is the fertile breeding ground for dangerous worms and bacteria whose sole mission is to wreck our health. Let us see what sort of worms and bacteria are produced in our intestines, their characteristics and the damage they cause to the body.

1. Pinworms: Many must have observed thread-like worms
stirring in the feces of children. These are called pinworms. They stick to lubricant layers in large intestines. The female pinworms lay thousands of eggs on the thin skin near the opening of anus. That is why children scratch in that part in the night. These eggs are thrown out with the feces but reach back stomach through food and water we take. It is always better to thoroughly wash fruits and leafy and other vegetables.

Symptoms: Though these worms are found inside the body,
the outwardly symptoms are not very much worrisome. Mostly these symptoms are found in children. Even if these worms do not come out with feces severe itching at the opening of anus, sleeplessness in the night, stomachache, lack of appetite, bedwetting, dysentery etc. are the symptoms of this disease.

Prevention: 1. Children should be dissuaded from eating
outside foods. 2. Hands should be thoroughly washed with soap after ablation. 3. Constipation helps to multiply worms; hence precautions should be taken to control it. 4. Intake of sugar, sweets, chocolates etc. should be reduced. Instead vegetables and fruits should be encouraged. 5. Enema should be given for five days and later with neem water twice a week. This kills the eggs of worms to a large extent.

2. Round worms: They are smooth and round in shape like
earthworms. The fully-grown worm is 7-8 inches in length. They are often found both in children as well as grown ups. Only when they come out with feces we come to know about their presence in our body. They have long life as they feed on the food digested in small intestines. There are instances when they block intestines by their proliferation. In some cases they come out through vomiting also. They reach small intestines 60

through unclean food and polluted water and make them their living place.

Symptoms: 1. Immediately after coming out of eggs the
worms pierce the walls of small intestines and reach heart and lungs through blood. When they reach lungs symptoms of fever, cough etc. is experienced. Some times one gets rashes. 2. Children sometimes uncontrollably weep due to severe stomachache and we are unaware of the reason. 3. These worms eat away the digested food blocking it from reaching the blood leading to weight decrease, loss of growth, weakness etc. among children.

Prevention: 1. Raw vegetables and fruits should be washed
thoroughly before eating. 2. Hands should be washed thoroughly after ablution. 3. Outside eatables should be stopped. 4. Constipation should be checked.

3. Hook Worms: They are about 1 cm. long. They hang on to
walls of small intestines like hooks. When ablated in the open grounds the eggs come out with feces and mix with dirt. There they hatch and turn into worms. When we walk around and work in mud they creep into the body through skin and travel to blood, lungs and finally to small intestines and make them their home. They suck blood from small intestines and thrive.

Symptoms: 1. When these worms reach lungs they cause
cough, blood in sputum, throat pain etc. 2. Skin allergies like rashes, itching, small sores etc. 3. When they are in large number in intestines some symptoms like dysentery, bloating of stomach, stomachache etc. are visible. 4. Children suddenly lose weight because the worms completely suck blood intestines and cause anemia. 5. Children lose appetite and become dull.

Prevention: 1. Children should wash their hands and legs after
playing in mud. This applies to grown ups also. 2. As this disease causes anemia nutritious, healthy food should be eaten. Apart from the above many more worms and bacteria grow in our stomach. But only the commonest were mentioned above. All of them go out through feces and come back through our 61

hands, food etc. Especially children should not be allowed to ablate in open places outside. They should be made to wash their hands thoroughly after ablation. The most important precaution is to imbibe healthy food habits and increase resistance to diseases. There are many allopathic drugs to guard the body from the onslaught of diseases but they are not entirely successful. They can be used nonetheless for prevention. Whenever above symptoms are noticed children should be taken to doctor. Now let us now know in detail about the bacteria in intestines and the diseases often caused by them.

1. Dysentery: A sort of bacteria is responsible for this disease.
They enter body through food and water, reach large intestines and damage the lubricant layers by releasing toxins causing ulcers in intestines. When the disease aggravates the ulcers are also infected.

Symptoms: 1. Dysentery starts suddenly with acute
stomachache. 2. Feces contain mucus and blood. 3. Some times fever, headache, loss of appetite and acute weakness accompany. 4. Puss also accompanies blood in feces. The patients become weak as water is drained out of the body and also blood is discharged.

Prevention: 1. Drink plenty of water. 2. Take coconut water
and water mixed with sugar and salt when you feel too weak. 3. Only easily digestible liquid foods should be taken. 4. Proteins and fatty food should be completely avoided. 5. Doctor should be consulted if it crosses control.

2. Amoebeasys: This is very familiar because now-a-days
many suffer from this problem. This disease is called amoebiasis since it is caused by endameba histolytica. The ameba causing this disease enters the body through food we eat and reaches large intestines. They are especially found in the first part of large intestines where the feces are not hard. They enter the glands in the walls of intestines, produce some enzymes, pierce the upper layer of intestine, go into the lubricant layers and cause ulcers. The large intestines are fully affected by ulcers when the disease reaches serious proportions. In some the disease immediately manifests. In 62

some others it may take months and become known only when puss forms in lever.

Symptoms: 1. Dysentery with acute stomachache starts once
in 10-15 days and continues for 7-10 days. 2. Feces are loose and contain puss and mucus. 3. For 2-3 days dysentery follows constipation and again constipation reverts. 4. Stomach is bloated and feces smell foul. 5. When pressed stomach aches (especially on right side). 6. There may be excess blood discharge along with mucus.

Symptoms when disease aggravates: The number of daily
ablations increases: 10-15 loose ablations with foul smell, mucus and blood. When the number reaches 10-20 the quantity of feces comes down and mucus and blood increase. Once in a while the patient goes into coma with high fever and vomiting. In some other cases without above symptoms being visible lever swells and the patient has fever and pain on the side of lever.

Prevention: 1. Food habits have to be changed when the
disease is diagnosed. Plenty of water and easily digestible food should be taken. Spicy and non-vegetarian foods should be completely discarded. 2. More and more water should be drunk and ablate freely daily. As long as feces are stored ulcers do not heal. 3. Fruits and fruit juices should be taken with honey. 4. Sweets and bakery products from outside should not be eaten.

3. Typhoid: Probably there are none who have not heard of
typhoid fever, which attacks the body when certain bacteria enter intestines. These bacteria make their home the limp glands in small intestines entering the body through food and water. Ulcers form in limp glands due to toxins released by bacteria. Through blood they reach lungs, kidneys and gall bladder. When bacteria enter blood stream symptoms of typhoid become apparent. After a stage when it does not respond to medicines even hemorrhage may occur. There is also a possibility of acquiring joint pains, heart and kidney problem due to typhoid.

Symptoms: 1. Fever with acute body pains, headache and
throat pain. 2. Fever is more in evening than morning and it 63

increases day by day. 3. For one week fever increases and then temperature stabilizes at a point and does not decrease. 4. Constipation, stomachache and bloating of stomach persist. 5. After another week fever subsides. 6. In some cases fever relapses in 1-2 weeks.

Prevention: 1. Total rest should be taken. 2. Only digestible
liquid food should be given. 3. Cold swabs should be placed on stomach and cold sponge bath given if the fever is high. 4. More water should be taken to avoid constipation. 5. Depending on the severity of fever doctor should be consulted.

4. Cholera: This is the most dangerous infectious disease. It is
the result of a viral attack. People who do not thoroughly wash their hands after ablation and touch foods, which are eaten by others, transmit this disease. The water contaminated with the feces of diseased person also passes this on. It takes short time to spread. The virus grows in small intestines entering through food and water. Especially it sets up home in the last part of small intestines and releases powerful toxins influencing the walls of intestines to release more water. This triggers loose ablutions. If timely medical help is not provided it may endanger the life.

Symptoms: 1. Dysentery starts suddenly.
2. 3. 4. 5. It is all watery and white like gruel without any solid feces. One liter water goes out every hour. Along with water salts like sodium, potassium also go out. Vomiting follows.

Prevention: 1. Until the body comes back to normalcy plenty of
water and salts should be given. If the patient is not in a position to take them orally they should be administered intravenous. 2. The patient should be isolated. 3. To prevent disease water and food should be clean. 4. Outside ablutions should be stopped. 5. People living in surrounding areas should drink only boiled water.

5. Dysentery: It is caused by many factors. Bacteria, viruses
etc. in our body can be said to be the main factors. When we take food in a hotel on a journey vomiting and dysentery start within an hour, the reason being the food is either stale or contaminated. The bacteria in that food emit various poisons.


This is what is called food poisoning. The influence of the poisons released by the bacteria falls on the walls of intestines. They release more water. Since more and more water is lost in a short time the body is in a crisis. Some people also fall prey to dysentery when they shift to a new place. However, it is a matter of few days before the body gets acclimatized to the new water and new atmosphere.

22. How fasting cleans intestines
When drainage is blocked before attempting to repair it we first hinder the water flow. When traffic in large intestines comes to dead slow and requires immediate repair we have to stop the production of new feces and then start cleaning. Fasting is precisely the same process. Fasting means not eating anything and giving rest to digestive system. When we eat daily blood and energy reach intestines to digest food. Now the same are useful for cleaning and repairing the intestines when there is no food. For this we have to stop the formation of new feces. For that we have to first stop eating. If you eat even fruits feces is formed. The blood and energy reach the intestines even if you drink something. So we should not eat or drink anything during fasting. Since this causes weakness there is no harm in taking something that does not create feces and give energy to body without making the intestines work. Such great energizer is honey. One can fast with its help to push out feces and bacteria. If the hardened feces are to be softened and blood cleaned plenty of water should be taken. With the help of honey and water we can clean the intestines. We can begin fasting by taking first and second dose of water in the morning. Then from 7-8 A.M we can take a big glass of water mixed with four small teaspoons full of honey and juice of one lemon. After onehour two glasses of water is drunk. Then after a hour another glass full of lemon juice is taken in. This process continues till bedtime in the night. Some times


mudpacks are placed below the navel and experienced people apply massage. The duration of repair depends on the extent of closure of intestines, amount of feces stored and damage done. One feels hungry only when the repair and cleaning is complete. There are people who thus fast for 15-20 to 80-90 days. The extent of damage in intestines can be gauged by the duration of loss of appetite. With the fasting and cleaning of the intestines the hardened feces starts softening in 4-5 days and in 10-15 days go out in small quantities. In the last 4-5 days more feces accompanied by foul smell and mucus goes out. For many who come to us their intestines are cleaned in about 30-40 days and for some others 60-70 days. Some expelled on the 60th day of fasting 78 egg-sized feces. Another person ablated half a kilogram of black, foul smelling feces on 90th day. A women ablated a long round worm on 40th day of fasting. As the fasting days grow the old feces slowly moves out. I have supervised fasting by thousands of people we were surprised at the volume of feces they expelled. They have various experiences to narrate. One cannot enter the toilet after a fasting person uses it. Any amount of deodorants or sprays does not suffice. Some ablated nearly four kilograms of feces in the 36th day of fasting. Some people think that they have no problem when only water comes out after 30-40 days of fasting and enema. On the 31st or 41st day the soaked feces comes out at one go in the shape of round balls. The successful fasting can be terminated with coconut water and limejuice. After the cleaning it is a free and happy ablation three times a day. Everyone should go on fasting at least once. However, there are some rules to be followed if one wants to go on fasting.

First: The best way to go on fasting is under the supervision of
doctors in a clinic. You will encounter many problems and hurdles if you want to do it at home. The fasting is generally undertaken in nature cure hospitals. If you have 2-3 months at your disposal you can go for it. Until then you can go for enema at home for 15-20 days strictly following the food regulations. But my sincere advice is not to go on fasting at home.

Second: Follow food regulations for 5-6 months before
embarking on fasting. Stop tea and coffee. Eat only sprouted 66

beans and cereals, pounded rice, vegetables sans salt and oil, drink 5-6 liters of water. Stop eating non-vegetarian foods. Eat early and sleep early. Be prepared mentally for fasting. With this 50-60 per cent of intestines is cleaned. The rest 40-50 per cent of evil freely moves out. Meanwhile fast once in a week by drinking water and honey. Take honey mixed in water 5-7 times a day. Nearly 200 grams of honey can be taken on the day of fasting. Drink 6-7 liters of water daily. Enema can be done on the day of fasting and also the next day. If you feel too weak by evening take another glass of water and honey. If that is also not sufficient take two glasses of coconut water. Don’t eat or drink anything else on the fasting day. Let us declare one-day holiday to the body.

23. Intestine cleaning with salt water – How far useful?
It is believed that through the process of Sankha Prakshalana (ablating after drinking salt water) large intestines are completely cleaned in four hours and white water (salt water as it is) comes out along with feces. This is not totally true. Let us see what happens in the body in this process. When a liter of water is drunk, in fifteen minutes it mixes with blood, reaching it through stomach and intestines, and in an hour it starts coming out in the form of urine. Since the body quickly absorbs water the stomach is emptied immediately. The same liter of salt water instead of mixing with blood goes straight to large intestines, traveling through stomach and small intestines. The mute question is why is it that the salt water like plain water is not mixing with blood in fifteen minutes? Salt is an unwelcome product for the body. Hence it does not accept it. This is the characteristic of the human body. Salt is poisonous and that is why people spit it out the moment it is put in mouth. Salt no doubt stirs our taste buds. But then why are we not able to chew it comfortably? The reason is the


same again. Salt is poisonous. That is why body tries its best to throw out the salt water from the body the moment it enters it. Salt water is expelled through vomiting and dysentery. The process to drink salt water and immediately vomit it to clean the stomach is called Gajakarni. We drink salt water fixing in brain that we should vomit and we vomit it. In Sankha Prakshalana process we tell our brain to ablate it and that is the reason we do not vomit it. Our body sends some stored water to dilute salt water we drink to protect the stomach and intestines. Thus the stored water in the body follows the salt water wherever it goes in the intestines and dilutes it. Within fifteen minutes or half an hour the salt water goes out from the large intestines along with feces. First time the feces with salt water and also the feces waiting at the anus move out. The volume of the feces is large. Again stomach-full of salt water is drunk. Again after 15 minutes or half an hour if there are any soft feces inside it is ablated along with salt water. This time the volume is small. In this way salt water is taken until all of it comes out. It is erroneously believed that the intestines are cleaned. Take the blocked silencer pipe of a car. Start cleaning it with kerosene and it comes out black the first time. After several cleanings the kerosene comes out as it is. But the silencer is not clean yet. Cut it open and you find carbon stuck to walls. It is gone only when it is burnt and cleaned. Likewise, even if salt water is taken a number of times and ablated the feces stuck to large intestines over years is not that easy to come out. The body is busy throwing out the unwanted salt water from large intestines and has no time to move the stuck feces out. Our brain is engaged in saving the stomach and intestines from the enemy, the salt water, and is concentrating on the ablation. The feces move only when the brain orders.

24. Cleaning large intestines through enema


Hygiene is the most important aspect among all others for man. He keeps the house clean daily. The same is the case with his clothes, car etc. Though he keeps his body clean, outwardly, he does not think of the same with his body inside, especially the intestines. The intestines of those who do not freely and daily ablate can be likened to blocked drainage. They are in the process of slowly blocking. The only way to better health is to clean them periodically and lead a happy life. We know many methods to treat constipation – tablets, capsules, concoctions etc. They are administered either in the night or early in the morning. Any of the above medications make send water in blood to large intestines, move the smoothened feces forward to go out in 3-4 ablutions. These feces are 2-3 days old. Are the intestines free with expulsion of these feces? When should the old feces soak and come out? It does not move ahead. If medicines stimulate 3-4 ablations the body is weakened. Once in a while we can try medicine, not daily. Our body does not permit it. There is more harm to the body than benefit by the above methods. Enema is the only way to clean the intestines without any side effects. Why enema is beneficial? 1. No medicines are used in this method. 2. The water pumped in comes out pushing the feces. The water in blood is not used up in this process. 3. There is no loss of salts. Hence there is no weakness. It can be done daily and for any number of days. 4. Medicines take at least 2-3 hours for 3-4 ablutions. With enema the whole feces comes out in 10-15 minutes. 5. The medicines flush out the useful bacteria also from the intestines. In enema there is no such danger. 6. Intestines are totally cleaned. There are two ways of doing enema: self and with the help of others.

Self-method: It is very easy. Wash the enema box thoroughly
and grease the end part of pen-like rubber pipe meant for insertion into anus with two drops of coconut oil. Before doing enema lie down on one side and bend knees. If there is place in the bathroom this can be done there also. Keep the enema box filled with water on the floor. Insert the rubber pipe into anus 69

two inches deep. Lift the box with left hand as high as you can. In case you feel that water is not reaching the intestines keep the box on the floor and adjust rubber pipe. Again lift the box. In 4-5 minute all the water enters. Bring down the box and go to toilet. This can be done in another way also if the water is not properly reaching the intestines. Fix a hook at a height of 3 ft. to hang the box at the place where you lie down. Insert the rubber pipe in anus while standing, lift the box from ground and hang it to the hook. Lie down and turn to right. If the water flow is not proper adjust the pipe with your left hand. In the first method this is not possible. A person new to enema can try this method for 5-6 times and then go to the first method.

Enema with other’s help: You lie down either in bedroom or
bathroom. While you are in the room somebody stands outside holding the enema box. You adjust the rubber pipe in such a way that it reaches you from under the door or from a crack in it. You can keep the door ajar. The box outside is filled with water. You ask the person outside to lift the box and keep at a height after you insert the rubber pipe in the anus. He tells you when the box is empty. Then you go to the toilet. This is an easy method. Those who are obese or suffering from arthritis and cannot lie down on the floor can do this on a table. Those who cannot lie down can bend in the bathroom and place hands on a support, insert rubber tube, hang the box as high as possible and do the enema. Whatever may be the method the important point is that water should go into large intestine. After the water reaches the large intestines remove the pipe and lie down spread-eagled. Stop the urge to ablate for 3-4 minutes, if possible. Then go to the toilet. You may have to stay there for 10-15 minutes. Immediately after you sit on the commode water comes speedily and then some feces. It stops for some time. Get up, place both hands above and below navel, press and sit again. Repeat the process after 2-3 minutes. The water and feces move come out completely. This is enema. Water to be used in enema:


In hospitals soap water is used for enema. This is not a welcome method. Soaps lacerate the lubricant layers in the intestines. The lubricant producing glands are extensively damaged. Doctors perform enema only in an emergency. So once in a while soap water may not harm. But when it becomes a daily routine soap or medicines should not be used. 1. Warm water: When we suspect presence of bacteria and other harmful substances in water we should boil about two liters of water, bring down its temperature, cool, filter and use it for enema. Only warm water should be used for enema. 2. Lemon water: Filtered Juice of one lemon can be added to warm water and utilized for enema. This need not be used daily, once or twice a week will do. The lubricant glands in intestines are influenced by the sourness of the lemon. This dilutes the hardened feces in intestines. 3. Neem water: Boil two liters water with two hands full of washed neem leaves. Filter and cool water and use for enema. Use warm water and neem water for 4-5 days and 3-4 days alternately if it is needed. Neem has anti-bacterial quality. When used in enema it either kills or flushes out the harmful bacteria, all types of worms in the body. Caution: The water used for enema should be warm and not hot to scald intestines. When to go for enema: Enema should not be done at all times. It should not be done when stomach is full with food and water. It can be done after 30 minutes of the first dose of water. By that time the water leaves stomach and intestines and mixes with blood. If it is to be done in the evening stomach should be empty and the person hungry. Enema once in a day is enough. Only when it is greatly inconvenient or there is pain in the stomach it can be done in the evening. Who should go for enema: 1. Those who have 2-3 ablations a day need not go for it. 2. Those who ablate once a day and freely need no enema. If they make slight adjustments in their food habits they can 71

ablate 2-3 times a day. 3. Enema can be done for those who ablate once a day but in small quantity and take 15-20 minutes for it. 4. Those who have the urge to go for ablution 2-3 times but still are not able to ablate fully or satisfactorily. 5. Those who cannot maintain a fixed time. 6. Those who ablate even once in three days or so. 7. Those whose appetite is reduced drastically can do enema for one week or 10 days. 8. Those who have bacteria and worms in their intestines and experience itching in anus. 9. Those who suffer from acute amoebiasis, frequent bloating of stomach and gastric problem. 10.Those who suffer from piles and fissures can also do enema. But they should be very careful while inserting the rubber tube. Does it not become a habit? Many have this doubt. We are taking the help of enema only because we are not ablating freely. Some are afraid that after 20-25 days of enema it may become a habit and without this they may not be able to ablate normally. Nothing of this sort happens. Take the example of a fractured leg. The patient may have to walk for some time with the help of a stick. After the bone heals he discards the stick. Is he refusing to walk without a stick? The same is the case with enema also. No habit is formed with enema. Caution: Enema boxes are available on all surgical appliances shops. All in the family can use one box. Rubber tubes can be separate.

25. Questions and Answers

1. Should meditation be done immediately after waking up early in the morning or after attending the nature calls? Answer: Many meditate immediately after waking up. Anything is only after that. There is close relationship between mind and bowel movement. The nerves in the intestines leave the feces free in the morning. It is the time to complete the excretion process easily. One feels relieved on clearing bowels. When the intestines are empty more oxygen is taken through breathing. The number of breathings after excretion become less than before. The lesser the breathings the more peaceful the mind becomes. One can go into meditation immediately with peaceful mind. We have to drink water in 2-3 installments before breakfast. If you take water immediately on waking up you have enough time to go to toilet and to go into meditation. It is an easy for the mind to meditate after clearing the bowels. 2. Is there any difference between those who do physical work and others who do not, as far as free bowel movement is concerned?
Answer: Our body requires some exercise if we want good digestion and free bowel movement. The muscles of those who indulge in physical labor are strong as blood circulation in them is good. All organs function actively. The muscles of their intestines are also strong and movements needed for digestion are also perfect. The stomach muscles should be strong as they also function in the process of excretion. Generally those who do not work, lead a sedentary life and take bed rest, suffer from constipation.

Secondly, non-working people cannot eat as much as working ones. You eat more and you send out more. The more the weight of feces the fast is its movement. Non-working people eat less, which means less pressure in their intestines. The working people also drink more water, which helps in their free bowel movement. 3. Should we stop yoga exercises and pranayama (breathing exercise) on the day when excretion is not free?


Answer: It is better to stop them on the day when there is heaviness and

pain in stomach due to non-excretion. If you experience no such inconvenience you can continue with yoga practice. But then oxygen does not freely move inside the body when you do pranayama. On that particular day you will not be able to do asanas (yoga postures) freely as earlier. Asanas help free movement in intestines. 4. Can water, mixed with salt and sugar, be taken during an attack of dysentery?
Answer: It is better to drink a glass of water first for 15 minutes just like we drink coffee. If you notice that salts have gone out of the body and feel weak, water mixed with salt and sugar should be taken. Drink warm water every hour.

5. Some doctors say that it is all right to have motion once in two days if urine output is all right. How far is it true?
Answer: Urinating freely daily is as important as excretion. The mistake lies

in justifying that having motion once in two days is better than not at all. It is the case with many these days. It is absolutely not conducive for good health to excrete once in two days. It should be twice a day.
6. Can those suffering from constipation drink warm water? Or should it be cold water? Answer: Cold water is not advisable. I recommend intake of 1-1.5 liters of

water at a time. Out of this at least 100 ml. water enters large intestines and soaks the feces. There is no need for warm water. If the water is cold due to change in weather it can be made warm to drink. It is better if the water we dink is not too cold. If we drink cold water stomach retains it for a long time to turn it warm. Meanwhile stomach and small intestines suck more water resulting in less water flow into large intestines. It is always better to drink warm water if you feel uncomfortable with bloated stomach and gas due to constipation. Whatever may be the state of water, cold or warm, it is better to drink at a go to build pressure on intestines to ward off constipation. 7. Is there any relation between gas trouble and sourness?
Answer: In fact there is no such relation at all between them. Gas problem

does not subside even if sour products are avoided. More acid in stomach damages lubricant layers there. For some these layers are like ulcers causing burning sensation and pain when they eat sour products. Many bacteria are given birth to in the intestines that hinder smooth bowel movement. They damage the lubricant layers in them. More and more gas


is produced due to these two reasons. After two days of drinking 5-6 liters water daily you can eat sour products as usual. Water facilitates free bowel movement and consequently contains gas production. 8. Can habituated take castor oil any time?
Answer: There is no need for castor oil if there is free bowel movement 2-3

times a day. Instead, intake of plenty of water is recommended. If not, intestines can be cleaned with castor oil any time. Those with previous record of taking castor oil can take it. For new people it may cause weakness. 9. What is first after waking up: Excretion or intake of water? What is the priority?
Answer: Going for motion immediately after getting up from bed

is a great boon. If the urge is urgent one should attend to it first. Water can be taken immediately after that, or after brushing teeth. Those who have a free motion need not drink 1-1.5 liter water at a time. It can be done slowly in an hour’s time in installments. Taking second dose of water at a time helps in second motion. 10. What is good for free bowel movement: Raw or cooked food?
Answer: Raw food is better. It can be eaten in large quantity. It

easily digests and moves quickly down the intestines. It does not wait for our call to excrete and there is no need to induce it by taking water. Exactly the reverse happens with cooked food. 11. Is constipation hereditary? Answer: There is nothing like that. If grandson has constipation it has nothing to do with his father and grandfather. Some erroneously claim that their elders bequeathed them constipation. No doubt their elders pass on certain things. One of them is food habit, which are to a large extent responsible for constipation. Others are: eating nonvegetarian food daily, eating less vegetables and more rice, eating pickles and drinking less water etc. These food habits are passed on to the children and to grand children. In my opinion food habits are hereditary. These are responsible for constipation and not the body traits. Only good food habits ward off constipation. There is no need to blame anybody.


12. Doctors claim that daily enema is not good for health. How far is it true? Answer: For some people intake of water or concentration on excretion may not be helpful in clearing the bowels as feces is stuck in intestines. In this case only enema can help. It is advisable to go for enema every 10 days to clean intestines. Some doctors opine that frequent enema affects intestines. There is a difference between enemas at home as suggested by me and the one done by doctors. They conduct enema with the help of soap water, glycerin and in some cases medicinal liquids. They don’t use warm water. This is done to flush out the feces at one go. Since there are adverse effects in this method the doctors do it sparingly and in emergency. In our method we use only warm water and are not in a hurry to push out the whole feces at one go. Since the doctors are not aware of our method they consider it unhealthy. Enema with warm water for any number of days it does not affect intestines. 13. It is believed that by consuming turmeric you can kill pinworms in intestines. Is it true? Does turmeric forever banish them? Answer: Turmeric is called a natural anti-biotic. It is said that eating turmeric after waking up in the morning kills pinworms in intestines. May be it has such great quality. But it cannot forever stop their birth. No medicine can do that. The pinworms proliferate in accumulated feces in large intestines. Medicines kill them. Stagnated feces again give birth to them. It is an endless cycle. The only way to stop them is to excrete 2-3 times a day giving no scope for constipation. 14. In no book it is written that we should clear bowels 2-3 times day. Nobody also said so. Is it natural to excrete so many times? Answer: No doctor or no guru must have excreted 2-3 times day. It might be once a day or once in two days. That is the reason why they must have stipulated it to take place only once in a day. Naturally there will be doubts when new ideas are given birth to. We do not believe them immediately. I have not seen a vegetarian creature, which has not excreted once in a day or once in two days. There are many humans also like this. The characteristic of vegetarianism is clearing bowels as many times as the intake of food. Since we have not done it so far it 76

is new to us. There are many who lead an artificial life. Because of unnatural habits people view natural things as unnatural and unnatural things as natural. 15. Some people claim that they can have motion only when they drink tea or coffee or smoke a cigarette. How far is it true? Answer: There is nothing like that. Such habits cause immense harm. Coffee or cigarette on waking up stimulates the nerves. The taut nerves in intestines do not loose their grip on fecesca resulting in inevitable constipation. Suppose we drink tea or smoke at a particular time and go for motion. If it becomes a habit it conditions our mind. Next day if that tea is not taken at that particular time our mind, nerves and cells wait for it. You may feel tense. Your mind is waiting for something else and naturally your concentration is not on excretion. Later even if you take tea you cannot clear bowels. This imprints on your brain that you cannot have motion unless you take tea. This is how the mind works. 16. Can enema be made a habit even if there is no constipation? If at all it is needed, when should be it done? Answer: It is better if everybody makes it a habit. If not today may be tomorrow it may come handy. When the need arises enema can be done with confidence and ease.
17. When the motion is free and total one feels weak? Why so?

Answer: This happens some times in all people. If feces are expelled in more quantity unusually in a few seconds the nerves gripping it are loosened. Then we feel something is amiss and the body is light. We consider this as weakness.
18. At what age enema should be started?

Answer: Enema can be started at the age of one. Most children in the age group of 1-4 excrete once in two days. Their appetite is low. They apply force while ablating and even weep. This is all due to drying up of feces in intestines. If enema is done for every one or two days, with one fourth to half-liter water, this problem can be overcome.
19. There is a feeling that excretion after eating raw food is not free. What is


the difference between motion after intake of raw and cooked food?

Answer: The characteristics of both feces are as different as the foods. The feces of raw food have the quality of moving quickly in large intestines. This is not subjected to warmness for a long in intestines. This changes its form: it does not fully stick to intestines and is like a loosely knit rope. The feces of cooked food stay for a long time in intestines and become hard due to warmness. It takes pipe-like or round form. If the raw food is not properly chewed the feces take the form of undigested food.
20. Earlier the color of feces was always the same. Now it is in 2-3 colors when excreted as many times? Why? Is it a deficiency? Answer: Earlier it was excretion once a day and now it is 2-3

times. That is the reason for the difference in color. The feces changes color from the color of food if it is stays for more than 24 hours. So far we are accustomed to one color. Now the feces are in different colors as it is excreted 2-3 times and is not stagnated.
21. Some times even after a free bowel movement 2-3 times a day the feces consist of foul smell. Why?

Answer: The food with protein content has the character of producing gas in large intestines. We use large quantities of sprouts and coconut. If the beans or cereals do not sprout properly gas is produced. When the sprouts are 1-1.5 inch long they digest excellently and less gas is produced. If they are not properly chewed also gas is formed. There is no need to worry suspecting it to be a problem in intestines.
22. Is there any possibility of getting rid of chronic constipation? Answer: This is possible in 95 per cent of cases if habits are

changed. In very few people, who have constipation for years, it results in reduction of expanding and contracting nature of large intestines, which are responsible for moving the feces forward. For such people the expected results may not be very encouraging. The rest can see to it that they motion twice a day. Whatever might be the duration of this disease, if changes are made in the habits of water and food habits and way of


thinking then it is quite possible to get rid of constipation.
23. Some people excrete once in 10-15 days even while eating normally. Where does all that food go? Answer: It means their intestines have totally forgotten their

function to move the feces. There are people who start with once in 2-3 days and progress to 5-6 days and then end up with 25 days. Their intestines become accustomed for storage. The feces formed by every day’s food dries up and get stuck to walls of intestines. The intestines go on accumulating more and more feces. Whatever quantity of food they take for days together, the feces gets dried up. After some time that person may not notice or feel any problem. This is a great boon.
24. We daily excrete only once. If we eat papaya in the night the next morning the feces smells like papaya. Does it mean we have no constipation? Answer: For those who excrete once a day most of the old feces are stuck to the walls of intestines. There exists some empty place through which the feces pass. Papaya is easily digestible and the feces pass quickly. It does not stick to intestines and move freely. The feces produced by papaya overtake the feces produced by other foods. Even if feces of papaya does not come out its smell comes out. 25. If one does not have two motions in the morning for various reasons can he do it in the after noon before lunch? Answer: Many people may not have time to go for motion at that time. Those who have an opportunity can try it. If morning excretion does not take place one feels stomach is heavy and appetite is less. When stomach is empty, take 1-1.5 liter water and concentrate. The morning motion takes place immediately. If this does not work, take lunch. The pressure helps. If that also fails, an attempt can be made in the evening.


26. Advantages of free bowel movement
It is very important to provide what the body needs and it is also equally important to reject what it does not require. If the body is to be healthy the first step towards it is free bowel movement. I have in the past 8-9 years experimented on free bowel movement and made thousands to follow my findings. Many of them through letters and also personally communicate to me as to how they benefited by my natural method of life and got rid of constipation. By practicing it one comes to know what sort of diseases can be cured by free bowel movement. Some of the experiences are given below. 1. Reduces potbelly Constipation kills digestive power. When food is not digested and stagnates in stomach for long time heaviness and inconvenience occurs. This triggers production of gas. Due to the above two reasons stomach sags and grows in size. The stored feces are also one of the reasons. When ablation is free stomach contracts and one feels comfortable. Even if there is no ablation for one day the abdomen protrudes. The situation is quite uncomfortable. If we drink plenty of water and ablate twice a day there is every chance of reducing the size of stomach. Change in food habits and exercise to reduce weight does wonders.

Dr. Mantena changed my life
I am 51-year old. My meeting with Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju was a happy and wonderful turning point in my life.


Two years back I had a chance to go to USA. Before making arrangements for the trip I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Manthena, know about his new natural life method and practice it. I learnt the method of drinking water and eating food under his supervision. It is said that the greatest truths are the simplest. The natural life he advocates is very easy. My wife and I followed the same life style during our stay in USA and consumed natural foods. Now we are happy and healthy. You can understand what changes this method has brought about in me by the following experience. I had constipation. I had to wait for an hour in toilet for ablation. I used to finish the newspaper but not the intended purpose. I was spending huge money on treatment for my skin allergy. In addition to that I was suffering from cold etc. I was also overweight with 95 kilos. I started smoking from the age of 8. I was burning many packets of cigarettes as also my health. Added to this chaotic life were mental problems. This is the short history of my health. My health improved within a few days of drinking water, fasting and eating natural foods. In 2-3 months there was unexpected change in my life. It was a permanent holiday for constipation and allergy. I stopped smoking. Cold etc. have gone. When my wife and I went on fasting for the second time my weight came down from 95 to 75 kilos. The sagging stomach, result of constipation, had disappeared and my body gained a good shape. All my wife’s problems were solved. We became completely healthy. We are following this life style for the last one and half years. Slowly we developed interest in meditation and mental peace. Previously I was losing my temper frequently. Now that is the thing of past. I have attained mental balance and coordination. Thus, acquaintance with Dr. Manthena and his natural living method have totally changed by life style. Dr. Manthena’s unselfish service impressed me immensely. He is a path breaker. I wanted to contribute my share of cooperation to his movement through my Charitable Trust.
Ura Mastan Rao Chirala, AP, India Phone: 91-8594-388864


2. Reduces gas trouble:
Bloated stomach, indigestion, belching, gas release etc. are considered the offshoots of gas trouble. It is the problem of many. Constipation is the main reason for all above problems. There is no scope for formation of gas in the body for those who have free bowel movement everyday. Those who have gas problem face loss of appetite. They are forced to eat something or the other even if they are not hungry resulting in indigestion and bloating of stomach. Thus it is a chain reaction. Drink 5 liters of water in a methodical manner and ablate 2-3 times daily. Constipation vanishes as also the gas trouble.

3. Increases appetite:
There are many reasons for diminishing hunger. Indigestion, constipation and diseases of liver are some of them. Worms are one reason for loss of appetite in children. However, the main reason is constipation. Appetite is normal only when the food we eat is properly digested, mixes with blood and the waste goes without storing. In those suffering from constipation, digestive juices do not ooze. Lack of water intake does not help expulsion of feces and appetite is affected.

Free Bowel Movement
I have been consuming water in a methodical way after listening to your lectures. Bowel movement is now free. Gases and toxins in stomach are going out easily. Earlier I had bloating of stomach due to gas trouble. Digestion was not proper. Appetite was badly affected and nothing tasted good. After following your advice ablation is free, gas subsided and digestion increased. Even sprouts are digested. Appetite increased and food is tasty. Body is cooperating while exercising. Since ablation is free, body is feeling light. I am very happy. I lost interest in tea,


coffee, cool drinks, fried foods etc. and interest on natural foods increased. I was praying God for good health. I believe God has shown me the way through you. I wish your unselfish service helped many to be healthy.
K. Ramachary EB-102, Zinc Colony, Visakhapatnam -15

No more bad smell from the body
I am 57. I received Dr. Manthena’s book “Steps to Happy Life” through a friend and read it thoroughly. I learnt some new things. I read his other books also. I heard his lectures. I tried to drink 5 liters of water as suggested by him and continued it for 25 days. I started drinking juice of vegetables in the morning and ate natural foods without salt and oil for lunch and dinner. Earlier my ablations were irregular. Appetite was bad. Whatever I ate produced gas and stomach was always bloated and painful. I was afraid that cereals would produce gas so I stopped eating them. Ever since I started following this life style my life has changed completely. The whole day it is happiness and life is healthy. Within few days, gas stopped as I was ablating properly. I am able to eat more and all types of cereals. Even if I eat sprouts I am not experiencing any gas problem. Now the bad smells of perspiration, urine and feces are the matter of past. Due to intake of plenty of water blood circulation was free and skin diseases disappeared. A new confidence, that if this method is followed meticulously, any disease can be cured gripped me. My 15-year-old diabetes reduced in 20 days. Since I had a heart attack in 1998 I have been taking medicines. At one time doctors suggested surgery. In three months I slowly reduced medicines. Now I am not taking any medicine. I am doing all my work myself. There is no weakness.


There are many advantages in this natural way of life like mental peace. There is no place for anger and other negative emotions. I am able to concentrate on philosophical matters and showing keen interest in good company. I sincerely thank Dr. Manthena for bestowing on me his invaluable and innovative ideas and giving me my previous health.
Ande Veeramallaih Tadepalligudem – 534 101 Phone: 21127 (O), 21860 (R)

4. Cures Amoebiasis:
Once in a week or ten days dysentery occurs accompanied by stomachache and subsides only after medication. It again starts after 10 days. Absence of daily free bowel movement, uneasiness in stomach, bloated stomach – all these are also symptoms of amoebiasis. The sufferers drink only boiled and filtered water and are afraid of eating anything. It can be cured with free bowel movement. Let us see how it is possible. The large intestines suffer from ulcers due to damage to lubricating layers in them. Constipation aggravates the situation. There is no chance of damaged intestines getting cured. Once constipation stops and free bowel movement starts the ulcers are cured. So the only solution is shunning constipation. There is no point in gulping down medicines for stomachache, dysentery etc.

Got rid of amoebiasis
My age is 68 years. Every 2-3 months I was suffering from dysentery accompanied by foul smell. I had amoebiasis. It used to relapse even after the use of medicines. I underwent surgery for piles 30 years back. I was afraid that constipation would bring them back. I started drinking water as suggested by you and by listening to the experiences of others. Good results were achieved. 1. Now I am ablating freely three times a day. Concentration on large intestines is successful. 84

2. 3. 4. 5.

I got rid of amoebiasis. Especially foul smelling dysentery completely stopped. Free bowel movement reduced the pain in anus. I no longer fear that piles may reappear. I am not using medicines for loose motions when I am out of station. Earlier I was occasionally suffering from cold and headache. Now they are no longer there.

May be all this is due to free bowel movement. Really with a free ablation we can lead a happy and comfortable life.
Bikkina Chitteyya President, Walkers Club, Kovvur, AP. India

5. Stomachache subsides:
Reasons for stomachache can be many: indigestion, bloating, worms in children etc. Those who have good digestive system do not encounter these problems. If constipation is got rid of then cure for other ailments can be tackled easily. Food habits must also be changed. Excess, untimely and indiscriminate eating should be put an end to. The most important factor here is free bowel movement.

Stomachache subsided
I am 74-year old. I have been regularly attending lectures of Dr. Manthena from August 2000. To a large extent I have been following his suggestions. I am drinking 5 liters water everyday.1.5 liters in the morning and there occurs free bowel movement; 1.5 liters after exercise, i.e. between 5-5.30 am. The second ablation takes place within 5 minutes. The rest of 3 liters is drunk before evening. I am also eating as prescribed by him. I was suffering from stomachache and burning sensation. In the last two years this has aggravated. I underwent medication. Ever since I started eating this food I stopped


taking the tablets. Stomachache and burning sensation totally subsided. As far as I am concerned Dr. Manthena is a God for me.
S.Venkateswarlu Muktinutalapadu, Prakasam Dt. – 523262

6. Solves pinworm problem
This problem is generally confined to children. Nevertheless, pinworms create problem for grown ups also. Once they enter stomach it is very difficult to remove them. They lay millions of eggs. Though most of these eggs go out with feces, constipation gives them a chance to proliferate in the stored feces. So, the first priority is to ward off constipation. If the large intestines are clean there is no scope for birth and growth of worms.

My son is saved
Kartik is my 9-year old son. He suffered with one or the other health problems right from his birth. Going out was a problem. Cold and high fever would immediately affect him making us run to hospital. After some time he developed skin allergy. Whenever he played in dust or with dogs rashes would appear immediately followed by high fever. No amount of medicines helped. Ablation was not regular. Feces were smelly and contained pinworms. In the night he would weep due to unbearable itching at anus. No allopathic drug helped. I happened to meet Dr. Manthena two years back. My husband was influenced by him and was practicing his Natural Life Method. We were also drinking water along with him as prescribed. Foul smell in Kartik’s feces disappeared. We also consulted him about the pinworm problem. He suggested enema, fasting for three days and administering marble size turmeric early in the morning for 3-4 days. There was a big change in his health. Slowly we started giving him vegetable juice in the morning after drinking water. Our two children were also eating salt fewer vegetables without any fuss. Though they take foods with salt they equally consume water, vegetable juices, sprouts etc. This is going on for the last two


years. Kartik is now almost cured of all ailments. Thus Dr. Manthena has saved us from ill-health.
K.Durga Flat No. 14, Sundernagar, Hyderabad

7. Reduces discharge of blood
There are many reasons for discharge of blood through anus: piles, fissures, ulcers in large intestines, acute amoebiasis, blood motions etc. In elders, suffering from piles, generally blood accompanies feces. The main cause for piles is constipation and if it is cured piles as well as blood discharge problem is solved. Ulcers in large intestines give more trouble and blood discharge takes place only when constipation is severe. Fissures are deep cuts or lacerations inside anus causing holes in blood vessels and blood oozing. Ablation then is a painful exercise and people generally postpone it. This escalates the problem further.

No more blood discharge
I am 10 year old. Blood was coming out with feces for the last three years. I used to spend more time in toilet, as I was not able to ablate freely. Twice I had undergone sigmoid scope. The doctors could not pinpoint the reason for my problem. Again Colonoscopy was done. Nothing was found out. Three months back I read Dr. Manthena’s book and telephoned him. He advised me to drink 4-5 liters of water and take cold-water tub bath for some days. I had tub bath for 15 days but stopped it. As I drank plenty of water blood discharge stopped to a large extent. Ablation was free and without pain. Now I don’t spend much time in toilet. I had undergone a lot of trouble due to allopathic treatment. I cannot explain the suffering when I had undergone colonoscopy. Now I don’t have any problem.
K.Nagachiatanya Srikakulam – 532 001 Phone: 22202


8. Cures Piles:
In those people who have no free bowel movement daily feces hardens and applies pressure on blood vessels in large intestines. As blood is unable to pass through them they consequently sag. When applied force while ablating it falls on the blood vessels and they rupture. Blood drops from them and mixes with feces. Though some times blood does not ooze out, piles grow inside and outside the anus as small shoots. When ablating, they cause severe pain and itching. Since constipation is accountable for piles the battle should be against constipation. When piles problem is too severe it is solved at least to a greater extent. Food habits have to be changed. Water intake should increased. Fibers should form major part of food. More fruits should be eaten. When piles are too painful take hot water tub bath. If pain is less and blood discharge is more take tub bath with cold water.

It took only two days!
Constipation developed in me due to work pressure. Piles problem also began. On hearing the lecture of Dr. Manthena I started drinking water in a big way. Within two days my problem was solved. Earlier I underwent a lot of mental agony. It was so surprising that the problem was solved so quickly and easily. Since then I resolved not to leave Dr. Manthena’s Natural Living Method. Presently I am eating salt less food.
Ravi Teacher, Gagillapur, Hyderabad, AP.

Gone constipation and piles
I had piles and leg pains. I took allopathic and homeopathic medicines. I consulted many specialists. I used to gulp many anti-biotic drugs. I was asked to sit in a bathtub filled with hot water for half an hour. But there was no relief. The natural Method is so powerful that all my problems disappeared within no time. 88

I drink 1.5 liters water after I get up at 4.30 A.M. Within five minutes I ablate. After some exercise I drink a glass of water mixed with limejuice and honey. Again after some time I drink 1.5 liter water. I ablate again. Then I eat fruits, dates and sprouts. Half an hour before lunch I drink one liter of water and again after two hours. I follow all food restrictions. Piles, constipation and leg pains are gone. I also shed 9 kilos of weight. I am very active now. I realised that the root of all diseases is constipation.
Poludasu Ramakrishna Bestapalem, Chirala AP, Phone: 33068

9. Loose motions stop
Some people suffer from loose motions because of indigestion. Even when the digestion is good, if small intestines are diseased mucus layers loose sucking power causing dysentery. There are also many other reasons for it. There exist many bacteria in the stored feces and when immunity system weakens they go out as loose motions. Any small change in food or place trigger loose motions immediately.

Now digestion is normal
For the last one year I have been listening to lectures of Dr. Manthena. His ideas are practical and are based on experience and are different from other practitioners of natural therapies. My health has improved once I started following his advice. Now I have no complaints. I sometimes suffered from loose motions. I mistook it for indigestion. There was sea change in my digestion when I drank water and ate food without salt as suggested by him. Constipation had


disappeared. I am now ablating three times a day. Loose motions have stopped. Digestion is normal.
Sivaramakrishna Hyderabad – 18 Phone: 91-40-3834445

10. Cures dysentery:
The feces stored for 2-3 days in large intestines takes many forms: marble like rounds attached to each other by a lubricant; when sticking to commode plate even water can not throw it out. It is hard and pasty in the first part. The feces lose their softness and do not move forward. The lubricant on the walls of intestines also hardens. In the process to push forward the feces the lubricant is stuck to it and comes out. If the feces are pushed out as and when they form the ablation becomes free. Plenty of intake of water and free bowel movement stops dysentery.

Problem from childhood
I am 43. My ablation was not free from childhood. Once or twice a month I suffered from dysentery. Severe stomach pain and bloating of stomach accompanied it. Either it was dysentery for 4-5 days or no ablation at all. Doctors prescribed a course of medicines. But soon the situation was back to square one. I started drinking boiled water. But that was no remedy. I happened to read Dr. Manthena’s book Healthiness is Happiness. After I started drinking 5 liters water the result was instant. Now it is free ablation every morning. In the last four months I never had dysentery. I had no stomachache and feeling light and free. Earlier I was afraid of eating anything. Now I am eating natural food stomach full.
K. Satyanarayanaraju Bapatla, Guntur district, AP

11. Solution to problem of 5-6 ablations


Generally school-going children, college students and employees face the problem of going to toilet 4 or 5 times a day. Generally, they have to rush out in the morning and they find it difficult to have a regular free bowel movement. Some of them don’t even have the urge at all. And some may feel the urgency only after breakfast. Again after lunch they have the urge. Meanwhile, if they are tense they go to toilet. Quite a few ablate 3 or 4 times due to problems in large intestines and problems in digestion. By cultivating a habit to ablate at certain fixed times during the day, many of the health problems can be avoided.

Constant fear haunted me
I am 21. I am lean and weak though I eat three times a day. Irregular ablation caused me many problems. I am a college student. When I am ready for college I have the urge to ablate. This became a big nuisance in my life. Again after lunch I have the urge. I rush to toilet. The same is the case in the evening also. It affected my concentration on studies. I consulted many doctors. As a result of medication there was no ablation at all for 2-3 days. Constant fear of going to toilet haunted me. Onemonth back I happened to read Dr. Manthena’s book Healthiness is Happiness. This opened new vistas for me. In the beginning I started with water. When I got up early in the morning for studies I drank one liter of water and within 15 minutes ablated freely. The second time also the same resulted. I had no problem in drinking water. From the second day itself I lost the urge to ablate in the college. After drinking a liter of water after coming from college I ablated freely again. I cannot explain in words how happy I am now.
N.Prasad Vasantnagar, Kukatpalli, Hyderabad

12. Cures cold and formation of phlegm


There is a relation between cold and growth of phlegm. This is seen mostly in children. Loss of appetite, phlegm, fevers and cold occur in children if ablation is not proper for 2-3 days. Mothers complain that phlegm increases in their children when they eat sweets and chocolates. They do not easily digest and bowels are not free. The bad elements produced in stomach mix with blood when bowel movement is not free. Children suffer also from cough and fever because of worms. The body sends them out as phlegm, cough, fever etc. By taking easily digestible liquid foods for one or two days and managing free ablation all these problems can be solved.

It is my daughter’s problem
My daughter is 10 years old. For the last 2-3 years she has been suffering from cold, nose blockade etc. I was taking her to the pediatrician and administering whatever medicine he prescribed. But no relief. She had also bowel problem and would not ablate freely and complains of stomachache while or after eating. Even if she ate snacks it ended in indigestion. I observed that whenever she had indigestion phlegm also increased. I am told there is a close relation between indigestion and phlegm. One day I attended the lecture of Dr. Manthena. That day luckily he was elaborating on colds, cough etc. My daughter had to get rid of indigestion and constipation. I cajoled her to drink two glasses of water in the morning. I stopped giving her milk. I told her to drink at least half a glass of water between each period of the class in the school. In the evening when she returned I gave her water and then fruits. In a week’s time she was going for ablation every day in the morning. There was no complaint of stomachache. Appetite also increased. She was not allowed any snacks, cold water, ice creams, fries and spicy foods. Of course, being a child she is not able to follow the food regimen strictly. Now she is accustomed to vegetable juices, sprouts etc.
Y. Syamala Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad, AP, India

13. Solves menses problem:


It is natural for women to have some pain in the abdomen during menses. At this time the muscles of uterus contract to expel waste products. That is the reason why abdomen is tight. Some women have more pain due to some diseases in uterus. The large intestines are in the lower part behind the uterus. The pain increases when stored feces apply force on uterus. One feels light when there is free ablation.

Pimples vanished
I am 31. I was suffering from lack of sleep and numbness in palms. Medicines gave only temporary relief. When I stopped medicines I could not sleep. I had surgery in my right palm, which gave me some relief. I was afraid to undergo surgery in my left palm. I happened to hear about Dr. Manthena’s natural food. I slowly started drinking water and followed other food habits suggested by him. In one month there was a big change in me. Now I sleep well. Numbness in palms also disappeared. I don’t need surgery in my left palm. Especially I was suffering from over bleeding and pain during menses period. All these problems are solved ever since I started natural food. Periods are now regular. Pimples on my face also vanished. Four years back doctors diagnosed that a nerve in my left leg was not working properly and opined that there was no cure in allopathic medicine. Presently I am eating only fruits in the night. There is some improvement in the leg. I believe I will soon have full relief.

C-30, Zinc Colony, Visakhapatnam-15, India

14. Free bowel movement daily instead of once in a week
It is not surprising that some ablate once in a week. Those who do not eat required quantity of food, have no habit of drinking sufficient water and delay ablation, fall prey to constipation. With all these three characteristics existing one can ablate only once in a week. In those who eat insufficient food less feces form which do not move forward quickly. Less intake of water results in hardening of feces. There is no urge to ablate since 93

the hardened feces do not apply pressure on intestines. After 4-5 days the stored feces force an urge to ablate. But ablation is not complete. By that time the feces turns marble-like. In this case drinking 6-7 liters of water helps.

Cured multiple diseases
I am 66-year old. For the last 35 years I have been suffering from a number of diseases. I had burning sensation in stomach for the last 25 years and it persisted even if I did not eat anything. Some times that burning sensation reached the ear. I had to run to the doctor due to one or another emergency. I also had severe constipation. Once in 7-8 days I used to ablate stone-like feces. In the absence of ablation I was getting unbearable stomach pain, which only subsided after ablation. Fifteen years back suddenly I had such pain accompanied by uncontrollable vomiting. I had to be rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed my condition as that of twisted and obstructing intestines. Surgery was performed. Doctors did not guarantee my life. The diseased part of the twisted intestine had to be removed. It was found that the main reason for this was constipation. Thereafter I started taking tablets daily for regular and free ablation. Seven years back I developed pain in the right side of the chest. Within one month the pain was unbearable and I was hospitalized. After four days in the hospital they removed my gallbladder as it contained stones. Meanwhile, I heard about Dr. Manthena’s natural food and began drinking more water. Earlier I was drinking hardly two glasses of water a day. Now I am drinking 4 liters of water. No doctor told me to drink more water. After I started drinking one-liter water in the morning I started ablating. I stopped the tablets. Now I ablate daily. I am very happy now. There is no burning in stomach and appetite increased. I am able to sense the tastes.
V.Ramasita Narsapuram, India

15. Takes less time for ablation
Those suffering from constipation do not receive signal from body to ablate urgently. They enter the toilet with an urge to


ablate. But they fail in their mission. They apply force but expel very little feces. Some people try and spend a long time in this exercise in vain. If we have to ablate freely either we should receive a signal from large intestines forced by the weight of feces, or brain receive signals from overfilled stomach should make the intestines move rapidly. In the absence of either of the above whatever effort we put in there is no use. If we take plenty of water the second signal works and pushes the feces out. We can avoid spending much time in the lavatory if we drink water two times in the morning.

Now it is a matter of three minutes
I am 46. For the last 15 years ablation was not free for me. I consulted an allopath and underwent medication. When I took tablets ablation was free and when I stopped it the situation was back to where I started. When a doctor told me that continuous use of medicines would form a habit in me, so I stopped them. I was advised by him to try natural ablation even if it took some time. From then onwards I was sitting in the toilet for more than half an hour and even then it was incomplete. It was a big problem for me to travel long distances. Luckily I had the opportunity to know about Dr. Manthena’s Natural Lifestyle. My friend narrated me about his way of treatment through water. From the next day I started drinking water. The result was immediate. It was surprising that I am spending only three minutes in the toilet now whereas earlier I was sitting there for half an hour. I have been for the last five months listening to Dr. Manthena’s lectures and reading his books. I am drinking 5 liters water daily and all the problems in my body have vanished. My mind and body became light and peaceful. I am able to sleep well in the night.


Generally doctors do not tell their patients about the need for natural and free bowel movement, intake of water and the pattern etc. Only Dr. Manthena is concentrating on these subjects.
P.Chakrapani Junior Engineer, Electrical Maintenance, B.H.P.V, Visakhapatnam-12

16. Relief from foul gases
If the food we eat is digested quickly and sucked by intestines there is not much chance of more and more gas being produced. Some people not only produce a lot of gas and also its smell is most foul. The main reason for this is constipation, which hinders digestion. The bacteria in the large intestines rot indigested food, especially the proteins. Due to this many gases are given birth to. Since the feces are stored these gases have no way to escape and acquire foul smell. Stagnation is responsible for the foul smell of gases and feces. Regular bowel movement is the only solution for this problem.

Big change in my life
I am 65. I am a retired headmaster. I was suffering from constipation for the last 20 years. I consulted a number of allopathic, Aurvedic and Homeopath doctors and gulped down about 25 varieties of tablets, capsules, syrups, powders, etc. Only on the day of medication I had free bowel movement. When I used medicines for fever and other ailments. The feces was getting hard and ablation was a far cry. The medication did not help curb constipation but only ended up in black marks on the face, arm pits etc. I started eating raw vegetables, sprouts etc. But I could not do it regularly. The blackness subsided a bit. The emission of foul smelling gas was most embarrassing. Recently I had pain in the right knee. The doctor I consulted said that it was due to old age and advised rest and no medicines. At this juncture I read three books of Dr. Manthena. I started drinking 5 liters of water daily.


For the last 6-7 months I have been drinking water mixed with honey and lemon juice, five liters of water and eating sprouts regularly. My constipation problem is solved and the gas is totally free of foul smell. Knee pain has disappeared. There is a big change in my life.
Achuta Narasaiah Kothapatnam – 523286

No more smells of perspiration and feces
I am 40. For the last one year I have been practicing Natural Life Method. I am a clerk in an office. Even though I sat under a fan I was perspiring profusely and with bad smell. I myself could not tolerate it. I was shamed of moving about. Even my urine and feces smelled badly. Thanks to the doctor I realised that drinking tea 10 times, nibbling snacks all the time, late meals in the night all combined to bring about my present condition. I had no free bowel movement. I had no habit of drinking water. I used to drink only a glass of water after the meals. Dr. Manthena’s lectures opened my eyes to realities. One year back I started following drinking plenty of water and dietary restrictions. Within three months 90 per cent of smells in my urine and perspiration vanished. Visit to toilet turned into a happy experience.

17. Anger and restlessness controlled
Not only psychological pressures but also physiological stresses are responsible for anger and restlessness. For example, if somebody talks to us when we have headache we become restless. Likewise, if an organ in the body is troubling us invariably its affect falls on the mind. If the boss in the office shouts at us we call him a patient of piles. It means that person is not able to bear the pain and anger and restlessness are its offshoots. It is said that mind is free when ablation is


free. Since waste products are stored in body due to constipation the tension to throw it out falls on the mind. All this is reflected in anger in the person.

I cannot explain my happiness in words. I have been suffering from constipation, mental tension, anger, restless ness etc. for some years. In the last one year I also acquired hypertension. I was administered many medicines. Recently, I began practicing Dr. Manthena’s natural lifestyle. Within days constipation disappeared. Now I ablate twice a day. Slowly anger, restlessness and mental tension subsided. Tranquility has taken its place. I stopped tea, cigarettes, non-vegetarian food etc. without much effort. BP is normal. Now my health is perfect on all counts.
A.Yadagiri Erragadda, Hyderabad

18. Can have Sound sleep
We mostly attribute psychological reasons for sleeplessness. Tension, fear, mental pressures etc. are responsible for this. Apart from this, maladies in the body also contribute to the problem. Those suffering from indigestion and ulcers in stomach have disturbed sleep and they suddenly wake up from sleep. If any organ of the body has pain one cannot sleep properly. So is the case with fever. Mental depression and tension follow constipation. This is because the sufferers do not show much interest in food. They don’t care to ablate in time. These two are reasons enough for constipation. The body is troubled more when constipation adds to mental ill health. Sleeplessness is the result. Even if one manages it is not a sound sleep. Free bowel movement facilitates peaceful sleep. We can see the relation between constipation and sleeplessness clearly in children. When ablation does not take place the child tosses and turns in on the bed and wakes up intermittently.


It is all because of Dr. Raju.
I am 35. If I am leading a happy life today and it is all because of Dr. Manthena. I could not sleep well on any day due to financial problems and ill health. Even if I slept it was not comfortable. Ablation also was not satisfactory. My mind was restless and disturbed; fear and tension always gripped me. In these circumstances I met Dr. Manthena and narrated my woes. I started following his instructions. Though in the beginning it was difficult to drink water I made it a habit to drink 3 liters in the morning. From the first day itself I began ablating freely. Slowly I changed my food habits and started eating food without salt. I had fever for 4 days. I consulted Dr Raju. He advised fasting. Fever subsided in 2-3 days but I continued fasting. Fever came handy to clean the body. From the 8th to 23rd day of fasting feces was watery and like blocks with foul smell. In the end it was watery. By the end of fasting it was totally watery. After 45 days I stopped fasting. I cannot explain the change in me after fasting. Laziness has vanished and I am sleeping well in the night. Mind is free. I started eating entirely raw food. It improved my health further.
K.Harinath Flat no. 5, Road no.5, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Phone 91-40-3554699

19. Full stop to fever and cold
For some people even a slight change in place, water and, atmosphere brings fever and cold. Some others suffer from fever every two months without any outward reason. The resistance power in body tries to throw out any thing bad that attacks any of the organs in the body. The white cells in our blood attack the disease causing elements. Fever is the symptom of such a battle. Frequent fever means that our body is conducive to diseases. If we take nutritious food and ward off constipation the immunity system in the body works perfectly.


I found the answer
I am 45. In the past few years I have been suffering from fever and cold. Even a slight change in atmosphere would bring cold immediately followed by fever. Body pains and burning sensation in eyes was common. I consulted many doctors and they prescribed some medicines. It used to be under control for some time. I was wondering whether there was any cure for my ailment. When I attended the lectures of Dr. Manthena I found the answer. I started drinking 5-6 liters water and eating food without salt. Within days the result was obvious. Now I don’t have any health problems. We learnt from Dr. Manthena’s lectures that when waste products accumulate in the body and weather changes the immune system in our body tries to purge them in the form of fever, cold, vomiting etc. If we suppress the diseases by medication it does more harm than good. They revert back after some time until the root cause is found out and treated…. such a treatment is very easy through Dr. Manthena’s Natural Life Style.
J. Satyanarayanamurthy Amalapuram-533 201. Phone: 08856-31186

20. Pain during ablation subsides
Some people experience pain in anus before and after ablation. The reason for this problem is hardening of feces and piles. Some times piles hang out. When feces apply pressure on them it pains a lot. Some others get pain when the skin near anus is ruptured. When the ablation is without pressure there is no pain. Stomach full of water does the trick.

30 years of pain
I am 40. I have been suffering from constipation ever since I was 10 year old. Ablation was painful. Because of that I was terribly afraid of going to toilet. Blood discharge was also there. After I heard Dr. Manthena’s lecture I started drinking 56 liters of water daily. A big change has come about in my 100

body. I am following all his advices. I am ablating twice in the morning without any pain. Blood discharge stopped. I am very happy now. Every time I attend his lectures I learn new things.
P. Nagalakshmi Main Road, Aakiveedu.

Preached, not practiced
I am an Ayurvedic pharmacist. Our system of medicine says we should drink at least 5-6 liters of water daily. But I never drank more than half a liter. We only preach and do not practice. I had severe constipation and was ablating once in 2-3 days. The feces was hard and ablation painful. Some times there was blood discharge too. Ayurvedic drugs gave some relief but when stopped the problem would recur. After reading Dr. Manthena’s books and talking to him I was very much enthused. Since then I have been drinking 3-5 liters of water and eating food with out salt or spices. Now I don’t have any problem. Dr. Manthena is doing a great service without expecting any thing. When asked what he expects he says: “Be healthy. Help make others also healthy. This is what I expect from you.” He is such a great man.
Kadali Narayana Rao Mukteswaram, East Godavari District, AP, India

22. Itching subsides after warding off constipation
When waste products accumulate in body they manifest in itching. To some extent it is cured when blood is purified through the intake of water. Secondly, itching may occur when intestines are not clean. The poisonous substances released by many types of bacteria and worms mix in the blood and circulate and the effort to throw them out results in itching. Since the reason for itching lies inside the body it disappears the moment insides are clean. That is the reason why people


say that intensity of itching came down when constipation disappeared.

Now 7 liters of water
Earlier, I was drinking 5 liters of water. On Dr. Raju’s advice hiked it to 7 liters. I was not ablating freely. I had headache, itching, stomachache and rumblings in stomach. Peace eluded my mind. Now ablation is free and at times when some problem crop up I take enema. Stomach is trouble free. Itching stopped and my body complexion improved.
Pachchipulusu Venkateswara Rao Bhimavaram, E.G.Dt.

23. Controls headache
There may be many reasons for headache. But those who suffer from indigestion and constipation often have this problem. Some say that when ablation is free they have no headache. Though it is not certain whether there is a relation between constipation and headache, experienced claim in the affirmative. The fact is that when maladies exist in the body they come out in some form or the other. When they do not leave the intestines the nerves in them are subjected to tension. This tension results in some types of headaches. Free ablation cures this.

Saved from 20 years suffering
I have been for the last 20 years suffering from many ailments, mainly sneezing, headache, fever, constipation etc. Every morning I would get up from the bed with a prayer to the God asking him not subject me to any more suffering. Thank God (Dr. Manthena) now I am living healthily. I read all his books.


Eight months back I started following Natural Life Style. I have not gulped a single tablet or taken an injection since then. Earlier I had cold often followed by headache and fever. Each time I used to spend one week running around hospitals. Now I am drinking 5-6 liters water and eating food sans salt. I am ablating freely everyday. I feel as if I have a new body. Constipation problem is completely solved. I am leading my life now without spectacles. Headache disappeared. I don’t remember now what is cold and fever. Body is light.
Jakkampudi Anantalakshmi Amalapuram-533 201

This method is a boon to elderly
I am 88 year old. Now I don’t have any significant diseases. In the last few years I had vertigo. I consulted some doctors and followed their advice. There was no relief. The treatment at American Hospital contained the disease and it stopped growing. Even now I am taking those medicines. I read four books written by Dr. Manthena. I was attracted not by his brilliance but by an answer to a question as to how long he would serve people unselfishly. His answer was: All my life. Dr. Manthena says bodily diseases cure only after years of implementing the method and not in months. Believing in his words from January 1st to 28th I drank 5 liters of water and then ate sprouts and food without salt. My wife also followed me. All ailments vanished and body became light. Now we experience such a happiness, which we never had all the decades of our life. I widely circulated Dr. Manthena’s books in Libraries etc. in seven villages. I also distributed 300 copies free. I compare Dr. Manthena’s campaign for good health with that of Gandhiji’s salt movement.
Koduru Sitaramanjaneyulu Freedom Fighter, Polavaram-521 162, Krishna district, India


Last Word
I thank you all for patiently reading this book. There is a difference between reading other books and this book on feces. Don’t think otherwise if I troubled you with words like feces, foul smell etc. There is no alternative for me and for you also. Nobody must have read so much about feces. Your courageous resolve to read the entire book and understand its contents shows your concern for health. If you have the same courage in practicing what I mentioned in this book, the feces in your intestines will not bother you forever. Now stop the strenuous exercise in the toilet and put in efforts outside. Make it a habit to drink 5 liters of water daily. Learn to concentrate and move feces forward in the intestines. Buy an enema box. If constipation is troubling you inaugurate it. Make it a habit to eat sprouts, pounded rice, plenty of vegetables and fruits. Ablate 2-3 times a day. Don’t forget that this is all for your own good. Put side your old thinking. Let us also teach the same to our offspring and give them a healthy life. Let us all live a happy, natural life.